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  1. If your MEA is going to be 9,000 - 10,000 an F will be fine. If it is going to be higher than that, then a turbo might be needed, especially if you have to fight headwinds over the granite clouds below you. Which takes us back to your question - how much to spend? You will eventually find that you can find a decent F for anywhere from 45,000 to 60,000. Below that, things will be missing which may give you pause (no IFR GPS, engine well beyond midlife, tanks that leak, corrosion, etc). Above that, you will find F models fully kitted out with things that are shiny and kewl, but not really needed for an F to fly from Boston to LA. As well, it is likely that aircraft in that range will be well looked-after and they will show it. Paint and interior are nice, but engine and airframe are what really count. SB 208 for rust on the steel frame. No corrosion on the spar and a stiffener already installed on the stub spar. Tanks that do not leak. An alternator instead of a generator. A skytec starter. An engine monitor. Good luck.
  2. Above 7000'? I do not get a mobile signal above that altitude.
  3. Me too.
  4. I called Fedex and the issue is the stuff dealing with customs declarations to cross the border. Now that you have the package back from them, do you still want to try and ship it? If it is too much hassle, you may wish to reconsider the work involved and that would be OK with me. Just let me know and I can make alternate arrangements with someone like Clarence. My druthers is to get it from you, but the choice is yours.
  5. Thanks buddy. Now that the tracking number is working I can sharpen up my sledgehammer for the installation......
  6. Chocks still here? I am having trouble getting the Fedex number to work. Does it mean the part will not arrive?
  7. It is always easier if you own the company. No need to wait until retirement.
  8. Here is mine, doing what she does best, flying fast......
  9. Naw! Putting a pile of Mooneys on the runway, 2 at a time, with 39 of your bestest friends - that is the way to go to AirVenture. Five minutes from Mooney Lead touchdown to Mooney Tail touchdown. Safest way to arrive. If you don't believe me, ask Princess Buttercup. She can tell you all about the diamond lane. Million times more sane than the Fisk arrival. And getting out? Dawn patrol style. 201er, Rocket, and us. Three ship on 27.
  10. Really? I can't see them here. Am I missing something?
  11. I flew with him in her once when he was bringing her back from annual.
  12. Dave Morris flew with us in the 2015 Mooney Caravan and his is a 1960 A model. I have not seen him on this site in a while. See
  13. Not me. no interference at all. I have a PS 8000 audio panel and it is famous for being well shielded.
  14. I just downloaded the IFD 100 and the first thing it did was ask for a Jepp account login. Hmmmm.
  15. I did the same thing and it is also an Aukey like the one shown by Paul.