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  1. The escalator visualization is a good one. Hopefully I'll get more time later this week to work on it! Thanks!
  2. I got to attempt my first landing in today's lessons! I say attempt for good reasons.....I see why everyone says learn to land on a rental plane. I got a little grass strip experience.....with one wheel before my CFI bailed me out and then got to land twice in one attempt (bounce)! All at a fairly wide and long runway. My final into 14A (much narrower and shorter) with a little assist from my CFI was actually respectable. I could see spending an entire day in pattern touch and goes to get to know where the wheels are and how to fly it to the runway. Happy New Year All!
  3. I appreciate all of your opinions and every one makes for more thought. It is great to get “grounded” as I always want more. Looks like I’ll turn my thoughts to an F when the time comes. This fills the time that the weather won’t let me work on the practical flying side. Thanks all!
  4. Thanks for all your input, I figured you guys would have a lot of knowledge and experience to share. I’m based in North Carolina and would stay east of the Mississippi at this point but who knows where the future takes me. Got s great instructor and learning on 172. A belated Merry Christmas to all!
  5. So I’m going on my PPL and am starting the investigation of what I want to buy for a plane when I finish my VFR certification. As with anything new, I’m overwhelmed with the different models and engine choices. I figured this is a great place to get people’s opinions of what they loved or wish they had differently as they made their first purchase. I’d say I’m looking at spending less than $125ish, knowing there will be upgrades and maintenance as my skills progress. Really can see using this for 200-700 mile trips and growing my skills into it. I travel a fair amount and see it useful there as well.
  6. Got a call back from my local flight school this morning and have 4 days booked in the next 10 days in a Cessna 172 with a CFI that has great recommends. Thanks for all your input. Still trying to sort out when the right time is to transition from their aircraft to what I ultimately want....thinking a M20F. 4" on the ground here and everything is shut down! Think it will be gone tomorrow midday.
  7. Close on all the “M” cities. Mooresville. Lake Norman Airpark 14A.
  8. I live in NC and see myself flying around the east coast on weekend work trips with parts of the family (wife and 2 teenage girls). My Inlaws are in NY, and we really like a lot of the Caribbean islands, so as experience gets to the point that trips of that length are reasonable, I can see that on the horizon. I have reached out to the local FBO a couple times and must be the holidays have things tied up as I haven't gotten to schedule my first flight yet, and am anxious to get going. I have the funds and have a fair amount of free time thru the end of the year, so I am hoping to get a good start and multiple hours towards my PPL. This FBO has a 172 trainer which is why I asked the question to start this thread. People are always going to tell you that the way they do it is best. I wanted someone who has the aircraft I want to tell me their opinion of the right path, You all are awesome to take the time to give great direction! Thanks for alll the feedback.
  9. Thanks. I didn't know if training on a low wing (Piper or similar) would be better than the Cessna rout. As soon as practical, I'd like to own my plane so scheduling isn't a concern, but don't want to get over my head too quickly. Reading forums I hear that Mooney's are a little more technical to fly and figured the RG adds another layer to a new pilot.
  10. I have dreamed of getting my Pilots License for many years and am finally in a position to pursue it. In all this time, I have become fond of the Mooney's speed and range. Any suggestions of what aircraft to train on to get competent enough to buy and fly a Mooney?