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  1. Florida Mooney friends, Does anyone have the Main Gear Rigging tool GSE030007-100 that I could use for the day to check my over-center rigging? I am in Vero Beach and Gainesville throughout the week, so happy to pick-up or meet for lunch on me. Thank you!
  2. Part Number. AM108365FP (USE: P13-6287) Mooney M20K Donaldson Air Filter Has anyone found a different source than Donaldson for the air induction filter? I was looking to see if K&N made one for the M20K. Thank you in advance.
  3. Use your iPhone for music. Most up to date panels have an audio panel with Bluetooth. SiriusXM Aviation data service elements are updated at multiple rates. Dynamic elements like radar and lightning are updated every 2.5 minutes (twice as fast as ADS-B).
  4. Agree 100%, it is criminal and any knowledge of their real identity should be reported.
  5. Using these names and email address: kraee@hotmail.com Nadiyah Dalton dmsawmill@yahoo.com Larry Shepherd ifepaul19@gmail.com Name - Sylvia Items they are scamming: From: NADIYAH DALTON <kraee@hotmail.com> Date: July 26, 2022 at 14:36:34 CDT Subject: New avionics for sale  1. redline sidewinder $1000 2. Bose A20 with Blue Tooth $600 3. Two spinners off a Beechcraft Baron 55 Colemill $1000 4. Powertow Thundervolt tug as new with Baron and Mooney $2000 5. Lightspeed Tango Headset $400 6. Garmin GTN750 $9000 7. JPI EDM-830 $1500 8. Continental IO 520b $10,000 9. PS Engineering PMA6000B $400 10. PS Engineering PMA 450A audio panel $1500 11. Brand new B-Kool Portable Cooler 12 volt $200 12.Bendix King KI-204 Indicator $650 13.Altimeter Removed from a 28V 1972 Cessna 310Q $280 14.SANDEL SN3500 P/N 3500-002 $4000 15. Stratus II complete system kit. Part No. 153070-000019 $200 16. Garmin GNS430W pn 011-01060-40. 14/28v with tray and connectors $4000 17 . Stratus ESGi Transponder (ADS-B In/Out) $1200 18. Powertow Supertow II $1500 19. AKG Aviation (Harmon Kardon) Headset $500 20 .Lightspeed Zulu 3 LEMO $300 21.Brightline Bag $150 22. King radio altimeter system $700 23 .Garmin GTR-225B 16W comm $2000 24.Garmin GAD 29B $350 25 . GI 275 $1500
  6. My AP/IA installed today. Thank you for the nicely organized kit. Well done sir.
  7. Thank you James! Will order. How’s your beautiful Bo? Jose
  8. MS29513-010 (little inner one), MS29513-338 (big outer one) found these MS number on a post from 2013. Are these the correct o rings for a 1980 Mooney M20K?
  9. What drives the gear window indications? The mains, nose wheel or all three? Is it mechanical or electric? Is it associated / connected to the annunciation panel or completely independent? Thank you.
  10. A 1981 M20K's POH says run-up at 1700 RPM A 1980 M20K POH says run-up at 2000 RPM What says Mooneyspace M20K owners with the TSIO360 engine?
  11. Would like to see what others are using based on real flight experiences. I have POH data already in my Profiles. Thank you.
  12. I would like to create a couple of different profiles for use with ForeFlight. 75% Power and Economy Cruise ... Cruising Altitude of 9000 feet. Can you share some of your Profiles? Thank you.
  13. Rocket Owners ... Does the Rocket conversion increase your Gross weight to 3200?
  14. Thank you all very much! If I ever own a Rocket, WOT, "balls to the wall" climbs for me too!
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