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  1. Official TCM Overhaul Manual for most variants of the TSIO-360 Turbo Charged Six Cylinder Engine, including the -GB, -LB, -MB and -SB engines used in M20K's. FAA Approved October 1997 edition. Purchased from Aircraft Spruce and in excellent condition--no greasy finger prints, blood splatters or coffee stains. SALE $50 for reference https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/continentalnewmanuals_07-10284.php?clickkey=7889118 List ($201) but not in stock
  2. Got a new laptop! I tried it out by making this very short video, regretfully I had only one GoPro and no audio. But I tried to make it nice with some local color!
  3. Hello all. Myself and 3 partners are looking for a 5th person to join us in buying an M20J or M20K. The plane will be based out of Centennial, CO (KAPA, near Denver). Some details below: Buy In (per person): $27K ---> After legal fees for the partnership doc, an initial maintenance reserve, pre-purchase inspection, sales tax, etc. that results in a buying power of ~$117k Estimated Monthly Fixed Costs (per person): $275 Desired Avionics (buy a plane with them installed, or buy a cheaper plane and put them in): ---> Advanced Engine Monitor (JPI/Garmin/EDM)
  4. Hello M20K Drivers, I just spoke with the folks at Rocket Engineering in Spokane about the idea of them doing more Rocket Conversions to our existing K model fleet. I was told that if he had 20 airplanes lined up wanting the conversions then he'd likely do it, but it would take that many before his costs would be justifiable as doing onesy-twosy just wasn't cost effective for him to open up that option again. So, I ask, is there any K model drivers who might be facing an O/H soon who would be interested in converting their K to a Rocket? I have an 87' 252 now Encore that I'd lov
  5. I know there were a number of threads on screw kits, but I never saw a definite shopping list for a M20K. Does anyone have one? I attempted to write down all the various screws, washers, nuts and whatnots from an IPC I have, but my copy is not searchable, so I gave up pretty fast. Does anyone have a M20K IPC that would be a proper PDF, searchable, with proper text in it, not a bunch of scanned pages? Getting stuff shipped from the US piecemeal is becoming a pain and I'm at a point where I'll be happy to spend the extra $$$ on a bunch of screws I probably won't need just to have the o
  6. Hello, I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a co-owner for my 1987 M20K 252 sn 25-1145, and it makes little economic sense to fly her all by my self so I decided to sell her. 1250 hrs tt per end July. Sold Equipment COM 1: Garmin GNS 530W COM 2: Garmin GNC 255A NAV 1: Garmin GNS 530W NAV 2: Garmin GNC 255A Audio panel: Bendix/King KMA-24 Intercom: Isocom SCI-4 ADF: Bendix/King KR-87 DME: Bendix/King KN-64 Stormscope: 3M WX-950 ADL150 Satellite weather receiver (2018) HSI: Bendix/King KCS-55A Autopilot: Bendix/King KAP-150
  7. I am looking to borrow a EU based set of travel boards that would work for a 1980 M20K, to buy a set (location not critical), or a drawing / CAD file to have them fabricated locally. Absent that option, can someone please describe the process using a protractor? I have not been able to find a description on how to do it without the boards. The Service and Maintenance Manual I have tells me to use the travel boards (27-30-00). I am looking at the elevator, since it seems the easiest, but would want to do all of them eventually. I've seen a few people mention it is doable but tedious, so I
  8. Hi Everyone, We are in the home stretch for our 2020 Summer Conference & Retreat. August 20-23, 2020 Sunriver Resort Sunriver, Oregon Airport Code (S21) Featured Presenters Include: Don Maxwell, Phil Corman, LASAR, Airspeed Insurance, Jan Maxwell & Crewchief Systems. Sponsors Include: LASAR, Aircraft Spruce, Don Maxwell Aviation, Bruce's Custom Covers, The Mooney Flyer, Right Seat Ready, JPI Instruments, Lightspeed, Tempest, Oasis Aero / Weep No More, Lightspeed Insurance It's going to be an amazing and fun weekend. For more information
  9. I cannot find the part numbers for the oil and fuel hoses on the M2OK. Specifically looking for the part numbers of the two fuel hoses from the fuel pump to the firewall and the part numbers for the 3 Oil Hoses That are on the turbo charger
  10. My 252TSE is currently dying after start. It starts and runs fine for about 3-4 seconds then dies. If you keep feeding it fuel by using the boost pump or priming it will run fine. Also once it is warm it runs with no problems and no boost pump required. Does anyone have any ideas of the possible cause? New to mooneys. Thanks
  11. Hey folks, After a lot of thought and discussion with others, I've decided to put my 231 up for sale. Unfortunately I'm at a point in my life where I can't fly enough to justify ownership. It's been an absolute joy but I'll be glad to see it go to someone who can afford the time. The details: 1979 Mooney M20K 231 - fresh annual (April 2017), 3128 TT, two total owners (I'm the 2nd), complete logs, and hangared in Southern California for its entire life until last October (now hangared at HYI near Austin, TX) Airframe: Brand new fuel tank reseal by Houston Tank Specialists
  12. I would like to ask the good people of MooneySpace for suggestions on rearranging the panel in my M20K 231 in a cost conscious way, as well as help on deciding on a engine monitor. Any other hints for now and for the future are also most welcome. By "cost conscious" I don't necessarily mean "cheapest possible", rather "inexpensive but sensible". Work will likely be outsourced to a shop, a FAA A&P/IA is a rare sight at EPKP, one that would sign off my self-install even more so. I currently have standard analog / vacuum instruments as pictured below; in the avionics rack: KMA24, GNS4
  13. Anyone have a part number (or better the part) for the auxiliary power door on the tail cone access panel? Mine departed in flight (pin slipped out?). Looks like this Pic borrowed from another post)
  14. Having read all the posts of people upgrading from a J model to a K model I find myself seriously considering going the other way and trading in my 231 for a 201. I have a 1980 M20K 231 with the LB engine that has about 1400 hours on it. Good avionics including a GNS480, MX20, auto pilot and all the normal things you would assume a 231 has. Paint and interior are less than 9 years old. I have had the plane for 4 years and it is a great example of a 231. I fell in to this plane while trying to sell my M20C. It is a long story but basically I was able to work a deal where it made more s
  15. ...In every phase of flight it is a really great improvement in performance and in cylinder temperatures! Last Year I bought a Turbo Plus intercooler kit from Jeff Shapiro for my Mooney M20K 231. First, the delivery was very fast and second he gave me a special price for me as member of MAPA. When I unpacked the kit, I was very happy about the really great quality of all the parts. Welding, tolerances and so on. I installed the kit in two days and it was a great pleasure to do. The fiberglass work at the cowling is also very easy, but needs a little bit of trim. When I had finished a
  16. Hey guys...getting rid of my first born. Asking $108k. Working with Controller to update to show that it's a TSIO-360LB model and also put some interior pics on there. Let me know david@liondesk.com if you're interested. It was hangared in San Diego since i bought it and just moved to South Florida 6 months ago. https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/31834623/1981-mooney-m20k-231
  17. I was thinking how valuable it would be to have a Forum that would provide MooneySpace members a resource for Mooney's that are for sale and have been seen, have had a pre buy, or have personal knowledge of the airplane. Good and bad! I recently, two days ago, went to see a M20K in Delaware that is for sale. I passed on the purchase. And, in spite of having two locals, one a pilot and one a mechanic, telling me how wonderful this Mooney was ... my experience was utter disappointment and disbelief. Looking for an airplane to buy is often an expensive proposition, just like owners
  18. I'd like to get a new panel installed on my M20K here in Switzerland. Right now it has two 430W's, a EDM700, GMX200, and Sandel EHSI. I'd like to install a G5, an EDM930 (instead of the 700) and a GTN750. Has anybody done this? Or has better ideas to clean up the panel? Pictures of the panel are below.
  19. Anyone have thoughts on this scenario? Gear handle up and nothing happens. Push override and nothing happens, not even the normal horn and annunciations. After about three or four minutes it retracts. Extension is always normal. ‘79 M20K
  20. I love Mooney but I’m not a big fan of the performance charts in the (copy of a copy of a copy) POH. Does anybody know if there are excell files/apps/... for a M20K 252 that can be used for performance calculation/W&B ? Thanks !
  21. 1979 Mooney 231 M20K Asking $75,900 I am selling it because I usually just fly the cub around, I bought this to go places and with work have been very unable to go anywhere. I have owned it for just over a year and put a ton of money into it; bought it out of Alabama with a Mooney center clean bill of health; needless to say our Mooney expert thought otherwise, plane is perfect now and ready to go. Any question you can call or text me at 203.903.3759. Paint is 7/10 (removed big escape sticker from cargo door and found to be the old paint under it) Small chips on wing looks gr
  22. Greetings! Can anyone explain why an 1988 M20K 252 with round window corners would have: 1. an STec 60-2 rather than a KAP 150 autopilot 2. A completely black instrument panel (the whole thing) rather than the white or cream colored IP that is so signature to same-era Mooneys? Others shopping for 252s will probably know the plane I'm talking about; it seems to be the only 252 for sale at the moment that *doesn't* feature the white panel. Thanks for any info! -Matt
  23. So I was going out to do some formation flying today. I started the plane up and taxied off the ramp and towards the taxiway. As I was approaching the runup area, the engine just quit. I "caught" it with the primer switch and it kept going. But if I released the switch, it would die. The 252's have the Klixon switches across the bottom of the left side panel. There is a switch for Low Boost and a switch for High Boost (it has a safety tab that has to be rotated out of the way to activate the switch). These switches are on the left side if the panel. The last switch to the right, is a Prim
  24. Hello,I’ve been searching for my first Mooney for the past 12 months and studied the pros/cons of the models within my budget. I've found a 231 priced like a 201 (for some reasons) and I am about to send her for a PPI but I am having second thoughts after receiving several warnings about the TSIO 360 (this bird is fitted with the LB version with Intercooler).In my view, the pros of a 231 vs. 201 are:- De-iced prop- Option to climb if caught in icing- Climb above most WX- Fly faster in high teens FL- Better original avionics e.g. KFC200The cons are:- Bad reputation of the Continental TSIO 360 v
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