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New panel for N4164H.

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This is what I am starting with.  Here is the tentative list going in.

Garmin G3X 10.6 PFD W/ engine monitor.

Garmin GTN 750Xi Primary com/gps

Garmin GMA 350 Primary Audio

Garmin GTX 345 Primary ADS-b transponder

Garmin G5 PFD Back up.

Garmin G5 DG Back up

Garmin GNC 215 Back up com

Garmin GDL 51r XM receiver

Garmin GMC 507 Autopilot control head

Garmin GFC 500 Autopilot

New panel cutout

While doing this the whole electrical will be replaced.  Also:

Aeroleds Nav/Pos/Strobe

New LED rotating beacon

New LED panel light

New LED dome light

2 - New USB ports for I-Pads.

2 - Cigarette lighter ports

New throttle, mixture, prop. controls

This is what I am starting with.





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Check the latest STC, but I believe that only one G5 can be installed when a G3X is the PFD.

I would keep one of the AV30s as a non-Garmin backup. There are failure modes where you don't know for sure whether the G3X or G5 is lying and a tie breaker is good to have.

The GMC 507 is a required part of the GFC 500 in a certified installation, so you don't need to call it out separately.

One nice feature of the engine monitor in the G3X is that the G3X logs all sorts of parameters every second in addition to the engine data such as altitude, heading, IAS, TAS, lat/long, autopilot functions, and a whole lot more.

You might compare the PMA 450B with the GMA 350. I like the user interface better on the PMA and it has a feature called Flightmate that will annunciate recordable voice alerts based on activation of up to 4 discrete inputs. The G3X CAS has outputs for Master Caution and Master Warning that can be connected to have the PMA annunciate these conditions. You can save a few bucks by not getting the marker beacon receiver option.

If you are going to fly in Canada you might consider a GTX 345D as a diversity ADS-B Out solution is going to be required in a lot of Canadian airspace.

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See my thread - 


No need for 2x G-5.  And you may not have room for it anyway.  I considered an AVC-20 for backup, but just no room.

I went with the 345R (remote) for more panel space.    our panels (I have an M20K 252) are NOT large.

My second radio is a 650Xi, but I already had it.  So it was not a huge price difference to keep it versus

For fall back, if the G3X AHARS fails, the G-5 AHARS will drive the G3X display.  If the G3X fails totally, you have the G-5 with its own internal battery.  I put a 7" G3X on the right panel, and that is driven from the main AHARS, but gives a back up display.

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On 5/25/2024 at 9:15 AM, ArtVandelay said:

You already have a JPI 900, why spend the extra money for no real benefit?
Why not keep AV30s as backups, still need 1 G5 to backup the G3X.
I would remove the annunciator.

I think the EDM900 along with a GI-275 on the RHS of the G3X is functionally better and looks really good.

Attached is a panel for a 252 with a G500.





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