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  1. I did not ask.
  2. They may, but the ones with the Garmin name on the front plate meet the Garmin specs - and that is the problem.
  3. I learned the hard way that Garmin does not shield the circuitry in their audio panels sufficiently to overcome the RF dirt put out by radios like the Narco 810 and Mk 12D. PS Engineering 8000 (plug and play replacement for the GMA 340) took care of the problem.
  4. Tom: Is there no end in sight of the upgrades you are doing? Looks promising.
  5. Erik: I leave for South Asia, then Southeast Asia on 21 May (next Sunday) and will not be back into Ottawa until the 25th of June. How about after I get back to North America, you fly up and I will let you buy me lunch. I will get hold of Yves as well.
  6. All this (except my spare plugs are new) and a spare landing light bulb (HID light), an oil bottle funnel, windscreen cleaner, cloth rags, set of six most common bits for screwdriver, and magnet to find the lost screw or tinnerman. I used to carry a small torque wrench, but I replaced the oil filter screen with a real oil filter - no need for me to get to those nuts anymore.
  7. I agree with Jolie: I have had a similar opportunity to Yooper's and the personal feeling I get during and after is worth every inconvenience I could ever receive. One of the moments I live for is watching the kid's face (the one in front) when you ask them if they want to fly the airplane. All the briefings done. Passage of control in the cockpit all briefed. Out of the pattern. Already in the practice area. They won't actually be in control, but they don't know that. The look on their faces when they think they are going to actually do the flying is priceless. Makes my day. Well done, Yooper. You not only inspired those kids, but you may also have inspired some of us.
  8. How about we do that in Oshkosh? Are you flying with the Caravan this year? Better pic.
  9. Much as I would love to sell the remainder and recoup a proportionate amount of the cost, we are talking about a Mooney Logo patch here guys - and I do not own the trademark for these. Mooney International does. Even if I am not making any money off of the deal, money is changing hands and that contravenes a bunch of Intellelectual property laws. Making them for myself is OK. Making them for others requires written permission from Mooney. If anyone has a way out of this - a lawyer? - then let's hear it.
  10. Over the last few years, I have been looking to get some wings embroidered for my flight jackets. A couple of months ago, I got the idea of using our favourite logo as the set of wings I wear. Here is the result. Minimum order was for 25 and all I wanted was 10 or so. It will take some time to use them all up.
  11. CYRO. Just across the river from Yves at CYND.
  12. One of the things Yves and I learned from this incident is that an uncommanded gear drop is not sufficient reason for the wingman to call "blind" and then peel off to do a 360 and then catch up. Catching up takes another 10 minutes or so. That was my call at the time and we have decided that should such happen again, the wingman will simply slow down (and drop about 40 feet) to match the lead's speed (it will have to be quick without the wingman deploying their own speed brakes - gear) but is it doable.
  13. Don't know if this question was already asked, but does it take AP inputs (or output to the AP) whichever is the way it is supposed to communicate with the AP?
  14. Shane: I finally got the opportunity to go out and install it. Very good piece. Thank you very much. No hammering for the fuselage portion was needed at all. Closes smoothly and cleanly. Here it is installed. Can you see the countersink (chamfering) at the top?
  15. Yah, I wanna fly with that guy ...........