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  1. I had one of the original STCs, changing the RPM to 2500 and no GW increase. I upgraded to 310HP, 2700 rpm, which came with extra 168 lb of GW making it 3368 lbs.
  2. My numbers are almost exactly the same. 171 Ktas, 12.5 gph @2400 rpm, 7500-8500 feet 30-40 LOP
  3. On my 1999 Eagle I had a similar problem. Gently shaking the flap and cleaning with contact cleaner made it work again but not for long. We traced it to a bad micro switch. Relay is the next suspect if it is not micro switch related. see below: https://mooneyspace.com/topic/13433-flaps-wont-retract/page/2/
  4. Here is one more. I had the exact same issue when my flap was at 10 deg doing 130 kits indicated. My mechanic replaced a couple of micro switches to fix the flap actuation problem.
  5. The belly was slightly wrinkled since the ground was soft where he touched down. What I heard from my tie down Neighbour was that it Was ferried/flew to repair shop from KPAO after some repair and a prop replacement. It was a looooong time ago.
  6. agreed. I was a Cessna driver back then but it was hard to see a beautiful Mooney wrinkled.
  7. The front mount was attached to engine mount near the firewall with sling under the wings and fuselage. The under-body was already damaged since it went down shortly after take off with gears up.
  8. My good friend and a Mooney M20J old timer has an issue with his IO360 . His engine was running rough due to low (zero) compression on one cylinder after take off from KSBP. It appears that one of the intake valves is cupped and not seating properly. Please see the pic. A sticky intake valve is the primary suspect. Has anyone seen this and has any idea what could cause it? The mechanic pulled the cylinder today and will send it out for repair. The main question is what could cause this other than a sticky valve?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDHcKIW9xms Someone was looking for info on how to transport a Mooney on Facebook and I had this from 1997.
  10. I bought my plane in Florida and flew it to CA in winter. I had idle issues where I had to add power to keep the idle alive at sea level in KPAO. If I remember correctly, it was a simple mixture adjustment to make it richer per my mechanic.
  11. Did a circuit breaker go off? If yes, which one? actuator CB or relay CB? M20S troubleshooting of LG_electrical.pptx
  12. Agreed. My understanding is that this is only on Eaton actuators. I wonder if this is done differently on the newer Mooney planes?
  13. Here is a more detailed version of the above youtube clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjaiGRxveRA
  14. Rossi Aircraft did did a great job on my 3 bladed prop in KPAO.
  15. Where was the wire grounding? Wing or behind the side panel?