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  1. hypertech

    Transitioning to Mooney

    You might also want to join the Mooney Pilots group on Facebook. There are a handful of people on there based at KEZF. I'm at KRMN but I have an M20R (you are welcome to drop in and look at it anyway if you want). There are a few more on the field though that might be F's or J's. Lee Fox is a great recommendation. I also want to get on this list of @201er's for fly outs. Maybe we can meet at one.
  2. I have a 310hp O2 with TKS. I flight plan for 170 kts. I can go faster but it burns a lot more fuel. This trip would require a fuel stop for me. At cruise altitudes of 6-10k, I think you are splitting hairs on which plane is faster. Get the one in better condition that you like the best. While I have on board oxygen, a trip this long would typically include bringing the dog so I do not fly that high. That made the Ovation make more sense for us than a turbo charged engine. I still have plenty of power to get up there though if I want to. If I lived out west or was regularly climbing to flight levels I might think differently about the turbo but I don't do that. The TKS is far more valuable for me. Without it, you often won't be able to get up to the flight levels here and half the time with the winds you don't want to be there westbound anyway.
  3. I used Sportys and the course was good but not nearly enough for the test. Supplementing with Sheppard Air after the Sportys videos really got me prepared well.
  4. hypertech

    Foggy VSI

    I had the same and had it addressed when I had my plane in for avionics too. I think it was $2-300 to have it overhauled.
  5. hypertech


    I can’t put in a G5. If they did finally start shipping, I could get rid of my KI 256 and vacuum system with this.
  6. hypertech


    Anyone think Q1 is actually possible?
  7. hypertech

    1st Insurance Renewal

    Call them and ask. They don't really need it now. I had mine re-rated only a few days before expiration because I was so close to the IR we were trying to wait to see if I could get done in time (I didn't). 100 seemed to matter but I'm not sure if 50 does. I want to say they told me after 100, 170 in type was the next drop but I could be off there. Falcon tried their best for me but couldn't get me the best rate. BWI did and with a carrier that would adjust the premium mid-term. So, I got a refund check as soon as the IR was finished. Its not that they got a better price from an agency than Falcon - I don't think they did. Its that they had a couple underwriters Falcon didn't have. Save yourself enough time to shop a bit. Rates are up this year and it made a big difference for me.
  8. hypertech

    M20J Instructor in NC?

    http://www.themooneyflyer.com/cfi.html No one listed in NC but a couple in VA that might be within flying range. The MAPA course is also a great way to get some time with a good Mooney CFI if you can get to one of those. https://www.mooneysafety.com 2019 PPP’s Lakeland, FL: Feb 1-3 Santa Maria, CA: Apr 5-7 Oklahoma City, OK: Jun 7-9 Atlantic City, NJ: Sep 5-8 Ogden, UT: Oct 4-6
  9. I just got my GAMI's ordered and am looking forward to seeing what kind of a difference they make. If @Shadrach's plane is still in MX, I would gladly ferry him from KHGR to wherever this might happen (or meet up at KHGR).
  10. hypertech

    Adding a JPI 900 on the cheap

    It can be found online and other places. Most of the settings (I believe including the fuel warning level) can be changed by you, er your A&P, but some can't be changed on the primary gauge after 10 hours run time. Like if your avionics shop forgets to put the true tach speed in or the total hours in, you better figure that out in 10 hours time or it requires a trip to the factory.
  11. hypertech

    Adding a JPI 900 on the cheap

    Yes, its like a check engine light. Flashes yellow or red if there's something out of whack. I believe its required if the screen is installed on the right side or optional otherwise. Its super duper annoying so I like having it there even though my screen is installed on the pilot side. The low fuel warning on mine is set way too conservative and I've had it flash a few times. Gets your attention quick.
  12. hypertech

    Anti-chafe tape

    Oops, you are right, its the adhesive that is acrylic. I have used that tape and it hasn't come off and seems to work just fine. However, I do not have a plane that sits outside. It is semi-opaque / white.
  13. hypertech

    Anti-chafe tape

    This doesn't say anything specifically about UV resistance, but acrylic is usually pretty good for weather resistance. https://www.mcmaster.com/76445a22
  14. hypertech

    JPI Fuel Flow Accuracy

    I don’t have tabs. There’s a wing gauge that gets you close to 30 gallons but it’s not very precise. The only visual marker is all the way full.
  15. hypertech

    JPI Fuel Flow Accuracy

    I’ll have to look for that. I’ve got 89 gallon tanks though and unless I’m going over 500 nm, I rarely fill them full to get a base point. I usually fill to somewhere around 60 gallons but the exact level is really hard to confirm in that range. Is it better to keep track over weeks or months or just go with the single flights that use a lot of fuel?