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  1. It is certain that a turbocharged engine should probably have lower CR cylinders, but a TN engine only allows up to sea level pressure on the cylinders, which is an environmental condition they already work in. The beauty of the design of Turbo normalizers is that they do not (are not supposed to) put additional stress on the engine and keep the dialled-in turbo compression at or below 30" MP. Not certain why someone with a TN engine would need lower CR cylinders.
  2. When I was a kid, I dreamed about flying an F-4. The comic was Buzz Sawyer and that is what he flew. In the interim, I have been in the back seat of an F-18 and I have heard the oft made remark that the F-4 (lovely aircraft that I thought her notwithstanding) was proof positive that if you had big enough engines, you could make a brick fly.
  3. Cyril: See the picture below. You already know how to create a new topic from the top right of the screen. When you do, you will see two options on the middle left of the screen. Under "Create New Topic" you will see the options under "Topic Details." They are "Content" and "Poll." Take it from there. My work is done here.
  4. Have a good time guys. Can't make it this year. Stuck in Myanmar on UN duty until the 25th of Feb and then off to Pakistan for a week.
  5. This is one of those times where, instead of selling your strengths (where you make money), you may be required to buy your stated weakness (lack of expertise and tools) to do it for you. Like this. The unfortunate consequence of this action is complete and utter loss of any standing in the CB club. Sorry.
  6. If you have 420+ deg F CHT temps in climbout (in the winter no less) there are some serious holes in your doghouse. Just sayin.......
  7. E6B

    I have an app called myE6B. Hardly ever use it except for things like TAS at altitude.
  8. Thanks JW. Even better. I will correct my post accordingly. I loved watching those guys operate. They went downtown where we were.
  9. Manning the battalion command net, when the A-10s were turned over to us from the Brigade TACP during my battalion commander's textbook perfect withdrawal in contact. Beauty!!! They checked in at the IP and asked for some identification of their targets. DCO looked at me for the answer - so I responded. "Anything that moves north of Northing 08 along "XXXXXXXXX" Road." We had withdrawn the two companies holding that position about 10 mins before. "Roger." The two of them lined up on the road and let loose with 30 mm in a shallow dive. They were lovely to behold. Just a soldier's view....
  10. Great story!!!
  11. Andy: True. But my $70.00 annual contribution is worth it to me (unless I happen to land at one of the "big 8" - or is it 9?) I find our controllers just a bit more accommodating than many (Chicago?)
  12. Clarence: With only 50 gals on board, we will run the tanks dry before we can get airborne.
  13. Got my notice today. Much appreciated. The is site is worth supporting.
  14. Just got this on the AVWEB newsletter. Prayers for the family of the pilot. General Aviation Accident Bulletin October 1, 2016, Hickory, N.C. Culver PQ-14A Cadet The airplane was destroyed at 1310 Eastern time when it collided with trees, terrain and a commercial building during a forced landing shortly after takeoff. The solo commercial pilot was fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed. Preliminary information indicates the airplane’s engine stopped producing power while taxiing for takeoff. Shortly after takeoff, the pilot reported the airplane was “having engine problems” and announced his intention to return. The controller cleared the airplane to land on any runway. Radar data revealed the airplane was about two miles south of the departure airport when it reversed course; the radar track ended in the vicinity of the accident site, about a mile from the approach end of the runway. Witnesses described the engine sound as “sputtering” and “revving up and down.”
  15. I have the same list, but mine had Thai airways on it.