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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, I am in search for a 600115-005 intake duct for a m20f. Would anyone happen to have or know one that is available for immediate purchase?
  2. 1967 Mooney M20F Exec 21 This has been a great 150KTAS cross-country airplane that I've used to commute between Greensboro, NC and Columbus, MS for USAF Reserve duty. I simply want to upgrade and mamma bear wants air conditioning. The engine compressions are all 75+ and it has served me well - lots of IFR, ILS & GPS approaches to near minimums, etc. The panel is updated with an Aspen 1000Pro, Garmin 430w, Garmin 796 (yoke mounted), and Century III A/P that all work together. The color JPI EDM730 helps to maximize fuel efficiency and keep close tabs on the engine. It just came back from Wet Wingologists in May 2022 with a COMPLETE FUEL TANKS RESEAL. The tanks are under warranty for 7 years! Log Books are available upon request. Email: tbraddavis@gmail.com IO-360-A1A (2000hr TBO) Hartzel Prop with “B” hub no AD Times will change as it flies regularly TTAF – 4680 Tach Times Last 7 Annuals SMOH – 1650 2022 – 4682 SPOH – 1119 2021 – 4541 Useful Load – 1032 2020 – 4376 Annual – due June 2023 2019 – 4212 IFR Cert – due June 2024 2018 – 4090 Compressions 75/80, 75/80, 75/80, 75/80 2017 – 3927 Location – Rockingham/Shiloh, NC KSIF 2016 – 3789 -and Golden Triangle, Columbus, MS KGTR Paint - some chips on the belly, but nice shine on top. Interior - seats and seat-belts are in good shape. Paneling is original. Carpet is in good shape. Performance: 155kts TAS ROP 10.5gph +/- 5kts depending on GW and atmospheric conditions 145kts TAS LOP 9gph +/- 5kts depending on GW and atmospheric conditions ASPEN EFD1000pro Aspen EA100 Autopilot Converter Garmin GTX330ES ADS-B out Garmin GDL39-3D ADS-B in Garmin GNS430WAAS Garmin GMA340 audio panel Garmin GPS796 hardwired to G430w (wx, traffic, flight plans) JPI EDM730 color engine monitor w/ fuel flow Narco mk12d nav/comm w/ glideslope, OH’d 2020 Century III autopilot w/ Altitude Hold LED Lights all around Pilot & Co-pilot push to talk Electric Gear 4-place intercom Speed mods for 201: Aileron and flap seals Wing root and dorsal fairings Oil cooler relocation Wheel well seals Recent Maintenance: 8/2022 - New prop cable and lever 5/2022 – Complete fuel tank reseal & fuel sump system, Wet Wingoligists 12/2020 – Overhauled entire exhaust system 3/2019 – Top overhaul Aero Engines of Winchester 1/2018 – All new engine hoses 11/2017 – New airspeed indicator & new alternator & starter 2/2017 – autopilot overhaul ($5k AP Central Tulsa, OK) & new fuel pump 11/2017 – New camshaft and lifters 4/2015 – Paint 3/2013 – All new landing gear bisquits 2013: Deer strike 1985: gear up landing
  3. I'm in need of a copy of a STC and POH Supplements for a Short Body Mooney M20C or M20E. I also need a copy of the Installation instructions for the Short Body Mooney M20 Series as well if anyone has a copy. This is for supporting documentation to be submitted for a Field Pre Approval for my M20A with a M20E Wing. I have already purchased a complete S-Tec 30 system and I'm well on my way to applying for the field approval. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Carl
  4. I am writing about my recent experience with replacing my Continental TSIO-360 The original motor was running fine but was at TBO hours and had served for 35 years. WIth planned use including IFR and night work, I was keen to have the feeling that I could rely on that engine up front... So after weighing up the alternatives, and being dissuaded from field-overhauling the current motor due to its complexity, I decided on a 'zero-time' reman. unit from Continental, delivery expected in February - due to a 'crankshaft line supply problem' this was delayed to May Despite best efforts, I Still don't have my aircraft back. I have been told that (so far) the installer has found: 1) Overboard exhaust pipe assembly does not properly align with turbo and wastegate 2) Dip-stick does not fit in tube, cannot be used 3) Bendix magnetos installed (Slick were specified, for which I have the correct RPM sensors) Continental quality control? I am thinking that such a concept must be totally unfamiliar to them. Can this engine have been test run? - it certainly wasn't assembled fully. Anyone else had similar problems?
  5. I dont think I can clarify the title anymore, but would appreciate if someone did find this and send me a PM to give your bird an honest offer! or just give me a pointer in the right direction to a tip you have heard about, that would be greatly appreciated! Anyone at your airfield,a friend of a friends? Maybe your girlfriends cousins brothers dogs sitters friend is ready to give a soon to be Private Pilot(Student Pilot waiting on Medical for solo flights) a chance at a miracolous aircraft?! I would even entertain the idea at a partnership in South Florida if I got so lucky.. Please and Thank You! -Michael Brian David 786.560.1107
  6. Hello, I am in search for a 600115-005 intake boot for a m20f. Would you happen to have or know one that is available for immediate purchase?
  7. Hello All! This two days ago I took delivery of N74573 a B model serial #1884. I am very excited to be an active part of the Mooney community and learn as much as I can about airplane ownership. I would love to hear from other B Model owners about some of the idiosyncratic behaviors unique to their B models. I now have about 10 hours dual and excited to go out flying today and build a good deal of solo time to really feel comfortable and know the plane. If you have a B model speak up! If you have any tips please let me know. If you are in SoCal and curios to see an M20B let me know I’ll be flying all day. Also any words of encouragement regarding my ever growing squawk list is appreciated as well.
  8. Hi Everyone, We are in the home stretch for our 2020 Summer Conference & Retreat. August 20-23, 2020 Sunriver Resort Sunriver, Oregon Airport Code (S21) Featured Presenters Include: Don Maxwell, Phil Corman, LASAR, Airspeed Insurance, Jan Maxwell & Crewchief Systems. Sponsors Include: LASAR, Aircraft Spruce, Don Maxwell Aviation, Bruce's Custom Covers, The Mooney Flyer, Right Seat Ready, JPI Instruments, Lightspeed, Tempest, Oasis Aero / Weep No More, Lightspeed Insurance It's going to be an amazing and fun weekend. For more information and to Register please click the link below. West Coast Mooney Club - Summer Conference & Retreat I hope to see you there. Michael Rodgers
  9. I am a new pilot (around 70 hours) and just started working on my instrument rating. Most of my flying has been in Cherokees and Archers with my tail wheel endorsement in a Champ. I am currently building a Vans RV7A and want to purchase a plane to fly now while working on the RV and also to use in my instrument training. I will be flying for work trips typically within 250 nm but up to 600nm on occasion. Of course I will be flying for fun any chance I get. I have set my mind on a Mooney and I am shopping for one now. This will be my first plane purchase, besides the RV. I am really open to any models C - K that will fit my needs and price range. I live in middle Georgia and I am looking for someone in the area that can provide some transition training. If anyone knows of anyone in the area that can provide the transition training, it would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Just bought this M20E and I’m working on the new interior. Planning to start my paint on october, but I haven’t decided yet the design, I’d appreciate ideas! Kaio Rangel from Brazil!
  11. Dear Fellow Aviators and Mooney Fans, Hope you are all having a great day! I have been dreaming about owning a Mooney / Vans type of fast GA aircraft since I first saw them at an airshow when I was a CAP cadet back in the 90s. I just moved back to the states from an overseas assignment, I am working on my PPL, have about 55 hours in C152's. I also have a jet maintenance background from the USAF and a large defence contractor. I currently work as a Tech Rep for a military jet and am looking to get my A&P this year. I am currently in middle/south Georgia. I am originally from Washington state. I have a house back in WA that should sell in the next few months freeing up some cash to buy a Mooney. I will have a budget around $30-$35k. So here are my questions and things I am looking for: 1. Recomendations for A&P's near middle Georgia with Mooney experience that could help with pre-purchase inspections. 2. Any Vintage Mooney airplanes for sale or brokers that sell them you could trust in my area. 3. Anyone with a Mooney near my area that would be willing to take me up and feel a Mooney to see if it's what I truly want (I would pay for some fuel etc)..? 4. Any pointers to existing resources in a Mooney buying search on a budget. Thank you very much for any links, help advice in advance. Best regards, --- Motorcycle and Aviation Enthusiast, Student Pilot, Mil Jet Tech Rep
  12. Quick question vintage Mooney officianado's, I've put roughly 35 hours on my new to me 67 M20F since taking ownership and finally was able to download the EDM 700 data. The engine is a Lyc remanufactured IO-360-A1A installed in Feb of this year by prior owners. Normal cowl but it does have the lower cowl cover. I'm seeing a consistent temp split between my #2 (hottest) and #1 (coolest) cylinder of ~70-80 deg F. (attached pic of data from one flight). Engine now running Aeroshell 100+...max fuel flow indicated during takeoff ~15-16 gph She runs smooth, during runup with the JPI Norm mode, all appears to respond as expected. Figured I'd ask if there is a 'normal' or expected temp differential between hottest and coldest cylinder...thoughts ?
  13. Hi Mooneyspacers. Recently we aquired a 59/60 vintage Mooney M20A. There are parts that we wouldn't need for the reasons we got this aircraft. We have decided to see those parts and sections. I would strongly recommend buyers to come out and see the parts before buying. Aircraft is based at Region of Waterloo International Airport CYKF. I'm not sure going prices for these parts, so nest would to make a fair offer on the parts or sub-sections. Cowles panels Right entrance door Nose gear strut with wheel and tire Some fuselage access panels Cargo aces hatch door Different torque rods with turn buckle ends Aluminum vertical stabilizer (Good Condition) Rudder (Good condition) Horizontal Stabilizer assembly with aft fuselage section (Skin needs repairs on aft fuselage subsection and leading edge of left stability) Front windshield lower retainer strip
  14. I am looking for someone with a M20E or more recent who would show me their airplane. A demo ride would be great, I'll pay for fuel. Or, fly into KVRB and I will buy breakfast. Thank you! Jose Gibert Vero Beach, FL
  15. Hello Fellow Mooney owners May I introduce to you myself, my name is Sameer and I'm the lead man on a Cessna Skymaster restoration project at Region of Waterloo International Airport CYKF in Ontario, Canada. Recently we acquired a 1959-1960 Mooney M20A Serial # 1022's fuselage with horizontal Stabilizer assembly, vertical fin and a rudder. This fuselage also came with some parts that are no use to us as we will be using fuselage mainly for structural training purposes for our present and future members. We have decided to sell certain parts from this Mooney to assist our project financially. Please let me know if there is any interest in parts form this aircraft. Over all condition this aircraft is very good for it's age, we haven't found and corrosion in it. Thanks
  16. For Sale: Immaculate 1978 M20J 201! Newer Paint (9 out of 10), Newer Interior (9 out of 10), All Glass Avionics, New Engine, Low Time Prop! You won't find a better value on the market for a pristine M20J 201. This is a turn key aircraft with exceptional maintenance history. Fly 150kts True Airspeed at 8.7GPH ROP!! This Aircraft won't last long as you won't find a better cared for and equipped Mooney 201 on the market. Last two owners have always hangared aircraft. Aircraft is in Arizona. I am selling the Airplane to go to a high performance airplane. This is an excellent Aircraft that I have poured a bunch of money and time into. Give me a call if you have any questions: Justin Dyster; 480-254-7627 Complete logbooks and additional pictures available at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/642e57qb1mcyy9l/AACoHGxIg6K0GVlRZSnqDPpQa?dl=0 Trade-A-Plane: https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=MOONEY&model=M20J+201&listing_id=2256517&s-type=aircraft N33YZ_Spec-Sheet_3202017.pdf
  17. Hello, I'm in the market for a mooney (most likely m20c) and want to basically find one with no damage history and a relatively new engine, but that's it. My plan is to then get it painted, have the interior redone, and have new avionics installed. Has anyone had experience with this? And what mods are important/beneficial for a model c? I know there is a cowl conversion to help with cooling and speed, but are there any other ones?
  18. Note: found a way to purchase this airplane from my friend.
  19. I need a plot with 500 hours total, 100 hours retractable, and 25 hours (make and model - M20) time to ferry my M20C from Midwest Executive at Lee's Summit (KLXT) to TechnicAir at Kansas City Downtown (KMKC). For insurance purposes, I also need a CFI with the same minimum experience to provide 5 hours of flight instruction to me in the same aircraft. Can anyone help? Thank you, Bobby rakes_bobby@hotmail.com (573) 337-3447
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