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Found 52 results

  1. Folks, My new (to me) Mooney is coming up on it's first annual and while I have a shop that can do the work (and several vintage Mooney annuals each year), they seem a bit pricey for just the annual. So, I figured I'd seek input on A&P/IA / Shops that get high marks. I'm in Las Vegas NV and don't mind hitting SoCal or AZ (just more reason to fly). 1967 M20F / N135JC Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  2. Hi everyone, my first post here, I'm looking for a motor and Prop for a M20F, The old owner had a prop strike while taxing, What would my options be on a engine (IO 360-A1A?), want to stay with 200HP +, also what are your thoughts on prop 2 blade or 3 blade, I travel long distances from Canada down to Mexico and south to Panama at times.
  3. I’m in the middle of buying a 1975 M20F located at KJBR in Jonesboro Arkansas. Does anyone know of a good A&P in that area that could do an annual or a pre-buy inspection? And advice would be a huge help. Thanks in advance.
  4. Quick question vintage Mooney officianado's, I've put roughly 35 hours on my new to me 67 M20F since taking ownership and finally was able to download the EDM 700 data. The engine is a Lyc remanufactured IO-360-A1A installed in Feb of this year by prior owners. Normal cowl but it does have the lower cowl cover. I'm seeing a consistent temp split between my #2 (hottest) and #1 (coolest) cylinder of ~70-80 deg F. (attached pic of data from one flight). Engine now running Aeroshell 100+...max fuel flow indicated during takeoff ~15-16 gph She runs smooth, during runup with the JPI Norm mode, all appears to respond as expected. Figured I'd ask if there is a 'normal' or expected temp differential between hottest and coldest cylinder...thoughts ?
  5. @rdshave
  6. Hi folks. Looking for some advice and information from the a&p's and IA's out there, as well as any one else that may have experience with this item or personal knowledge about the repair. Each elevator on our mooneys (this question happens to involve a 67 M20F) has on the outboard side a counterweight shaped like a wide piece of pie, about 2.5 or 3.0 inches wide and about 3/4ths inch tall where it attaches to the elevator. Visually it appears to be pressed on to a cylinder shaped rod but I have no idea how it is actually mounted and secured. I believe (but do not know) that these are made mostly of lead with perhaps an alloy or two mixed in. Mine have developed a tiny horizontal crack about 1.5 inches long along the top edge of the weight that runs from the outboard side towards the fuselage. A couple of questions about that picture. (1) What would be the involved in removing and replacing those weights; (2) would any skins have to be disturbed to do so; (3) would the elevators have to be re-balanced after replacement presuming the replacement weights are the specific part number assigned to that part on that particular model a/craft; (4) what's your best guess on time to accomplish the removal and replacement for a reasonably competent a&p; and (5) would you consider the cracks to be an "airworthy" item that would ground the plane until repair. I won't ask about labor cost as that varies widely in different parts of the country. But if you would care to chime in on that topic that would be okay. Any knowledge or information you could share on what is to me this most perplexing subject would be most appreciated...... Mark Crouch [N9522M]
  7. Has anyone looked at or done a pre-buy on the 1968 F Model For Sale in Alabama, N333MT?
  8. All of my manuals are at the airport (about a 3hour round trip) or I would look it up myself. Was hoping someone could post the inside dimensions (handle to handle) of the pilot's side yoke in a 67 M20F. I presume that both yokes would be the same but one never knows.... Mark Crouch, Cornelia Georgia
  9. Folks, I'm pitching back into the purchase arena and have narrowed down to a 67 Mooney M20F in Ft Meyers FL. Can you provide recommended pre-buy locations? I'd like a MSC but would settle for a non-MSC if they have lots of experience working on them. Greatly appreciate any assistance Cheers,
  10. 1970 MOONEY M20F WITH REBATE • $47,000 • PRICE REDUCED • 1970 Mooney M20F Executive asking $47,000 before $3,000 REBATE (see below). Travel in style and enjoy some tunes with this updated cross country IFR cruiser. Garmin 430W, KX155 nav/com, KMA24 stereo audio panel, KT76A, vertical compass, altitude hold, wing leveler, electric gear and flaps, Reiff engine preheater, customer panel overlay, leather yokes, custom seat covers, cowl closure and headlight cover mods. Paint 6 Interior 7. 6944 TT 1692 SMOH with 75+ comps all cylinders. $3,000 REBATE if you close before the next annual March 2018. IFR cert due 2019. Based Elmira NY. Will deliver to eastern US for expenses. Call Mike Martin 607.398.9009
  11. Folks, Looking for another assist. I'm in the final stages of purchasing an M20F. Insurance says I have to have 5 hours of dual transition training. They subsequently allowed 3 hours in an M20J locally with the final 2 in my plane (manual gear). So, I'm looking for an instructor with the following (or near the following and I'd petition the insurance co.) 500 total hours 100 hours in retractable gear 25 hours in make and model I suspect they'd agree to 25 hours in a manual gear M20. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Side note: I have a friend planning to fly back with me who owns a JBar Mooney...he's not an instructor though. Heading into town on 16 May (wed), looking to complete my last two hours on Thursday, 17 May. My friend shows up on Thursday and we're hoping to depart on Friday. I know...square peg...round much harder can I make this.
  12. Mooney M20F, Lycoming IO360-A1A I thought would put this out there for some advice & feedback. Recently I had my mechanic examine my engine and he mentioned pooling of oil and possible cylinder glazing. Cylinder glazing is a condition that occurs where oil film left on the bore "glazes" to a hard coating and can prevent optimal sealing of ring to bore. The oil here is the result of cylinder head temperatures, CHT'S, not getting hot enough to burn this oil film and. thus prevent the glazing. Optimally, he says, the CHT'S should run about 360-380 F. My engine is seeing a range of 300-320 deg F with an OAT of around 34 F. This is with cowl flaps completely closed all the way, they are closed and flush with the rest of the cowling. All cylinders are running about within 10-15 degrees of each other & measured by JPI930 engine monitor. Of course, my goal is to get these temps into the suggested range. Just wondering if anyone is running into the same issue? what temps do you typically see? Has anyone found a way for the cowl flaps to create more flow restriction? has anyone done anything with engine baffling as to affect the cooling of the engine? Thanks for any feedback. 04/19/2018 -- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Thanks for everyone's feedback! what a great resource! I thought I would share what led to the inspection of the cylinders and a give a clarification of the above statements. On a couple of occasions, a ramp guy took notice of a puff of white smoke when taxiing up the ramp. Curiously, I mounted a go pro camera and focused it on the exhaust to try and observe it myself and of course, it never showed up. Recently, I pulled the cowl to check a few items and noticed oil coming out between the exhaust manifold and tube flange at cylinder#4. I immediately sent it in for service and it ended up being a bad valve guide. With all that said, cylinder#4 has undergone a rebuild and will require break-in, hence, the recommended higher CHT's. After clarification and reading all the great comments, this is why he mentioned the glazing and the importance of running higher CHT's. My fault on the interpretation. Fortunately, I do not have any cylinder glazing as all cylinders. were checked at this time. For those that asked, oil consumption has been in the normal range. I have 2 years of history (about 400hrs worth) and it ranges from 0.10 to 0.15 qt/hr. This looks to be well below even what Lycoming says is normal. I found this formula in their manual Normal Oil Consumption (Qt/hr) =(0.006 * BHP * 4) / 7.4. At a BHP of 0.59, this equates to 0.19 qt / hr. Compressions are all good ranging from 77 to 80. One question I do have for all of you, When do you typically add oil? Do you wait til it gets down below the 6qt mark, or, do you add it when it is hovering just above around the 6qt mark? I have been doing to latter. I have heard that these engines typically find their happy spot and then do not vary much. I may be adding too early as it may stabilize at 6qt. Any thoughts here appreciated.
  13. Fellow Aviators, Long time listener; first time caller... I recently took a job a long way down the road and will commute weekly. Figured it was time to move on from my local club to buy my own wings of glory. Mooneys have been the only birds I've been interested in owning personally (until of course I can afford a Falcon 2000). Wednesday I'm going to inspect and potentially purchase a 1970 M20F (Technically, an Aerostar. Am I still allowed here?) and there are a couple of questions (some important; some of trivial): - Is Positive Control is on all pre-J M20's - Anything particular about it being an Aerostar I should be aware of? - How concerned is everyone with a previous gear up landing? The engine was not overhauled; they just complied with the prop strike AD. Engine has had a little over 400hrs since the incident. The A&P that did the recent annual said the tube frame all looked good on the bottom. - Everyone seems to whine about how difficult Mooneys are to work on. Should I expect to pay a premium for repairs? Any help or opinions are appreciated! All the Best, Gren
  14. Anyone know the part number for the metal can and shroud that go over the fuel pump and where you can buy one?
  15. If anyone here has, or knows of someone who has, a 1969 or newer M20F or an M20J, priced less than $75,000, they would like to sell please let me know as I am actively looking to purchase for myself.
  16. IT'S OFFICIAL. As of today I am now the proud owner of this beautiful 1967 M20 F. N9268M. It's a life long dream come true. Thanks to the previous owner Alan Basinger for his efforts in closing the sale. Also thanks to Lisa Bainter at Aero -Space Reports and AOPA and Falcon Insurance for your assistance throughout. A special thanks goes to Don Maxwell for his expertise and advice and continued great service. I'm based in Santa Monica, Ca. I Hope to meet other Mooniacs in the very near future.
  17. Hey Gang! Just introducing myself. Newly minted private pilot (Just finished my first BFR) working on my Instrument Rating out of KSMO. 150TT 102 PIC 11.2 Complex 30 High Performance. Used to fly 4 - 7 hours a month, now I'm doing 10 - 20. Daily driver is currently a 182P but I'm patiently looking for an M20F in the 50K - 70K range which I would hanger out at KEMT. I'm curious what I should be doing in the meantime. What are the best ways to get my insurance down before I buy. Commercial License? Time in type? I found an M20C a hour or so away from my house and was curious if I did 25 hours in that if it would help with my M20F insurance rate. There's also an M20F available 2 hours flight time away if the model is more important. This website has been a great resource already. Donated a couple bucks to help keep the lights on. Cheers!
  18. I am based at Hooks in the Houston area and have recently bought a second plane which has a RayJay turbo. I am very pleased with my purchase seems like she is going to be a really good bird. My problem is that the owner cannot locate any info on the turbo. I have never flown a turbo and do not want to "Burn it Up" first time out. The previous owner mostly flew it without turbo and so far that is what I have done as well. Here are the basics 1976 M20F and the RayJay Turbo also installed in 1976. The pilot who flew the plane down from Utah said it worked flawlessly on his flight. Any help and advice would be great. BTW - I currently have a 1/3 interest available in my other plane 1963 M20C (pictures are in my album on here) for anyone that maybe interested. I think it will be a great deal for someone looking to fly on a budget. Here is the basic details of the partnership. Upfront cost $12k for plane, $500 deposit for maintenance and owners account and around $500 for 1/3 of the insurance. Monthly cost $200 to cover hanger exp, next basic annual (due April), and next insurance pmt plus $20 and hour (dry) for any extra items that come up in annual and future upgrades/rebuilds.
  19. I have spent the last two years tweaking this plane but I'm just not flying enough right now to keep her. So Iam listing it here first and see how it goes then maybe trade a plane. I'm listing it from work so don't have everything in front of be but here is a start I will try to update later. If you have questions please feel free to shoot me a PM. Not alway able to follow listing. Just finished annual with DonMaxwell. Also installed gtx345 ads-b in and out receive weather and traffic. Garmin 430, brittain ll auto pilot, gma 340 audio panel, JPI 830 engine monitor. Prop overhauled at annual. New cylinders, fuel injectors& lines , sky-tec start, fuel flow dividers, spider, gee bee engine baffles, exhaust pipe, donuts , tires , Sorry about inverted pics don't know how to rotate them.
  20. Hi Guys, M20F Cruise Performance Capture.xlsx Here is a spreadsheet I used to capture performance vs the MAPA M20F stock evaluation( see link at bottom of posting). If you want to compare your ride vs a stock F fly the 3 GPS boxes, get the OAT, fill the data and post for comparison. I will post mine (data is at home) for comparison. This is also good to do pre-rigging change for comparison basis. When you are flying the GPS box, a steady hand or even better an auto-pilot with altitude hold is your friend. Also, note separate cells to capture RAM air OFF vs ON. Link to MAPA M20F evaluation: M20F_Evaluation_Report.html
  21. The title may say it all... still educating myself on the breed. I still think I'm looking for an E, but I'd like to learn as much as I can on the unique traits of each model. For example, they built a lot of C's, but ended production of D's after a fairly brief run. I kind of wish Gordon Baxter was still around, I remember he was a real champion of Mooney and he'd probably have a lot to say (still). Thanks.
  22. Hi, I'm looking for some Mooney specific training in the Chicago land area. Does anyone know of any good CFI's that I can get some training from? I have my PPL and need to get my complex endorsement. A CFII would be a plus as I am looking to get my instrument rating as well. Thanks! Paul
  23. I live in Davis, CA and would like to either join or start a partnership with 1 or 2 other pilots. I would be interested in a Mooney M20C/E/F/J. I will plan on flying 60-80 hours. I am VFR rated only but will be getting IFR this year. Message me on here if you would be interested. Thanks!
  24. I have a 1970 M20F with the standard executive audio panel. For radios I have a King KX155 and a Garmin GTN650WAAS. I am unable to use the intercom when other pilots/ATC are transmitting. You can almost hear the intercom wanting to break through but it never does. If the receiving radio is volumed low it does seem to make a bit of a different but at that point it is too quiet to hear ATC. Is this standard or am I experiencing an issue? I am new to Mooneys and this plane has been amazing but this audio issue is making it difficult to communicate internally in the plane.
  25. New to the community and looking for some advice... I recently looked at a 1976 M20F with less than 500 SMOH and 4600 TT and asking $59K. It has out dated avionics and does not have a GPS. Would this be an advisable purchase considering the ADS-B 2020 mandate and GPS install in the near future to bring it up to the 21st Century? The airframe and power plant are solid but I expect quite a bit of more money required to be invested since it will require wiring for GPS and ADS-B Antenna. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. P.S. I do not have any Mooney experience so this would be stepping up from what I am accustomed to (C-172).