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  1. hypertech

    Whelen flash tube on back-order

    Edit - misunderstood the needed part. The ones I have are different. Have you tried Lasar?
  2. hypertech

    Fuel leak

    I have the same issue on a 2000 Ovation. Evidentally, its been an issue in the past because there are entries for patching it in the logs. It only leaks a little if I fill the tanks all the way - so I just don't do that unless I'm headed out on a long trip and then I use that tank first.
  3. hypertech

    Engine hoses

    If my IA orders it for me he marks it up and he’s up front about it. He’s using his money/time/credit to do it. But he also has no problem with me ordering the parts and having them ready. I actually think he prefers it.
  4. hypertech

    Engine hoses

    It could be right. It depends on how many hoses you have and what ends are on them. My cost ended up being around there although the initial estimate was lower. I had a couple extra hoses for the TKS system and one of them had an odd connector on the end. If you do it, I recommend sending the old hoses into PHT for duplication. That way you make sure you get the right thing back.
  5. hypertech

    Flap Extension Speeds

    I heard from someone who bought their ovation new and had the factory training that the first notch of flaps can go in at gear extension speed. I can not find a speed for the approach flaps anywhere in my poh. I’m inclind to believe they can be extended faster but I would also really like it if there was some clarity on it in writing somewhere.
  6. hypertech

    Engine Covers are they worth it?

    Some kind of cover really makes a difference in preheating. In my hanger, last year I just threw a couple moving blankets over the cowel and it did the trick. This year, we are planning o do more traveling where the plane will sit outside, so I've ordered an actual engine cover. It isn't here yet to give a full review but the hope is I'll be able to keep the engine warm enough when its outside. Can't leave a blanket just dropped over it in a breeze.
  7. hypertech

    Preventing Hangar Rash

    There are marks on the ground outside the door from the last owner that I might make darker. A good tug can also be insurance here. Now that I have the sidewinder and I'm not having to push so hard, it is easier to be watching the wing tips and to go slow.
  8. hypertech

    Long body Baggage Light

    Not sure about the acclaim but on the ovation, I think the timer that controls that towards the front of the avionics bay. I would check there and see if the switch contacts are shorted either because of the switch or something else.
  9. hypertech

    engine heater for the winter

    Also have the Reiff Turbo XP. Works great.
  10. hypertech

    Tach time as hobbs etc.

    The EDM900 includes a setting for what the true speed is for the tach. My understanding is that it can be set within about 10 hours of the install but after that it would have to go in to JPI to be adjusted. So, if you every have to send it in, you could ask for that to be changed so that it reads true at your cruise rpm so it stops running unnecessarily fast.
  11. hypertech

    Sagging Engine, Worn Lords Mounts

    Maxwell did my pre-buy and said mine was normal. It was one of the items that I specifically asked about. If it turns out there is something to be done about it, that's great news even though it would have been nice to know back then too.
  12. hypertech

    Central Texas Avionics Work

    I had a lot of problems with Crystal Avionics. I want to like John but I wouldn't go back there. I did a major panel upgrade with them - GTN 750/650/345r/35c, EDM900 and ELT. They were supposed to remove the old wiring and didn't. They were supposed to flush mount the new EDM-900 and didn't. They left some electronics hanging under the panel unsecured. The installed the new temp probe in the side of the fuselage instead of under the wing where the original was without talking to me. They installed a different ELT than was on the work order. They didn't properly configure the GPS for the autopilot or for the voice recognition. I paid extra to have the autopilot wiring checked and corrected so the GPSS for the KFC225 would work but it still doesn't work. Their installation of the EDM-900 rendered the hobbs meter inop but they didn't setup the new one built in the EDM-900. Lucky I caught that one when I got home as after 10 hours, it requires a trip to the factory to be reset. They didn't tie up the wiring harness right and it fell and interfered with flight controls. And the one that at least gave me a good surprise - they cut off an old braided ground wire and left it several inches long and loose right by the switch panel. It hit the bus and resulted in an epic spark. And I'm convinced they didn't do the W&B right.
  13. hypertech

    Sagging Engine, Worn Lords Mounts

    That's how my ovation is. It sits a little low on the ground. When I did the overhaul we replaced the mounts and triple checked that the washers are all in the right place. Its the same. I do have a hartzell three blade prop and not the original mccauley. I have no idea if that's part of the reason. There is some play if you push on the prop but nothing like Lee's video.
  14. hypertech

    PHT Hose Kit for M20J

    Give them a call. They keep a database of serial numbers and can get you close. Then send yours in when you replace them and they will give you a more specific quote. On mine, their last ovation had a different number of hoses and one of mine had some expensive fittings on the end. It might have been the TKS hose I don't recall specifically. I also upgraded to all brown fire sleeve hoses so I paid extra for that. You are probably more in the $1-2k range.
  15. Try Will Wobbe from Virginia. Contact info is here along with several others: http://www.themooneyflyer.com/cfi.html I did the opposite direction of this same plan with him. Bought the plan in TX and we flew out together and started the transition training on the way back to VA. I don't know which direction you are getting it from. He has ferried planes coast to coast though.