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  1. Did it read 30 before you started the engine?
  2. A 2 is pretty short. I think mine are 4. I’d get a couple sizes and keep them around.
  3. I assume the Eagle is the same as my Ovation for this panel and these are the ones. Its a 2700 but if the hole is worn, then the 2800 works pretty well. Order some retainers and the pliers while you are at it - makes it a lot easier.
  4. hypertech

    JPI EDM Questions

    I believe you can set an advisory limit on the EDM900 but you can't change the upper limit. That is fixed to the value from the POH. I'm hoping to do the G500 upgrade someday and decided on the EDM900. I want the information displayed constantly and on the pilot side to be in the scan. The EDM900 is smaller and fits better. It is also quite a bit less expensive than the Garmin unit with the display added.
  5. hypertech

    IO-550 Question

    Insist on having a couple of the lifters pulled at the prepurchase. It really doesn't take that long. Had this been done on mine, I could have been spared the overhaul I'm doing now - or at least priced it into the deal. For example, if the lifters are corroded but it hasn't been run and the cam is otherwise ok - it is not that hard to change out the lifters. Nickel cylinders would be a plus too. They take away some, but not all, of the worries on the top end. I don't know the price for the top end - I decided to just do the whole thing on mine and be done with it. The cylinders are something like $2500 a piece so, take it from there and start adding.
  6. hypertech

    Lunch at Fredrick MD Saturday 8/4/18

    I’m in next time. I’m still down for the overhaul. Hopefully not much longer though.
  7. hypertech

    MAPA Flight Training

    I’ll be in NH provided my engine is back from overhaul in time.
  8. hypertech

    Stratus 2S *SOLD*

    If someone wants a Stratus, they should compare it to a Stratus. If you think the Sentry is great, this for sale thread really isn't the place for it. I'm sure Sporty's is aware of the Sentry and the Stratus is still more expensive. Maybe that's because it works better. Maybe it's because its a premium product. Or maybe Sporty's is just foolish. Its tough to tell at this point. This new Sentry reminds me a lot of when the Scout came out last year and people thought it would make the Stratus less desirable. Until the Scout's basically started melting down from overheating and falling off windows and weren't so useful. Maybe the the Sentry will be great. Maybe it won't. The Stratus is a known quantity and that's what is being offered here. Good luck with sale.
  9. hypertech

    IFR Setup

    This makes a lot of sense. Seems like a lot of approaches are going to need at least VOR/DME, 2 VOR or GPS. You at least need the equipment for the approaches on the airports you want to fly to. I don't have it in front of me, but you might have to do a precision approach and two different kinds of non-precision approaches on the check ride. So keep that in mind that you may need to train in another plane and do the ride in that if you need other equipment for all the requirements.
  10. hypertech

    Flying into DC SFRA

    Do not. Repeat, do not, ever go into the SFRA on 1200. If you are on flight following, they will usually tell you keep your assigned code to the ground at JYO. Otherwise 1226. Under *no* circumstances should you use 1200. Be careful about the boundaries in the carve out and otherwise its no big deal. The (required) training doesn't take long and is probably worth watching again before your trip in if you aren't familiar. Do check notams though as the remote tower at JYO is back in operation certain hours. Also monitor 121.5. Lots of people bust that shouldn't have. I've heard the air force call approaching aircraft several times. If they were listening, they might have figure out to fix their code or turn away before they did a violation.
  11. hypertech

    "Medeco" Ignition Switch

    its in Figure 39-10 of the parts manual. Looks like this one: https://lasar.com/switches/janco-ignition-switch-assy-wkeys-97-2273-3 Check with Lasar though before ordering - the parts manual has Janco 22073-(1). I don't know the difference between -1 and -3. I've heard of some people switching these with electronic ignition switches but never seen it so there may be other options too.
  12. hypertech

    Possibly moving to Maryland or Virginia

    Are you looking for a tie down or a hanger? All of the airports near DC are expensive and the hangers are scarce. Winchester, Martinsburg, or maybe Gaithersburg or Fredrick could put the fishing and flying relatively close together but not that close to the city itself. Stafford might also be an option but I'm not sure how long their waiting list is to get in.
  13. hypertech

    Garmin TXI

    The TXi itself isn't "that" bad - more like $20-25k. Its that you probably also need an engine monitor to make space in the panel - call that 8-10k. Oh, and there's a $5k box to connect it to the auto pilot. And then you need a backup of some kind - are you keeping the vacuum instruments for backup? If not add another $5-10k. I priced it out and it was about $80k by the time you got through everything. The TXi might happen someday, but not this round for me.
  14. hypertech

    Wow that Mooney zoom!

    Why wait on the flight following if you are going to be over the Bravo? They can't actually vector you on flight following. They can ask, and I wouldn't normally have a problem with a small deviation to assist with traffic as it keeps the traffic away from me too.
  15. hypertech

    Question on vent tube

    That's the thing. None of them describe this fabric covering. These came off a 2000 ovation.