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  1. I was based in Leesburg for a bit and then Stafford. Will Wobbe is the resident expert Mooney CFI in Leesburg. A couple others nearby but Will is right in Leesburg. I did my IFR with him - highly recommended. I went to AGL for some work recently and was very pleased. Weber does excellent work but their schedule is full and the invoices match. For on field general support - call Tim Foltz. He will go to Leesburg. Don't use the shop on the field. Its a nightmare.
  2. It works great, but I found out it will not work with a pair of Method Seven sunglasses on. Those lenses block the red spectrum of light like from the sun. Evidently, they also block the infrared illuminator used for the face ID. So, I have to tip up the sun glasses so it can see my eyes. Otherwise, it works great - even with a headset and tipped sunglasses on.
  3. I have found my self high and fast plenty of times and have not needed to do a slip. Speed brakes and reducing power seems to take care of it.
  4. I did this once on jacks at the annual. Pulled too many times and it got stuck and wouldn't retract. The mechanic gave it a little encouragement of some kind under the belly at the actuator - I think there's a clutch or something on the there to engage the manual extension and it was stuck. Once it got unstuck, everything has been fine since.
  5. What engine monitor do you have? It sounds like you have a monitor that does each cylinder. Most of those have a lean find procedure. Whether you believe in LOP or ROP, if you have the equipment, you shouldn't be guessing by the engine running rough. You could be way LOP or you could be right at peak when it smooths out - you just don't know. If you want to run 15 LOP, or 60 ROP, you should be able to set it that way specifically and know the operating conditions.
  6. For adding one quart, you don't need a funnel or spout and I'd rather not have one in the plane because they are dirty.. Just pour it carefully down the dip stick. It will flow along the dipstick. For oil, Petroleum Supply Company. A case of Phillips XC 20-60 ships with a spout. For funnels, I do keep a long skinny funnel trimmed to fit into the top of the GATT fuel jar for sumping the main drain so I can set it on the ground and the just worry about pulling the drain in the cabin. I used to try to do it without but if you apply a sideways force to the drain pull, it can get stuck and its kinda hard to reach anyway.
  7. If you are always going to have a second person, you can steer it from the rudder, but I agree a folding tow bar is good and probably already in the back of the plane. I keep a stubby screw driver to be able to get the cowl off if needed, a multi tool, rags, oil, and fuel tester in the back of the plane. Also a flash light. Chocks for the hangar are good. Of course, a good CFI and snacks to keep the CFI around. I did not have my own tie down and chocks in the plane until I went and visited someone at a small airport. Usually you can find some chocks around the FBO / fuel island even if they aren't open but there were none to be found and they were gone for the day. Wind made me nervous that night it sat out so now I have a set of lines and portable chocks. A good quality boat line works for tie downs and I got two sets of air gizmos chocks now too. Haven't tested them yet though but they seem like they should work well.
  8. The only caveat with a remote is that the bluetooth connection for your tablet comes from the device in the back and some people have connectivity issues with it. I have the remote and don't have that problem. I am very happy with the remote but I'm also controlling it from a 750 with a bigger screen so having a button dedicated to it is nbd. Do you have a second GPS? If not, I'd think a bit about the GNX 375. Two is one and one is none. With the GNX 375 if something happened to the 650, you could still fly an rnav approach and it gives you ads-b in and out too.
  9. I think that if I were in a position to have to time an approach, my whole panel would have to be nearly dead in which case I can unplug the cord and run on the ipad battery for the approach. The only thing I actually use the clock for is clearance void times and timing 1 minute for the LOP mag test for Savvy.
  10. The next time I have someone in my panel, I'm going to have my clock swapped out with an MD93 so I have a charging port on that side of the plane. A certified charging port alone for some reason seems to cost $300+ so this way I get that and the clock requirement taken care of in less space.
  11. Your GMA 35c has bluetooth. You can connect the iPad to the 35c and then distribute the music to all the passengers and without any connector. It can mute for ATC too. I have bluetooth headsets and usually just do the phone tot eh headset so each can listen to different things. But on a flight not too long ago had a passenger with no music on their phone and so I connected to the 35c instead. Worked great.
  12. I have a 2000 ovation. Not sure if I have the high panel or not but it’s no problem for me (6’ tall with seats all the way down). Mine is FIKI and that’s a great thing in the NE in the winter. I’ve only flown through an icing condition once on purpose to punch through a layer on approach but if I couldn’t do that I’d have to scrub all winter. It’s also comforting to know that if I encounter icing and it takes atc a couple minutes to get me a new altitude it’s nbd. So, for me, which plane has FIKI would heavily weight the scales. M The pros of my 2000 model - I can put whatever avionics I want in it. I’m not paying maintenance on a turbo I couldn’t really use anyway. We fly with a dog and Most of the time transitioning NYC, atc requires me to be at 6000 anyway. I have O2 on board. I’ve used it once to make sure it works. Otherwise I’m happy cruising 8-11k. The cons - I have replaced almost everything. I had an unexpected overhaul. I had a planned avionics upgrade. I’m on a list for the gfc500. I’ve resealed the tanks. I’ve put in new seats. Everything seems to be ready to go around 20 years which is unfortunately where I bought mine. That’s ok though - I’m not planning on selling it.
  13. By the time I paid for shipping, the tow bar limits sticker cost me about $40. I should have gone with a little stripe of paint or something.
  14. Alpha Aviation makes a very similar jack without the wheels that fits under the wing - model 324. Make sure you have jack points or pick up a set of combination jack point / tie downs from Lasar. A harbor frieght cherry picker is cheaper than that tail weight. Recommend the 2 ton version with the longer reach.
  15. Correction: Its the 650E that is not enclosed (that's what I have). Looks like the difference is whether it has the rear position light. From Aircraft Spruce Q/A: Q: Does the Whelen Orion 650 Series Lighting have a Rear Position White Light separate from the strobe for use on aircraft that have no rear position light mounted on the tail? No, this light does not have the rear position light. Take a look at P/N# 11-11365 or in other words the Orion 600 Series. This light would have the rear position light.