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  1. What plane did you have when you bought it and do you know what models it fits?
  2. Same here. It's not very worthwhile or efficient to require a visit to the forum just to read the content of the post when it was quite economical to read the complete post in the email and log in only if one was inclined to reply or comment. Can we please have an option to go back to the way it was???
  3. Somehow I didn't think it would. Seems I'm a dollar late and a dollar short nearly all the time these days. Must be getting older. LOL Thanks everyone. Mark Crouch N9522M
  4. Any idea if this also fits an 67 F model without doing any mods to it? Mark Crouch N9522M
  5. Well, since no one else has asked, mind sharing what the turn key cost was?
  6. This article caught my attention. But it seems unclear (although plausible) this this would work in an aircraft, driven by whatever smartphone one might be using and their associated app. If anyone tries it, please report back on whether it works and how well...... https://the-gadgeteer.com/2019/03/19/fixd-automotive-puts-a-vizr-heads-up-display-in-your-car/
  7. I've got to wonder whether any of these "landing fees" are in anyway associated with ownership of the airport. Lawrenceville, Georgia, for example, is county owned. No landing fees. Cornelia, Georgia (abt 30 miles north of Lawrenceville) is county owned and no landing fees. Same with Winder, Georgia, which is about 30 miles east of Lawrenceville. If any FBO's at those locations charge a fee, I'm not aware of it. I was based at Lawrenceville for 8 or 9 years and while I was there I did not experience any FBO fee. Transients may be treated differently but I don't think so. I don't know who
  8. YIKES!! There is no freaking logical reason that spark plugs should cost that much $$. That is ridiculous.
  9. I'll see if I can find a phone number for them and give them a call. At the moment I'm wondering whether the replacement using the method MikeOH suggested would require some form of a 337 or an IA signoff. Maybe Mooney engineering would have some thoughts on that as well. Insofar as I know, replacement of those weights has never come on on this forum so I posted for the education of us all as eventually everybody with an older model Mooney will face the problem of replacing those particular parts. Although I have an MSC near me I would feel much more comfortable getting the opinion of DMa
  10. That is most helpful. Thanks...... Well, the power of the internet has let me down. The only phone number I can find rings at the sales manager's desk and that phone goes to voice mail. I would have thought Mooney would at least had a receptionist answering phone but I guess not. If anyone has a number for Mooney engineering, I would appreciate someone sending it by private message. thanks
  11. Hi folks. Looking for some advice and information from the a&p's and IA's out there, as well as any one else that may have experience with this item or personal knowledge about the repair. Each elevator on our mooneys (this question happens to involve a 67 M20F) has on the outboard side a counterweight shaped like a wide piece of pie, about 2.5 or 3.0 inches wide and about 3/4ths inch tall where it attaches to the elevator. Visually it appears to be pressed on to a cylinder shaped rod but I have no idea how it is actually mounted and secured. I believe (but do not know) that these ar
  12. Sorry, folks. I forgot to put the link in my earlier message..... https://www.pcworld.com/article/3287917/computers/surface-go-vs-ipad.html#tk.rss_all
  13. Im not sure where the original thread appeared on Mooneyspace so I can't post in that particular group. Perhaps someone who does remember can repost this to that particular forum. But it appears that there might be a replacement for the Ipad mini on the horizon. Now sure how software makers will respond with aviation specific stuff for this new entry or whether they will respond at all. At the moment, I don't think this is available in anything smaller than the 9.7 inch size but they may shrink it in the future. I post only to make folks aware of it. No connection with the item, no stock
  14. To whoever started the thread on auto start apps and any others that are interested, try "sis startup" in the Google play store. I know it works in android but don't know if there is an IOS version. I'm just throwing It out there for what's it's worth. It may not do what you need. No root required.
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