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  1. Mooney instructor near Baltimore

    @dimondan is a great Mooney instructor in the area. Based at JYO.
  2. Can't make tomorrow - its supposed to snow in the afternoon at home and no IFR rating yet. If there is a list, please put me on it. I'll watch for next time. Would be great to meet people.
  3. I just put aeroleds in my ovation and am very pleased with them. It’s a different size and location so a bit different than yours but install was no different than replacing the bulbs.
  4. What Jacks do you Reccommend?

    I bought a set from Alpha Aviation. The cost was reasonable for something marketed for "aircraft" and the quality is good. @cnoe - why do you advise against using the engine hoist ring? That's what Mooney says that you should use. http://www.mooney.com/en/si/M20-114.pdf I got a 2 ton hoistfrom harbor freight. Works great and didn't cost all that much.
  5. '04 Ovation 2 baggage compartment light

    My 2000 O2 has a timer. I also couldn't figure out how to turn it off. Went and did something else and came back maybe 10 minutes later and it was off.
  6. I've had getting one of these on my list and just haven't gotten to it. The coupon code still works - saw this thread and ordered one yesterday.