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  1. For the most part I'm off the brakes landing until the very end - yoke full back in my chest, unless you're looking at a very short field or a short turnout, use the full runway, let the plane slow itself down - save your brakes and your tires. The first rule is landing with the stall horn - less speed to kill after landing.
  2. Bummer - I had an engine top end done in the Houston area - top notch work. The guy is Mooney Savvy and is an expert in engine building.
  3. I vote for excessive side loading - does your airport have consistent cross winds?
  4. Check the manual aspect of the switch - in the above picture the micro switch is attached to the bracket with a plunger. If that plunger is stuck or sticky it won't let the microswitch return to its non active state. You may want to check that plunger to make sure its free.
  5. On the subject of glasses - sunglasses to be exact, make sure to get the NON POLAIZED type. otherwise you'll experience the magical disappearing glass panel effect!
  6. Did exactly this with my F and it worked like a charm - I did however have a copilot - probably wouldn't attempt it alone. To be clear I slipped the plane so the right wing was leading air pressure pushing against the door.
  7. next time your in the cabin and not flying check your dome light - looks like it was lit!
  8. google "handle end caps" a lot of options out there - not exact matches but better than fender washers!
  9. Make sure you get the pertinent information and file a 337 for any modification. IIR a front windshield does not fall into the owner maintenance items.
  10. The rivet gun will work - but as said loosen the nut to the point the threads are FLUSH to the nut face you will be striking. This will ensure you don't mess up the threads on the pin.
  11. I see that now on the 154-12000 seal (by looking at the drawing) but the drawing on 154-12400 doesn't look like it is?
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