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  1. I'm a newbie looking to buy an M20F and found a 68 M20G that almost does the job. It was converted to an IO 360 from an early J and has a nice J model cowling to match the engine. My question, is it possible to get a field 337 or some other magic trick to Increase the gross weight / useful load of this bird to the F specification? The empty weight is 209# over the original specs with all the upgrades turning it into a 2 place plus baggage machine for my family of 4. I really like the Johnson bar landing gear and hydraulic flaps.
  2. Hello, I am in search for a 600115-005 intake duct for a m20f. Would anyone happen to have or know one that is available for immediate purchase?
  3. Hi, Friends! After a year of panel, interior, powertrain, and other updates, I have finally picked my 67 (68) M20F up from the final major planned maintenance - paint. Mural artist Matt Kress, in conjunction with Ace Aircraft Refinishing in Bartow KBOW, extended his artwork to an airplane for the first time. After a brief planning discussion, all artistic control was given to Matt... and one rule - I was NOT allowed to receive any visual updates (my idea). The 'unveiling' was this weekend and I could not be happier! Allow me to introduce "Anomaly."
  4. Hello! I own a 1976 Mooney M20F named Loreto. This is my first post on a Mooneyspace forum, so please forgive me if I do it wrong. ◡̈ On 2/17 I heard a slow, deep, repetitive grinding noise coming from my plane after landing that I had never heard before. It was very loud and coming from within the airframe somewhere below and slightly behind the front left seat. The green GEAR DOWN indicator light on the panel was flickering a little. When I turned the master switch off, it stopped. When I turned the master switch back on, the sound and flickering returned. If I sat very still, I could feel my seat vibrating a little in sync with the sound. The DPE sitting next to me in the plane when this occurred suggested it may be an issue with my electric landing gear motor so I took the plane to the only maintenance facility on the airfield, Foothill Aircraft at Cable Airport. The mechanics at Foothill are hypothesizing... "a spring is snapping back and hitting a switch to tell the motor to continue to push the landing gear down even though it is already down and every time the spring extends the problem continues to repeat until the power is cut off." Foothill put the plane on jacks and has still not been able to recreate the problem. This makes sense because during our flight the noise only began after we were on the ground, not in the air. Worth mentioning is that my last flight was an IFR checkride where we shot three approaches in a row and extended and retracted the gear in the air twice with no issues before our final landing which was also totally fine and the landing gear came out and locked correctly. It was only after taxiing and sitting idle during shutdown that the noise began. The sound was so alarming that I do not feel safe to fly my plane again until the issue is properly identified and corrected. I am not a mechanic so my personal knowledge is limited when it comes to understanding this issue. I’m not even entirely sure it is related to the landing gear actuator or motor; or if either of these service documents (SI M20-112 or SB M20-190B) are even connected to this issue since I recently had it removed and shipped to LASAR for a complete overhaul (March 2021) and my actuator is a ITT LA11C2114 which is technically exempt from these service announcements. Have any of you heard this sound / had this problem before? Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. 1967 Mooney M20F Exec 21 This has been a great 150KTAS cross-country airplane that I've used to commute between Greensboro, NC and Columbus, MS for USAF Reserve duty. I simply want to upgrade and mamma bear wants air conditioning. The engine compressions are all 75+ and it has served me well - lots of IFR, ILS & GPS approaches to near minimums, etc. The panel is updated with an Aspen 1000Pro, Garmin 430w, Garmin 796 (yoke mounted), and Century III A/P that all work together. The color JPI EDM730 helps to maximize fuel efficiency and keep close tabs on the engine. It just came back from Wet Wingologists in May 2022 with a COMPLETE FUEL TANKS RESEAL. The tanks are under warranty for 7 years! Log Books are available upon request. Email: tbraddavis@gmail.com IO-360-A1A (2000hr TBO) Hartzel Prop with “B” hub no AD Times will change as it flies regularly TTAF – 4680 Tach Times Last 7 Annuals SMOH – 1650 2022 – 4682 SPOH – 1119 2021 – 4541 Useful Load – 1032 2020 – 4376 Annual – due June 2023 2019 – 4212 IFR Cert – due June 2024 2018 – 4090 Compressions 75/80, 75/80, 75/80, 75/80 2017 – 3927 Location – Rockingham/Shiloh, NC KSIF 2016 – 3789 -and Golden Triangle, Columbus, MS KGTR Paint - some chips on the belly, but nice shine on top. Interior - seats and seat-belts are in good shape. Paneling is original. Carpet is in good shape. Performance: 155kts TAS ROP 10.5gph +/- 5kts depending on GW and atmospheric conditions 145kts TAS LOP 9gph +/- 5kts depending on GW and atmospheric conditions ASPEN EFD1000pro Aspen EA100 Autopilot Converter Garmin GTX330ES ADS-B out Garmin GDL39-3D ADS-B in Garmin GNS430WAAS Garmin GMA340 audio panel Garmin GPS796 hardwired to G430w (wx, traffic, flight plans) JPI EDM730 color engine monitor w/ fuel flow Narco mk12d nav/comm w/ glideslope, OH’d 2020 Century III autopilot w/ Altitude Hold LED Lights all around Pilot & Co-pilot push to talk Electric Gear 4-place intercom Speed mods for 201: Aileron and flap seals Wing root and dorsal fairings Oil cooler relocation Wheel well seals Recent Maintenance: 8/2022 - New prop cable and lever 5/2022 – Complete fuel tank reseal & fuel sump system, Wet Wingoligists 12/2020 – Overhauled entire exhaust system 3/2019 – Top overhaul Aero Engines of Winchester 1/2018 – All new engine hoses 11/2017 – New airspeed indicator & new alternator & starter 2/2017 – autopilot overhaul ($5k AP Central Tulsa, OK) & new fuel pump 11/2017 – New camshaft and lifters 4/2015 – Paint 3/2013 – All new landing gear bisquits 2013: Deer strike 1985: gear up landing
  6. Who is worried about the future of general aviation internal combustion engine aircraft? I have concerns about what the future holds with regard to avgas burning light craft. The two biggest concerns are what will the future valuations look like if fuel prices rise dramatically and also the cost of operation. Car manufactures are pivoting to electric at a rapid pace with HUGE agendas for close to total electrification by 2030 for many. Both GM and Ford (among the other big guys ) are really rolling out the agenda. Will governments push their populations into car electrification by huge gasoline fuel prices increases with knock on effects for light aircraft? Will existing internal combustion light aircraft give way to newer electric aircraft, with an off the cliff dive of light aircraft prices as demand dries up? Interested in any informed predictions and timelines...
  7. All of my manuals are at the airport (about a 3hour round trip) or I would look it up myself. Was hoping someone could post the inside dimensions (handle to handle) of the pilot's side yoke in a 67 M20F. I presume that both yokes would be the same but one never knows.... Mark Crouch, Cornelia Georgia
  8. Hello All, I've been a lurker here for a couple of years. Back in March traveled to Durango, CO to do a pre-buy on a '67 F model. I ended up purchasing the aircraft and have put 100 hours on it since then. I have a bit of a unique situation - I'm Canadian, live in Mexico City, and do business between the USA and Mexico. Because my life is so spread out, I wanted an aircraft that could carry a decent payload, make it from the US border to Mexico City non-stop, and be fun to fly to the beach. The M20F beat out everything else I was looking at on price, simplicity, and pure fun. After signing the paperwork in Durango, I flew to Sandpoint, Idaho to visit friends, followed by a trip to my US base in Portland, Oregon, and then down the coast to Los Angeles where I picked up my mother (who got me interested in flying as a kid) and flew to Mexico City via Bisbee, AZ, Alamos, Sonora (I highly recommend the pilot-owned Hacienda Los Alamos as it has a semi-private strip), Zacatecas, and finally Mexico City. In Los Angeles I got my first taste of flying in a Bravo and even flew in IMC over the top of LAX on the way to Whiteman. Heading south through Mexico we flew over the famous Copper Canyon, a complex of six canyons covering 25,000 square miles. At first I was concerned that there wouldn't be anywhere to set down in an emergency, however I was pleasantly surprised to discover more airstrips embedded into the hills than I could count! I wonder what they use them for... I'm now on the tail end of a two week round trip from Mexico City to Bellingham and back during which I've had the opportunity to land in the Alvord Desert Playa, a must do if you're passing through Southeastern Oregon. The last 100 hours hasn't been without its challenges; the oil probe at the back of the WOLF oil filter relocation kit came loose at some point before arriving in Bellingham and started leaking about a quart of oil per hour. Advanced Aircraft in Troutdale got me sorted pretty quickly. On my girlfriend's first flight, I didn't close the door properly and it ended coming open mid-flight. Luckily we convinced the door to behave and my girlfriend still wants to fly with me. I'm attaching some photos of my adventures and will hopefully get a chance to meet some of you here on the forum or at one of the Mooney meetups this summer!
  9. 1970 MOONEY M20F WITH REBATE • $47,000 • PRICE REDUCED • 1970 Mooney M20F Executive asking $47,000 before $3,000 REBATE (see below). Travel in style and enjoy some tunes with this updated cross country IFR cruiser. Garmin 430W, KX155 nav/com, KMA24 stereo audio panel, KT76A, vertical compass, altitude hold, wing leveler, electric gear and flaps, Reiff engine preheater, customer panel overlay, leather yokes, custom seat covers, cowl closure and headlight cover mods. Paint 6 Interior 7. 6944 TT 1692 SMOH with 75+ comps all cylinders. $3,000 REBATE if you close before the next annual March 2018. IFR cert due 2019. Based Elmira NY. Will deliver to eastern US for expenses. Call Mike Martin 607.398.9009
  10. Hello, I am in search for a 600115-005 intake boot for a m20f. Would you happen to have or know one that is available for immediate purchase?
  11. I'm interested in purchasing a plane in Savannah, Georgia, based at KSAV, and wondered if anyone could put eyes on the plane for me before I started a formal PPI process. I live in Southern California, so going to check it out myself is a little difficult. Thanks in advance for considering the request. If you are willing and able to help out, please PM me, and we'll take it from there.
  12. Hi Everyone, We are in the home stretch for our 2020 Summer Conference & Retreat. August 20-23, 2020 Sunriver Resort Sunriver, Oregon Airport Code (S21) Featured Presenters Include: Don Maxwell, Phil Corman, LASAR, Airspeed Insurance, Jan Maxwell & Crewchief Systems. Sponsors Include: LASAR, Aircraft Spruce, Don Maxwell Aviation, Bruce's Custom Covers, The Mooney Flyer, Right Seat Ready, JPI Instruments, Lightspeed, Tempest, Oasis Aero / Weep No More, Lightspeed Insurance It's going to be an amazing and fun weekend. For more information and to Register please click the link below. West Coast Mooney Club - Summer Conference & Retreat I hope to see you there. Michael Rodgers
  13. Not much to say but sadly I have to part with my second love. Kept at David Wayne Hooks - KDWH 1967 Mooney M20F N9640M – SN 670217 - AFTT 2349 Annual Due 11/2019 Engine - IO 360 A1A - TTSMOH 383 TSTOH 88 hours Lycoming I0-360-A1A Compression Check #1-79/80; #2-79/80; #3-79/80; #4-79/80 Oil Quick-Drain Alternator conversion: Inter-Av 50 New alternator - @2260 Starter: Sky-Tec Lightweight New Starter @2260 Prop Overhauled @2260 hours No Prop AD – Modified to Oil Filled configuration per SL 61.273R2 Vacuum Pump New pump 6/2018 @2319 Avionics: Audio Panel – King KMA24 NAV/COM 1 Garmin GNS 430 non WAAS With Terrain and glide slope NAV/COM 2 Bendix/King KX-155 w glide slope / LED display conversion Dual CDI Transponder: Garmin GTX-227 ADS-B out (2020 complaint) GDL-82 with anonymous switch and fault light 12/2018 Panel: Pilot /Copilot PTT EGT engine monitor Volt/Ammeter: E.I. VA-1A Vertical Card compass Vernier Mixture Control Digital Fuel Management System: JPI fuel flow Aerospace Logic EGT Airframe: Lighting LED Landing light Whelen Orion 650 LED NAV /Strobe Lights Whelen Orion 500 LED Tail / Strobe Light New Main Rubber Shock Discs Speed Mods by LASAR: Lasar 201 Windshield Retrofit 1/4” Lasar Cowl Enclosure Fairing Lasar tie downs / wheel covers Brake Wheel Cylinder Rotation – purchased STC Dorsal Fin Vertical Seal Wing Root Leading Edge Fairing Interior: Complete New interior 2013 by AeroPlus Interiors 2188 hours Sheepskin seat cushion covers Pilot and Co-pilot Shoulder Belts Leather Wrapped Yokes All logs and paper work from new - $75,000
  14. We have a 1967 Mooney M20F Executive for rent in North Texas. The aircraft is located at Fort Worth Meacham Airport (KFTW). This aircraft has the classic Johnson bar and you will need to be checked out in it by one of our instructors in order to rent it. The rental fee is $180 an hour wet for the first 10 hours and $200 an hour wet after the first 10 hours. It has a 430 WAAS with an optional Garmin 796 and Stratus for a an additional flat fee per rental. Drop me a line if interested.
  15. Has anyone looked at or done a pre-buy on the 1968 F Model For Sale in Alabama, N333MT?
  16. Hello everyone, As the title implies, I'm brand new to MS and will be looking to find an M20F (unless I pull the trigger on a J) within the next year or so. Eventually, I'll be permanently based out of Santa Barbara. I fly active duty for the Navy and have done the mil comp commercial and CFII, and I did my ATP about 6 months ago. I've been watching massive chunks of my life disappear recently to the depths of MS... thanks to everyone that contributes to this impressive website! I have a couple friends that own F's, both are in the Navy as well, and I have broken their will to live with my constant questioning. And so begins my onslaught of questions on MS I've been looking into options at Santa Barbara as far as hangar space or covered parking (I don't know if there is any besides a hangar) or simply a tie down. The city owns 24 T-hangars that it rents out to the tune of $821/month + utilities. Currently there aren't any T-hangars or tie downs available according to the city's website. 1) Is anyone based at SBA, or have up-to-date knowledge of the general aviation life there? 2) Does anyone know of a well looked after F or J that could be on the market in the next year? 3) What events are there in the central CA area where I could meet local Mooney owners as I begin this journey? Thanks for any info and thanks again for all the time taken to contribute to MS! Loner
  17. I'm beginning the search for a Mooney and I thought I had narrowed the choices down to J model. However, now I'm questioning if it's really worth the premium over a well equipped late model F. Assuming a similarly equipped F with a few speed mods, can you guys help me with some pros and cons? After a fair amount of research, here are a few to start with. Pros of a J model over an F generally at least 10 years newer airframe Speed mods already built in Generally better cockpit configuration depending on year Higher VLE ('78+) Better fuel switch (not sure what year the 'off in the middle' ended) A few extra knots depending on the speed mods on an F Cons of a J model Good examples priced at least 20-30k more than similarly equipped F
  18. Folks, My new (to me) Mooney is coming up on it's first annual and while I have a shop that can do the work (and several vintage Mooney annuals each year), they seem a bit pricey for just the annual. So, I figured I'd seek input on A&P/IA / Shops that get high marks. I'm in Las Vegas NV and don't mind hitting SoCal or AZ (just more reason to fly). 1967 M20F / N135JC Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  19. I’m in the middle of buying a 1975 M20F located at KJBR in Jonesboro Arkansas. Does anyone know of a good A&P in that area that could do an annual or a pre-buy inspection? And advice would be a huge help. Thanks in advance.
  20. Quick question vintage Mooney officianado's, I've put roughly 35 hours on my new to me 67 M20F since taking ownership and finally was able to download the EDM 700 data. The engine is a Lyc remanufactured IO-360-A1A installed in Feb of this year by prior owners. Normal cowl but it does have the lower cowl cover. I'm seeing a consistent temp split between my #2 (hottest) and #1 (coolest) cylinder of ~70-80 deg F. (attached pic of data from one flight). Engine now running Aeroshell 100+...max fuel flow indicated during takeoff ~15-16 gph She runs smooth, during runup with the JPI Norm mode, all appears to respond as expected. Figured I'd ask if there is a 'normal' or expected temp differential between hottest and coldest cylinder...thoughts ?
  21. Hi folks. Looking for some advice and information from the a&p's and IA's out there, as well as any one else that may have experience with this item or personal knowledge about the repair. Each elevator on our mooneys (this question happens to involve a 67 M20F) has on the outboard side a counterweight shaped like a wide piece of pie, about 2.5 or 3.0 inches wide and about 3/4ths inch tall where it attaches to the elevator. Visually it appears to be pressed on to a cylinder shaped rod but I have no idea how it is actually mounted and secured. I believe (but do not know) that these are made mostly of lead with perhaps an alloy or two mixed in. Mine have developed a tiny horizontal crack about 1.5 inches long along the top edge of the weight that runs from the outboard side towards the fuselage. A couple of questions about that picture. (1) What would be the involved in removing and replacing those weights; (2) would any skins have to be disturbed to do so; (3) would the elevators have to be re-balanced after replacement presuming the replacement weights are the specific part number assigned to that part on that particular model a/craft; (4) what's your best guess on time to accomplish the removal and replacement for a reasonably competent a&p; and (5) would you consider the cracks to be an "airworthy" item that would ground the plane until repair. I won't ask about labor cost as that varies widely in different parts of the country. But if you would care to chime in on that topic that would be okay. Any knowledge or information you could share on what is to me this most perplexing subject would be most appreciated...... Mark Crouch [N9522M]
  22. Folks, I'm pitching back into the purchase arena and have narrowed down to a 67 Mooney M20F in Ft Meyers FL. Can you provide recommended pre-buy locations? I'd like a MSC but would settle for a non-MSC if they have lots of experience working on them. Greatly appreciate any assistance Cheers,
  23. Folks, Looking for another assist. I'm in the final stages of purchasing an M20F. Insurance says I have to have 5 hours of dual transition training. They subsequently allowed 3 hours in an M20J locally with the final 2 in my plane (manual gear). So, I'm looking for an instructor with the following (or near the following and I'd petition the insurance co.) 500 total hours 100 hours in retractable gear 25 hours in make and model I suspect they'd agree to 25 hours in a manual gear M20. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Side note: I have a friend planning to fly back with me who owns a JBar Mooney...he's not an instructor though. Heading into town on 16 May (wed), looking to complete my last two hours on Thursday, 17 May. My friend shows up on Thursday and we're hoping to depart on Friday. I know...square peg...round hole...how much harder can I make this.
  24. Mooney M20F, Lycoming IO360-A1A I thought would put this out there for some advice & feedback. Recently I had my mechanic examine my engine and he mentioned pooling of oil and possible cylinder glazing. Cylinder glazing is a condition that occurs where oil film left on the bore "glazes" to a hard coating and can prevent optimal sealing of ring to bore. The oil here is the result of cylinder head temperatures, CHT'S, not getting hot enough to burn this oil film and. thus prevent the glazing. Optimally, he says, the CHT'S should run about 360-380 F. My engine is seeing a range of 300-320 deg F with an OAT of around 34 F. This is with cowl flaps completely closed all the way, they are closed and flush with the rest of the cowling. All cylinders are running about within 10-15 degrees of each other & measured by JPI930 engine monitor. Of course, my goal is to get these temps into the suggested range. Just wondering if anyone is running into the same issue? what temps do you typically see? Has anyone found a way for the cowl flaps to create more flow restriction? has anyone done anything with engine baffling as to affect the cooling of the engine? Thanks for any feedback. 04/19/2018 -- ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Thanks for everyone's feedback! what a great resource! I thought I would share what led to the inspection of the cylinders and a give a clarification of the above statements. On a couple of occasions, a ramp guy took notice of a puff of white smoke when taxiing up the ramp. Curiously, I mounted a go pro camera and focused it on the exhaust to try and observe it myself and of course, it never showed up. Recently, I pulled the cowl to check a few items and noticed oil coming out between the exhaust manifold and tube flange at cylinder#4. I immediately sent it in for service and it ended up being a bad valve guide. With all that said, cylinder#4 has undergone a rebuild and will require break-in, hence, the recommended higher CHT's. After clarification and reading all the great comments, this is why he mentioned the glazing and the importance of running higher CHT's. My fault on the interpretation. Fortunately, I do not have any cylinder glazing as all cylinders. were checked at this time. For those that asked, oil consumption has been in the normal range. I have 2 years of history (about 400hrs worth) and it ranges from 0.10 to 0.15 qt/hr. This looks to be well below even what Lycoming says is normal. I found this formula in their manual Normal Oil Consumption (Qt/hr) =(0.006 * BHP * 4) / 7.4. At a BHP of 0.59, this equates to 0.19 qt / hr. Compressions are all good ranging from 77 to 80. One question I do have for all of you, When do you typically add oil? Do you wait til it gets down below the 6qt mark, or, do you add it when it is hovering just above around the 6qt mark? I have been doing to latter. I have heard that these engines typically find their happy spot and then do not vary much. I may be adding too early as it may stabilize at 6qt. Any thoughts here appreciated.
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