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  1. Airtim: I send you a PM. I did a lot of research on that plane. I spoke to the engine rebuilder (Pine Mountain) who did the overhaul prior to Penn Yann doing the IRAN. She had Nickel Cylinders done at that time. The install is excellent. I ended up buying an ovation but I liked the plane ......... Good luck! Feel free to call if you would like to chat.
  2. I just had my IO550G overhauled by Poplar with new nickel cylinders. Short story = engine is running well after 35 hours and they did a nice job but had some significant delays. I am happy to share my experience if you'd like to PM me.
  3. Derek - congratulations! Plane looks great. Where are you basing the plane and having the work done. I base my Mooney at KBDR and fly in Westchester quite often. We can meet up for lunch.
  4. Hi Brad - I have lots of K Model hours but almost 10 years ago. So, being prudent and to satisfy insurance, I'll need a "check out". Given the differences, I'd feel more comfortable going through the paces. I also plan to join a MAPA PPP in early fall. Your thoughts? Thanks, Mark
  5. Steve: I appreciate that and is exactly what I am concerned about. I went with nickel cylinders, which will help slightly. Poplar Grove will run 2 hours in the test cell and 2 hours in flight prior to pick up. My thought was to do a local 1-2 hour flight consistent with the break in, land, verify, refuel and fly home direct so I can maintain power and altitude as necessary. Once I get it home and through the break -in period, I can work on true transition training. I'll PM' you. Mark
  6. Good morning.... I recently purchased an early model Ovation and will need to fly it from the Chicago area to the CT / NY area in the next few weeks. The aircraft is at Poplar Grove having the engine overhauled. The plane will have been test flown and ready to go but the complications will be that 1) while i have several hundred hours in a K model, I'll need an instructor and check out 2) given the overhauled engine, the trip home and some subsequent hours after will need be flown via the break-in procedures. I am open to thoughts and suggestions but my initial thought was to meet an instructor there in the Chicago area and then airline them home or head out of the Northeast with an instructor and fly back together. Any suggestions are appreciated. Mark in Connecticut