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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDHcKIW9xms Someone was looking for info on how to transport a Mooney on Facebook and I had this from 1997.
  2. I bought my plane in Florida and flew it to CA in winter. I had idle issues where I had to add power to keep the idle alive at sea level in KPAO. If I remember correctly, it was a simple mixture adjustment to make it richer per my mechanic.
  3. Did a circuit breaker go off? If yes, which one? actuator CB or relay CB? M20S troubleshooting of LG_electrical.pptx
  4. Agreed. My understanding is that this is only on Eaton actuators. I wonder if this is done differently on the newer Mooney planes?
  5. Here is a more detailed version of the above youtube clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjaiGRxveRA
  6. Rossi Aircraft did did a great job on my 3 bladed prop in KPAO.
  7. Where was the wire grounding? Wing or behind the side panel?
  8. I don't like the added cost and extra weight of the parachute, but my next plane will have one for sure... If you don't believe me, just ask my wife. Driver
  9. That is exactly what it is on my plane. There is tiny light bulb inside that I had to replace a couple of years ago.
  10. There is still a debate weather he (N220MT) was landing or taking off. If he was landing, this could be a classic base to final mishap. See the youtube clip below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ28szdeq8g
  11. The fuel capacity increase is documented in the STC... Please see attached. I did not drill a hole since I rarely need that much fuel and you can pump it slowly to 95 gallons. This STC also covers switching the engine to IO-550-N
  12. My first STC was done prior to my purchase and it included the top prop and changing the max rpm from 2400 to 2500. No GW increase and it stayed at 3200 lbs. The second STC that I purchased from Mooney/Bob Minnis increased the max rpm to 2700 and GW to 3368 lbs.
  13. I did the STC from 280 to 310 mostly for adding 168 lbs to GW and more horses for high altitude take-offs. I talked to the STC owner/ writer, (Bob Minnis) a few times and finally bought the STC right when he sold it to Mooney. My cost was the partial STC (i already had the 280HP) and adjusting the governor and TAC to 2700 RPM. I thank Bob in my heart every time when I take-off from Truckee (6000 feet msl and 8000 DA in summer) and appreciate the improved cooling (lower CHT) due to higher fuel flow.
  14. The unit is installed and it is great. The AOA is not really AOA directly measured but I consider it more of a pitch envelope monitor and warning system. I climbed to 4500 feet and did a few uncoordinated turns and it started to give me alerts. All of this for $795!!! Wow.. It was really windy when I tested the unit at KTCY and for those who land there, they are aware of the nasty down draft in short final landing rwy 30. As soon as I hit the down draft, I could see it on the display jumping a couple of bars. I really like the unit and I hate to admit that I trust the AI on this unit more than my Vacuum based primary unit.