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  1. I was just slow motion on my samsung galaxy S9.
  2. I installed a set on a C414A back in the 90's when I was doing A&P stuff. As I recall, they were quite trivial to install as well. I think there was a roll-on paper template with cutouts for the VG's and special glue. Cleaned the surface per recommendation. Rolled on included paper template indexing to specific reference points. Took the VG's out, applied glue, applied and let cure. Then went to test fly..lowered stall by several KTS and also made it handle less mushy. I think even for that aircraft the things only weighed several ounces so added weight was absolutely negligible.
  3. Thought you guys might enjoy this video effect of one of the Jewell mechanics looking for an oil leak coming out of overhaul (turned out to be a bad filter). This is actually at high rpm. slow_mo.mp4
  4. Jewell put in DLC on mine. I would recommend David to anyone if you haven't gotten an overhaul shop yet.
  5. I just got my plane back from Jewell today. Consider overhauling the fuel delivery components if they haven't been touched in a long time.
  6. Have used spray paint as well
  7. + 1 on grips... I've heard of using it as a spray on lure fish attractant
  8. I am having some other work done that totals out the 23K, including airframe annual and replacing nose gear due to being bent by towing (again)
  9. Yes, but Jewell has been great. Still I gotta say:
  10. Update on cracked case: new case here we come. Going with the new case from superior...
  11. Nice, see what ya did there Mike! S.H... ah "ME" too.
  12. The QC35s seem to work in my "F" just fine; I think they are as effective and way more comfortable than my Bose aviation headset. That said, (again) I think my problem was tons of use daily mostly due to my work (not aviation) use of the units.. But, if I want to try life minus ANR, that is going to mean passive protection and that probably means HALO's for me because I don't like the weight of the STD aviation units. .