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  1. I use mine for business. See Inside 500 nm or so it is cheaper to fly yourself. Outside of that it is cheaper to purchase an airfare. Never assume the weather will allow the flight. Always be ready to leave the aircraft where it is and come back for it later, or wait till weather allows. Make strategic weather decisions, not tactical ones. Don't plan on doing it in the winter or without an instrument ticket. Be careful not to cross the line regarding legal use of a non-commercial ticket. Nothing that will put you in regulator crosshairs that looks like use "for hire or reward." Gas, parking, pro-rated recurring costs, and demonstration of business purpose for every flight. In 2012, 54% was for business, 82% in 2013, 87% in 2014, 67% in 2015, 72% last year. Aircraft journey logs in Canada are a legal document. It is called "use of personal aircraft for business travel" not "business use of personal aircraft". Some clients like to fly if you offer. Others have rules that prevent receipt of such a perk. Good luck.
  2. Just renewed with Allianz Global Risks US and the cost went down $200.00. Don't get it.
  3. CO is lighter than air, not heavier, so somewhere higher (near nose hieight) should be good. Haven't put mine in yet but that is where I am looking.
  4. C-FSWR is my second aircraft - the first being an eleven-person partnership in a Piper Arrow. Neither were a "mistress." I love to fly. I like my Mooney. It is demanding and extremely capable. But love......? That is for the girl - not the aircraft.
  5. Love it!!!!
  6. What? What did you say?.....
  7. Got this off a post by Ralph Holland in the Mooney Pilots Facebook page. Thought I should spread the joy
  8. 2800' X 100' paved runway is my home drome. 80 mph on final, 70 mph over the fence. This is the approach to 27 and is the one used over 80% of the time. I can usually make the first taxiway on the right (<1000'). Less than 6 miles away is another with 6000' X 150'. Yves and I will use that runway to practice our formation landings. That is his home drome. I was once based at Brampton (near Toronto) with 3500' X 70' and 2500' X 75' and those landings had a bit higher pucker factor, which resulted in motivation to nail the centreline every time.
  9. I cannot respond to the poll because I fly an E model, but I get temps like that too. Clarence rebuilt my doghouse and it makes a big difference from what I was getting before.
  10. I am sitting in one of the airport lounges at Bangkok Airport in Thailand on my way to Pakistan for one week. I just ordered mine and it will be at the house before I get home next week. Thanks Dan.
  11. It is certain that a turbocharged engine should probably have lower CR cylinders, but a TN engine only allows up to sea level pressure on the cylinders, which is an environmental condition they already work in. The beauty of the design of Turbo normalizers is that they do not (are not supposed to) put additional stress on the engine and keep the dialled-in turbo compression at or below 30" MP. Not certain why someone with a TN engine would need lower CR cylinders.
  12. When I was a kid, I dreamed about flying an F-4. The comic was Buzz Sawyer and that is what he flew. In the interim, I have been in the back seat of an F-18 and I have heard the oft made remark that the F-4 (lovely aircraft that I thought her notwithstanding) was proof positive that if you had big enough engines, you could make a brick fly.
  13. Cyril: See the picture below. You already know how to create a new topic from the top right of the screen. When you do, you will see two options on the middle left of the screen. Under "Create New Topic" you will see the options under "Topic Details." They are "Content" and "Poll." Take it from there. My work is done here.
  14. Have a good time guys. Can't make it this year. Stuck in Myanmar on UN duty until the 25th of Feb and then off to Pakistan for a week.
  15. This is one of those times where, instead of selling your strengths (where you make money), you may be required to buy your stated weakness (lack of expertise and tools) to do it for you. Like this. The unfortunate consequence of this action is complete and utter loss of any standing in the CB club. Sorry.