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  1. Stephen

    Cowl plugs

    ^^ These ^^
  2. Stephen

    Mooney number 6 hard to believe

    Welcome aboard Robert and good luck with your purchase.
  3. Stephen

    50-state club

    Mooney "caravan" to Alaska in 2020 2021?
  4. Stephen

    Vegas anyone?

    Dang, I was just there yesterday... in LA now.
  5. Stephen

    WOW!! Very Bad interaction with Don Maxwell

    @carusoam Well considered thoughts as always. One suggestion: have you considered creatively adding to the "PP thoughts only..<insert>." Where < insert > is replaced by the appropriate subject matter expert... maybe something like this (the good stuff starts at around 50s:
  6. Stephen

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Paul, you need to start this on the beech forum if it doesn't exist and have everyone donate 1 gallon of 100LL via PayPal per map update.
  7. Stephen

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Then thanks even more Paul for doing ot all by hand. If you do want to start coding Python is great for just about anything and evrything one may want to get implemented quickly. Very plain english friendly as well. super cheap well structured courses.
  8. Stephen

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Hope you have a nice script that makes it easy.
  9. Naaah, both the girl aand the Cessna look like trouble to me ... pass
  10. Stephen

    MooneySpace Member Map

    I rented a 172 off of Oahu .... just don’t look at the face of the prop or airframe too closely ...the salt corrosion is impressive on the older units. flew to Maui and back, prettiest flight I’ve ever done
  11. Stephen

    Today's flight for 2018

    Nice pics Skates
  12. Stephen

    Accident Metrics

  13. Stephen

    Accident Metrics

    Problem is for normal, non-short field approaches, 80mph is your short-final speed, not a normal pattern base leg speed so you are turning at 90 not 80. Should have clarified the 100/90/80 are relatively my downwind/base/final speeds and over the numbers at 75. I find it works well.
  14. Stephen

    Accident Metrics

    ^ Great advice if you have been driving a 172 around the pattern at a much higher airspeed than norms for the platform. But for Mooney's... Mooney's are an *on-speed* aircraft and will clearly let you and insurer know when excessively fast on final due to excessive float (overruns, porpoising & prop-strike due to trying to force the aircraft nose-low onto the runway) ...or your insurer/next of kin know when excessively slow. Systematically speaking, pilots who are flying Mid/Short body M20s are doing it at 100/90/80 MPH ("ish" +/- for weight). If that is incompatible with other aircraft that have a 20MPH lower stall speed and thus tighter patterns... there is one choice to avoid crowded pattern contention and that is the same thing that jets do... fly bigger pattern which allows both for airframe appropriate speeds and more gentle turns. Making traffic and tower happy isn't killing Mooney occupants.. things like slow airspeed combined with higher rate base-to-final turns & departure stalls are definitely killing distracted pilots. So, you don't have new Mooney pilots staying off-speed in either direction for long periods as training and the laminar flow wing and slippery aerodynamics will respectively correct.... or tend to hand your wallet (possibly with your (_!_) attached) as corrective feedback. The only time that I can think of Mooney's en-masse going faster than the above mentioned speeds "in the pattern" is when they are not in the pattern and rather on an instrument approach and trying to keep 90Kts + on long-medium final for approach traffic flow compatibility.
  15. Stephen

    3D print quadrant control tips

    Very cool!