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  1. Clarence: With only 50 gals on board, we will run the tanks dry before we can get airborne.
  2. Got my notice today. Much appreciated. The is site is worth supporting.
  3. Just got this on the AVWEB newsletter. Prayers for the family of the pilot. General Aviation Accident Bulletin October 1, 2016, Hickory, N.C. Culver PQ-14A Cadet The airplane was destroyed at 1310 Eastern time when it collided with trees, terrain and a commercial building during a forced landing shortly after takeoff. The solo commercial pilot was fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed. Preliminary information indicates the airplane’s engine stopped producing power while taxiing for takeoff. Shortly after takeoff, the pilot reported the airplane was “having engine problems” and announced his intention to return. The controller cleared the airplane to land on any runway. Radar data revealed the airplane was about two miles south of the departure airport when it reversed course; the radar track ended in the vicinity of the accident site, about a mile from the approach end of the runway. Witnesses described the engine sound as “sputtering” and “revving up and down.”
  4. I have the same list, but mine had Thai airways on it.
  5. I scared the living daylights out of my PPP safety pilot during the MAPA PPP course this year by doing in flight mag checks after reaching 2500' - cruising altitude. He was less worried when I explained it to him. I trust the results of a mag check on the ground for the operation of my engine at 1700 rpm. I trust the results of the inflight mag check for the operation of my engine at 2500 rpm.
  6. S'what I have now too.
  7. Mike: Don't leave them in the airplane. Small case to stay in flight bag and take home?
  8. No. 4 action?
  9. Waterloo? Who knew?
  10. Owned my Mooney since 2005. IFR rated since 2008. Like some others have said, IFR can be a challenge in the winter (not a lot of opportunity to do it because flying in icing conditions is a deal-breaker for me.) Also I like the challenge and practicing the precision of flying IFR. This is especially true where traffic is more than in Northern Ontario. When I am in the "system" a second set of eyes is watching the traffic around me and that is not always available with flight following.
  11. Mimi: Ute and I are very pleased to hear that you and Rob are OK. I think you did everything right. Focussed under fire and able to make good decisions. will beat yourself up a long time over this. It will only stop when you have forgiven yourself for the loss of Marvin K Mooney - even when it wasn't your fault. I know. I have been there. Pour yourself and Rob a small scotch and go sit out on the veranda in front of the living room. Look out over the water and the houseboat at the dock and remember that you are a good and resourceful pilot. Be at piece with the decisions you made. If you don't believe me, go look at Marvin and remember what it took to get out of that mess in one piece. Ute and I still have a hankering to land at First Flight and visit some more in Edenton. Be well.
  12. When we left Erie we crossed the lake as well, but up at 11,000 to stay within gliding distance of one of the shorelines. We were thinking of going into Toronto city centre, but she wanted to get home so we filed for Ottawa and did both the EAPIS and CANPASS for the longer trip. Took about 2 hrs 15 mins.
  13. Concorde for me too. Just over 6 years on the one currently installed.
  14. Then his reasoning is not what I would accept.
  15. 11 years in Feb 2016. I first saw my Mooney in November 2004. With Clarence's PPI work sent off to the owner, he lowered his price and I bought it on the 9th of February 2005, while the owner was in Yuma (probably not attending a Gunfighter's formation clinic) and I was in Ottawa. Clarence then completed the airworthiness work and a few other things I wanted and he delivered C-FSWR to Ottawa in April 2005. I finally qualified to fly it on the 10th of May. I have put on 760 hours on it since them. Life keeps getting in the way of flying.