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  1. I bought a 1982 M20J 201 back in April and I took it for my first night flight the other evening. I didn't notice anything unusual until I was in flight for several minutes, at which point the panel lights started changing intensity at a rate of perhaps 2 Hz...bright-dim-bright, a bit random. I then looked at the ammeter and the needle swings pretty wide left and right of zero in time with the panel light fluctuations. I have a JPI EDM-700 and it logs various voltages from 13.6 to 14.5. The problem is also intermittent. Most times it doesn't happen until in flight (I've made
  2. Better than New: The Refurbishment of N205J Mooney N205J is a 1987 M20J model “205 Special Edition (SE)”. It differed from other M20J “201’s” at the time in that it incorporated a few changes: 1. Fully enclosed gear doors 2. Rounded window lines 3. 28 volt electrical system 4. Electric cowl flaps with infinite adjustment 5. Upturned wingtips with forward facing recognition lights and aft facing position lights 6. Gear extension speed increased from 132 to 140 knots The 205 SE came right as the general aviation
  3. Anyone have any experience with the latest LED landing lights from Whelen or AeroLEDs? Since we have an M20J with a single PAR46 in the cowl, the AeroLEDs Sunspot 46LX with both landing and taxi optics is attractive. Thoughts? Anyone try the latest Whelen Parmetheus Pro PAR46 light yet?
  4. Hello all. Myself and 3 partners are looking for a 5th person to join us in buying an M20J or M20K. The plane will be based out of Centennial, CO (KAPA, near Denver). Some details below: Buy In (per person): $27K ---> After legal fees for the partnership doc, an initial maintenance reserve, pre-purchase inspection, sales tax, etc. that results in a buying power of ~$117k Estimated Monthly Fixed Costs (per person): $275 Desired Avionics (buy a plane with them installed, or buy a cheaper plane and put them in): ---> Advanced Engine Monitor (JPI/Garmin/EDM)
  5. In March of 2015, we finalized the purchase agreement of N4352H, a 1979 Mooney M20J “201”. Early in 2017, we decided it was time to do a full modernization project and ensure the safest and most capable aircraft we possibly could. We figured that this project would take just shy of one year, so I dropped the airplane off one day before new hire class for my airline started. Upon purchase, the aircraft was equipped with the Aspen PFD2000 system, a single Garmin GNS-430W, the S-TEC55X autopilot, as well as the Lycoming IO-360-B3A6. With the exception of those upgrades, the airplane r
  6. From the album: 84 M20J pics

    Taken a "few" years ago.
  7. Fly_M20R

    Angel Falls

    From the album: 84 M20J pics

    Angel Falls from above and below
  8. MOONEY 201 SPEED MACHINE 1979 $73,777 UNBEATABLE DEAL N4665H based in Fort Myers FL (KFMY) last 17 years; Complete Log Books 3537 TT, 760 SMOH, Engine and Prop Mechanical & Avionics 10; Paint 7, interior 5 due to Age. ALL AD up to Date, Next Annual 9/17; Compressions 78+/80 Upgrade – Renovation Program- Recent UpGrades :Mag Overhaul 5/17, Ignition Harness 5/17,Break Caliper 5/17,Gill Battery 4/17, ELT Battery 4/17, New RAPCO Vacume pump 2/17, New Windscreen 10/16;New Baffles 11/16, New Doughnuts 6/16, Gear repainted 6/16; Annual
  9. My good friend and a Mooney M20J old timer has an issue with his IO360 . His engine was running rough due to low (zero) compression on one cylinder after take off from KSBP. It appears that one of the intake valves is cupped and not seating properly. Please see the pic. A sticky intake valve is the primary suspect. Has anyone seen this and has any idea what could cause it? The mechanic pulled the cylinder today and will send it out for repair. The main question is what could cause this other than a sticky valve?
  10. http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2018/02/mooney-m20j-201-n925jh-incident.html One of three Mooney landing incidents this past week, including a gear up landing and off field landing, but this one made it into the preliminary accident reports. No reported injuries thankfully. Like many of these, this Mooney was registered less than 1 year ago so lack of experience in type and perhaps lacks of transition training may have played a role. But Mooney's are not unique to porpoising incidents, just probably the most frequent airframe to see them. But here is a very brief write-up includi
  11. Selling our 1978 M20J 201. 2102TT Airframe, 445 SMOH. The plane has the original paint and an interior from 2002. The aircraft is fully 2020 compliant with a Lynx NGT-9000 transponder. Other avionics: Avidyne IFD-540, Garmin SL-30, Garmin GMA-240, Shadin Miniflo, Insight G1, Century IIB. Aircraft had a gear up more than 10 years ago and later has some skin replaced on the tail due to an unfortunate encounter with a hangar door. The aircraft also has speed brakes and the wingtips are modified to match later production Mooney 201s. The annual was just completed by Phil Jimenez a
  12. This Veteran's Day weekend, an M20J went down in the marsh short of the runway at Northeast Florida Regional Airport (KSGJ). Two were on board, the pilot and a nineteen year old passenger. Reports of "mechanical failure" from the pilot to first responders and the media were conveyed. The mishap occurred Sunday morning, November 10th, 2019, shortly before ten o'clock A.M. There were mild to moderate injuries to the occupants. Just a heads-up for the community and spot to add any additional information that might trickle in over the next few days... Important to learn from others misfo
  13. Hello everyone, As the title implies, I'm brand new to MS and will be looking to find an M20F (unless I pull the trigger on a J) within the next year or so. Eventually, I'll be permanently based out of Santa Barbara. I fly active duty for the Navy and have done the mil comp commercial and CFII, and I did my ATP about 6 months ago. I've been watching massive chunks of my life disappear recently to the depths of MS... thanks to everyone that contributes to this impressive website! I have a couple friends that own F's, both are in the Navy as well, and I have broken their will to liv
  14. I'm beginning the search for a Mooney and I thought I had narrowed the choices down to J model. However, now I'm questioning if it's really worth the premium over a well equipped late model F. Assuming a similarly equipped F with a few speed mods, can you guys help me with some pros and cons? After a fair amount of research, here are a few to start with. Pros of a J model over an F generally at least 10 years newer airframe Speed mods already built in Generally better cockpit configuration depending on year Higher VLE ('78+) Better fuel switch (not sure what
  15. I have replaced the original exhaust off my 1983 M20J with new. This was a proactive step as part of my preventive maintenance philosophy for a plane I intend to keep a long time. No leaks or specific problems found, but that said, the exhaust is a wear item and original, about 2400 hours and 32 years, and the price reflects this. For someone who wants to put off a new exhaust a little longer in order to coordinate with their TBO or major annual, this may be for you. Only what is seen here is included: 4 risers, muffler/collector, and tailpipe. Specifically, the heater shroud and tailpip
  16. My 1979 M20J has a step. I am thinking of removing it. I don't need it because I fly by myself 95% of the time. I'd rather have more speed. Has anyone removed their step? How do you do it? Did it increase your speed at all and if so how much?
  17. I am sure this subject has come up before, but I can't find the details needed. Many publications discuss the cost of an engine overhaul, different options, different suppliers, etc. Yet I would like to know how much more the aircraft owner has to put aside for the items typically not included. And numbers from within the last 5 or max 10 years are of course more interesting than older bills. Consider your IO-360 has lasted 30 years and never failed, and now it's time for major work. Engine accessories are almost always included or listed, but what about the following firewall forwar
  18. Looking for a PIREP on 1978 M20J, N201LC, that has been for sale for a while on MAPA classifieds. Has anyone seen this airplane in person? Hangared at KUGN (IL). Thank you in advance.
  19. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum (also knew to airplane ownership). Since I bought my 77' M20J a month ago I have been having problems with starting it. When I follow the POH, the engine doesn't start on my first attempt. After letting the starter cool, I cycle the throttle and mixture and it usually starts on the second or third attempt. Most of my flight experience has been in CG helicopters - with digital engine controls, and I've never had starting problems. My problem might just be my limited experience with GA aircraft. These are the key steps I follow in starting my Moone
  20. I am looking for a recommendation for an annual inspection in Bismarck, North Dakota. I have had two shops recommended but neither were from Mooney drivers. They were: Bismarck Aero Center, Inc. and Executive Air in Bismarck in North Dakota Any Bismarck / North Dakota Mooney owners have experience with either of these two? I thank you in advance!
  21. Hi, me and my Mooney are based in Germany and I‘m looking for a used / new glareshild. Could anyone give me a useful link? Thanks in advance.
  22. What are the differences between the Mooney M20F and the M20F Exec 21? Thank you in advance.
  23. Hello,I’ve been searching for my first Mooney for the past 12 months and studied the pros/cons of the models within my budget. I've found a 231 priced like a 201 (for some reasons) and I am about to send her for a PPI but I am having second thoughts after receiving several warnings about the TSIO 360 (this bird is fitted with the LB version with Intercooler).In my view, the pros of a 231 vs. 201 are:- De-iced prop- Option to climb if caught in icing- Climb above most WX- Fly faster in high teens FL- Better original avionics e.g. KFC200The cons are:- Bad reputation of the Continental TSIO 360 v
  24. Trying to do a comparison of a typical "normal" (if that even exist in our world) cost of an annual on a M20E or more recent M20. If you care to share the cost of your last couple of annuals, I have my spreadsheet running. If major work was done beyond the normal during the annual, new Garmin 430W installed, etc, it will skew the results. A good friend tells me that a Bonanza annual will run 2 to 3 times more than a Mooney. I find that hard to believe. Look forward to replies.
  25. Looking for a battery box asap if anyone has any ideas. Thanks in advance. Its for a 1978J
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