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  1. Lee is great and I would also suggest Will Wobbe. Not knocking Mike, but you may want more instruction than just the flight home so it would be of benefit to get to know Will and/or Lee.
  2. If you do a cabin preheat, how much a difference does it make after you have the baggage door and cabin door open to load up? I've thought about this before but assumed I'd just lose all the heat packing the plane anyway.
  3. Mine was also installed at the factory and it just doesn't say. All I have is an original empty weight. I'll look again next time I'm out at the plane.
  4. I had the same experience. We were going to use this one but it didn't fit on the yoke for my R. The whole module would have to have been redone, speed brakes and other buttons included. So, we just reused the BK switch. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/trimswitch11-15410.php?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxMb9pP_67AIVzgiICR1UngGUEAQYASABEgLYM_D_BwE
  5. I can't find a statement in my books one way or the other. Where is that written down?
  6. I encourage anyone affected by this to contact Tiffin Aire. They turned mine around in a day. I am under warranty so there was no charge from them and they are handling the paperwork to get me reimbursed for the R&R at my local field.
  7. $7k gets you hardware for a two axis system without the mounting kit. You need another servo, the mounting kit, and possibly the G5 or two (if you don't already have them). Plus labor.
  8. When flysamo's are gone, I also have a full KFC225 system that was pulled for a GFC500 upgrade in a box that I need to get listed.
  9. I was VFR for a year and it was anxiety ridden. It is hard to fly 700 nm and not run over weather *somewhere*. Its so much less stressful to file and fly IFR. I routinely go through a cloud layer somewhere along the way but haven't actually needed to fly that many approaches. That said, I do do short (maybe 150 nm or less) trips VFR somewhat regularly because the routing I get from ATC on the east cost can double the length of the trip. I have on more than one occasion called for my clearance, received a ridiculous route, and cancelled opting for flight following instead.
  10. I used Smart Avionics for my G5 and GFC500 install. They are great. Every good shop is going to be booked out. Get a slot with Ben and wait your turn. He finished on time on budget and did a great job. The pile of wires he pulled the last guy left in there (that was indeed paid to remove old wiring) was remarkable.
  11. Its not walking distance but there are crew cars at Portland and Harbor Fish Market is a short drive.
  12. I don't know off hand about the 150, but doesn't the autopilot have a warning tone when you are 200 feet from the setpoint (to warn you that you might be deviating) and when you are 1000 feet from the setpoint (to warn you that you are approaching the setpoint and might need to adjust power soon)?
  13. Appears that it hit my R. Governor is coming off on Friday and it should be warranty for me. The warranty on a new governor should be 3 yrs.
  14. A bit of A bit of thread creep but I have a hard time taking the Panthera seriously. It basically has no baggage capacity. It doesn't seem to hold much fuel. And if the gear and flap extension speeds are the same for a certified version, its going to need really big speed brakes. Like big ones.
  15. I don't think its realistic. The JPI install itself is going to be close to 10k and cutting a new panel and rearranging everything is going to cost. It will fit vertically where your standby AI is located. You may need to move it and the TKS controller over to the other side or put the 900 on the other side. The JPI900 can easily be updated once you get the 310 STC. I did that not long after having my 900 installed. It required a trip back to JPI who wanted some paperwork from the STC but it was super simple. When they are in there - remove the second transponder? Why are the
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