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  1. Got this from my old EAA chapter, I didn't find it while searching the forums so hopefully this isn't old news FAA NPRM NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULEMAKING (NPRM) Part 0, Section 000 (a) 1(c) Section I - No pilot or pilots, or person or persons acting on the direction or suggestion or supervision of a pilot or pilots may try, or attempt to try or make, or make attempt to try to comprehend or understand any or all, in whole or in part of the herein mentioned Aviation Regulations, except as authorized by the Administrator or an agent appointed by, or inspected by, the Administrator. Section II - If a pilot, or group of associate pilots becomes aware of, or realizes, or detects, or discovers, or finds that he or she, or they, are or have been beginning to understand the Aviation Regulations, they must immediately, within three (3) days notify, in writing, the Administrator. Section III - Upon receipt of the above-mentioned notice of impending comprehension, the Administrator shall immediately rewrite the Aviation Regulations in such a manner as to eliminate any further comprehension hazards. Section IV - The Administrator may, at his or her discretion, require the offending pilot or pilots to attend remedial instruction in Aviation Regulations until such time that the pilot is too confused to be capable of understanding anything.
  2. Hi all - I'm working on a 530w to 750Xi upgrade and either the comm panel or xpdnr needs to move. My options are: Move one of the two out of the center stack to the co-pilot Remote one of the two If I have to remote something, I would remote the comm panel over the xpdnr. When in turbulent air, physical buttons on a transponder would be preferable but now that I'm typing that out, I touch the comms panel more than the xpdnr. Has anyone been faced with this? What did you choose and are you happy with the result. I did search for previous threads, my keywords failed me.... PS: While I have a RV in my profile, the question if for a Mooney 231.
  3. Congrats! see you in our local airspace! Tim N197RV
  4. Ha! I'll up the plot twist. I started the thread and am based at FGU. Hope to see you in CHA airspace, look for a Cub yellow RV :-) Tim
  5. Hi All, I'm new here and an aspiring Mooniac. I currently fly a RV7A but have a changing mission. I saw a nicely outfitted and looking J model that I'm looking for some feedback on. Airframe TT: 4349.8 Hobbs: 1685.4 <- meter was replaced as per logbook entry Engine TT 7320 SMOH 828.9 Compression: #1 70/80. #2 69/80. #3 76/80. #4 70/80 How does the airframe have less time than the engine? Would that indicate a used engine from another plane was put in? Any other reasons anyone can think of? I have not yet asked for the full logbooks. Engine TT of 7320 - does that number scare anyone? Yes, I noted SMOH is 828. Does the block become unserviceable?
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