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  1. This is not my experience in most cases. It depends on who you deal with. Mine has always been good, until I was AOG and had to deal with someone other than the guy I usually use. You all know him ....cantankerous, outspoken, nitpicky, competent as stink, used to fly two Mooneys and now flies the engines of two on one aircraft.....:) Spending time ascertaining competence goes a long way to preventing this hostile environment.
  2. OK. If we are talking about trying stay out of the left column (those that have) for as long as possible, my wife saw the possibility of changing my status six years ago and made a suggestion that I have used ever since. I think her suggestion was for her own peace of mind, but it works for me too. As soon as the gear comes down, I do a GUMPS check and touch all the appropriate switches/knobs/bars as I say each one aloud and finish with "GUMPS Check Number 1 Complete." Left hand turns on the fuel pump, then right hand pushes on the bar to confirm it is locked in the block, the mixture knob is pushed to full rich, the prop knob is pushed to full fine, and my seatbelt is checked as being latched. All this nearly autonomous motion has become cockpit muscle memory and is as much physiological as it is psychological. Then, either between the IAF and the FAF or on the downwind, I do it all over again - out loud and finish with "GUMPS Check Number 2 Complete." Then on final or just after the FAF, I do it again - also out loud and finish with "GUMPS Check Number 3 Complete." At this point the aircraft is in the landing configuration with me just waiting to have to go round for some reason or other. If my girl does not hear them, she tells me about it. She normally hears every time. Even on the occasions I have not said it out loud, the cockpit muscle memory had kicked in and I was moving fingers and arms over switches, knobs and levers as I confirmed all in their correct place. Pretty silly talking to yourself when you fly alone I know, but I am working to stay out of the left column.
  3. OK. I still have 1700 hours to go then. Whew!!!
  4. The knob pulls a wire that moves a valve that shuts your (now dead) vacuum pump out of the system and allows your vacuum system to draw its vacuum from another source. See the diagram.
  5. Acclaim 310 hp STC issues

    +1. Quick get outa Dodge manoeuvre. But no good for much beyond the end of the runway.
  6. Method 7 Sunglasses

    With astigmatism, it might be difficult to get the correct Rx for that eye. They did my left eye twice. But all good now. “lenses no longer required.”
  7. A-10 "Grunts in the Sky"

    Signal Corps actually, but during my time as an infantry battalion SigO I do recall sitting next to my battalion 2i/c and being handed two from the brigade TACP, then picking them up from their IP, lining them up on the Lawfield Road and letting them go after anything that moved north of Northing 08. They were our friends and went downtown for us!!!
  8. Snow snow and more snow

    Minus 27 C today (Minus 17 F) and this is my backyard. Here in the Great White North.
  9. Tragic Cessna 340 crash in Florida

    Mike: I am not 100% certain, but I believe the rules are a little different here in Canada. Min T/O vis is 2600' (even for IFR departures) unless some exceptional requirements have been met - for authorised operators only (ie: not Private Pilots). Again - not an instructor and I could be wrong. Just checked the CAP-Gen.
  10. Early Christmas gift

    Clarence: Did Ron do the overhaul?
  11. Today's flight for 2017

    Amen brother.
  12. Today's flight for 2017

    HRM: That is true, but her words regarding clouds can be as poignant and striking as those uttered by Pilot Officer John Gillespie Magee, US citizen flying Spitfires in the service of the RCAF. Hers is an utterance of despair, and his of splendour. For those at 9000’ in the middle of a squall line, it may be fear. For the little one laying on the grass looking up at gathering cumulus, it will be some wonder, and perhaps some joy. Perspective shapes our perspective, does it not?
  13. Canadian tank reseal

    Ask Clarence. He is in Kitchener.
  14. Practicing stalls in a Mooney

    PPP course is all about stalls.
  15. I do not lock the baggage door and I have never had it open on me by itself. This past annual I installed a pull ring to open it from the inside, should emergency egress through that opening ever be required. That would not work if the door was locked with the key.