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  1. MEA is about 11.5 on V556. We went straight over at 12K IFR direct to KGPI. 10K VFR is an easy route along the south of the park road though the Marias pass to west glaicier. This would be a light wind path. Otherwise I have flown a J through the Rodgers pass. (SW of great falls) Glacier isn't Colorado. There aren't plenty of 14K peaks... In a 172 we stopped at Cut Bank and drove , since we had a hard time in August getting above 10.5 at max gross.. In the Mooney we just went right over. 12K or so, plenty of extra height.
  2. About 20 years ago my family flew eastbound from KBLI - KSFF -KLWT in a M20J.. the cascades and the rockies south-east of Klamath falls are no problem. We went from KSFF to the south of flathead lake.. and from there followed the valley to Rodger's pass. 10K cruise is well above the terrain, no oxygen required. Two years ago we came straight over glacier to KGPI at 12K in the bravo. From there to KFHR right over the top.
  3. It was hard to separately value the GFC700 upgrade, since it required the GDU1044 replacement at the same time to get the AP buttons.. where an NXi combo is already the 2 new display units with all buttons included. All that is required is the 3 GSA81+85 servos, wiring and mounting hardware. So it feels like 10K for the display, and 15K for the servos + hardware. It is also implied by this: (Cessna NXi maintenance manual section 3.7.21) that the legacy autopilot code is still in the NXi codebase. The autopilots connect to GIA#2, so no hardware change there. That doesn't mean that Mooney will certify it.. just that the code is there. The early Acclaims were also S55x and lacked WAAS as well.. I believe it was nearly 2007 before the GFC700 was standard.
  4. No, there was no change.. because the data display speeds are rendered by the GDU1040 displays that didn't change... the faster CPU in the GNS530/GIA63W only could be seen in the GNS530 than ran the display directly. The GIA63's are GNS530's without display, but in the g1000 configuration it doesn't impact the display.
  5. That will be the odd thing in pricing.. I can't tell.. either it will be more, since it is unobtainium. Or it will be less. as the planes go to people who don't "need" WAAS. We flew them for 11 years without it. I went missed on only one approach that could have been completed on LPV before the upgrade. There will be a slow amount of wrecked planes that make GIA63W's available in the secondary market. If a NXi path comes out then there will again be a $21K WAAS package.. of course it will be coupled with the NXi cost, but it will bring a.. pay $$$ you get WAAS sort of resolution.
  6. I have a 2005 bravo.. it is N/A for the camshaft AD., you can check by engine serial#. They are great planes, but they are thirsty. Going to the Acclaim is at least another 100K. The g1000 has the WAAS upgrade and GTX345R. As indicated above that WAAS update is $25000 and not obtainable anymore. an airplane without that upgrade should be penalized by that amount. Only one bravo that we know of has the GFC700. It was the factory test plane.
  7. Unfortunately the only one that I know about in the NJ area had this happen:
  8. Surefly with a turbo keeps the unit in Fixed timing mode at all times (other than 0deg for start) No MP connection.
  9. Thinking about it.. it could still be a welded #1 or #2 relay.... or a short on the wire from the relay to the switch. .. open the back battery compartment and assume that all relays are "hot". then you can test them there. I wouldn't buy new hardware until testing.. should only be a few checks.
  10. Barry, When I look at the wiring diagrams that I have , there are no Analog FD connections from the 55x and the g1000 it seems to only use the ST645 digital bus for both annunciation and FD output. Does the 3100 speak the ST-645 digital interface, that is not clear in the response as it refers to ARINC and Analog interfaces.
  11. Bat#1 and Bat#2 have separate relays, the common point is the ground connection from the master switch.. so it is probably shorted to ground somewhere in the left hand panel. pulling the battery breaker does remove the batteries from the power bus. In the schematic the common line from the switch goes to wire PB09A18 and there directly to a ground buss plug.. so look for a short between the battery select switch and and master switch. Or that the master switch failed.
  12. Barry, There does not seem to be any discussion about the FD modes or the single/dual cue FD display (it is not on your list) This is done via the sync/clock/data interface that was specific to the 55 & 55X for the ST-645 remote annunciator.
  13. Obviously since the King Air wasn't made until 1963 it was that AeroCommander. I'm pretty sure the C32 is also used into PBI and MVY.
  14. The president uses the 757 when flying from Morristown. The 747's have to fly from JFK or Newark. When he summers in Bedminster MMU is the closest jet airport. History has it the Eisenhower flew into Princeton airport in an AF King Air.
  15. The 55X G1000 integration for vertical preselect, mode annunciation and FD cue display was done through emulating the STEC remote annunciator protocol and remote altitude pre-select systems. The lines are listed as ALT/select RS485 and Remote SYNC/CLOCK/DATA. So Garmin emulated the protocol for the STEC remote annunciator, and sends RS485 commands for VS control and altitude capture. If Stec has not made the 3100 backwards comaptible with the 55X digital protocols, then integration at the current level is not possible, of course they could design a converter. The 55X already receives a ARINC 429 feed from the G1000 so that IAS data should be in that stream for capture. I cannot say what other 429labels are in that stream that could be used (baro selection, ALT preselect etc) but the annunciation only uses the 55X custom protocol. As you indicated Genesys has not been forthright in their public statements about G1000 compatibly, I am not willing to risk 10K+install on a system that may be less integrated than today's 55x. I had really hoped for a slide in replacement for the 55X. Garmin won't do any work, and even if they did, Mooney won't certify and release it. (They haven't release a V15 based software... ref -34 is v14.02) Garmin has developed the GFC700.. they only did S55X and KAP140 integration because they want to get to market in 2005 and didn't have the GFC700 ready but Cessna/Piper and Mooney had to sell planes with autopilots. Beech and Piper waited until it was ready. We would be better off asking Mooney to make a GFC700 retrofit available to us. it might cost more but it would have IAS climb, Vertical modes. FLCH etc. I don't want to manage two altitude bugs, two altimeter settings etc. The G1000 KAP140 integration showed the problems with that.