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  1. My ovation has factory O2. The ports are in the headliner and the valve is by the pilots left knee. The other thing you get is an external filling port. While it works well, I would think it could be a real pain and expensive to retro in the factory system. What do you view the advantage of "built in" vs getting a good size portable unit and sitting it in the back seat / baggage? Although we have it, being on the east coast, I have used it precisely twice. Once after I bought the plane to make sure it worked, and once for the last half hour or so into Aspen. Have you flown with a pulse ox? I know some people are more sensitive than others, but half the country is at a ground elevation above 6k and even commercial airliners often don't pressurize to an altitude that low. If its truly lack of oxygen, there might be something to sort out there. If its just getting to cruise flight and falling asleep, plenty of people do that and adding O2 may not change it.
  2. The extra interesting thing is that the KI-256 does not fit in a round hole. So, if you want it for a KI-256 replacement, you get to buy (or the shop gets to manufacture) an adapter plate.
  3. I'm having this discussion with my avionics shop now. I'm on the schedule for 2 G5s and a GFC500. I'm leaning towards staying the course. These new gauges have a higher resolution but more packed onto a smaller screen. Other than synthetic vision, I'm not sure I see a functional difference over G5s. And they are quite a bit more expensive. The timeline is also longer - it could interface to my KFC225 now, but not a GFC 500 till later this summer. If I did the staged upgrade of two of these now and then the GFC500 when a servo goes or something else is wrong with the autopilot, the total overall cost is quite a bit higher - and I'd have to pay the shop to cut into the wiring twice. The alternative is square gauges, slightly lower resolution, no synthetic vision but a complete clean sheet installation.
  4. There's been a rumor that they will come out with something to interface to legacy autopilots (KFC150, 225, etc). I'm not holding my breath and scheduled a full GFC500 install. Happy to be wrong and save some bucks though.
  5. Today, this may go differently. If you are too high, I think its fair to ask "ATC" for a delay vector to lose altitude, go missed, or if he refuses take a discontinue on that approach. The DPE might be just as likely to say slamming it in to lose altitude fast is poor decision making and you should have done something else if the approach isn't right. You don't have to be perfect to pass but you do need to demonstrate good skills and good decision making.
  6. Not a Shadin, but I had this on my JPI. The fuel flow went a little crazy but the engine ran fine and no fluctuation in EGT or CHT, so I figured it was an indication problem, landed and made arrangements to install a fuel pressure sender so that if I ever get a wonky fuel reading again I've got something to compare it to. Fortunately, the fix was very cheap. The bolts holding the mounting plate to the firewall had gotten a little loose. Tightened them up and its back to being rock solid. Turns out, the senders can be very sensitive to vibration. I'd check the sender mounting to make sure everything is tight before anything else.
  7. If you bought it and have the serial number for your monitor, you could also call JPI. They were able to look mine up when I was trying to figure out if the avionics shop had configured it or not. It is correct that it is also supposed to be on the transducer - if you can get to the tag in a readable orientation.
  8. The GLAP lenses fit my M20R with little to no trimming. I would not hesitate to buy them again. I did have the drill the holes, but that was super easy.
  9. I'm very pleased with it. Helps shorten the take off run when on the heavy side. Have to watch the temps when its hot out and I usually cut back to 2550 rpm shortly after take off. That said, if you have any inclination to get it ever - I would buy the paperwork now while the factory is back open. Who knows what might happen to the STC is they take another break.
  10. I was based in Leesburg for a bit and then Stafford. Will Wobbe is the resident expert Mooney CFI in Leesburg. A couple others nearby but Will is right in Leesburg. I did my IFR with him - highly recommended. I went to AGL for some work recently and was very pleased. Weber does excellent work but their schedule is full and the invoices match. For on field general support - call Tim Foltz. He will go to Leesburg. Don't use the shop on the field. Its a nightmare.
  11. It works great, but I found out it will not work with a pair of Method Seven sunglasses on. Those lenses block the red spectrum of light like from the sun. Evidently, they also block the infrared illuminator used for the face ID. So, I have to tip up the sun glasses so it can see my eyes. Otherwise, it works great - even with a headset and tipped sunglasses on.
  12. I have found my self high and fast plenty of times and have not needed to do a slip. Speed brakes and reducing power seems to take care of it.
  13. I did this once on jacks at the annual. Pulled too many times and it got stuck and wouldn't retract. The mechanic gave it a little encouragement of some kind under the belly at the actuator - I think there's a clutch or something on the there to engage the manual extension and it was stuck. Once it got unstuck, everything has been fine since.
  14. What engine monitor do you have? It sounds like you have a monitor that does each cylinder. Most of those have a lean find procedure. Whether you believe in LOP or ROP, if you have the equipment, you shouldn't be guessing by the engine running rough. You could be way LOP or you could be right at peak when it smooths out - you just don't know. If you want to run 15 LOP, or 60 ROP, you should be able to set it that way specifically and know the operating conditions.