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  1. What should be included in a Garmin G5 pre-flight checklist? Thank you!
  2. Thank you! As we pilots like to say: Still Looking .... for a PIREP on 201LC . Has anyone seen this airplane in person? Does someone knowledgable with the M20J and close to KUGN care to go have a first look for me? Looking for a PIREP on 1978 M20J, N201LC Hangared at KUGN (IL).
  3. Looking for a PIREP on 1978 M20J, N201LC, that has been for sale for a while on MAPA classifieds. Has anyone seen this airplane in person? Hangared at KUGN (IL). Thank you in advance.
  4. Are you based in Vero Beach or just having Sun Avionics do some work for you?
  5. I had a friend hangar his airplane in Vero Beach, KVRB, because of limited hangar space, cost and frequent weekend TFR's in Palm Beach area. Hangars in Vero are running under $400 with tax.
  6. I should have asked. Thank you very much!
  7. Private Message sent Matt. Thank you!
  8. Thank you. What I want is someone who may have already taken a look or knows the airplane for sale. If someone has looked at N333MT in Alabama and decided it was not for them, perhaps they can provide valuable information about the airplane. I am not looking for opinions on whether it is a good value based on the ad. I am looking for someone who has seen, photographed and touched this airplane. As you know, I recently went to look at a 231 that was completely misrepresented. I can help and save someone the expense of looking at this airplane because I have seen it and touched it personally. Hopefully, there is a Mooney owner in Alabama who knows this M20F N333MT and can help. Thanks again!
  9. Has anyone looked at or done a pre-buy on the 1968 F Model For Sale in Alabama, N333MT?
  10. I was thinking how valuable it would be to have a Forum that would provide MooneySpace members a resource for Mooney's that are for sale and have been seen, have had a pre buy, or have personal knowledge of the airplane. Good and bad! I recently, two days ago, went to see a M20K in Delaware that is for sale. I passed on the purchase. And, in spite of having two locals, one a pilot and one a mechanic, telling me how wonderful this Mooney was ... my experience was utter disappointment and disbelief. Looking for an airplane to buy is often an expensive proposition, just like ownership. I just keep thinking to myself that if only someone on MooneySpace had seen this airplane and had posted photos or their honest assessment after seeing the airplane, I could have saved money and we could save others looking for an M20K a lot of money too. I belonged to the Grumman Gang when I owned my Grumman several years ago and we always had volunteers, fellow pilots and aviation friends who would do a "First Look" for us if they happen to be close to the airplane we were interested in. Perhaps the moderators would consider such a Forum to help all of us. With that being said if anyone is looking at N231FG in Delaware, I will be happy to discuss and share photos. I also have the Aero-Space Reports on the airplane ($95). All the best!
  11. Looking for recommendations on nice airports, with fuel, in the Philadelphia area that do NOT charge a landing fee. Ideally, within 15 to 20 miles of the Philly airport. Thank you in advance!
  12. Great looking work by Aircraft Designs at Pine Mountain Lake!
  13. That is a fact! CJ Cannon's options are excellent and the atmosphere perfect.