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  1. As expected there is a TFR in place. Even though it's only to 1,000 agl I have no desire to fly anywhere close to that !! It's just south of the San Jac. monument for those familiar with the Houston area airspace.
  2. Typically it's because I cant push myself away from the table..... realistically I would look at the record of W&B changes over the life of the plane - I for one have all the documentation of things added / subtracted with the associated W&B - that said I've never weighed the plane to validate the claim as its not required. And the I've not had any issues with performance when I've been at the calculated MTOW.
  3. My introductory flights with my grand kids were more exciting to me than my first flight - may be a bit late now for your flight, but I memorialized the entire process from walking around the plane and explaining what each component does while having them assist in the pre-flight. Then I go to the safety brief, then its their turn to read off the checklist items as I respond. We find a good spot to turn over the controls. All this happens with go pros running. The payoff is a video posted on YouTube that they can share with friends and schoolmates for proof when they get challenged. Hopefully it ignites the spark in their friends as well.
  4. something you many be able to leverage 337s%2C STCs%2C Log Entries.pdf
  5. I'da took 1,000 off for the missing wing on the Mooney bird on left rudder..... Nice looking plane!
  6. The coil in the line is to alleviate vibration breaking the line - don't cut it to make it more direct.
  7. well there's yer problem right there......
  8. I remember going for my first GA ride at 15 years old - we did a night flight from Timmerman to Meigs - had a bite to eat and flew back. It's a great memory.
  9. not only no but hellllllllll no
  10. Couple years back I bought the Aircraft Door Seals at airventure. I've not flown in rain but I can say that the air infiltration was stopped cold (pun intended) The one thing I do from time to time is put a thin coat of silicone on the rubber to help ensure a good seal.
  11. KLNS ARTCC notams are callng out GPS testing - sounds like they are aware of something
  12. My A&P and I installed mine in less than 5 hours - if you don't want the optional fault light and anonymous switch it's a power and ground wire, install a GPS antenna and splice into the transponder coax. I opted for the options.
  13. I really don't know why this option is being discounted by so many.