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  1. hypertech

    IFR Setup

    This makes a lot of sense. Seems like a lot of approaches are going to need at least VOR/DME, 2 VOR or GPS. You at least need the equipment for the approaches on the airports you want to fly to. I don't have it in front of me, but you might have to do a precision approach and two different kinds of non-precision approaches on the check ride. So keep that in mind that you may need to train in another plane and do the ride in that if you need other equipment for all the requirements.
  2. hypertech

    Flying into DC SFRA

    Do not. Repeat, do not, ever go into the SFRA on 1200. If you are on flight following, they will usually tell you keep your assigned code to the ground at JYO. Otherwise 1226. Under *no* circumstances should you use 1200. Be careful about the boundaries in the carve out and otherwise its no big deal. The (required) training doesn't take long and is probably worth watching again before your trip in if you aren't familiar. Do check notams though as the remote tower at JYO is back in operation certain hours. Also monitor 121.5. Lots of people bust that shouldn't have. I've heard the air force call approaching aircraft several times. If they were listening, they might have figure out to fix their code or turn away before they did a violation.
  3. hypertech

    "Medeco" Ignition Switch

    its in Figure 39-10 of the parts manual. Looks like this one: https://lasar.com/switches/janco-ignition-switch-assy-wkeys-97-2273-3 Check with Lasar though before ordering - the parts manual has Janco 22073-(1). I don't know the difference between -1 and -3. I've heard of some people switching these with electronic ignition switches but never seen it so there may be other options too.
  4. hypertech

    Possibly moving to Maryland or Virginia

    Are you looking for a tie down or a hanger? All of the airports near DC are expensive and the hangers are scarce. Winchester, Martinsburg, or maybe Gaithersburg or Fredrick could put the fishing and flying relatively close together but not that close to the city itself. Stafford might also be an option but I'm not sure how long their waiting list is to get in.
  5. hypertech

    Garmin TXI

    The TXi itself isn't "that" bad - more like $20-25k. Its that you probably also need an engine monitor to make space in the panel - call that 8-10k. Oh, and there's a $5k box to connect it to the auto pilot. And then you need a backup of some kind - are you keeping the vacuum instruments for backup? If not add another $5-10k. I priced it out and it was about $80k by the time you got through everything. The TXi might happen someday, but not this round for me.
  6. hypertech

    Wow that Mooney zoom!

    Why wait on the flight following if you are going to be over the Bravo? They can't actually vector you on flight following. They can ask, and I wouldn't normally have a problem with a small deviation to assist with traffic as it keeps the traffic away from me too.
  7. hypertech

    Question on vent tube

    That's the thing. None of them describe this fabric covering. These came off a 2000 ovation.
  8. hypertech

    Question on vent tube

    Old post but same question. I’m looking to replace these hoses when the engine comes back from overhaul and I’m trying to figure out what they are. Anyone know what the ones with the covering on them are? Is this a type of sceet ducting? Or something special that needs to come from the factory?
  9. hypertech

    Planning for en-route ATC frequencies?

    You can also check the frequencies listed in Foreflight for a nearby airport. Chances are the approach or departure frequency are on the frequency you should be on - or they can tell you what frequency to switch to.
  10. hypertech

    It might be overhaul time...

    Great to hear. I was there today and had a good impression. The cam is, as expected, damaged. And some of the cylinders are showing their age. The crank and connecting rods are in great shape. With only 1200 hours on it, its really in the grey area between doing the cam repair and cylinders vs the whole thing. You could probably flip a coin on it. Their are reasons to convince yourself both ways. I told them to go ahead with the overhaul. Its off the plane and the repair is basically half way to an overhaul anyway. Fingers crossed this means we are done with major projects for a while.
  11. hypertech

    It might be overhaul time...

    I've put about 50-60 hours on it since I got it. The previous owner was in southern Ohio. I never actually met him. Bought it via San Antonio. I don't think it was in San Antonio more than a couple months though.
  12. Doing some other maintenance this morning and discovered this. Pulled the rest and there are 3 this bad or worse and 3 more with much smaller chips. I need a new cam and maybe an overhaul. I bought the plane in October and while the previous owner wasn’t flying it a lot at that point, it was still being flown. The engine is 1200 SNEW (2000 Ovation 2). This was not the plan when I got up this morning that’s for sure. Has anyone here used Aero Engines in Winchester VA? I’ve found a few positive reviews online and they are recommended by my IA. Considering having them overhaul it and just be done with any major engine maintenance hopefully for a long time.
  13. I don't think that's realistic if you are talking two GPSs. With one GPS, and assuming you already have a ADS-B transponder and are not needing that in this update, maybe - but you are still probably pushing that budget. Find a candidate plane and ask an avionics shop for an estimate.
  14. These guys sell small quantities of paint and touch up kits. A little practice with a detail sprayer and you can get really good results. http://www.aerotouchups.com/index.html
  15. Has anyone who has upgraded to an EDM 900 dealt with the factory hour meter? Should it keep working? Or will it go inop and need to be replaced with something else? And/or does the EDM 900 track the time instead? If anyone has done this upgrade on a Moritz equipped Ovation and removed the Moritz gauge cluster, I'm curious how the hour meter worked afterward.