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  1. Sorry - been consumed with some family health issues.. Yes the plane is still available, I've returned the PM's. I'm out of town for this week but will check in periodically Thanks Mike
  2. Not yet PM me if your interested
  3. Will do. Traveling all this week. I’ll give you a shout when I get home this afternoon
  4. Curious as to how many here check for an audible stall warning during their pre-flight....... every time.
  5. One of the best things I've found for driving a taper pin out is (don't laugh or judge) an air chisel with a flat tipped punch. Hold it VERY FIRMLY to the pin and use MINIMAL AIR - just enough to get the internal "hammer" of the air chisel gun working. The pin typically frees within 3 "strikes" without deformation to the pin. Keep the nut in place so as not to mess up the pin threads, but back it off enough to give you free play for the pin to move.
  6. Not an expert by any means, however, has anyone considered the incapacitating effects of the fire extinguisher that's discharged in a confined space especially during flight? All of the "Clean Agent" extinguishers work by taking away one component of the fire triangle - Oxygen
  7. Oh yes - I'll be hanging around. I might just buy another and do er again! But for now the immediate needs dictate I bow out for a bit.
  8. Moving on from ownership for now.
  9. Not much to say but sadly I have to part with my second love. Kept at David Wayne Hooks - KDWH 1967 Mooney M20F N9640M – SN 670217 - AFTT 2349 Annual Due 11/2019 Engine - IO 360 A1A - TTSMOH 383 TSTOH 88 hours Lycoming I0-360-A1A Compression Check #1-79/80; #2-79/80; #3-79/80; #4-79/80 Oil Quick-Drain Alternator conversion: Inter-Av 50 New alternator - @2260 Starter: Sky-Tec Lightweight New Starter @2260 Prop Overhauled @2260 hours No Prop AD – Modified to Oil Filled configuration per SL 61.273R2 Vacuum Pump New pump 6/2018 @2319 Avionics: Audio Panel – King KMA24 NAV/COM 1 Garmin GNS 430 non WAAS With Terrain and glide slope NAV/COM 2 Bendix/King KX-155 w glide slope / LED display conversion Dual CDI Transponder: Garmin GTX-227 ADS-B out (2020 complaint) GDL-82 with anonymous switch and fault light 12/2018 Panel: Pilot /Copilot PTT EGT engine monitor Volt/Ammeter: E.I. VA-1A Vertical Card compass Vernier Mixture Control Digital Fuel Management System: JPI fuel flow Aerospace Logic EGT Airframe: Lighting LED Landing light Whelen Orion 650 LED NAV /Strobe Lights Whelen Orion 500 LED Tail / Strobe Light New Main Rubber Shock Discs Speed Mods by LASAR: Lasar 201 Windshield Retrofit 1/4” Lasar Cowl Enclosure Fairing Lasar tie downs / wheel covers Brake Wheel Cylinder Rotation – purchased STC Dorsal Fin Vertical Seal Wing Root Leading Edge Fairing Interior: Complete New interior 2013 by AeroPlus Interiors 2188 hours Sheepskin seat cushion covers Pilot and Co-pilot Shoulder Belts Leather Wrapped Yokes All logs and paper work from new - $75,000
  10. I've seen that video many times - each time (armchair quarterback for sure) I always wonder why he didn't go left - no trees, one less turn that would contribute to altitude loss.....