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  1. Since the thread has drifted to which fuel senders on the JPI..... I've had several shops tell me that the CiES installation in some Mooney's is an excruciating experience particularly in a long body and straight up advise me not to do it. In one instance they said they had an Ovation that the install went so sideways they gave up and put the original senders back in. I don't really know why but I've heard this several times from different shops. Some say the float arms have to be bent in a tricky way or something. I was going to upgrade to the CiES when I got my tanks resealed but since so many have told me its more trouble than ti is worth, the plan is just to have the senders overhauled and the calibration redone while the tank work is being done. So, maybe see what your shop thinks about the senders and what experience they have installing them before deciding which way to have the JPI set up.
  2. They seem to have announced it via Facebook photo post. I'd love to get one, but I can't till they solve the FIKI problem.
  3. Not sure about that vintage, but Mooney has been known to give these out for free lately. They emailed me the IPC and service manual for mine last year.
  4. That could be it. I also get something like this in the hangar when the GPS can't get a position. If it sticks around after the GPS locks, then it might be something else.
  5. As noted in this thread, the G1000 can be as big a negative as it is a plus due to upgrade issues. My 2000 Ovation 2 has the six pack and I'm slowly upgrading the avionics. Although I don't have the big screen yet, I can fly the LPV approaches and I have ADS-B in on the GTN 750 as well as voice commands, so in some senses it is more capable. Eventually I will get the screen. And if something better comes up down the line, I'm free to make that upgrade too. If your mission requires high altitude, then the Bravo is a great choice. If you have MEA's to deal with and don't mind wearing oxygen, its faster. Otherwise, the Ovation does a really great job. Admittedly, it was a little cool out yesterday and I was on the lighter side, but I climbed from basically sea level to 10500 in 9 minutes and that wasn't even at full power. Climb rate starts slowing down from there but its still reasonable till at least 15k or so. I have O2 and have only usedit a couple times to make sure it works. Either I'm flying west and the winds are too high up there, or I've got the dog in the plane. So, most of our flights are below 12k. The Ovation is a great fit for that.
  6. I also think this seal might be a little too thin in places and/or my door on my M20R has a larger gap than it is supposed to. I didn't have a buzz but I did have a leak after installation. I wouldn't put a bead of silicone on anything. That sounds like a mess and/or way too accidentally glue your door shut. Something like this might help: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078H8Y95X/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Agreed but that’s the only thing I’ve been able to check so far. The gamis have done “something”. What sort of useful impact they have I still need to test.
  8. My stock gami spread with my 18 year old injectors was over 1 gph. I've only had them on for a couple local flights and haven't been up high enough yet to do the gami test again but I can say that at lower altitudes the EGT spread has been cut from about 100 degrees to 50 degrees so they seem to have done something. Jury is still out as to whether I get other improvements as I still need to do the GAMI test. They do also need to start you from a known baseline. So, if I do need to a do a swap for a specific cylinder, I needed to put their injectors in first and then they will send me new ones to do the swap if necessary after I do the test.
  9. Some of the confusion might be people with different engines. They are cylinder position specific. However on my io550, the initial set was not. They are all the same and not marked for cylinder location I haven’t had a chance to do the full gami test, which might lead to a cylinder specific swap, since the install.
  10. I did the aircraft door seals and it still leaked. The seal seems to be of a good quality but it didn't close the gap. On closer inspection, it could be my door though not fitting perfectly. I did manage to fix it another way and still have the aircraft door seal on.
  11. Yes. You need the pro plus subscription for that. It is part of the geo-referenced chart / plate feature.
  12. I've had many phone calls and posts / messages with them. I've been told everything between maybe next year to never for that actually happening. Would be great news if true.
  13. Its not the G500txi cost itself that is my holdup. Its all the stuff that goes with it that push the price up pretty high. You need a pretty expensive box to interface the autopilot. And then you need a pretty expensive stand by instrument since the G5 cannot be installed in FIKI. When you include the whole picture, the price doubles.
  14. That's great news. Now, if only they could get rid of the FIKI limitation, I could buy one.
  15. Thanks, I've been chasing a little bit of a rough idle since my overhaul. That hose was replaced on mine with a new hose, which I think is a 124J hose. I wonder if one of those fittings is loose or if my sniffle valve needs cleaning. I'll have it checked at next month's annual. I never would have thought that little hose could cause an idle issue.