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  1. Lance - fair point. I have not had the plane long and it was tied up for 5 months for the overhaul. Each flight we have tried to troubleshoot the factory gauge and with some success (although still not where it needs to be) - connections one flight - ground another - rewire, instrument, etc. Now we are searching for a new one. Appreciate the view. Thanks,
  2. Mlm20c: We were concerned about that and Poplar did a full tear down to confirm. I'll keep an eye on the oil pressure but my indications prior to teardown were in the 50-55 range. Anthony, much appreciated and good suggestions as always. My understanding was the probes were different? If I hadn't just put in the 730, I'd make the 930 investment. Perhaps down the road.... if I can source a OEM probe and solve the mystery and get duplication of readings that would be my short term preference. As an aside, I am also running W100 Mineral Oil and the engine has been completely overhauled so my thoughts are: - as the break-in continues, temps may come down a bit - switching to Phillips 20/50 might improve things nominally - I just want to make sure the engine is getting adequate oil and breaking in properly (the oil temp fluctuations in the "alt probe location" have me wondering if the oil flow there is appropriate. #overthinking Thanks again for the comments / suggestions.
  3. Thank you for the feedback: - the Oil Temp OEM is reading low and has since I got the plane - been using the JPI. Mooney Service Center trying to locate one (it only comes up to touch the green on occasion) - the JPI is in the galley up near the very front of the engine by the prop - engine was overhauled because the crank gear and the alternator coupling had issues so they IRAN'd it and flushed the oil cooler during the process - kortopates, the 730 was installed very recently, perhaps if I can't find the OEM transducer I might have to re-upgrade - video attached. please look at how quickly the temps change both up and down with climb or descent (same happens when I move the prop RPM) - If any of you have the JPI can you share the temp difference you may be seeing between the two? JPI Video.MOV
  4. Fellow Mooney Drivers: I have a situation that is perplexing me and hoping you may be able to provide some guidance or suggestions. The oil temp is running a bit warm on the JPI 730 - probe is on the alternate location up near the prop on the front of the case. The oil temp is running a bit warm in the 210-215 range up there but when I adjust the prop forward, the oil temp increases immediately to redline or close (230ish) and when the prop gov is turned down, the oil temp comes down and stabilizes. Also, if I climb the oil temp goes up quickly - I believe this has to do with the prop governor doing it's job keeping the rpm's constant. If I lower the nose, the oil temp decreases quickly. Since the probe is right up by the prop governor, does anybody have any theories. Data points below. Also, for those of you who have the JPI or similar, can you please provide the difference in oil temperature you see between the JPI and the original equipment gauge? (probes are at different ends of the engine). - Just had prop and governor overhauled - Engine freshly overhauled at Poplar Grove - 3 hours flying - oil pressure stable at 50 psi on the ships gauge - Original Oil temp ship's gauge is not reading correctly (known issue, new one being searched for) - JPI 730 Oil Temp probe located in the alternate location up front by prop gov and showing in the 208-225 range. Many Thanks!
  5. PM me your phone number and I'll send you a photo of one I have.
  6. +1 for SCS. Great mat set for my Ovation with the N number monogrammed on them - perfect fit. Couldn't be happier.
  7. Aviatoreb: It sure is expensive - although I think it always has been to some degree, perhaps not as much as today. I do seem to remember many in my era would do whatever it took to go flying even if that meant making other sacrifices. In fact, my brother did exactly that and went all in despite having an engineering degree and a full time job at Sikorski. Today he is a captain for UPS and still flies a KC135 for the guard and has two pensions and gets to fly for a living. And, guess where he went to college (saw your avitar) - Clarkson:). He said it was cold up there but I don't have to tell you that:) Plug in that pre-heater. Mark
  8. I just had to send my IO550(g) from my Ovation 1 back to the overhauler after only 60 hours as a result of an improperly aligned alternator to crank drive gear. It was making metal and chewing up the coupling. Luckily, I caught it early by seeing very small amounts of orange coupling material in the oil filter. The overhaul shop agreed to IRAN it as a result. These designs are great when they work properly but all my research suggests to not go over the 500 hours prior to inspection.
  9. What altitude and headwind? Nice ride!!
  10. What a great read. Sums up flying - fun, friends, challenges and great memories. Thanks for the reminiscing!
  11. I see a note in the original listed "removed from market", right under the engine times.
  12. And, the J is a bit faster at the altitudes you will fly. I owned a K model for over 10 years and loved if for the long trips where I could climb up but in reality, the J would have been a better option for my profile. The cost, care and feeding of the TSIO 360 is significantly more than the J (6 cylinders, turbo, etc). Just my thoughts.
  13. And Ipad controller. Probably better than you with it:) Nice to see some interest from the young ones!