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  1. Rocket Owners ... Does the Rocket conversion increase your Gross weight to 3200?
  2. Thank you all very much! If I ever own a Rocket, WOT, "balls to the wall" climbs for me too!
  3. PJ, Correct on all counts. 130 to 135 kts and 500 to 600 fpm at 30 inches and 2200 rpm. Thanks for the prompt reply!
  4. Rocket drivers ... Take-Off and climb settings in your Rocket. I have a friend who climbs at 65%, 30 inches and burning 18 GPH. Curious what others are doing. Thank you!
  5. Avionics ... Sebastian Communication in Merritt Island. Ask for Carl.
  6. Any other ForeFlight Performance numbers for 81 M20K that owners care to share? Thank you!
  7. What should be included in a Garmin G5 pre-flight checklist? Thank you!
  8. Thank you! As we pilots like to say: Still Looking .... for a PIREP on 201LC . Has anyone seen this airplane in person? Does someone knowledgable with the M20J and close to KUGN care to go have a first look for me? Looking for a PIREP on 1978 M20J, N201LC Hangared at KUGN (IL).
  9. Looking for a PIREP on 1978 M20J, N201LC, that has been for sale for a while on MAPA classifieds. Has anyone seen this airplane in person? Hangared at KUGN (IL). Thank you in advance.
  10. Are you based in Vero Beach or just having Sun Avionics do some work for you?
  11. I had a friend hangar his airplane in Vero Beach, KVRB, because of limited hangar space, cost and frequent weekend TFR's in Palm Beach area. Hangars in Vero are running under $400 with tax.
  12. I should have asked. Thank you very much!
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