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  1. The other planes are in hangars?
  2. See, other than the odd Boeing, this really seems to be a Cessna thing...
  3. @Culver LFA Any ideas on how to go the other direction; any spare parts laying around?
  4. It may just be a Cessna thing....
  5. There definitely is an empty hangar in KHAE, I just swept it out last night.
  6. Awesome, hope you made it home well; great job on the ferry and NICE views on the last flight. Did you get some good pics of Sedona?
  7. Yeah, my point was that the inboard edge of the elevators hit the ground and that might create a new set of "unofficial" trim tabs, but they looked ok when it was back on its nose due to melting ice.
  8. @Culver LFA Great ferry job , brutal head winds. If anyone else needs a ferry pilot and if he is willing, Joe was fantastic to work with and very capable, knowledgeable.
  9. One of our MS'ers flying the plane from Missouri out to California to deliver to the new owners: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N9150V
  10. Yeah, The tie down rings are in front of the wheels so probably would help to make sure the wings are more taunt if you expect this kind of stuff and particularly if it going to be gusty...
  11. Heh, I moved it horizontal for him so he is good. I think there is tons of clearance on those.
  12. That sounds great, Mrs. Stephen and I are both in! I'll PM.
  13. Yeah, hopefully when the pilot returns he does a very thorough preflight....might be two newly installed trim tabs on the elevators. I called our local MX, they said they would reach out to the owner.
  14. I'm quite sure they are not flying today! This ice storm did a pretty amazing job of shredding my trees :/
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