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  1. Thanks Oldguy, sounds like great advice!!
  2. Thanks Tamera, good to know. I suggested the EDM 900 to him but it looks to me like the systems must be highly similar.
  3. Hi Steven, Great thought. I initially suggested an Ovation and a J as the potential targets. My friend is, about a 130-150 is (guesstimate) hr pilot with instrument rating. Rusty, hasn't flown in about 7-8 years; time to date has been PA-28/140 - 180 and (mostly) C182 fixed gear. He is very bullish on training and tends to training and dig to China when committed to a competency. He is going to start flying again and start to get some training time and come back up to speed. If search for a plane took 3 months to a year that would probably be fine. Much more important to get the right airframe. The reason I asked about the J avionics upgrade real-world $$ is that it may be an answer if get a high-finish, fully-updated, creampuff J is challenging Regarding the Ovation, I have gotten some repeat guidance that a J would probably be a better platform for a low time pilot than a long body. Mine is an F model, so I haven't flow a long body for comparison. Turbo is out due to wanting to complicate the systems, expense scenario when almost 100% of the flying with be flat land. Base on comparing UL on J's to Ovations, I think the O's are mostly a roominess and another 15 knots-isa. My buddy will probably fly 1-2 people, occasionally 3. Mostly around the midwest and possibly trips from the Midwest to the Southeast. Seems like a J would be adequate and very efficient for that mission while minimizing MX costs.
  4. Thanks Paul, I'm sure that is the case, should have thought of that.
  5. Chris, did I recall you had an AoA or am I mistaken? If so do you have a photo that includes it (if it is on the glareshield or if I circled it above the L3)
  6. Welcome aboard Shadow! You've come to a *great* place ...."space"!! Phenomenal group here!
  7. Thanks Chris!! I'll try to edit the photo when I get to work.
  8. @carusoam Anthony, do you ever sleep? Ive watched you at it every night Ive had insimnia and you seem to read / post 24x7!! Wow! ... or maybe you are the MS AI ... hmmmm.
  9. Nice troubleshooting Mike and team MS!
  10. I think to do a lower end budget one could take your approach and go with a G530W and JPI EDM 900 vs the 930. That would save, a few AMU ... maybe 5-10K ish....
  11. Thanks Bob, if you go dual aspens, you can drop the ASI, ALT, Airspeed and DirGyro(?), is that correct? Presume that would be about +10K on what you did.
  12. I have a friend of mine who is looking for a high-end/clean J model and has been looking at mid-late J's in the 130-200K range. There isn't a lot available right now and what I am seeing even at 200K+ don't have quite as nice a panel as Chris's @Marauder (see the 1998 J model on Trade A Plane @$216 for instance). So, what I am looking for is what you guys thing it would cost to take a [steam gauge J with good Airframe and Engine/Prop, autopilot and speed brakes] and go to creampuff dual aspens, new radio stack( GTN or Garmin 530w) , JPI 9XX, good intercom, approach coupled to existing autopilot and Alpha AoA. For realistic numbers do you think $40-50K would get all that out the door installed?
  13. Stephen

    Oh, the pattern entry!

    Is that anything like "Oh, the humanity!" ?