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  1. When I talked to Bob Minnis to buy my STC, he said you can run it at 2700 rpm all day if you can afford the gas
  2. It was a practice partial power to simulate power off landing. I had the gear out and speed-brakes deployed and used some power to get 900 fpm at 85 knots which is what I was getting with no power clean. What stayed with me is that at 1000 feet AGL on a down wind, the runway has to stay a couple of feet inside my wing tip to ensure power off landing.
  3. https://www.amazon.com/MAGNECRAFT-W67RCSX-3-POWER-RELAY-24VDC/dp/B00HPLQM3Q This showed up on Amazon.
  4. M20S is Eagle. M20R is Ovation. I can send you a pdf M20S.
  5. +1 to both. I just use 1000 feet in three mile final and set them up as the starting point and double check the speed at 500 feet again.
  6. There was no misunderstanding. What the shop was saying was very clear but not correct per Hartzell. The intention of my post here was to see if there were any other reason that a prop shop would make such a recommendation. The only thing that comes to my mind is that there will be more prop overhaul business if people just follow the "expert" opinion
  7. Thanks Clarence. The shop was very clear about the grease types and the service bulletin. The point they were making was that the Hartzell manual procedures are written mostly for the life of the prop which is 7 years. After applying the grease for 7 years the cavity is near full and additional grease may cause more damage than not adding more grease. When I challenged that, I was told that I am not following the Hartzell manual by using the prop past 7 years and why would I follow the lubrication requirement in the manual? I have read this post and watched the Hartzell youtube videos and find it difficult to see how the seals are damaged by lubrication if it is done correctly. That's why I am asking the experts to see if I missed anything?
  8. My IA was advised by a prop shop not to lubricate the Hartzell 3 bladed prop on my Mooney Eagle since it is older than 7 years! I called Hartzell and talked to the rep and he stated that I have to lubricate the prop but not to overfill by opening the secondary port in the back. My IA decided to go with Hartzell's recommendation and lubricated it conservatively (three pumps of Aeroshell 6 versus 5 pumps). Is there any reason not to lubricate an old prop?
  9. Wow. $16 dollars? Please share the part number if possible. I may buy one for the fun of it The one on my Eagle is the original.
  10. One more question. Does it pop during actuation or randomly in cruise with gear up or down?
  11. I have three Gear CBs on my Eagle. Gear Actuator, Gear Relay, and Gear warning. Which one is the one popping?
  12. For M20S (Eagle) conversions, they were called Screaming Eagles. Perhaps "Screaming Ovations"?
  13. There is one for Mooney. I have one and love it.
  14. I did a simulation for it a few years ago to get a feel for it . What stayed with me is that I can only make it to the runway if I fly a tight pattern so that's my rule in congested areas. Here is some info from memory and should not be too far off. We pulled the power back and slowed down to 80-85 kts and observed the actual VSI reading which was very close to our calculation of 800-900 fpm clean (no flap, gear up). We next set up the plane in the pattern abeam the numbers to the same VSI with gears down and minimal flap and necessary power to get 900 fpm. We did this in Tracy which has light traffic and a long runway. I was very disappointed to see how difficult it was in a Mooney compared to a Cessna but I am glad I did it. The fist attempt did not go well but the second one was OK and if it was a short runway like KPAO, I could have reshaped the fences at the end of the runway since coming short is not a good option. This was one of the two things that my friend/instructor emphasized on since my family and I regularly flew to Truckee (KTRK). The second one was quick exit from the Mooney in an emergency. We could not find a good answer for that with one door
  15. I have not seen that problem but I have not done steep turns to test it either. I just came back from a short flight and was comparing the two. They are very close but it maybe that AV20 is a bit slower to respond. AV20 calculates the AOA and it combines the downdrafts with pitch and shows the wrong AOA. Once I understood what was happening, I now consider it my early warning system for heavy down drafts. I tested it at Tracy (KTCY) which has nasty down drafts on windy days landing on 30 and it picked it up every single time. I love this thing for the little money that I paid for it and it's hassle free installation My only compaint is that the TAS is high by 4-5% and I heard they may have a fix for it.