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  1. piperpainter

    Mooney short field work

    Those where good times! I have a Cessna 205 now. Can't wait to explore new places and take a load with me! Just at a slower speed haha
  2. piperpainter

    Amazing backcountry flying video

    yep! Plane is for sale!
  3. piperpainter

    Step retraction servo ....

    Ill sell you one for $150! Hell I'll give you the entire step, pulley and servo for $400
  4. piperpainter

    Grass Strips

    I've measure my prop clearance and that of a 182 and it was about a 1/2 inch difference. Now if you have old donuts and old engine mounts you might have less. But you also shouldn't have those old and saggy! The M20C does great on non-paved surfaces. Also for insurance, you can probably save money if you choose no grass etc. But that's just boring. I pay less than $1000 a year and I have no exclusions listed that would impede me flying to whatever location I want.
  5. piperpainter

    Stall Warning Stuck On

    I had this happen to me when I was as far from home I could be Maine (live in WA state!). Contact cleaner did the job!
  6. piperpainter

    Icing Attack!

    Now that's some ice!
  7. piperpainter

    help landing Ovation 3

    Go do some slow flight and stalls and you'll get an idea how the plane feels when at slow speeds. Then when you come into land go for feel more than just "speed!" Works for me...no it's not an ovation but still....they're all the same just a little different!
  8. piperpainter

    Stupid Pilot Tricks

    Positive rate gear up! And I was at least 2ft off the surface before raising the gear, but notice I don't drop! I know how to fly my airplane and avoid the pitch down when you retract the gear. It's just natural to retract as soon as I am airborne. As others have said it's not easy to retract when you get going fast and "remaining runway" is not an issue when you can put it back down in less than a second. I want to get the most speed/accel and climb I can. Leaving the gear down doesn't help this at all.
  9. piperpainter


    I've been to treasure cay and Governors harbor. Both great places! The fee's aren't bad at all. I think it was around $75ish in fee's for my wife in I. If you plan for around $100 you'll be happy. I think it was much easier than flying in Mexico. Also the place you stay depends on what you want to do. Treasure Cay and Governors harbor are the out islands so they aren't very populated, which is nice if you just want to enjoy the beach. Route, I went to KFPR BLUFI ZFP GRREG MYEM for the route. I let ATC know that I didn't want to get vectored out to sea, cause they will, and they don't care as much as we as pilots do. This might help.....https://www.backcountrypilot.org/community/forum/latest/tr-x-country-maine-bahamas-nashville-warning-long-17841
  10. piperpainter

    New Attitude on attitude.

    you can just get ride of the step....it'll save you a few pounds too!
  11. piperpainter

    What is that tube....

    I was bored and looked at this website. I then saw a Mooney....and it has two tubes coming out both sides in the back. What the heck is that for? The only thing I could think of is cloud seeding or maybe something for drungs...hence it's on a govt sale site! Anybody know? N154MP http://irggroup.com/cars-for-sale/1998-mooney-m20l/
  12. piperpainter

    Baggage Door Opened in Flight

    I've done that. However I wasn't flying fast...it has opened right as I rotate. I'll admit I had it happen a couple times..... But thankfully I was able to reject. The one time it opened in flight I slowed to about 70kts and just took it easy! Didn't do damage though.
  13. piperpainter

    Failed Eddy Current Inspection

    Okay i just paid $6500 for a prop. However they gave me a credit for giving them an airworthy and re-usable blades prop. It does have the eddy current inspection. But why not just spend $6500 or $8500 (plus 190 install) for a new top prop. Your blades looked a little thinner than mine (they traced mine with paper and then put it on your blades).
  14. piperpainter

    Failed Eddy Current Inspection

    What did they tell you for a top prop?