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  1. The unit is installed and it is great. The AOA is not really AOA directly measured but I consider it more of a pitch envelope monitor and warning system. I climbed to 4500 feet and did a few uncoordinated turns and it started to give me alerts. All of this for $795!!! Wow.. It was really windy when I tested the unit at KTCY and for those who land there, they are aware of the nasty down draft in short final landing rwy 30. As soon as I hit the down draft, I could see it on the display jumping a couple of bars. I really like the unit and I hate to admit that I trust the AI on this unit more than my Vacuum based primary unit.
  2. AOA performance is really marginal since it is an estimation and not an actual measurement. The simplicity of the installation and price point for a back up attitude indicator installed where my useless clock occupies convinced me to go for it.
  3. Has anyone installed an AV20S recently? I am considering installing one and I was wondering about the installation cost as well as its AOA performance. M20S Driver
  4. Thanks for the info. I can not believe that the controllers have a jet hold between the runways. In my case, I am too chicken to land and will enjoy the flight for a few more minutes and go around. Thanks again and I keep it in mind.
  5. Heading to KSNA this Friday for my annual cargo operation to move my son into his apartment at UCI. I will surely combine it with a Buffalo Burger at KAVX on the was back on Sunday .... Is there any new KSNA operational changes with ATC/Tower that not mentioned or indicated on the charts? I flew to KCRQ a month ago since the plane was loaded completely in smaller pieces and KSNA asked for $250 to allow my rental car on the ramp! It worked at nicely at Western Flight but the drive was a pain.
  6. I could not agree more. "you could reasonably assume both batteries would follow the same discharge curve". This is a simple and general rule supported by mathematical equations. And of course, there could be rare exceptions but we are talking about the data from my 4 identical Concorde batteries with the same charger and load. The test is not perfect but close enough for me. With added load, the voltage drop difference is significantly more between my batteries.
  7. while max voltage is not a good indicator, the voltage drop after a couple of minutes of load is a good indicator. It is not exactly the test specified by Concorde but a good quick test.
  8. Yes. Multiple times using Concorde's newest charger for a few months. The voltage recovers some what on the 2.5 years old battery but the capacity had minimal improvement. I get 26.5 volts on max charge with Concorde charger and 25.8 volts after 8 hours. After installation in the plane and master on, the old ones (5+ years old) are at 24.7 after one minute and the 2.5 year old battery drops to 24.1 volts. A new battery drops to 25.2 volts after one minute in my plane.
  9. I used to be a Concorde fan since my 7 year old and 5 year old Concorde batteries were working fine. I bought a new one in 2016 and it was useless after 2.5 years since the capacity was significantly lower than my old ones. Not sure if this was my bad luck or they have lost the recipe by design to make more money. I bought one more Concorde a few months ago and if it behaves that same flaky way, I will give Gill a shot.
  10. I have one on the front panel so I went the CB route and bought longer iphone charger wires
  11. I just learned that Aero Club members at Catalina can camp at the airport at night! Does anyone know more about this? See below: CATALINA AERO CLUBThe Catalina Pilots has now become the newly revamped Catalina Aero Club. Along with a new name comes new exciting benefits that combines membership with unlimited annual landing at Airport in the Sky! Benefits include: Unlimited landings at the Airport in the Sky for one year* Discounts on Wildlands Express shuttle service for member and their guests, based on membership level. Invitations to social and special events at Airport in the Sky A free Killer Cookie with $10 entree food purchase at Airport’s DC-3 Gifts & Grill One annual Freewheeler bike pass 50% off Conservancy campground fees, ask the Tower about underwing camping! Complimentary subscription to Conservancy Times newsletter and UPDATE Online E-newsletter Discounts at various Avalon merchants *Landing pass is non-transferable and applies to member not aircraft. Not valid for commercial aircraft.
  12. According to flightradar24, only two planes made it to Catalina yesterday both flew low and below the clouds. I am not a good swimmer and my IFR personal minimum is 1000 feet ceiling specially after 2 hours of flying and navigating LAX. we had a 500 feet ceiling when I was circling above the airport which is below the minimum for both approaches. We Ubered to Baker's Table after landing at Santa Ynez which turned out to be almost across the street from the airport. The driver suggested to go hang in Solvang after lunch, which we did. I highly recommend Baker's Table if you are ever at Santa Ynez. Small menu but great people and fantastic food.
  13. I flew to Catalina today but could not get in The overcast was at 200-500 feet when I arrived and was way below my/legal VFR or IFR limits. The original forecast called for clearing by noon but it really did not clear all day. I flew to Santa Ynez (the closest VFR airport) to wait it out. By the time is was at 1200 feet ceiling at KAVX for an IFR approach, we had a front getting close to Santa Ynez and we decided to go back to the bay area. My next flight to Catalina will be after I make sure that I can get in and not rely on forecasts...