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  1. M20S Driver


    The data suggests than your "shitty" two bladed prop does better than my 3 bladed prop in cruise. (I don't use the added HP in cruise due to noise, vibration and fuel consumption).
  2. M20S Driver

    Acclaim Type S SOLD

    I updated your procedure!!
  3. M20S Driver

    S-tec 30 altitude hold oscillating

    I had a similar problem which turned out to be low cable tension on the pitch servo.
  4. I have flown to Truckee (field elevation~6000 feet) in my Mooney over 50 times. I use DA of 8000-8200 feet, winds of 14 knots, and gusts of less than 7 knots with airplane less than 3000 lb as my personal minimums. Taking off from rwy20 has the luxury of sloped down wide open space for a left 270 to climb. Reading about Aspen and field elevation of 7800 feet, I was wondering if anyone could share their personal minimums for take off and landing at Aspen. Driver AKA chicken!!
  5. M20S Driver

    Cigarette lighter? M20s

    Right above throttle and prop. See pic.
  6. M20S Driver

    Cigarette lighter? M20s

    Mine has one and with the right adapter charges my iPhone and iPad. I can plug in the stratus and it works fine. Eagle is 28 volts but my cig lighter adaptor converts it to 12 volts.
  7. M20S Driver

    Gear and Stall horn issue

    My Eagle is the same. If I activate the stall horn, both gear and stall horn CBs have to be pulled to silent the stall horn. Question: Does the stall horn stop if you turned off the audio panel?
  8. M20S Driver


    at close to 3200-3300 lb GW and 4 soules on board: 2450 RPM, WOT, 75 ROP, I get between 177 to 180 TAS. FF is 16 gal/hr +/- 2450 RPM, WOT, 50 LP, I get 170 to 173 TAS. FF is 12.5 gal/hr +/-
  9. M20S Driver

    West Coast Mooniac's Group - Join Us

    I will be out of town but will surely fly in if the plan changes.. Driver
  10. M20S Driver

    '04 Ovation 2 baggage compartment light

    My 1999 Eagle is similar and uses a timer to turn off.
  11. M20S Driver

    Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    The $25.00 CD from Don was the best deal ever. I am based in an airport that is less than 2400 feet long and needed all the landing help I could get. By now I have 300 hours in my Eagle but watch the landings in Don's CD once in a while.
  12. M20S Driver

    Starting troubles, need tutorial

    I have an eagle and had a similar problem a few weeks after purchase. I was not pushing the key in hard enough to make the contactor engage.
  13. M20S Driver

    Fluctuating EGTs (IO550)

    How does CHT look?
  14. M20S Driver

    Look what showed up at our field today

    No thanks, Mooney.... The paint and lack of a parachute (we already had a couple of a lengthy discussion on this ) kill it for me.
  15. M20S Driver

    About time I fessed up

    Thanks for sharing this.