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  1. Ned Gravel

    Taking the plunge

    No app. Just Flightaware
  2. Ned Gravel

    Taking the plunge

    No feeling in flight at all regarding constant course changes.
  3. Ned Gravel

    Sensorcon Calibration at Airventure 2018

    Dan: I will bring you mine as well. Donations gratefully offered for the very good work you are doing.
  4. Ned Gravel

    Taking the plunge

    So most of you have noted the waviness of the tracked course in all this flying. What could the problem be? Bad G5? Bad STEC 50? The avionics shop eliminated all the usual suspects. G5 and 480 CDIs were rock steady. STEC 50 servo cables loose? Did I want to invest the time and effort to chase them down? Josh asked me to wait until I came back from Oshkosh. "Why?" I asked. "Because the flightaware coverage there is somewhat more precise than near Ottawa (or even Brantford)." he replied. So Ok. I checked out the tracks from today's flights from Ottawa to Brantford to Detroit to Madison, to get ready for the Caravan. Anyone else see the difference? The last one is completely within (ADSB? TIS-B?) coverage and straight as an arrow. I am good. We're done here.
  5. C’mon guys. This is how you make your lead look good.
  6. Ned Gravel

    m20a totalled today

    Michel: i know you will beat yourself up for this - I did when it happened to me. Your decision making was based on the information that was available to you. Do not give up. Lache pas. When the insurance writes the check, find another. And if you need a real reason to forgive yourself, look at the guy who was flying with you. You saved his life. Simple.
  7. Ned Gravel

    Audio recording in the cockpit

    Too late........
  8. Ok guys. Some clarification is needed for this anally retentive engineer. Down block is the one in the panel because it is where the gear is "down and locked." Up block is in the floor because it is where the gear is up (tucked away). From page 8 of my E model Owner's Manual: "The red indicator light will come on if the handle on the retraction lever is not sufficiently engaged in the down and locked position, thereby indicating an unsafe-to-land condition. The green light indicates that the handle if properly engaged in the down position, and the gear is in the landing configuration. A thumb operated latch is provided on the down socket to prevent unlocking the gear when it is down unless it is deliberately released." If you say the down block is where the handle is down on the floor and the up block is where the handle is up into the panel, then I have to re-evaluate my understanding of these terms.
  9. Ned Gravel

    Audio recording in the cockpit

    Ha Oscar: I thought you would react to this. Of course, this is l'il ol' me speaking to the guru of cockpit recording.
  10. Little video created today to showcase Yves Grenier's work on creating a cable to allow us to record audio with our iphone videos. At my age, I want to make memories Ute and I can enjoy. Audio is part of the memory. Posted it to Youtube.
  11. I just point the pilot side air eyeball at the back of the yolk and my iPad no longer overheats.
  12. I have dropped my gear at speeds somewhat higher than Vle and Vlo (Johnson Bar) because the gear acts as a good speed brake. However, getting them tucked away at more than 100 mph is a real pain. But jerking the handle once it is in either the up block or the down block is a reflex action now.
  13. If one knew the difficulty he had in getting that Caravan callsign, one might feel for him too...... maybe....
  14. Ned Gravel

    S-TEC Looking for 15 Mooney owners

    No G500/G600 for me. G5 (HSI) is what I recently installed next to my new-to-me GNS 480. A second one as an EFIS is what is needed to allow the GFC 500 to provide coupling of vertical component of an approach. My difficulty is finding a reason to change out my STEC 50 for a GFC 500. Coupling the vertical component of an approach is nice, but I am not certain I really need that as much as having the G5 do a hold for me in bumpy clag - which I have now confirmed it can do. The avionics shop tells me that my STEC is not providing as fine a correction as it could and they may have to install a resistor some where. Getting the second G5 has another advantage - no more partial panel caused by loss of vacuum pump. First G5 rid me of the need to continually correct for DG precession (now that I have a magnetometer) and it allows me to leave my STEC in HDG mode.
  15. Ned Gravel

    S-TEC Looking for 15 Mooney owners

    Isn't the Garmin GFC 500 coming in at close to 7 AMUs? Digital, attitude based, etc?