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  1. Stephen

    How do you use your Speed Brakes?

    The speed brakes themselves may not be familiar with the placement theory ;) because it definarely yaws, and that got my attention. It was both noticable and controlable.
  2. Stephen

    How do you use your Speed Brakes?

    Issue is that (in my aircraft) they get inadvertently triggered during "controls free and correct" pre-takeoff...If you have a yoke switch, I would recommending checking them as one of the final items during pre-takeoff checklist
  3. Stephen

    Chicago to Phoenix

    Update us on your trip. I did south route via "Anthony gap" by El Paso. My origin was KHAE, but I did it up from KORD to simulate your routing. Left some of the WX layers in.... notable this time of year. My Mooney is in the hangar till the MidWest ice machine calms down.
  4. Stephen

    How do you use your Speed Brakes?

    Had an electrical issue and had a single speed break deploy on takeoff. When I do the controls free and correct the speed break deployed on one side due to the placement of the switch on the yoke. The break that deployed was on the down aileron side and I was looking for an up aileron on the other wing so didn't see it since the break was stowed on the wing under observation. After I rotated, really hard yaw into the break... though I got slammed with a X-wind gust, but it persisted and stabilized...didn't feel like a gust. Immediately lowered the nose to keep airspeed and saw the single break out and stowed it. I have now modified my pre-takeoff list to check both breaks. Sent units back to precise flight for overhaul (obviously). When landing with them out with close to no-wind, I can land about on the numbers and stop at the indicated spot to make the first turnoff. It was experimental, 80MPH over the fence and heavier breaking. You have to drag it in under power, so I thing this would probably be something to think about to limit ground contact energy in making an off-field landing. Wouldn't & don't do it or recommend it for normal course of ops , but was good to know what the plane will do.
  5. Stephen

    Cowl plugs

    ^^ These ^^
  6. Stephen

    Mooney number 6 hard to believe

    Welcome aboard Robert and good luck with your purchase.
  7. Stephen

    50-state club

    Mooney "caravan" to Alaska in 2020 2021?
  8. Stephen

    Vegas anyone?

    Dang, I was just there yesterday... in LA now.
  9. Stephen

    WOW!! Very Bad interaction with Don Maxwell

    @carusoam Well considered thoughts as always. One suggestion: have you considered creatively adding to the "PP thoughts only..<insert>." Where < insert > is replaced by the appropriate subject matter expert... maybe something like this (the good stuff starts at around 50s:
  10. Stephen

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Paul, you need to start this on the beech forum if it doesn't exist and have everyone donate 1 gallon of 100LL via PayPal per map update.
  11. Stephen

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Then thanks even more Paul for doing ot all by hand. If you do want to start coding Python is great for just about anything and evrything one may want to get implemented quickly. Very plain english friendly as well. super cheap well structured courses.
  12. Stephen

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Hope you have a nice script that makes it easy.
  13. Naaah, both the girl aand the Cessna look like trouble to me ... pass
  14. Stephen

    MooneySpace Member Map

    I rented a 172 off of Oahu .... just don’t look at the face of the prop or airframe too closely ...the salt corrosion is impressive on the older units. flew to Maui and back, prettiest flight I’ve ever done
  15. Stephen

    Today's flight for 2018

    Nice pics Skates