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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings, I'm new to Mooney Space and hoping to be flying my own Mooney soon. I'm looking for an A&P that may be available in the Savannah Georgia area for a prebuy inspection. My preference would be to have someone travel to where the aircraft is based. Thanks for you suggestions.
  2. Hello fellow Mooniacs, If you're looking for a knowledgeable Mooney IA/Mechanic in the SoCal area, DM me for further information. This gentleman has over 15 years of Mooney specific experience and has worked at 2 MSC's. He holds several certifications from Mooney (Kerville, TX) on various systems and procedures. He has in depth knowledge on all model Mooney aircraft and troubleshooting skills that are to die for! My experience over the past 5 years has been nothing short of exceptional. He is very meticulous, detail oriented, super flexible, and reasonably priced. I know it can be hard to come across a trustworthy and knowledgeable mechanic at a decent rate. Just thought I would pass this along and help others in the Mooney community. Happy and safe flying!!
  3. Folks, My new (to me) Mooney is coming up on it's first annual and while I have a shop that can do the work (and several vintage Mooney annuals each year), they seem a bit pricey for just the annual. So, I figured I'd seek input on A&P/IA / Shops that get high marks. I'm in Las Vegas NV and don't mind hitting SoCal or AZ (just more reason to fly). 1967 M20F / N135JC Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  4. Folks, I'm pushing this out as a last option and could use some serious help. I'm looking at possibly buying a 65 M20E and will be getting on a plane from Las Vegas NV to Charlotte NC in an hour for the pre-buy inspection, transition training, and ideally the long flight back. PROBLEM: The A&P that is currently scheduled to do the work is sick and unsure if they can make the trip. He was bringing standard tools to pull panels, compression tester, boroscope, etc... SO NOW I'M POSSIBLY IN A PINCH (if he can't make it) What would really use your help with: 1. A Charlotte NC area (or even east coast) Mooney Smart A&P able to do a pre-buy inspection tomorrow or Friday. The plane is located a 8A6 (Wilgrove Air Park). Seller has jacks, a hanger to do the pre-buy, air compressor for compression checks...small airport 2. Transition training. My insurance requires 5 hours of dual instruction in the plane If you know of anyone, that can help, my cell number 702-423-4699. Fly into Charlotte tonight. Escape plan in plane not up to snuff or I can't find anyone to assist...leave Charlotte early Saturday morning on a Southwest flight. Appreciate any help I can get on this. My A&P is also beating the bushes but he lives in TX... Cheers, Matt
  5. Hi everyone, Saturday morning planned on flying to Yosemite (KMPI) for a weekend the plane loaded, IFR Clearance, and took the runway. Applied full power and instead of the usual 40"MP, it capped out about about 29". Aborted after about 200 feet, taxied back and put the bird back in the hangar and spent the next 8 hours in the car. First, i'm looking for a good mechanic in SD to come out to the plane. I'm based out of the Oceanside (KOKB) airport. Secondly, possible turbo failure? Cylinders all seemed to be operating withing normal t/o zones and the runup didn't indicate any issue with mags. So...if it is a turbo failure, any shops you guys recommend to either repair, or replace? Side note...Yosemite was incredible! Thanks, David
  6. Hi, My airplane is located a KBTP (Butler County Airport); however, I will reposition it when and if applicable. I am trying to stay within 1 hour driving time from the center of Pittsburgh, PA --- so this include certain neighboring areas such as Ohio and West Virginia, which are part of the tri-state area of Pittsburgh. I am looking for a mechanic (A&P) that meets the following: Honest Reasonable Knowledgeable of Mooney M20J model If you know anyone that fits send me a message. Thanks.
  7. This is getting frustrating. Scrubbed a flight last weekend because the aircraft failed a mag check. Managed to use lots of power and lean mixture to chase that out Tuesday night. Getting ready for a nice trip for the fourth of July weekend and I find a flat tire (right main). Can't just inflate it, its leaking badly out the valve stem. So its just a flat. I should be able to get the field mechanic to put on a new tire, right? Field mechanic says he hasn't the correct jack pads for a Mooney. So far I'm on my own. Now I get to ask questions. What the devil is he talking about? I see this at Aircraft Spruce, is that what he's on about? Can't raise him on the phone (another issue) soI get to ask you guys. If so it doesn't seem like a huge deal. Last time I had to jack up an airplane the mechanic had jacks and we just did it, so I'm a little in the dark on this one. Of course, I'd rather just buy jack stands and do this myself but the things are bloody expensive!
  8. Guys, as many of you know by now I am currently outside of the country with my Mooney. In Guatemala there are 2 Mooneys (Hopefully 3 soon). So knowledge about how to maintain a mooney is not always available. That is why I post some many questions....Thus here goes another one: My Mooney has electric flaps. When I put the Flaps in take off position (I know some would say simply don't do it) the flaps have to much play upwards and as soon as I start rolling they move up 5 degress. However when I put the flaps down to full flaps they stay in place. I asked my local mechanic (not a mooney expert) to look into it he said that everything looked OK. When I use the flaps for landing they stay in place (I guess because of the airflow)> . As you can imagine I don't think that this is right. Thank you for any advice you can give me!!! Oscar