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  1. globalpolygraph

    1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    The plane was sold a few weeks ago to a fine gentleman from New Hampshire.
  2. globalpolygraph

    1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    Here is the info from my ad. It just went through a very extensive annual (details available by email). FOR SALE 1970 MOONEY M20F EXECUTIVE Travel in style and enjoy your tunes with this updated cross-country IFR cruising machine Comes with fresh annual by Mooney certified service center 6946 TT 1694 SMOH Garmin 430W nav/com/gps, KX155 nav/com, KMA24 audio panel with stereo input, KT76A, dual nav (single glide slope), standby vacuum, vertical compass, 4 place intercom Altitude hold, wing leveler (PC System) Electric gear and flaps, manual trim Reiff engine preheater, Cowl closure and headlight cover mods. Challenger air filter. Custom panel overlay with LED lighting, Custom leather yokes, Custom seat covers (front) Hanger kept since 2009. AD’s current. Lycoming IO-360-A1A 200 HP (January 2018 compressions 77, 76, 78, 77) Annual due March 2019, IFR cert due April 2019 Solid IFR platform, easy to fly, economical Asking $44,000 Temporarily based at Air Mods (N87) in Robbinsville NJ
  3. globalpolygraph

    1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    The airplane is still in Robbinsville NJ (Air Mods) along with all the log books. You can review them there, but I have no way to get them in the next few weeks. The annual has been completed but needs to go through a few flights before they give it a final blessing. Plus I have to pay them. LOL
  4. globalpolygraph

    1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    The plane is back on the market, but is still in annual at Air Mods (Robbinsville NJ). If anyone would like to see it there, I can arrange it. All the logs are with Air Mods as well. Please note that the original rebate no longer applies as the plane will now come with a fresh annual from a Mooney certified service center.
  5. globalpolygraph

    1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    Due a laundry list of issues that I have to address/repair the buyer canceled the sale. These issues will be addressed over the next few weeks and then the plane will be available again, although the rebate will no longer apply because it will now have a fresh annual by a certified Mooney service center.
  6. globalpolygraph

    1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    Hasn't been scheduled yet. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks but this weather is slowing down the process.
  7. globalpolygraph

    1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    The yokes were covered by Aero Comfort, and they did an awesome job.
  8. globalpolygraph

    1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    ** UPDATE ** I have accepted a verbal offer on the plane of $42,500, but nothing is in writing yet. I will continue to take offers on the plane until the sale has been completed. If anything goes wrong with the process then I'll get back to those who have made offers. Thanks - Mike
  9. globalpolygraph

    1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    Pretty much the same with any aircraft, about $10K to $30K not including installation. The wing leveler works entirely off the turn/bank indicator. It works very well, but would not likely be a part of a complete autopilot. I could be wrong... an avionics shop could better answer your question.
  10. globalpolygraph

    1970 M20F for sale with REBATE

    1970 MOONEY M20F WITH REBATE • $47,000 • PRICE REDUCED • 1970 Mooney M20F Executive asking $47,000 before $3,000 REBATE (see below). Travel in style and enjoy some tunes with this updated cross country IFR cruiser. Garmin 430W, KX155 nav/com, KMA24 stereo audio panel, KT76A, vertical compass, altitude hold, wing leveler, electric gear and flaps, Reiff engine preheater, customer panel overlay, leather yokes, custom seat covers, cowl closure and headlight cover mods. Paint 6 Interior 7. 6944 TT 1692 SMOH with 75+ comps all cylinders. $3,000 REBATE if you close before the next annual March 2018. IFR cert due 2019. Based Elmira NY. Will deliver to eastern US for expenses. Call Mike Martin 607.398.9009
  11. globalpolygraph

    M20F Before/After

    I wrote to Dave Lopresti yesterday about this add-on for my Exec and he wrote back to say it was only for J models and not available for my lowly F. How did you score one? Any performance feedback yet?