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  1. Ned Gravel

    IFR or VFR Chart?

    Thanks Hank, but I am not there yet. Panel GPS primary job is to fly the airplane through the A/P. Situational awareness and flight planning is provided by Foreflight. When I get more familiar with 480 buttonology, I may be there, but still a ways to go yet. Gotta get it installed first.........
  2. Ned Gravel

    IFR or VFR Chart?

    "I Fly Roads" To each their own, but for me, I use the low IFR charts during IFR flights. Getting and locating and adding waypoints and intersections from ATC takes too much time if I have to flip from the VFR to the IFR charts in flight. But that is just me.
  3. Ned Gravel

    Southwest Uncontained Engine Failure

    I just listened to the recordings of the ATC comms between the flight crew and New York Center / Philly Approach / Philly tower. It is posted to Pilot talking displayed the best possible attributes of someone facing danger and loss of life. We should all aspire to be this good in an emergency. Cool headed. Focussed on the task at hand. Developing and implementing acceptable options. Speaking calmly to ATC, who appear to be just itching to give as much help as possible - some of which may not be necessary. Leadership to inspire others. Prayers for the lady who passed.
  4. Ned Gravel

    Taking the plunge

    David: That is the eventual plan. Next year, another G5 as an EFIS to replace the vacuum driven AI (and the HSI becomes the backup to that) and the addition of one of the simpler ADS(B) out sources. As for your later comment about ADF, I used to have a Bendix T12C where the KR 87 is now. From close to 200 miles away, we could tune in one of the old AM stations on the long wire antenna. While I realise that dialing in an NDB station on the 480 is one option, the KR 87 provides another. I really like options, especially when things are tending towards an excitement I would rather avoid.
  5. Ned Gravel

    Taking the plunge

    McMooney: If you have seen the photo above as the start point, here goes. Narco 810 come out (COM 1 at the top under the audio panel). TNL 2000A comes out (Trimble GPS at the bottom of the centre stack). Move the Narco Mk 12D down (COM 1/NAV 2 under COM 1) to allow the GNS 480 (new IFR GPS) to sit just below the audio panel. Remove the DG and install a Garmin G5 HSI in its place.
  6. Ned Gravel

    Taking the plunge

    Yves: 3.5 AMU for the 480 and 13 AMU for the G5 and install of both of them. 17 AMU I was not really thinking of spending this year.
  7. Ned Gravel

    Taking the plunge

    I have owned C-FSWR for over 12 years now, and I have finally committed the resources to putting her in the /G category. Clarence found a great price on a GNS 480 for me while he was at Sun'n'Fun and brought it home last weekend. As many of you already know, an E model does not have a lot of panel room so if I want to keep two CDI's, one of them is going to have to be part of an HSI. See pic below where the HDG bug is driving the autopilot enroute to Wichita from St. Louis with the TNL 2000A monitoring deviations before switching my one NAV radio over from Vichy (VIH) to Butler (BUM). These are the anticipated changes. DG goes. Narco 810 goes. TNL 2000A goes. Move the Narco Mk 12D down to allow the GNS 480 to sit just below the audio panel. All good. So which HSI works with a 480? Lots do, but not a lot of them are simple plug and play. KCS 55 or STEC 180 or Collins ProLine. Varying in price from less than 1 AMU for a Collins to 4.5 AMUs for the full King system. Ouch. If I want something to help in terms of GPSS, it really has to be an electric one with software guts. Bunch of advantages: off of the vacuum pump; good battery life in the event of an electrical failure; GPSS and roll steering; works with my STEC 50. Only one choice at less than 8 AMUs. Garmin G5 for 3.5 AMUs. So that is what I am doing. Has almost everything an Aspen has, but even with one as an HSI and one as an EFIS (AI), the boxes cost less than 6 AMUs. I know, I know - installation is another matter and these two (480 and G5 HSI) will cost me nearly the value of the boxes to install them. Sheesh. But soon I will be equipped for travel in the 21st Century. In case anyone wants to raise it, the KR 97 stays. We still have NDBs in Canada. When I get back from Thailand in May - C-FSWR goes into the shop for a combo avionics installation and then to Clarences for its annual. When I get back from a bunch of places in Asia in June, she will be ready for heavy duty practice. I will post updates.
  8. I signed up too. See you all there.
  9. Ned Gravel

    Seat Cam Chewed Up - Replacement Needed

    Bucking for a position on the Board of the CB club?
  10. Ned Gravel

    poweroff 180

    Part of the MAPA PPP. I did two of them over Concorde. Yours looks nice, but I think I would have tried to turn earlier to keep the altitude. Easy for my E model to dump on short final if I have to.
  11. Ned Gravel

    Seat Cam Chewed Up - Replacement Needed

    Ok with me.
  12. Ned Gravel

    logbooks for annual

    The journey log is legal document in Canada and is required to accompany the aircraft on all flights in excess of 25 nm. Engine, prop and airframe all have their own tech log. About two inches thickness of paper all up.
  13. Ned Gravel

    logbooks for annual

    Clarence. Our friends of the Trump side of the border may not be aware of the function of the Journey log under our aviation regulations. My journey log that I keep with the aircraft mirrors all the entries in my tech logs kept in your cabinets so we both have a historical record, although the tech logs have more info on the engine, prop, and airframe components.
  14. Ned Gravel

    Seat Cam Chewed Up - Replacement Needed

    I am OK if it has less options than the original. It sometimes feels like I am laying down and I always have it at the most upright position. If the new ones can add another 5 degrees of tilt forward than the current one, I would be OK with that.
  15. Ned Gravel

    Seat Cam Chewed Up - Replacement Needed

    David I am in. Let me know how you want payment and how you intend to ship them to Canada.