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  1. apenney

    Catching fuel from gascolator drain

    If the gas looks clear why can't you put it back in?
  2. apenney

    Catching fuel from gascolator drain

    Is there a way for water to accumulate in the gascolator and not in the fuel tank sump area?
  3. Thanks for the ideas @Sabremech, labeling that photo and describing past center @Shadrach, and everyone else's input. The collective knowledge, desire to help, and responsiveness of Mooneyspace really blows me away. Thank you.
  4. I see. So, with the knob pushed in the closed position, this setup should look like your description and not what is in the photo? That would explain the change in resistance I used to feel...when it would go past center, if I'm understanding things correctly.
  5. Sorry but what does over center mean?
  6. Yeah, mine looks like yours. I've never tried to twist it. It has just been a little stiff in the past and there would be a point where a resistance changes could be appreciated when opening or closing it.
  7. Couldn't find this in my topic search so I thought I'd ask you all. Sorry if this is a repeat. When I had my alternator changed a few weeks ago, flight test afterwards revealed that the ram air door would open on its own when faster than 100mph roughly. Had the shop open the cowl back up and they tightened something. The cable wasn't slipping or anything like that. The mechanic who initially worked on it then said that the mechanism was corroded during the alternator install and so he "cleaned it up." I don't actually understand how the ram air door works. What normally keeps it from opening when at cruise speed? Is it just friction from a tight bolt or is there something more sophisticated than that? Thanks for any ideas. This is what it looked like when the cowl was off and after the cleaning. I don't have a photo of the before appearance.
  8. apenney


  9. apenney


    We almost have twins....
  10. apenney

    Alternator offline

    Well it turns out that the alternator was the culprit. Installed an overhauled one. But....on my first flight noticed a few things: 1. After about 15 minutes of cruise flight I noticed a slight almost imperceptible drop below zero on the ammeter and the battery volts showing 13.8 (previously 14.3). I turned around to my homefield and landed. Near idle the ammeter was back in the middle again 2. My landing light wasn't working 3. The ram air control was opening on its own at anywhere above 100mph or so. Landed. With the engine running mechanic pulled the alternator field circuit, ammeter showed discharge, then pushed it back in and there is 14.3 and positive ammeter again. Couldn't reproduce anything on the ground. Then the shop opened the cowl up. They think they unintentionally loosened the ram air control previously when clearing some corrosion during the alternator installation. No slippage of the control cable was seen so they tightened the nuts up a bit. Regarding the landing light bulb, it is secured based on the tension of a steel wire clip component (I don't know the proper term for the piece but it springs open into a secure fitting) that may have been bumped when putting cowl back on. Haven't flow yet since the adjustment so have yet to reassess the ram air control but the landing light is working again. Is it unusual to see a temporary drop in the amount of charge (or even a slight discharge state) that is allowed to feed the battery? A view of my ram air control hardware:
  11. apenney

    Alternator offline

    I have a breaker labeled alternator field that I can pull and reset. Is there a switch somewhere else that is the actual "alternator field switch"? Also, I don't know if this might be relevant but last week I had a local avionics guy look at my transponder wiring because it has been getting an intermittent signal from it's "position source" which in my plane is the Garmin 430W. I wonder if there a switch that could have been inadvertently turned off?
  12. apenney

    Alternator offline

    @carusoam I'm not sure which regulator or alternator I have. The belt feels the same as it has in the past. Will take a closer look at things tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions. @RobertGary1 I hadn't thought of going to lower RPM. Will look into that too.
  13. apenney

    Alternator offline

    I had this problem this morning while on the ground. I tried a run up and at 1900 rpm still discharging and the JPI indicated 11.8 then a few minutes later (went thru some preflight checks) 11.6. However, when I pulled and reset the alternator field switch it did not fix the problem. I'm stumped and waiting to hear back from my local IA.
  14. apenney

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Please include me too. Thanks.
  15. apenney

    Wrong Way Pattern

    Came across this on YouTube. Wow....