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  1. @FloridaMan. Were you ever able to get your panel down?
  2. This was regarding the possibility of Mooney offering a kit plane.
  3. Hi Mooneyspace, happy Saturday morning (afternoon etc for those not in the US). It snowed in Hannibal, MO this morning. The weather radar looked like this: Not nearly the "lets get out and show our Mooney's some love" picture that I posted a week ago... If we are going to show the Mooney some love this weekend, for most of us non-FIKI flyers, that probably should mean we plan on doing it in the hangar, also it will probably would be a great idea to bring a jacket and gloves. So, I started reading news and the more I ready about politics and world events, the more I decided that I really am a big fan of humor. I don't think life would be worth living without a regular laugh. Well timed and appropriate levity seems to help to deflate and right-size situations. If there is a short list of things that helps us not to take ourselves, others, situations and frustrations too seriously, a good laugh is on the very short part of that short list. Whether you have just walked outside and found the dogs had their way with your garbage, maybe you had a completely crappy day at work...or perhaps found metal in your IO360 filter , or maybe you jut got bad news that very import to you has a serious medical condition, a well timed laugh can help us all get up, "rub some endorphins" on it and become constructive. Keeping that in mind, I thought it may be a great idea for us to have a continuous drip of humor thread to blend in with the fix, buy, debate, sell, what should I do and other such threads. I don't know about you, but as I browse MS, if I see that the "Mooney Humor Continuous Thread" (Craig, possible dedicated section or sticky?) has a new posting, I'm hitting that thing first. So, with that, here is my first installment...
  4. Not in Memphis, but I am in KHAE. I could give you a ride if you need to take an XC flight to KHAE
  5. +1, mostly. I take a pic of the Hobbs/Tach on JPI before and after starting flight and >> ForFlight flight log with that
  6. So, there is always this option...
  7. Welcome aboard Drew, beautiful E! Thanks -A- sometimes we just have to be the Widget!! KPGD KHGR
  8. +1 for the $500 "burner" car. I kept one at KCOU when I was based at KIRK before they had the ILS installed just in case KIRK was socked in. Solar battery charger is definitely your friend.
  9. @carusoam You just need a marketing department... if I may...: I need to start practicing.... uh honey... I’m going to build our next plane... it’s going to be turbine powered... ... Hi honey, I just thought I'd bring you these lovely flowers...your favorite!....yeah they sure are, but not nearly as beautiful as YOU!............ So, I've been thinking..... for our next plane, I think that it is time that we fly smarter. I think we should go with a platform that will let us use less expensive, more modern avionics and other technologies. At the same time it looks like there are options that will also give me more freedom to work on it myself with out always having to pay shop rate! In fact one of the options is to use an engine that we don't have to overhaul nearly as often and it is much more safe and reliable!
  10. @FloridaManI'm voting COM cable to antenna.
  11. Had an unintended *single* speed brake deploy once... more of a big yaw, but that would be visually obvious.
  12. One of the other labels says "CIA" so....
  13. I vote a left index finger. ... by the lack of callouses on the sides, I'd say the owner does some IT related work. Appears to be touching some kind of shielded wire. Seriously, maybe 20com-1a= M20 Communication Cable type 1A?