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  1. It felt more bumpy when I flew my C182 to Truckee. But even in the Mooney, I had some special moments where a sudden gust had my head hit the ceiling.
  2. It was a photo. The photographer was a plastic surgeon who could build decks, flew a pressurized twin, and was a MD ski patrol in Truckee. I am not sure what the camera was but it looked sophisticated.
  3. Exactly. This plane has two STC's. First one upgraded it to 280HP and the second one to 310HP.
  4. No partners yet but I am in no rush. I just wished I had more time to fly it more frequently. I have seen that clip and know the young man that put it together. His passion and knowledge of aviation is amazing
  5. +1 for additional safety. I will have to upgrade to a JPI 900 potentially in the next few years. I am wondering if JPI has a similar feature to monitor the MAGs? If not, I will keep it on the right panel.
  6. My Mooney with 310 HP STC has one too. Redline is 2700RPM.
  7. Thanks but this is not the answer to the question that I asked. My question is more about the advantages of the different methods. However.... I bought Don's Landing Video a few years ago and have been using it. I was at 2700lbs landing on a short runway and Don's table shows 80 as approach speed minus 5 for short field and minus 5 for every 300 lb below gross weight. This makes it about 80-13.3=66.7 kts. Add a 50% gust factor which is 3.5 kts and you get 70.2 kts. I was coming in about 70-73 give or take.
  8. Let's discuss the short field landing with a crosswind I flew to Oceano ( L52) on Sunday landing on runway 29er. The runway is 2315 feet long and 50 feet wide. Winds were from 220 to 260 at 9 gusting to 16. I came in around 70 kts since I was the only one in the plane and gradually pulled the power back whiled making a few small cross wind corrections and chopped off power after flare, right before touch down. It worked fine but is there a better way? When I first did my transition training, the short field was always power off. While I was at the airport, I noticed another
  9. Thanks for your posts. Renting reduces the cost burden (usually) but creates a lot of other challenges. I can share my beautiful Eagle with another person who is into the Mooneys and has enough time in type to get in and out of KPAO or KSQL. Otherwise, I will keep it happily
  10. I used many procedures and the one that works the best for me is the one in the POH: Throttle at Idle Mixture full rich Low Boost ON and Start immediately. Advance the Throttle slowly after a few blades and if all the way in, pull back to idle slowly.
  11. Please don't make this the beginning of the end of Mooneyspace as we know it. I love this site but agree that politics and personal opinions in the form of comments or jokes don't belong here. They don't do anything for my Mooney or yours.
  12. I fly out of KPAO which is less than 2400 feet and I had to do my landing 3 days after buying the plane. I did my first 10/15 landing in KPAO with power off over the fence and on the right speed with full flaps and speed brakes. Winds and even winds with a little cross wind component were a big help. Don Kaye has a landing video and some literature that I found to be a gold mine in helping me.
  13. Long body attachment looks different.
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