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  1. Ned Gravel

    ADS-B-in Stratus 1S for sale

    Bumping this topic with the addition of all the remainder of the components retrieved from my Mooney. Note both a long and short power cable and a spare suction cut base for the holder. Note also the rubber mat for mounting on the glareshield (not possible for those of us without at least the 201 windshield mod which actually provides a deeper glareshield). If the listed price does not excite you, make me an offer.
  2. Ned Gravel

    What's with posting videos of violating regs...?

    When we got there in 2002, they fed us this tea brew and we had a nap that afternoon. Vaso dilator. Woke up great the next day and never had any problems for the rest of the week. Chinchero is at 12,500' or so.
  3. Ned Gravel

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    Cyril: I am not sure. 337s are completely verbotten, but @M20Doc (Clarence) will probably know.
  4. Ned Gravel

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    Bless you sir. Please keep us posted.
  5. I am not certain anyone with something like a Hartzell Top Prop would consider a three blade as a trade up. Just sayin'
  6. Ned Gravel

    ADS-B-in Stratus 1S for sale

    Thanks. Changed the title.
  7. Just pulled the trigger on a Sentry and I have a Stratus 1 for sale. Comes with its case, anti-skld rubber pad w/tray, 6' recharging cable, suction mount for tray, and one iStore 2.1A AC adaptor for charging cable. it in 2014 and it has about 170 hours on it (I use in only in US or when I am less than 25 nm from the US border) This pic is for the unit itself, its case and the charger. The cable, the tray, the rubber anti-skid tray holder and the suction cup mount for the tray are still in the Mooney. I will pull them when either of the two following conditions are met: the Sentry gets here to replace it, or someone makes an offer. Looking for $300. Current ones sell for $400 elsewhere. I am not fussed about the money, but it should go to a good home.
  8. Ned Gravel

    C-FSWR Motivational images

    Flying is best a shared experience for me. This album is about that.
  9. Ned Gravel

    Is a primary EGT required?

    As well the 900 can use the standard instrument hole mount anywhere on the panel. If I put one down there, I am sure to knock something when I am messing with the Prop Governor.
  10. I am probably going to replace my Stratus with a Sentry as well. Battery life, cost and size are factors. I will either be the tail strobe ADS-B out or the GDL 82. They are close in price although the GDL 82 requires a bit more work.
  11. Ned Gravel

    See and Avoid

  12. Ned Gravel

    See and Avoid

    We lost one in Ottawa this past weekend for the same reason. I stopped flying VFR in the US because controllers were too busy with real traffic to help me avoid a near-collision (< 1/2 mile) over central Wisconsin in 2011. I only file IFR now for that reason. US has more aircraft, more airfields (where aircraft tend to congregate), and many more busy Class B and C areas. I need the extra set of eyes. Just me.
  13. Ned Gravel

    IPad / Foreflight Data Useage???

    The last time I did it this way was in Bridgeport, CT and Gaithersburg, MD. The long look at a route happens well before I do the walkaround (at home or in the FBO) because Wx is the most important consideration, but the last check is done in the cockpit. Then file electronically. For me, Wx is a strategic decision - not a tactical one. The decision to go (or not) is long before doing the walkaround, but now I can complete the walkaround and do a final check before filing on FF. But that is just me.
  14. Ned Gravel

    IPad / Foreflight Data Useage???

    To file, review, amend and brief on flight plans on the ramp. Tried it using the cell phone hotspot,but it is a pain. If the connectivity provided by the Stratus did that, I would not need the cell connection on the iPad. Current tools allow for one last look at the weather, confirm the route and file it. Five minutes later, sitting at the hold short point getting clearance from TRACON.