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  1. hypertech

    Cowl Fasteners

    I had a hard time finding some lengths in stainless and the little retainers. These guys have everything. http://www.milspecproducts.com/
  2. hypertech

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    I sent in my order.
  3. hypertech

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    Do we have the 5 for the group buy? If so, lets do it. But if not, I'll order through Lance before the price hike.
  4. hypertech

    M20R Parts manual

    Call Mooney. When I got my Ovation, I called them to ask about where to get it and they sent me electronic copies of both the parts manual and the service manual. They were extremely helpful with that and actually everything I've called about.
  5. I can hold the wheel straight whether the rudder is trimmed for take off or not. Wouldn’t the rudder trim have the same force on it whether I set in motion and held the rudder straight or the rudder is stationary straight and I apply the trim?
  6. I've also never heard not to use the rudder trim unless in motion. I don't like fighting it while taxiing so I keep it centered and then set it to take off in the pre-take off checklist. What is the issue with adjusting it stationary?
  7. hypertech

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    PM sent. I'm also interested depending on the price.
  8. hypertech

    need help with Foreflight

    The way I do it, if you have the time for the download, is to change the states that you want as discussed above. Then, I delete all and click download. It will download everything again but only the states you want. All the others get deleted.
  9. hypertech

    Cigarette lighter? M20s

    The one in my ovation will charge an ipad no problem. I also have one of these and it works really well. It can charge an ipad several times over and keep a stratus running for many many hours before recharging. Note that that if you drain it all the way it takes something like 12 hours to fully recharge. https://www.ravpower.com/26800mah-external-battery-charger-iSmart2.0-black.html
  10. hypertech

    Bravo GX serial numbers

    I wonder if it has something to do with it being exported?
  11. hypertech

    Garmin GFC 500 Autopilot needs Mooney lobbying

    Its an Ovation. N430G. I've seen it in some of their videos. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N430G/history It spent a lot of time flying to Wichita in December and January. A whole bunch of flights to the Beech Factory in January and March, and a string of flights to nowhere on March 8. Is flight testing something for us wishful thinking?
  12. hypertech

    M20F Checkout in New Hampshire

    There's a MAPA program in NH this fall too. I plan on attending the September session in Manchester. http://www.mapasafety.com/
  13. As noted above, its the pitot drain. Checking it is part of the pre-flight at least in the Ovation manual.
  14. hypertech

    Artec 345 elt

    Its on the schedule for my avionics work next month. I'm hoping they can figure out how to get it in there. Tagging along for tips.
  15. hypertech

    Mooney instructor near Baltimore

    @dimondan is a great Mooney instructor in the area. Based at JYO.