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  1. Went back to the Canadian Military College in Kingston in 1985. During my second year there, I found, since I was not a cadet this go round, I had Friday afternoons free. I had originally joined the military to be a pilot but my eyes were not of “eagle” grade so I ended up in the signal corps. With the pay of a Captain, and a free afternoon a week, it took me six months to get my license.
  2. Eclipse 550. Two engines. 40,000 ft ceiling. Only thing missing is the auto land feature. I am getting old and need something to save my girl just in case.
  3. I had a local mechanic do that to mine once following an oil change. I took pics, had a meeting, and showed his folks how it supposed to be done. Never happened again.
  4. Last year Clarence @M20Doc changed out my old '65 E model seats for a set from a K model (I think) that allow the back seats to be folded down. The seats were provided by Alan Fox @Alan Fox (Grim Reaper) and the remainder of the missing hardware needed for installation was provided by a retired Paul Loewen. The ones I had are now in Clarence's shop and he has suggested I offer them for sale here on Mooneyspace, so he can clean up that area of the shop. Clarence is sending me pics so you can see what they look like. The fabric is not good and the foam is just OK. The frames are in ver
  5. “The Good Shepherd” by Frederick Forsyth. A classic. Get the audiobook version with the pictures of the Vampire and Mosquito.
  6. I just got a "Christmas Greeting" letter (e-mail) from Ralph with an apology for not being able to hold the PPP in January at Lakeland, FL. I hadn't signed up for it, although I did hope to attend another next Fall. The point is that this e-mail (which did not ask for any funds) was very nice and very unlike the one received by the OP. Gives me hope that MAPASF hasn't gone completely off the rails.
  7. I enjoyed both of the PPPs I attended. Does this mean that they will stop delivering it?
  8. Reiff guy here. It rarely gets up to 30 (F) from the beginning of December to the middle of February where I live. So the Reiff rings and the two sump pads work great for the 60 mins or so it takes to get the whole thing up to 70. Only one consideration counts for me here. Time taken to get the engine up to acceptably warm.
  9. Fly more often?? Failed to keep up my hours in 2020 and need to get out of the cave to fly more this year. Planning to do one of two transcontinental trips. Just hope the vaccine effort allows either one to happen. BTW Seth. Trip to NIST in March will now be virtual only. Sheesh.
  10. It's just that it takes one to "know" one. OR I have been trained by Clarence @M20Doc. You pick..... But thanks Anthony.
  11. Panel shot has the downlock block of a Johnson bar in it.
  12. Here ya go Tony. Always pleased to assist.
  13. I have to ask, being a Canadian and all..... where does the name "FlyingCanuck" come from? Seeing as how that describes Yves, myself, Chris Shopperly and a bunch of other folks north of the 49th parallel that also "slip the surly bonds of earth." You know, from that aviator hymn written by an American in a Royal Canadian Airforce uniform?
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