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  1. I was asked in a PM whether the active leg of a hold was displayed in the GI 275 while also displaying it on the GNS 530W and if it was flown correctly by the autopilot.My setup is a GI 275 ADAHRS+AP as primary ADI and a GI 275 ADAHRS configured as MFD/Standby ADI. They are connected to the GNS 530W and the ADAHRS+AP unit drives the KFC 150 autopilot. They work perfectly together and will fly a hold and course reversal without any issues.This video shows them in action. Regards, Chris Koppel
  2. This video shows how the dual Garmin GI-275’s perform superbly in an RNAV approach into KFHB in low IFR conditions getting me down to minimums. The scan is easy and clear. Horizontal and vertical deviation indicators on both the ADI and HSI are clear and easy to fly with. The KFC 150 autopilot is driven perfectly by the top GI-275 (ADAHRS+AP). Just remember to put autopilot in APR mode once the Navigator (in my case a 530W) shows an approach mode such as LPV!!
  3. Hello Everyone!! I have owned several Mooneys, starting with a 1984 201, followed by two 252's, two "M" Models and finally my current Ovation and have logged close around 2.300 hours in all of them and flown them everywhere in the U.S and also to see Angel Falls in Venezuela. I found that I could "roll on" practically all my landings in every Mooney except for my current Ovation. I would throttle back approaching or crossing the threshold and then just run the trim in ground effect and they would roll on all the time. This 1995 Ovation has taken me a while to master and I believe that it
  4. Hey everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been researching the purchase of a plane for years and will hopefully be able to make it a reality in the not too distant future. I am very interested in the Mooney lineup and have read a lot on the different models. This forum has been a great resource, thanks! My mission would be lots of local flights of 100nm or less with occasional (5-7x/year) longer cross country flights of around 5-600nm. I live in Vancouver Canada (so essentially the Pacific Northwest). I would love to make flights up and down the west coast but also ha
  5. I downloaded a wt&balance ap for the M20R and it works great. However, they indicate a 'zero fuel weight' number in the envelope. I have been unable to find any reference to a 'zero fuel weight' limit in the POH. I am accustomed to dealing with this limit with jet aircraft but have found no reference in the M20R manual. Is there a 'zero fuel weight' limit on the M20R?
  6. Question on how best to troubleshoot: About 4 hours out of my last annual, on a cross-country, the Moritz EGT gage started to fluctuate wildly (was running LOP at the time), and then eventually settled at the bottom (around 500F as I recall). The EDM was stable and the Engine ran just fine. When I start the plane up when it's cold, the EGT starts showing the increase in EGT, but now stops at the low end/display at/around 500F.I It hasn't been essential for operations since I have an EDM700 that displays everything I need to know. Still, of course I want to fix that. My mechanic told
  7. The right Hand lower cowling developed a dim size blister yesterday. Any idea?
  8. Hi - new member here. I have about 350 M20J hours and have decided to buy a used M20R 2GX or 3GX (2005 or later to get the Garmin G1000 with GFC 700 and SVT etc. Not being lazy, but did not find answers elsewhere on the forum). My mission is ~500nm non-stop in IFR and through Class B, taking off and landing in controlled airspace. Here are some questions I could use some guidance and help with: 1. If I base my Mooney at KSVH (A&P mechanic on site but not a Mooney center) how do I get the plane to the nearest authorized service center if it needs service (if it cant be flown there)
  9. What egt and cht numbers are normal for leaning rich of peak?
  10. Hey all - have a very specific question - and a quick search of the forums didn't come up with an answer. Has anyone worked out the optimal power settings and speeds for the set of commercial maneuvers in an Ovation? I'm going to finish up my commercial soon, and know that the right settings are key to making every maneuver easier - and haven't worked it out yet. Has anyone already done this and would care to share their recommendations? Steep turns, chandelles, lazy eights and eights on pylons? thanks in advance! Greg
  11. Gorgeous, One Owner, Always Hangared, Mooney 20R Loaded with Garmin G1000, On-board Oxygen, FIKI Approved, 102 Gallon Useable Fuel, and Upgraded 310 HP Engine. See our interactive 360° Walkaround View, 50+ photos, complete logs, a high definition video tour, and more: http://flyperformance.com/aircraft/2006-mooney-m20r-n615px/ If you have questions or would like to make an offer, please contact our Sales team at (402) 475-6000 or at aircraft@flyperformance.com!
  12. 2698-TT, Engine (Original) TCM IO-550-G (280-HP/2000-TBO): 1671-TTSN, Complete Logs, Annual Due: May 2017, IFR Due: SEPT 2017, Prop 721-SOH on McCauley 3-Blade Constant Speed, New Leather Upholstery Installed 2015, Paint 7/10. Bendix/King KFC-150 FCS, EFIS 40, KX-155 N/C. Garmin 330 Mode S Transponder & GNS-530 WAAS GPS/Nav/Com, Shadin Fuel Flow, BFG WX-950 SS, Speed Brakes, Standby Vac, Asking $159,900. 190+ Knots, 20,000 Foot Ceiling! Call Kevin: 843-360-5399.
  13. An interesting topic came up the other day while reviewing the POH of my 2006 M20R Ovation2. As it states, and as indicated by the white arc, full flaps can be deployed at 110kts. Typically, in the other aircrafts I've flown, I've been instructed to put the first notch of flaps and gear down at the same time, as the increase in lift counters the increase in drag and results in less needed control input. This has always made sense to me, but most aircraft I've flown have a placard for the airspeed deployment for the first notch of flaps, or at the very least, have some indication in the POH.
  14. 2000 Ovation Pitot Heat Question Flying in light icing conditions near Rock Springs WY yesterday with OAT -1C I had pitot heat switched on. And the TKS in operation. Everything going fine, the protected areas were clear and ASI normal. But after a few minutes I for some reason happened to touch the area under the panel lower edge just above my left leg. I felt a metal box or bracket that was quite warm, too warm to touch for more than a few seconds, so I guess it was at least 50-60C. I aimed some air from the left vent at the hot spot. A few minutes later and out of the clouds
  15. I recently purchased a 2006 Mooney Ovation 2. Upon inspection, everything seemed to be working properly. As a former student used to keeping log time by the Hobbs, I frequently open the baggage door and record the hours. A little while ago, however, I noticed that the Hobbs wasn't moving. I took the plane to my local mechanic who told me that the Hobbs meters typically go bad and that they are easy to fix. After a short inspection, however, he told me that the meter itself was functioning properly and that the issue had to be something else. Doing some research through the threads, it ap
  16. Late 2008 Mooney Ovation2 GX. 190+ KTS TAS. 280 HP IO550 Platinium. 310 TTSN, 2000 TBO. Always Hangared 9.99/10.00 Inside and Out. NDH. Beige Interior. Useful Load 1068 lbs. 100 gal Fuel Tanks (6+ Hours Range). It’s easier to describe what this airplane does not have first. It does not have AC, FIKI, or onboard Weather Radar. It has pretty much everything else. G1000, SVT, GFC 700, GDL69A (Full satellite weather, TFR’s, winds, etc., and XM Radio), Speed Brakes, Oxygen, Level II TCAS (L3 Skywatch), TAWS, Jepp Plates, Bose plugs front and rear, Bose Headsets Included, Pre
  17. 2006 Mooney Ovation2 GX M20R N969RP - S/N 29-0436 Hangared at Pickens County (KJZP) Georgia $285,000 (Brokered through Lone Mountain www.lonemountainaircraft.com) AVIONICS Garmin GDU 1040, 10” Primary Flight Display, three axis flight dynamics, air speed, altitude, VS, HSI with perspective modes Garmin GDU 1040, 10” Multi Function Display Garmin GDC 74A Integrated Digital Air Data Computer, Constant display of TAS, CAS, Wind Direction, VSI and TAT GRS77 Solid-State Attitude and Heading Reference System Dual Garmin GIA63, Integrated radio modules with IFR approved GPS, VHF navigation w
  18. Hey Guys....... I need some help with a fuel pump problem. Just prior to my annual inspection I noticed when I ran the fuel pump on low it would run the pump for a few seconds then stop..... High seems to work just fine. I reported the problem to my mechanic and he send out for a new/rebuilt pump. Same problem after replacement.... This is the email I got after the new replacement pump was installed ...... "We installed the fuel pump, Thursday, and, Friday, found the low side pressure to be way higher than what is stated in the manual. We attempted to adjust the output by adjusting th
  19. Hi all! This one is well equipped, well maintained and spent most of its life in Massachusetts. It's been hangared, has complete logs, speed brakes, a new 406-ELT, Garmin 480 with WAAS, glide slope, Bendix/King: KX-165 nav/com, KCS-55A HSI, KAP-150 2-Axis autopilot, KN-64 DME. Also a Garmin GTX-33 remote mounted mode S transponder with traffic info, Garmin MX-20 MFD with Chartview/Terrain, BFG WX-1000 storm scope, WSI data link weather, Insight 610 GEM, Shadin MiniFlo L fuel management, standby vacuum, 2nd horizon, dual 24-volt aircraft batteries (installed new in 2013), oil cooler, portable o
  20. I am listing for sale my 1994 Mooney Ovation M20R. This Mooney is serial number 2 off of the line and was initially Mooney’s demonstrator. It is the Ovation that was on the cover of the magazines when it was released (painted in the much more bold Texas flag). It has the 310hp Midwest Mooney Screaming Eagle Conversion. It has some updated avionics with the Garmin GTN-650, GPSS roll steering, flushmounted JPI EDM-900 (primary for all engine instruments), RCA 2600 backup electric AI, and GAMIjectors for smooth LOP operations. The engine is higher time, but the airplane flies regularly, and
  21. Allow me the honor of providing this forum advance notice of our latest MT Composite Prop upgrade STC. 74" diameter, 4-blade, Scimitar shape, Composite Propeller for all Mooney M20 R, S & TN models. The STC is approved to include those aircraft with engine performance upgrades. 24v hot prop or fluid de-ice options are available. The fluid de-ice system is compatable with existing FIKI systems. Our test ship was a very heavy M20TN with every possible option and we saw improvements in take off, climb and cruise compared to the 3-blade Hartzell that was tested against. The prop reduc
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