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  1. See if you can find a CFI that has owned Mooneys or at least flown a lot of them. Then, take them with you to look at the plane and get their honest feedback about anything that didn't feel right or looks out of place. If you buy it, then hire that same CFI to do transition training for you.
  2. Did this a couple weeks ago. It depends on how old your 900 is. Mine already had the necessary firmware (~2 yrs old) and all they had to do was wire it up and switch the config over to frequency based.
  3. Not sure about your autopilot but it looks like there's something up with your units between the main display and the G5. If they missed the units, maybe make sure they put the gains in right?
  4. This is not so far off from what I paid for those components. But you also need an install kit ($2k) and most people want trim (third servo plus installation: $2-3k) and the HSI ($5-6k). And if you want TAS, you need the $1k widget for that. And now you are at more like $25-26k.
  5. The quote I got from Lancaster was very high. Smart Avionics just put my GFC500 in. So far so good. The pile of old wires they pulled out that the last avionics shop left in was shocking.
  6. I apparently have the attention span of a gnat.
  7. The price difference between two G5s and two GI275s is half way to a GFC500. I'm picking my plane up tomorrow with the G5s and GFC500. Its a bit more money now but every servo and wire is new now and I won't have a servo overhaul or some other problem with a 20 year old autopilot next month.
  8. There's an easier way to do this on the GTN. At 5:44 in the video, when you pick the VOR, then touch "Course To" and put in the vector you want. Intercept it and it will continue sequencing with no messing around with OBS mode.
  9. Welcome. I'm at HFD now. Assuming it runs, the MAPA Safety course is going to be right next door at Springfield this year. Its a good course and worth attending - I plan to.
  10. I think a (non-FIKI) ovation would do that flight on less fuel and similar speed. At 9-11000, you are entering prime ovation altitude. The range is a function of the big tanks here, but when you do these kind of flights, its basically a one person operation. 130 gallons of fuel leaves you with something like 200 pounds for people and stuff. I have 89 gallon tanks and find that there aren't too many passengers that want to go past 4 hours anyway.
  11. Where on the east coast? It doesn't matter what I file, I get 6k over New York. 300 nm is nothing. That's not even 2 hours. Unless you expect to be at O2 requiring levels often, the turbo won't do you much good. I have built in oxygen in my ovation. It hasn't been refilled wince I bought the plane. I've used it maybe 3 or 4 times. Otherwise it seems that because of routing or headwinds, I'm not up high anyway. I have had one trip out west and the ovation handled it just fine but if I was flying over 10k regularly, I'd think about a turbo more. Here on the east coast though - don't need it.
  12. There's a chart in the service manual. Control Yoke (Lower Section) calls for MIL-L-7870, which I think is LPS 2.
  13. If people keep writing posts like this, I'm going to have to book further ahead. @AGL Aviation
  14. I'm struggling a bit with what could have possibly been done at the annual. Unless he re-rigged something or (un)installed something that changed the CG, which should be in your log entry, its just inspect and lubricate. What is your trim setting? I prefer a little less nose up so I don't leap off the runway before its really ready to fly.
  15. If you've got time, you can send your current lenses to GLAP and they will do the trimming for you. I did that and all I had to do was drill the holes. They otherwise fit perfect.