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  1. Stephen

    Improved speed documented

    I'm sure it did, my point was more ...whatever is going on with your J, it is impressive and obviously working (not intended as tongue in cheek,) .. ! I've seen numbers with my F that are somewhat close such that if I had some of the aero cleanup of a J I could see you getting those numbers.
  2. +1 Actually I be happy to have it loaned to me for free. (very nice ride!)
  3. Stephen

    Improved speed documented

    .... maybe that is why it is so fast.... the tweaked aileron slipstream interaction with the Coriolis effect causing a precession deflected sinusoidal pressure wave to impact the trailing edge of the elevator resulting in net thrust and a coincidental harmonic drop in induced drag... This video explains it all...:
  4. Stephen

    Mooney down @ Baker City, OR

    Aircraft picture looks exactly like a clockwise spin in ... looks like it struck in a nose down attitude and tail seems torqued to the left (clockwise spin). I had a friend go in the same way and that is exactly how his aircraft looked as well as others I have seen. VERY sad. I personally really do like the idea of integrating 1) coordinated flight practice/discipline and 2) ( I know they are mildly controversial) an AoA hud in front of your nose w/ audio alert to give you an in your face & ears alert to an impending dangerous condition.
  5. Stephen

    Well, I finally did it ...

    Congrats @ValkyrieRider a ton of learning opportunities and experiences await
  6. Stephen

    M20F cruise speed

    This method works perfectly for me every time
  7. Stephen

    Tucson area airport recommendations

    Trip went well! Thanks Scrappy! Yeah, too bad someone can't get that cessna off the ramp. The tie down ropes are literally turning to dust there.
  8. Stephen

    Lift AOA Monitor System

    He *definitely was a very good and brave pilot*, but I have met him in person and he also solidly definitely de-rated my opinion of him. My take-away from him was that he is right ... he is such an elite badass that *very few* of his opinions (AoA most certainly included) seem to be relevant to pilots en masse...and should be treated as such (more for entertainment value than guidance to take seriously)
  9. Stephen

    Engine cowling skybolt kit

    I kind of like the Philips because the slotted ones are more prone to the screwdriver slipping and scratching the paint; even if you are careful your MX might not always be... (says the guy with slotted fasteners and scratched paint).
  10. Stephen

    any help would be appreciated

    Cochise College in Douglas, AZ ( Catalog/aviation-maintenance-technology.htm) is the 141 school I went to; they may take it if the FBO will waive fees...could probably get a tax writeoff for it. Also, it would be nice to graduate more mooney-savvy A&P mechanics. Push comes to shove, I bet the FBO would write off the tie down fees as bad debt to get it off their ramp...vs the plane becoming their problem. If you can get them to agree to do that if you donate the plane to a tax exempt organization, you may be able to take writeff. YMMV, ask a local attorney/CPA, but there may be lemonade to be made.
  11. When is the next clinic; want to make the 2019 caravan!
  12. Stephen

    N954N At Oshkosh

    Congrats John!!
  13. Stephen

    Wish me luck...

    Be Safe!
  14. Stephen

    Today's flight for 2018

    Wife and I heading back from AirVenture 2018. KHAE was hosed with rain so I took her to Des Moines to visit with my daughter. She was pretty tucker'd out and snoozing comfortable in her new Clarity heads E6921421-DAFC-4DEE-8C3B-8EF1F499356D.MOV New AVG back Back at home with new tie downs with inline shock modules.
  15. Ok, here are a few pics: This is a guy that makes custom ear pieces for various "earbud" type headsets including Clarity (his screw on natively) Skywriter was busy throughout the show The E model that Trutrak is modifying. T6's doing their formation thing all through the show; wife loved that. I think someone on MS asked about the Tarragon aircraft; here is their specification sheet. And the engine for the Tarragon "Papa's got a brand new bag" This, was the twin Yak that has a jet engine strapped to the center wing section. Definitely an attention getter.