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  1. Wow, this brings back memories! As a freshly minted A&P working for Evergreen in Marana, AZ, I did the "D" check for an ex-Pan AM 747 (SN#2?) somewhere around 1988-98. We removed the PAX interior and converted it to cargo. Found quite a few foreign coins, and other dodads... and even a brand new pack of Lucky Strikes. I remember one of my jobs was to to crawl through the fuel tanks to cut the (hi-loks?) off holding the engine pylons... It was an unbelievable job crawling through the fuel tanks, squeezing through a rat maze to get to the pylon area...I was much skinnier then. I remember going at the lok collars with a die grinder/cutoff disk for a few minutes and looking over and seeing I was sending a zillion sparks into a puddle of jet fuel that hadn't evaporated out.... somebody up there was watching out for me because had that ignited there is no way I could have gotten out of there. It may very well have been this plane. We also worked on the 747 that gets "exploded" in one of the Die Hard movies. I remember trying to get a man-lift high enough to change the tail light on top of the that was unstable and scary...amazing how high off the ground that thing is.
  2. Same behavior mine shows. Think that (depending on the numbers) higher on ground and less in cruise jives with the slipstream getting the exhaust away from the aircraft in flight , whereas you are "sitting in" the exhaust fumes on the ground and the find their way in via the side window, firewall holes , vents etc. What type of CO monitor do you have and what are your High and low numbers?
  3. Just in case we have a few younger pilots that aren't familiar with the bandit:
  4. I know the tail is big, but I was thinking spins approved for this one...
  5. Don't even worry about it. If you had a new Acclaim Ultra... yeah, bummer. I have never needed the factory for anything due to the plentiful used parts with more coming available daily for C-J airframes. Many parts are shared. Basically likely to be a non-issue from my viewpoint. Grab the mooney you want and never look back.
  6. Welcome to Mooneyspace @SCPilot1161
  7. According to the Internet, Chinese and Mooney in talks with Supermarine Aircraft company to market advanced trainer. @carusoam Maybe you can tweet this back with a "Belief" meme... @Blue on Top Think you guys can manage that with the above specs + 1200 mile range w/ reserves?
  8. I have been looking at those for years... they reportedly scale down the original spitfire drawings and actually build that. If it wasn't for the range, it would almost work as my next faster "Mooney" . Note cruise/VNE vs stall speeds:
  9. Nice breakdown. Mine as installed is 430 HP so the cited installation is definitely more conservative.