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  1. apenney

    Mooney in the water in Palo Alto

    According to a Redit post:https://www.reddit.com/r/flying/comments/9cyp9q/mooney_down_near_palo_alto_airport/ [–]deftoneuk 20 points 6 hours ago There is a guy on Facebook that was in the pattern when it happened. Apparently porpoised it, prop strike and when he tried to go around couldn’t climb. permalink embed save report reply load more comments (3 replies)"
  2. apenney

    Lawn mower tow

    Thanks @Yetti
  3. apenney

    GoPro Video Editing/Software, Tips etc

    I didn't know that my gopro has a mic jack on it...just thought it was a small usb type. Will have to take a closer look. Thanks for the link.
  4. apenney

    GoPro Video Editing/Software, Tips etc

    @eman1200 did you record your intercom audio directly into the camera or into another device such as a phone?
  5. apenney

    Lawn mower tow

    @mooneyflier do you have any close up views of your tow bar at the nose gear attachment point and the electric scooter? What size rod did you use at the nosegear? I like this solution....local listings have dozens of these scooters for sale.
  6. apenney

    Cirrus Delivery

    Wondering if Cirrus chose the music or a preference of the new owner....and 240p resolution still being used in 2018?!
  7. Just an opinion but it seems that social media and youtube in particular might be helping to increase the appeal of general aviation. Just as in the sailing world, a new generation of younger pilots are forging ahead with vlogs and more focused channels that ultimately put aviation in a positive light and demonstrate how fun it can be.
  8. apenney

    GoPro Video Editing/Software, Tips etc

    I did this short clip with 2 gopros and a cell phone then edited in Adobe Premiere Pro - I use their subscription based service because we use the other adobe products quite regularly so it works well for us. I import all the footage into PremierePro. You can just insert all your clips into a sequence so its one long sequence and edit from there. There is another video I posted on MS using an cable for intercom audio that also serves as a charging source cable to the USB port in the panel to keep the gopro going indefinitely. Don't laugh too hard at my overly dramatic presentation!
  9. apenney

    iPad for ForeFlight

    I have the 2018 iPad 9.7" with 32GB on a Ram mount positioned in landscape orientation on the yoke. This Ram holds it in a spring loaded mechanism so I can keep the iPad in it's case. Doesn't block any instruments. I have a Stratus USB charging port on the right side of the panel and the charging cable doesn't get in the way because with the iPad in landscape orientation, the cable inserts on the right side. At my 5'8" height I'm fairly close to the panel and yoke but it has been working well for me. This ipad is the second cheapest out there too (no GPS or data- just WiFi) and I'm completely satisfied with it using Foreflight with a Stratus. I put a glare screen on it which has made reflections a non-issue.
  10. apenney

    Ron's last flight in 95V

    I'm glad that I was recording the intercom audio when the tower was saying their farewell to Ron. The following day that camera stopped working so I wasn't able to document the audio for my return trip to WI because that was the only camera that could be connected to the intercom.
  11. apenney

    Ron's last flight in 95V

  12. apenney

    1976 M20F SOLD in Orange County, CA

    Was Southland Aviation still on the field when you were there? That is who I trained with.
  13. apenney

    Southeast Wisconsin Mooney Mechanic ?

    @PeytonM thanks for such detailed suggestions! Schaumburg is about 63 miles from me so I may look into Northwest Flyers when the time comes. Whats your opinion regarding the MSC designation vs non-MSC? Thanks.
  14. apenney

    1976 M20F SOLD in Orange County, CA

    Would like to return sometime for sure. In about '93 during the Friday before the annual Van Nuys static air exhibition, I was on final for 16L in a 172 when an F4 Phantom whizzed by me on final for 16R. Before my 25 year absence from flying, I did my private training out of Whiteman and checkride at Santa Monica. Miss those days but the airspace seems much different to me, now that I've been gone for so long...probably just me aging a bit!