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Found 14 results

  1. So I'm in the process of buying a 66 M20E. The pre-buy inspection found 2 cracks (2 inches each) on the upper right corner of the co-pilot windshield. They were stop drilled but the cracks continued... The windshield needs to be replaces and the seller is going to cover the cost. The right side is going to cost approx. $800 parts and labor to replace. Question is, should I just replace both of the current windshields with a one-piece windshield. (Not the 201 windshield) I have an estimate of $2300 for a one-piece, parts and labor. Is there and benefit to keeping the 2 windshields separate? What are the benefits of a one-piece? I don't see much difference other than looks and cost.
  2. Greetings, I'm new to Mooney Space and hoping to be flying my own Mooney soon. I'm looking for an A&P that may be available in the Savannah Georgia area for a prebuy inspection. My preference would be to have someone travel to where the aircraft is based. Thanks for you suggestions.
  3. Good evening! I have finally found a Mooney I want to purchase and have a purchase agreement. Does anyone know of a good Mooney mechanic to complete a pre-buy inspection near Fort Valley, Georgia?
  4. I'm scheduled to go test fly an F early in the afternoon of the 13th at the North Las Vegas airport (yes, it'll be hot... scheduling just worked out that way). I'd like to have a very Mooney-experienced CFI meet us there if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions? Bill Custer out of Reno, maybe? The next step would be a prebuy the week following; Any suggestions near Reno/Lake Tahoe? I do note that the closest MSC is in Vegas (Lone Mountain Aviation). Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone! I'm very new to this page and I've enjoyed reading the comments on here. very insightful. I am wondering if anyone know or could recommend a great mechanic or a shop that does prebuy/prepurchase inspection on Mooneys? My offer for a 20j 201 was just accepted and I am very excited but the purchase is pending a prebuy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I already tried to search button but maybe I just didn't see it. If there is a list out there or a previous post, please let me know and I'll erase this thread to not clog up to forum. thank you again! -Vince
  6. Hi. I'm trying to find an efficient aircraft. I've read and heard that posting here and asking for help is a wise thing to do ... so, I'm posting here and asking for help. My thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to give me some advice. I'm seeking a plane generally for flights from the Central Valley of CA to LA and SF. This generally means: one person in the aircraft. Rarely two. Three in the airplane is an unlikely possibility. Usually approx. 200 miles each leg; sometimes up to 400 miles (LA to SF or the reverse) occasional flight over Tejon Pass, in either direction Likely access to UL94 on most of the trips, so I'd somewhat prefer a plane which can use that fuel paved airstrips at each end of my trips Max budget is ... well, a lot more than I'm likely to actually spend. I'm not so constrained by absolute number of dollars at this level, but I do want to get a good, or at least a reasonable, deal. I'm currently looking at: and Pros and cons are laid out in the ads. Both seem nice (though the one sold by All American Aircraft seems a bit nicer). Frankly, based on the NAAA valuation tool on trade-a-plane, and lurking on this site and others, they seem way overpriced. So, I'd like to ask for your help. Can anyone convince me that these planes are not overpriced? If they are overpriced, what are good prices for these aircraft? Does anyone see any ads for other planes which would appear to fit my mission? Thanks again, and looking forward to getting some good advice!
  7. Folks, I'm pitching back into the purchase arena and have narrowed down to a 67 Mooney M20F in Ft Meyers FL. Can you provide recommended pre-buy locations? I'd like a MSC but would settle for a non-MSC if they have lots of experience working on them. Greatly appreciate any assistance Cheers,
  8. New guy to mooneyspace and prospective new owner of a Bravo TLS. I'm located on the west coast and this AC is located in Jacksonville. I need to find a Mooney TLS savvy A&P to do an unbiased inspection of this beauty before I go out to confirm/close the deal. Any feedback on worthy A&P's in the 100 mile range of JAX is appreciated. In addition, anyone with knowledge of N9119X is certainly welcome to chime in with any comments, suggestions, recommendations. She's a 1990 with a gear up in 07 but logs look complete and repair seems to be well documented. Pic's represent a clean, sharp looking, relatively well equiped M20M for that vintage. Thanks in advance for any feedback regardin gany of the above. Mike
  9. Folks, I'm pushing this out as a last option and could use some serious help. I'm looking at possibly buying a 65 M20E and will be getting on a plane from Las Vegas NV to Charlotte NC in an hour for the pre-buy inspection, transition training, and ideally the long flight back. PROBLEM: The A&P that is currently scheduled to do the work is sick and unsure if they can make the trip. He was bringing standard tools to pull panels, compression tester, boroscope, etc... SO NOW I'M POSSIBLY IN A PINCH (if he can't make it) What would really use your help with: 1. A Charlotte NC area (or even east coast) Mooney Smart A&P able to do a pre-buy inspection tomorrow or Friday. The plane is located a 8A6 (Wilgrove Air Park). Seller has jacks, a hanger to do the pre-buy, air compressor for compression checks...small airport 2. Transition training. My insurance requires 5 hours of dual instruction in the plane If you know of anyone, that can help, my cell number 702-423-4699. Fly into Charlotte tonight. Escape plan in plane not up to snuff or I can't find anyone to assist...leave Charlotte early Saturday morning on a Southwest flight. Appreciate any help I can get on this. My A&P is also beating the bushes but he lives in TX... Cheers, Matt
  10. Hi all. New member here. I'm currently in the market for an M20J. I found a 1978 201 with around 6000 hrs on airframe and around 850 SMOH. It's had a pretty recent paint job along with interior, and is fairly close to home. The aircraft is listed at around $85,000. The airplane is currently out of annual, but is scheduled for one in the first part of Sept. The aircraft is being sold by a dealer, and annualled by a mechanic who works for the dealer. I haven't purchased an. aircraft since the 70's, so i am far from being an experienced buyer. Would it be reasonable and prudent to have a mechanic of my choice do a Prebuy inspection while the airplane is in it's annual? Can anybody recommend an experienced Mooney mechanic in or around the Sacramento area that could perform a prebuy? Thanks! Rick
  11. I'm looking at a 201 up in the Crystal River area. Anyone know a contact for a pre-buy? Bruce
  12. So I'm looking to finish up the offer and paperwork on the 231 and need good recommendation for a solid Mooney shop in San Diego. Seller had work done at Crownair so would prefer a different shop to inspect it for the prebuy. I flew it already and seller agreed to fix major squawks and airworthy items or discount price. I'm hoping and praying the major stuff is in good shape but did budget additional funds for maintenance. Fortunately I don't need to update avionics other than eventually comply with the 2020 ADSB mandate but since the plane has Garmin 530W and 330 GTX transponder, the update is less than without these avionics.
  13. I'm in the process of buying a Mooney located in the Kansas City area. What is a good shop for the pre-buy inspection?
  14. Hi, I am planning to buy a Mooney 201 in Oklahoma City and looking for recommendation for workshop / A&P in the area who can do pre-purchase inspection for me. The airplane had a gear-up landing in Jan 2012 at Edenton, NC (KEDE). Tomorrow I will check with seller if it can be flown to some other airport for inspection as the airplane might be out of annual. I think it expired in March 2013 but seller is going to get the annual done before sale. Thanks.