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  1. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    the jagged line on that one purple EGT probe is a classic dying probe.. if the TC shorts out anywhere along the wiring (or in the probe) you get lower readings. All of those excursions are down.
  2. Chief says it's a standard K type thermocouple. I would just use the 712 probe, or any K type probe. There is absolutely nothing in the technology that would be different and EGT TC's are used to just show peak. You could call Westach ask ask for an Owner specified part. "K" wire EGT sender, 1 5/8" to 2 1/2" clamp, 1" tip, 4' lead, grounded tip.. just happens to match the 712 probe. I'll assume they aren't shipping the 713's. - CERTIFIED/REPLACEMENT & ADD-ON SWITCHES AND SENDERS/EGT SENDERS/index.php
  3. STEC 55x ILS capture

    I flew a few approaches today. The 1st RNAV did not switch to APR mode, but I may have not been on a published segment to the FAF. The second RNAV approach (LPV) enabled APR+GS mode as soon as I hit the NAV button from HDG. Checked an ILS and it also immediately went into APR+GS when hitting the NAV button. So, the APR button is only required for VOR approaches and perhaps GPS non Localizer precision. I also adjusted the roll centering on the way home.
  4. STEC 55x ILS capture

    Looks like 8000'.. Magenta indicator with "GPS ENR" .. My recommendation is to zoom in on the magenta line while adjusting. (same tech as the SVT boxes) . The issue isn't the G1000.. it knows you aren't on course.. its the 55X holding an offset. I'll be over in ABE tomorrow morning.
  5. Why love our Mooneys

    I find that 1 hour of driving is the break even point... (Drive to airport, pre-flight, fuel, taxi, etc).. You need people to pick you up at the other end, and it is just showing off.. 2 Hours of driving and up?.. no question. A 5 hour drive each way, is a day trip return in the Mooney.
  6. STEC 55x ILS capture

    Yes, that is the roll centering adjustment, and how I have seen the issue.
  7. Angle of Attack G1000

    If they want to get in contact that is fine... Don did my pre-buy in 2013, but being in TX I haven't been down to that shop since then. I looked at the other Install manual (REV BA) and it looks like the I/O module now has more features.. analog flap detection. 0-12/28V... One would have to check the flap position output voltages to see if they are acceptable for this input.. the wiring diagram and service manual doesn't say.
  8. STEC 55x ILS capture

    See the STEC Service manual section 2 "Roll Centering" If the autopilot is not tracking the center of the heading bug or nav deviation line there is an adjustment via the front panel. From my experience the rate based turn stabilization from the Turn Coordinator can have a little bias in the signal, without the roll center adjustment the PID loop fights between the TC's biased signal (turn, turn) and the NAV deviation (go the other way) and the two signals cancel each other out at some level of NAV deviation. So it flies straight and level 1/2 a dot out (for example) The roll center adjustment is an attempt to remove the TC bias. In my installation Genesys said that my RC adjustment was at max... and that meant that the TC was out of spec not the AP. The Avionics shop was able to bring the TC output within bench spec, but it is still just a little off center in flight, so I need to tweak that. The full history? When I bought the M20M 4 years ago I noticed on the flight home that the AP tracked the nav signal (NAV NAV GPSS) a bit to the left(1/2 dot). It would obviously overshoot right turns... and then PID loop back to the 1/2 dot out.. I tweaked the RC adjustment and it tracked everything straight. One time I decided to run the entire preflight check (I was having pitch oscillation issues) , and when you test the CWS the yoke should stay still, but mine would go to full lock (left, right I don't remember which) Now I don't normally use CWS.. HDG +NAV tracking seemed perfect, but since the plane would be down for this WAAS update and the display backlight was broken we sent it out for repair. Seems that the RC adjustment isn't used in CWS mode... I don't quite get why... but that showed that the signal from the TC was out of spec & that my RC adjustment was at full limit. So, Hit the CWS button on the ground (55X preflight item #11-#14) , and if the yoke doesn't remain steady, you may also have an out of adjustment TC.
  9. Angle of Attack G1000

    My analysis of the circuit diagram showed that you could get a path to ground on full flaps if you changed 2 wires on the flap microswitch. Or you could add a second microswitch. I just looked in the current installation manual (that now includes the logic for flaps) and they require +24V to signal "flaps down"... So, you could either use my wiring mod to trigger a relay that provides 24v, or you can use the JV82 actuator and another v3-1 microswitch if there is space on the mounting location for a dual ganged switch. There also seems to be a "flap analog input" but the instructions for that component are not downloadable.
  10. STEC 55x ILS capture

    Robert and I had the 55X sent back to Genesys for the latest hardware mods, and when it comes back the roll centering zero will be moved by their bench testing. So you just need to adjust the roll centering to match your gyro. So it wasn't the WAAS part.. it was the AP part of the work. Robert's was further out than mine, but I still have to do a flight and fine-tune the roll centering.
  11. STEC 55x ILS capture

    I've just re-read the Stec 55x manual, and it implies that if you are on a localizer/ILS that the system will automatically go into APR mode. (I was used to hitting the APR button) Checking the wiring diagrams, there is a LOC (enable) line, where the nav radio tells the AP that the NAV is sending a LOC signal, so the 55X goes into APR mode automatically when sensing LOC. (This answers your "how" question) I have the G1000 installation, and I don't remember if it does that sequence automatically, I will see the next time I'm up. The G1000 wiring diagram does indicate this line is also connected. If your installation is not going directly into APR mode from NAV we would have to consult the wiring diagram for your radio. For the VTF -> Localizer intercept (outside of 50% deviation) holding HDG while pressing either NAV or APR should keep the current intercept angle and arm NAV capture. I'll also check to see if the "LOC" line is enabled for RNAV approaches. That would be another place where you want to tell the AP to go into the APR sensitivity +GS capture mode.
  12. Angle of Attack G1000

    WAAS went fine... I'm having problems getting to the bluetooth from the GTX345.. (yes I know the tail install location has issues,) but I can't even get a signal with the access panel off and the ipad/iphone 3" in front of the GTX. So this Friday we are planning on putting the GTX on the bench and seeing if that changes anything. Could be a config issue.. could be dead hardware.. we will see. As for AOA... the TBM900 had integrated AOA... so the G1000 has code in there (V15) somewhere..
  13. Angle of Attack G1000

    I had sent some info to Russ last year about ways to hook up the flap module. Russ, did you implement any of them in the end?
  14. I just pay the $20 to continue service over the summer. You have to have a full size sim phone to activate the t-mobile sim... the overhead of getting a new SIM, activation, new number, etc isn't worth the hassle... I just have a reminder every 3 months to add another $10 to the account. One thing to watch out for is for stale traffic on your sim... I was watching my 30 txt's/month disappear.. The previous owner of that phone# was set up for a lot of auto-texts and people calling & leaving messages... so I asked for a new #... and that had only a bit of stale traffic. So if your credits keep disappearing, put the sim into a phone for a couple of weeks to see what is actually going to the #.
  15. Annunciatior panel not working

    Ok, looked up your serial#.. the wiring diagram is 800383 M1 (G) 27-0240 thru 27-0248 Didn't look like much in there.. maintenance manual section 24-39-05 has the internal schematic. I would suspect the 24v main line. The press to test is supposed to override the dimmer. Power is fed from: the Annunciator panel breaker.. so cycle that guy, next is to check for 24V on pin 21 on the panel. Check for good ground to the chassis as well, I don't see a separate ground line on the connector.