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  1. A accident case study vid

    Saw that one some time ago as well. It is one of the data points that convinced me, until the technology allows more precision, that wx is a strategic decision, not a tactical one.
  2. Mooney Caravan 2017 - Who's going?

    Oscar: I will try. Putting the file on Youtube makes it much smaller than the original but it is still 13 Mb. If our e-mail servers restrict attachments to 10 Mb (as many do) then may I recommend as the download mechanism for you to use from the Youtube URL shown above? Wish us luck.
  3. Mooney Caravan 2017 - Who's going?

    Oscar: I put our Quebec Element landing on Youtube at My own landing sucked, but we got there safely - although we should have touched down after the purple dot. Take what you need. .
  4. Doghouse Gap Seal Material

    This is what Clarence did to rebuild mine when the overhaul was done in 2009. CHTs never go above 320 on climbout.
  5. I used it for the first time today and I was not looking for a squawk code in the message. It may have been included, but Clnc Del gave me one, as expected, although I am not certain it was the one that would have been included in the message, if I had noted it. I was just so happy to see my route accepted as filed and within about one minute of transmitting it.
  6. Bobby: You are more than welcome. Yves has the list and he will update it this weekend. As it is now 08:05 am our time, Yves is about 5 minutes from departure for the 3hr 27 min flight to Customs Clearance in Sault-Ste-Marie, Michigan (see before heading to Madison, WI for the gathering of the Mooney Caravan . As a result, he may not have had the opportunity to print the cute name tags shown above for the two of you, but we will have something to stick on and identify you to the crowd. This OK?
  7. NOT ME!!!!!!! When I saw this on AVWeb today, I called Clarence. He pulled the logs and I am not on the list. YAY!!!
  8. Retractable Step Lubricant

    +1 for Tri Flow
  9. Oh Grasshopper - this may take some time.......
  10. Because we are the organisers?????
  11. Oshkosh Packing List

    Mike: Aren't you sort of married now? She may need more notice and perhaps a bit more stuff..... Just sayin'.....
  12. Dear Philly Approach

    I wasn't going to say that. But since you did, we Canadians do sound like folks from Minnesota or northern Michigan sometimes, but no one confuses us with folks from Maine or New York.
  13. Dear Philly Approach