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  1. Don't forget Fayetville Bikes Blues and BBQ. Think they are getting numbers somewhere around 400,000 + bikes now
  2. @Bryan Hi Bryan, thank you so much for offering to help out!! I am planning on going down 5/24, WX permitting, and trying to see if I can get Jewell to get me to a rental car and will be able to get home Friday night. If WX requires that I go Saturday, I will definitely try to team up; I'll PM you my mobile number. Again, thank you for your help.
  3. No idea other didn't notice it till you called it out. I'll ask next time I send it in. I think it was a bit cheaper to have them do it in the net than some of the other options out there.
  4. ... and if you are new you still haven't gotten time to have a game I would practice follow *all* of this advice prior to doing the family.
  5. Sadly MX guy at KHAE ruined my new one about 1 month later.... Now I can send my core in and say... just rebuild that and send it back. Good times.
  6. See attachement Nose Gear Parts.pdf
  7. I had it done in TX. Let me get the $$$.... stdby....
  8. If you don't mind a Missouri MSer crashing the party, I might be in LA that weekend (I have been consulting 2 wks / month in Rosemead at SCE and other two back home at KHAE). Would love to come out if I someone has an empty seat. Alternately If I could treat any LA MSrs to dinner, I will be there M-F next week as well.
  9. Welcome back Roy. Good luck on your next set of wings
  10. Thanks , would love to meet up if it works out, if not ill do rental car back if jewell can take me to a town that has one
  11. Evidently the bell curve always has a left tip...
  12. He Mooney team, I hope all is well with you. I am going to try to get my Mooney down to Jewl for IRAN/Overhaul (we'll see) this coming May 25th-29 depending on Wx. Wondered if I got gas if it would be convenient to get a ride back to KHAE (Hannibal MO) or KUIN (Quincy, IL) from Jewell aviation in Kennett, MO (KTKX). Been savings my nickels and dimes to get the engine done and am ready to pull the trigger. Thanks, Stephen