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  1. I'd like to have a Narco 810 for sale, but Clarence took the CNX 80 for his airplane..............
  2. Cool. Go Pinky!!! Here is today's forecast for Yangon. Cirrus at or above 10,000' here in Bangkok and they are clearing. So landing in Bangkok is going to be less of a problem than getting out of Yangon.
  3. A Mooney Formation Pilot should be able to get anything they want, but I don't believe that is what you are asking. What you may be asking is whether the Council of Elders of the Mooney Caravan will deign to modify Brian's callsign after it was originally assigned. (I did not know Brian flew with the Mooney Caravan, but there is a lot that I do not know.) Your question (if it is what I think it is) is a much more political question and involves lobbyists, scotch, and perhaps the invocations called forth by more than one lawyer (that may be pilots - that may be Mooney pilots - that may also be Caravan pilots - that may serve the Council of Elders - that may even be ON the Council of Elders....). In the ceremony designed to humiliate all Caravan pilots and bestow a callsign on them (ask Buttercup about this), I would vote for one of your suggestions for a new callsign for him. But then, my vote does not really count. I am in Bangkok and today was the day he was scheduled to arrive here. He made it to Yangon today at about 1:30 pm local time I believe. He will not be be flying here today. There are CBs galore between us. Good luck Brian - fly safe!!
  4. Correct as regards cheap national time and frequency standards. I have seen the rubidium ones used in South Asia. Pretty neat. The boxes we used were about 3 inches thick and about 12 inches square - both connected to GPS signals.
  5. Sitting in Bangkok, just in from Yangon and waiting for Brian to show up at the airport on Sunday. Meetings are tomorrow (Friday) and all next week. Then I get to go home for two months, try out the new eyes with the plastic lense implants after cataract surgery and then fly the living Beegees out of my Mooney for as many days as possible. Gooooooo Brian!!!!!
  6. In a city where a hero of the most bloody civil war in history was taken down by the Mahdi and the end of an empire in Africa was signalled. "Some chicken - some neck."
  7. When I read back a PD clearance I include the concept that the manoeuvre (most commonly a descent) will be done at Pilot's Discretion. That way none of them are confused if I start the descent in 2 or 5 or 10 miles. Normally I will wish to stay high because going lower (normally close to or within terminal airspace) will subject me and mine to unnatural toing, froing, upping, and downing from mechanical turbulence (at or below 4000') when staying at or above 6000' allows the continuation of a smoother ride for a bit longer.
  8. Just checked the tracking site. Still on the ground in Brazil. Looks like he would be battling 20-25 kt headwinds to the African coastline.
  9. +1 for Clarence, but I am biased. He saved me a #$^%$ load of money when he did my PPI 13 years ago.
  10. The process at my home drome, until recently, was to fill and note on a piece of paper, but the finish reading of the last person before and your start reading had to match. As did the reading of your finishing and the start reading of the next person. Sort of a backwards way of auditing, but it worked. Today all that is gone. Ministry of the Environment gave the club two years to get new (above ground) tanks to prevent "lead filled petroleum hydrocarbons" from dripping into the ground and pollute the local water table. Now we have one really big tank and a PIN code machine to inextricably tie a person to the gas they pump. Visitors require a line boy.
  11. Three replies to that - and it would only come from the long time happily married gang: 1. Sheepish grin with downturned eyes: "Someone has to do it..." 2. Old sage look, completely inscrutable reciting old Chinese proverb: "Happy wife, Happy life." 3. Wicked grin: "Consideration has its own set of rewards...." And now back to our regularly scheduled discussion about those fearless young men in their flying machines........
  12. Well done Bob.
  13. Flying is best a shared experience. Yah, I know how it feels to launch into the wild blue yonder like that cowboy riding off into the sunset. The loner. The most independent and self reliant person on the globe. Comes with the mystique that defines an "aviator." Mitigates risk he can, accepts risk he cannot mitigate. Runs to the fur ball and not away from it, cause it is what is needed. But you look once at that kid's face when you tell him he/she can do the flying and it is never the same again. And when your girl is with you parked on that little piece of cloud with the miles and miles of "over there" stretched out below you........ life is really good.
  14. I am in Yangon now and sent Brian a note that, depending on how it goes, I could meet up with him here on the day of his "planned" arrival. I leave for Bangkok that evening, one day before he does that leg. Good Luck Brian!!!
  15. I got the AUKEY Car Charger, ULTRA COMPACT Dual Port 4.8A Output for iPhone iPad as well. Got two of them. One for the car and one for the Mooney. Charges an iPad and my Stratus 2 just fine.