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  1. Price has been published at least for the KA310 at $1750 for a long time now. Seems appropriate for Garmin to hurry up and release the same functionality for the G5 to drive the attitude information to the autopilot. Like it or not, King actually has something now that Garmin doesn't and plenty of people with legacy autopilots and KI-256s they want to get rid of need.
  2. I did it last year. Mooney has the STC and you buy it through the MSC. It cost me about $5-6k for the STC and another $1500-2000 on the governor. Oh, and about $30 for the oddly specified glue for the new data plate. The price may very a little bit based on who you buy it from. I also already had the right prop. But when they opened up the governor to update the spring, it needed so many updates and there was a broken something or other, that I was better off replacing the governor. So, it was a matter of a new governor, a fuel flow adjustment, a gauge adjustment, and a pile of expensive paper. I don't think you replace the cluster, I think you have to add a new tach but I don't have the paperwork here with me. Its about a half inch thick. Its clear most of the price is printing charges. I had an EDM 900, so for me it was a trip back to JPI to update the tach and fuel flow redlines.
  3. Right. I don't know that anyone buys them, but the GTN635 is the same as a de-featured no NAV version of the 650.
  4. What's the difference between this and a GTN 635? $4k and a smaller screen? Edit: It looks like Connext with flight plan transfer is included. That's nice. Fingers crossed other devices get an upgrade for that. My GTN750/GTN650/345r can't do that without a flight stream even though it has Connext through the transponder.
  5. Or Oasis Aero - the MSC run by the same guys that do Weep No More. I took my plane to Paul (from VA) for my tanks this year. He's great. I'm contemplating the trip back for the annual. Only 150 nm away its a no brainer.
  6. Before changing a plane because its too hot, get a BKool and give it a try. 20 pounds of ice can be enough to take the edge off until you get to a comfortable altitude. Shut it off and there's usually enough to cool off a bit on the descent too. A lot cheaper than swapping a plane for AC.
  7. I hope it’s not the gad43e. That’s overkill and it doesn’t make sense. At $5k you are nearly to the price of a whole autopilot. A $1500 box to emulate only the ki256 so the whole package is 4-5k with the G5 makes sense. It’s also out of line with the cost of the aerovonics solution. Aerovonics looks to be the real competitor to the G5 here it would do Garmin well to stay ahead of it and at a similar price A correctly priced interface box does work for me. I would install that and continue to fly my kfc225 until it needs a more expensive repair. Then pull it and install the Gfc500. I would sign up for a ki256 replacement solution right away. I have an install date for a g5 hsi in February. I will be placing my hardware order immediately and changing that to a dual g5 install if the rumor is true and priced right.
  8. Do you really need a hangar for two days in the summer? I agree that Atlantic is probably the best choice. I've been there but tied down outside. Its cheaper and for only two days they are unlikely to move your plane reducing the risk of over turning it. Put it in a hangar and they may have to move it around a bunch. When I travel, I usually just use a tie down unless there is snow or high winds in the forecast.
  9. I went into Midway and it was really quite easy, the FBO was friendly and the fees weren't too bad. There were some clouds hanging around so I went IFR. Be prepared to fly to FAF at a high speed - they requested that I do 160 kts or better and I managed. If you can keep your speed up then they can work you in with the other traffic quite well. After the FAF, they had me side step to the other runway at which point there was no one behind me and I could take my time. Worked out great.
  10. There are rumors swirling around Garmin might have a G5 interface box at Oshkosh. I hope they are true and it doesn't cost $5k. Aerovonics also has autopilot integration on their product road map for mid-2020. https://aerovonics.com/av-30
  11. Sceet is better but it is also true that it is much stiffer. I don't have any hands on experience with gee-bee's bent duct, but if you are going sceet for the replacement, I'd be curious if you could send the broken one and have it reproduced with the bends already formed in the proper place. It would make it a lot easier to reinstall. That tube should also just come off of there. Its probably just stuck.
  12. I don't have that switch, but if you push it, does it make the DG spin? Could be the switch to set the DG to the compass.
  13. I don't think the stuff from Spruce has the ends done. I think Gee Bee can do that. I know customducts.net can do it too.
  14. Securitying brand is a remarkably good quality for dirt cheap. I originally found them as they are a favorite among many divers now. I've bought a few more for other uses (including in the plane). Every time I order (form Amazon), the available models have been different but they have all worked really well.
  15. You don't even need a scanner. There's an app for that now - several actually. I haven't tried it on log books specifically, but I have done a lot of "scanning" with TurboScan. $6 for the app and you just take photos and it does all the straightening and cleaning up and then you can email a pdf right out of the app.