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  1. Thanks. Who is doing your reseal? I'm anticipating one and thinking I'll go to Oasis from here in WI.
  2. Got it. This is where I'm looking but it refers to models only and includes the F model. http://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgAD.nsf/AOCADSearch/022EF974FDE32DBA86256A3B006FA1EA?OpenDocument I wonder what other post-1973 F owners are doing out there.
  3. It was $2100 non-assisted but yeah I appreciate that use and age will add to my costs. Not that it is relevant here but technically the plane is 43 years old
  4. Thanks everyone for the feedback. It’s good to know that I’ll be better prepared next year. Overall, I’m satisfied and will blame myself for not being more informed about how things typically work during an annual. I guess this is one more example of why learning is a lifelong process!
  5. Yeah, unfortunately, it was a hand over the keys situation. Was out of town for work the entire time and it coincided with the time the annual was due. I'll try to time it better next year so that I am around. Plus, I'd really like to see the plane when its innards are uncovered so that I have a better familiarity with it.
  6. So any plane produced after the effective date (October 1973) doesn't have to do this?
  7. No relationship. Not a MSC. I believe they were considering trying to become one. They deal with small planes like ours and some non-jet warbirds.
  8. The plane was well cared for by the previous owner. Was listed here on MS actually As far as the annual goes, things weren't presented as options and nothing was ever distinguished as an airworthy vs non-airworthy item. Sounds like I should have had a discussion along the lines of contact me with a list of non-airworthiness items and we can discuss what I'd like to address. A learning experience.
  9. My '76 F just got out of the first annual as the new owner and this is my first plane too. Not a MSC. The inspection and basic consumables were 2100. They found lots of little things but also some more time consuming things I wasn't expecting. Being new to this, I just don't have any perspective on what is typical and what seems out of the ordinary. Here are some highlights: 1. According to the A&P, AD 73-21-01a (lube) didn't look like it had been done recently, even though it was logged last year. The plane was flown 130 hrs since the last annual and my understanding is that it is a 100 hr check - correct? He based it on the appearance/accumulation of "gunk" throughout. So 6.5 hrs of work later and all is well apparently. I wasn't there for the inspection so didn't' see it. Also there was "gunk" clogging the drain holes in the the tail/stinger area which was an additional 2 hours. 2. Left brake caliper leak required disassembly and bleed - 3 hrs 3 Brake lining rivets were installed incorrectly and had to be drilled out and new ones installed - Less than an hour but surprised to learn that something was installed backwards 4. Loose tinnerman clips on all the wing, belly, and tail panels - so they squeezed every nut with pliers to tighten....4hrs 5. Leaking fuel sending unit needed new gasket so clean/inspect 1.6hrs. All in all, the above list and many little things doubled the cost of the annual. Though I was expecting findings during the annual that would need to be addressed, I didn't think it would be double the cost worth. I've heard of some who have had 10K+ annuals though so maybe I should consider myself lucky. This was the first annual at this facility and I'm guessing that makes a difference as well.
  10. It shows up correctly now.... the N-number police are lurking haha!
  11. Curious to know more about N231FG. I'm not currently looking but when I was last year, I was in communication with the owner and traded a few emails. I didn't proceed because of the recent flight times and also I stumbled across my current plane which was a little less of a mystery at the time.
  12. I grew up 4 miles from Whiteman in Panorama City and did my PP SEL there in '92. I moved out of state in '94. Things may be different now but I'll tell you that back in my days there, it wasn't such a great place. Common for choppers to be chasing people, someone running with a gun in my back alley on another occasion....definitely justified to have some concern in the area in general. The airport seemed secure enough though. I was actually a line man there for 6 months. Did many night flights there as well and was never concerned once in the airport...but maybe I was blissfully ignorant too! By the way, I'm not stalking you but your profile @BrianW still has the N number error
  13. Thanks for the insights. The AD list was signed off by the last IA, ADs are referenced in log entries where addressed, and I have the complete logs. Fortunately I also have open communication lines with the two previous owners - when questions have come up, they have been gracious with their time. In fact, one of them lives in my state and I flew out and met him last year! I’m grateful.