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  1. Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    The $25.00 CD from Don was the best deal ever. I am based in an airport that is less than 2400 feet long and needed all the landing help I could get. By now I have 300 hours in my Eagle but watch the landings in Don's CD once in a while.
  2. Starting troubles, need tutorial

    I have an eagle and had a similar problem a few weeks after purchase. I was not pushing the key in hard enough to make the contactor engage.
  3. Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    How does CHT look?
  4. Look what showed up at our field today

    No thanks, Mooney.... The paint and lack of a parachute (we already had a couple of a lengthy discussion on this ) kill it for me.
  5. About time I fessed up

    Thanks for sharing this.
  6. 310 hp fuel flow

    The STC for screaming Eagle (latest one purchased from Mooney) specifies the fuel set up to be the same as io550N and the range is 25.6 - 27.3 GPH.
  7. Top End on Big Bore Continental (TSIO 550)

    from Beech talk: After doing some research, my mechanic and I determined it was time to replace the crankshaft seal on the front of the engine. All of the symptoms indicated it was leaking, allowing the crankcase to become internally pressurized by incoming airflow. This pressurization was causing oil to be blown out through the breather. We pulled the prop to begin the replacement process. Sure enough, once the prop was off, the old seal showed signs of age. The glue that goes around the outside of the seal had broken down, allowing the seal to spin in its seat. Not good. Clearly the seal was worn and was ineffective in keeping the airflow out of the crankcase.
  8. Mooney M20K down in Switzerland

    The flightradar24 track is strange looking... It maintained altitude but the speed dropped to 60-70 knots. It seems to have hit a mountain wave with auto pilot "on" or trying too hard to climb out!!
  9. Another sad mishap Bear Lake, CA

    Just landed at Catalina today. I love this island but I am not sure if I came back flying in my Mooney ever again. Both landing and taxing are super bumpy. I think the repair done on the runway has made it worse.
  10. Ground transport ,what do you do?

    What kind of electric bike is this? Does it fit through the baggage door? Driver
  11. KT-74 slide in replacement

    I installed a KT-74 to replace my KT-76C. I think for a minimum installation (no traffic on 430 and audio to intercom) you may be able to just install it and connect it to 430. I ended up doing a full install and had to add an airspeed switch. This was a couple of years ago and the airspeed switch may not be needed anymore... Driver
  12. Ovation 2-3 conversion

    I has a 280hp STC on my Eagle and upgraded it to 310 HP through Mooney two years ago. This is a great value for the money specially for departing short runway at KPAO and high density altitude take offs at KTRK. My mechanic at KPAO had to adjust the governor for 2700 RPM and tweaked the fuel flow. We also had to change the Horizon Tach to red-line at 2700 (no G1000 on my plane). Driver
  13. YES... +1 I was very disappointed at AOPA in this case... They did not come out strong at all IMHO. They acted more like a news reporter than our advocate.
  14. EGT Moritz gage flaky, always <600F

    Is it possible that the EGT probe is going dead? My EGT on cylinder #3 was behaving the same way and a new probe solved the problem.