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Found 6 results

  1. Folks, I'm pitching back into the purchase arena and have narrowed down to a 67 Mooney M20F in Ft Meyers FL. Can you provide recommended pre-buy locations? I'd like a MSC but would settle for a non-MSC if they have lots of experience working on them. Greatly appreciate any assistance Cheers,
  2. Hello all, New to the forum but have been lurking around since I first ran across this plane trying to learn what I could about it. But now as the deal progresses I thought I would see what info I could learn by asking directly. Here is what I have found. An older gentleman at the airport has a 1975 Mooney M20E that he has agreed to sell. His wife recently died, he has lost his medical, and his grandson said he wasn't interested in the plane so he decided to sell. Other than about 6 months of not flying, the plane is in good shape. We both use the same mechanic and the mechanic vouches for the state of the plane. The interior was redone a few years ago, so it's in good shape and the paint is pretty good also. The paint a bit weathered and oxidized from sitting and not being washed, but I've volunteered to wash it and with a light buff it shines and looks great. The Engine on the plane was completely rebuilt with the exception of the cam shaft about 300 hrs ago. They didn't do the cam shaft, so they can't call it a rebuild and 0 the engine time, but it has 300 hrs since the rebuild. I have flown the plane. She flies fast, straight, and level. Big difference from my Cherokee 140 I've been flying for the past year. He has also done some of the speed mods (The names/details escape me now but it is something with the cowl and not the lopresti mods). Overall, he took really good care of the plane until the recent changes in his life that force the change. Equipment is standard IFR equipment, ADF, DME, Dual comm/navs, and a LORAN if you can believe it. I'm in the process of checking out the engine to see if the new AD recently issued affects it to make sure I don't get hit with a surprise bill. He is asking $35k for it. From what I can tell, it is a great deal for the plane. Asking the Mooney Aficionados to see if you guys have anything I should be wary of or check as we continue to look at the plane? I don't have pictures this moment. I changed phones recently and all of my pictures were on the other one, but will post a few when I can to the airport and shoot a couple.
  3. Hi - new member here. I have about 350 M20J hours and have decided to buy a used M20R 2GX or 3GX (2005 or later to get the Garmin G1000 with GFC 700 and SVT etc. Not being lazy, but did not find answers elsewhere on the forum). My mission is ~500nm non-stop in IFR and through Class B, taking off and landing in controlled airspace. Here are some questions I could use some guidance and help with: 1. If I base my Mooney at KSVH (A&P mechanic on site but not a Mooney center) how do I get the plane to the nearest authorized service center if it needs service (if it cant be flown there)? And where might the nearest reliable center be? 2. Where is the nearest center where I could do a pre-buy inspection (could not find anything closer than Fort Lauderdale)? 3. Does anyone know of any good planes (of the type described above) for sale? 4. Can someone please describe the buying process to me and how long will it take; 5. Is it better to buy in NC or CT (I have domicile in both places); 6. Could you point me to a few links/resources where I can better learn about buying a Mooney? Many thanks
  4. Apologies if this has recently been asked or is tribal knowledge, but I'm looking for recommendations for a pre-buy mechanic in the Northern California area. I'm specially interested in a Mooney being sold by Skywagons at Placerville. Thanks. Bruce
  5. Hello all! This is my first post. I am looking at buying a mooney. I have never bough an airplane before and have so many questions. 1961 M20B, SN 1746, TT 4026, SMOH 1402, Prop 1394, Fresh Annual, Paint 5, Leather Interior 5, All Compressions in 70s, KX-155, TKM MK-11, KA-134, STA 400, New Brake Pads & Rotors & Wheel Bearings, Concord Battery, Fuel Flow Meter. No Fuel Tank Leaks. What kinds of things should I be asking the person selling this aircraft? The last annual was done in April. How many hours can a prop have? How many hours until I have to overhaul the engine. I've read around 1800, but can't find anything difinitive.... The plane is in Mexico. What should I do for a preinspection? I am hesitant to ask the owner to arrange one simply based on the fact that he may find a biased mechanic. Basically, is this aircraft owrth buying? What else should I know? Thanks!
  6. I'm a new member and a first time aircraft buyer. I had a look at a M20K today in CO that has me reeling. Of course I'll need a pre-buy inspection. Any recommendations? Arapaho Aero is the broker, is it wise to use their A/P for the inspection? It's due for an annual, is it unreasonable to ask for this to be done by the seller? Lastly, is Vref a reliable/accurate evaluation tool? Tim