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  1. Do you know if the wing strobes need to be replaced as well or would a mixed system work together?
  2. Curious about this. My tail strobe stopped working and I'm told it needs a new power supply...was quoted about $1000 for that alone. What is the conversion to remove those power supplies?
  3. My XM radio is thru my 796. It used to be quiet but still loud enough to enjoy. 796 volume was always on 10 though. Had to change my XM antenna recently and now the volume is even lower and in addition to that there is a static/distortion that I can hear with volume peaks. If I reduce the 796 volume or my audio panel volume for the XM radio, the static/distortion spikes disappear. At any level though, I can barely hear the audio. For talk/news, it is barely audible, for music if I know the tune than I can enjoy it but otherwise its a strain to hear. Not sure where the problem is.
  4. @CAV Ice I wonder if extreme cold might compromise the sealant if it was originally applied at the factory? The fill stub looked clean though when the hose was off of it. Thanks for the direction!
  5. There is some tension when opening the door. In fact, it wants to close when I let go of the open fill door. I tried to pull a little on the hose as it goes to the TKS tank but there isn't any extra to pull toward the fill door.
  6. Ok thanks for the suggestion! Will work on it.
  7. Yeah, I feel most comfortable with having FIKI. I suppose inadvertent TKS can be just as effective but has the issues of shorter duration of use if the tank is smaller and lack of pump and alternator redundancy. I think it’s a personal risk management decision and technically flying into known ice isn’t officially approved with inadvertent systems... unless there is something about your system that I’m not aware of. You have the advantage of being able to shoot thru icing with your particular Lancair...which changes your risk calculation maybe? In any event, I’m happy to have any TKS an
  8. This is what I use. It is a battery minder and also an external power unit for running avionics when plugged into the power port on the left side of my plane. I had the charging portion of things installed in my TKS fill door so that maintains/desulfates/charges the batteries. There are different versions with or without the battery minder portion. Its a little pricey but serves both purposes of being a GPU and battery maintainer/charger. https://www.audioauthority.com/page/gpu_home
  9. In January I went to fill my Bravo with TKS and as I started to pour it into the fill port, I noticed that it sounded different...louder and with splashes. After a half gallon or so I could hear something draining under the belly drain....TKS. Crap. So I stopped filling and looked into the fill port and something looked different. I opened the left side panel and could see that the hose and hose clamp that secures it to the fill port had come off. I reattached and secured it and problem fixed. I learned to looked into the fill port from then on and as long as I could see the ribs of the
  10. I commute weekly in my FIKI Bravo from KUES (just outside of Milwaukee) to KIWD (Ironwood) and it usually takes 1-1.5 hrs depending on the winds and I run ROP so 18-19 gph. During the Winter months, a visual approach at KIWD is definitely the exception for the times that I'm flying. When I had my F, I couldn't make the trip during the Winter months or when there were any icing conditions. Now it is just a matter of careful flight planning. This season I had to divert once to Rhinelander after I went missed at IWD ILS which was below minimums. So, it has been night and day for my commute.
  11. Just got a message from them and they found that there was a loose screw that was arcing. It was loose because there was no lock washer apparently.
  12. I became owner of my Bravo about 6 months ago. A great plane and other than a few hiccups needing to be addressed, no major issues. During the last several weeks however, I've noticed a few weird things. My Terra radar altimeter has been intermittently making a warning signal when in straight and level cruise flight. I didn't think anything of it. Then about 2 weeks ago, I was climbing and my two Garmins (540/430) and the entire panel it seemed, went blank for a split second but then returned online after reboot - I had to reenter my flight plan. I coincidentalIy was pulling my heat vent
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