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  1. M20S Driver

    Contintental Motors CSB19-01

    Ovation Juniors A.K.A. Eagles (M20S) don't have them either.
  2. Have you tried the procedure pasted below? I had the same problem and doing this routine from the Stec manual before flight fixed it. I now do it once a month regardless if it it holding or not. My issue may have been related to the contact resistance of the motor brushes and this action helps it. "Engage altitude hold mode. ALT lamp is illuminated on AP display. Move A/C Control Wheel as far forward as possible. After 3 seconds, TRIM UP lamp becomes illuminated on AP and audible alert sounds a steady tone. After 7 seconds, TRIM UP lamp flashes and audible alert becomes periodic. Do the same for aft control wheel. Move A/C control Wheel forward until TRIM DN lamp is extinguished. Audible alert is squelched"
  3. M20S Driver


  4. M20S Driver

    How to Handle/Fix Surface Corrosion

    My friend bought it from Amazon and it was delivered in Northern CA.
  5. M20S Driver

    How to Handle/Fix Surface Corrosion

    You can buy Zinc Chromate on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=zinc+chromate
  6. M20S Driver

    catalina airport

    They are shutting it down on 12/9/18 and expect to reopen in April 2019. I hope they do more than just patching with the $5M in four months "But soon the 3,250-foot runway will get the facelift it so badly needs. A $5 million project is underway to repair the runway, according to a press release from the Catalina Conservancy."
  7. M20S Driver

    catalina airport

    https://www.flyingmag.com/catalina-airport-runway-to-be-restored-by-us-marines?enews110118 Finally I am glad to see this happen in my life time.
  8. M20S Driver

    Landing light switch

    Take a look at the attached if you have a 28volt system on your Mooney. M20-286_Landing and taxi light connector issue .pdf
  9. My Stratus causes interference with both Com radio and GPS and it is worse with optional ADS-b antenna. They advised me to keep it away from the radio stack and it worked fine if I put it on the rear seat. It is funny that they were skeptical at first and were not receptive to discuss any issues caused by their design. I am done with their products
  10. M20S Driver

    Help with KSNA ground operation

    Agreed 100%. I have only done intersection takeoffs at KMCC with 10,000 feet runway. I don't completely close the door on intersection take offs once in a while since sitting in the hot sun with no AC is not fun and the intersection take off at KSNA in longer than my home airport which is less than 2500'.
  11. M20S Driver

    Help with KSNA ground operation

    Thanks for all your inputs. Landing long is a good solution for avoiding delays in taxing to Atlantic. For departures, I was wondering if tower would be receptive to an intersection take-off from H or G taxiways on 20R? Driver
  12. M20S Driver

    Help with KSNA ground operation

    This is very interesting. I will give it try to see how it works out. It is 23 miles to UC Irvine versus 9 miles from KSNA. Rental car may be an issue since none of the FBOs list them on the Foreflight.
  13. M20S Driver

    Help with KSNA ground operation

    That will surely solve half of the problem. Does KSNA clearance delivery coordinate transitions thru LAX for VFR traffic using the published VFR routes?
  14. M20S Driver

    Help with KSNA ground operation

    Thanks Niko182. I landed 20R and was held up between the two runways at H for a few mintes, then I was cleared to cross the 20L and hold at the midfield runup for taxiway A traffic, then was cleared to the southeast runup to let a few jets pass, and finally was cleared to go to Atlantic. On departure, it was almost the same. I landed around 4 pm on Friday and departed around 3:30 pm on Sunday. Is it my bad luck or just timing when most jets take off and land?
  15. I had to convert my Mooney to cargo configuration to move my son to UC Irvine from the Bay Area. I was not worried about the LAX airspace since I got my ticket at Torrance 25+ years ago and have flown to the area a few times a year. I am used to flying close to big guys (jets) since I flew out of KSJC for many years, but I was amazed at the complexity of the taxing to Atlantic and taxing for takeoff. It took 10-15 minutes to take off or get to Atlantic after landing. I will be going to KSNA frequently for the next few years. I would appreciate any advice how to navigate the complexity of the ground operation or advice on getting in and out of KSNA.