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  1. mcrouch

    ipad mini

    Sorry, folks. I forgot to put the link in my earlier message.....
  2. mcrouch

    ipad mini

    Im not sure where the original thread appeared on Mooneyspace so I can't post in that particular group. Perhaps someone who does remember can repost this to that particular forum. But it appears that there might be a replacement for the Ipad mini on the horizon. Now sure how software makers will respond with aviation specific stuff for this new entry or whether they will respond at all. At the moment, I don't think this is available in anything smaller than the 9.7 inch size but they may shrink it in the future. I post only to make folks aware of it. No connection with the item, no stock in it, blah, blah, blah.
  3. mcrouch

    Auto start apps

    To whoever started the thread on auto start apps and any others that are interested, try "sis startup" in the Google play store. I know it works in android but don't know if there is an IOS version. I'm just throwing It out there for what's it's worth. It may not do what you need. No root required.
  4. All of my manuals are at the airport (about a 3hour round trip) or I would look it up myself. Was hoping someone could post the inside dimensions (handle to handle) of the pilot's side yoke in a 67 M20F. I presume that both yokes would be the same but one never knows.... Mark Crouch, Cornelia Georgia
  5. I'll take the brake rivet tool. PM sent.....
  6. mcrouch

    WTB- M20F

    What year or range of years are you looking for?
  7. This deal is unbeatable. 200 pieces of heat shrink tubing for $5. If you don't need it now, you will....
  8. mcrouch

    Wanted: 1967 M-20F

    I've got the one you may be looking for. Contact me off list. Mark Crouch. 770-781-5892. Currently in annual. Located in Georgia.
  9. mcrouch

    WTB: Redline Sidewinder tug

    If you don't find your preference, I've got an ez-tow I used with my M20F for sale @ $425. Located in Georgia. Pics on request.
  10. Electric power tow for sale. Have owned for about 12 years and it has never failed me. Gave up hanger and no longer need it. Price=$425. Because it is so bulky, pickup only. Located just north of Atlanta, Ga. Power Tow pic 6.pdf Power Tow pic 5.pdf Power Tow pic 4.pdf Power Tow pic 3.pdf Power Tow pic 2.pdf Power Tow pic 1.pdf