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  1. Also - if you have the ability, fly the RNAV instead. The VOR is going to be flip flopping all over the place as you fly over it, you won't have to circle, and the minimums are better.
  2. You mean your heading approaching the area is 280-300? If you aren't already on vectors, ask for vectors and a straight in approach. In the real world, I think this gets flown as a straight in approach. Otherwise, I think instructor 1 is right. (but I don't think you have to fly right over the VOR - you do have to get established on the 141 radial). You need to stay above the minimum safe altitude and maneuver an outbound leg and do a procedure turn. Even if you were coming in on a heading of 321, you need to do a trip around the race track unless you are cleared for the straight in. AIM 5-4-6 "If proceeding to an IAF with a published course reversal (procedure turn or hold­in­lieu of PT pattern), except when cleared for a straight in approach by ATC, the pilot must execute the procedure turn/hold­in­lieu of PT, and complete the approach."
  3. Side by side, the whelen lights don't hold up. They make a nice LED strobe, but their landing lights are behind the times. Even the newer version. I went with the Aeroleds and am very happy. If you have a ton of cash to burn and want to really light it up, they have a high output version too. Not sure what spec you are looking at to make you think Whelen is better. For the PAR36, Whelen claims 60,000 candlepower, which is something like 58k candela. Aeroleds is 65k candela for the regular version and 150k for the 4596 version.
  4. Yeah - no idea how or why that happened or how to fix it.
  5. I'd take a CFI from VA out there with you and do the transition training on the way back. Will Wobbe on that list has delivered many planes cross country. He also did my delivery flight and my IFR rating.
  6. If that doesn't work, maybe try the Peerco 321 that knots2u sells for door seal removal. It works really well on that and since we don't know what this is, maybe it'll be compatible.
  7. I assume the voltage regulator on an ovation is the same as a bravo. I was also getting about 28.9 and Savvy flagged it on their analysis report. The MSC adjusted it. I got billed for 1.5 in labor and no parts so it couldn't have been that hard. I assume the MSC only part is more about the test rig it says you need to adjust it but I didn't see what they did and don't really know. It couldn't have been that bad given the modest bill I got for it.
  8. I don't see this as a Bose problem either. Its an eBay seller problem. Bose was really great to me with my pair of A20 headsets that I bought straight from them. I bought the headsets before I got the plane with the two plug connection. Then, the plane I bought came with the LEMO plugs. Several months after I purchased I called Boseto see what could be done to convert my not LEMO plugs to LEMO plugs. This is an easy thing to do but it involves replacing the whole cord assembly including the controller. And since mine are bluetooth, I was looking at a standard price of about $600 to make the change. Note that there is no retail price difference had I ordered them this way to start with. They bent over backward to do an exchange for me at a really good price. Despite my headsets now being used and the purchase having been several months old.
  9. Check the useful load of the planes you are looking at compared to yours and then consider how big the 6 & 7 year old will get and how much fuel you need to make the flights you want to make. I like a Mooney as much as the next guy on here, but if I had a plane with the kinks worked out already that was a known quantity, 4 gph would not convince me to sell it and switch to something else. Now, if you want to switch because a Mooney is way cooler and more fun than a Cessna - welcome to the club. You've found the right place.
  10. Milspec has those too. It’s a different part number. 2700 are the small diameter ones and 2800 are the large flange one. I’ve replaced a few with the 2800 where the hole is a little worn for that reason and sometimes yes you do need to step up a size. I started ordering a few at a time and now I basically have a kit full of spares. From time to time I find a bad one somewhere and it’s handy to have them available.
  11. How so? Skybolt and Milspec both manufacture stainless steel camloc compatible fasteners. Milspec sells single parts too.
  12. Not sure about a D model, but on my Ovation, its this series, I think the length is a 5. There is a little number on the face of the camloc. That's the length. https://www.milspecproducts.com/c_spec_4000_stainless_studs__phillips