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  1. 1.5 inch rudder pedal extension kit for two pedals (pedals not included). PN: 720115-9501 Mooney drawings and parts included. Never installed. Pretty easy to make yourself but if you don't want to deal with it here you go. How about $150 shipped conus. PM if interested.
  2. I have two main door handles for a vintage Mooney. One is light grey and the other is a light beige. I had an issue with a make shift door handle in my previous ac and ordered these. Of course I forgot to bring them during an annual for replacement and had to buy another one. Anyone need a replacement handle or perhaps a spare?? How about $50 EACH shipped conus (and no, you don't have to buy them both). PM if interested.
  3. Basically yes. I can't remember how it shipped to me box wise. I had it in a USPS envelop and not sure if that is original. I'll see if I can add some pics. stby.
  4. Lycoming Vacuum pump cover P/N: 07-12801 MFG model no. 60430. $30 shipped conus.
  5. Flight Enhancements Auto Step for Pneumatic step (AS-KIT-001). I purchased this some time ago and never had it installed. Aircraft now sold. $250 shipped conus. Added picture. Looks like all the parts are there, plus some cherry max rivets, tangs from spruce as well as other items needed for install that are not usually included with the kit.
  6. ^^^^THIS ...and If you are flying into mountain airports it’s generally not about getting into them but getting out of them where performance is concerned. Turbo climb performance is definitely your friend in this case. Our recent decision to purchase an M20K was much more about climb performance then cruise performance. If regularly venturing into mountain airports is not your mission then a NA airplane should meet your needs fine. We flew our NA Mooney regularly in the mountains and it was not severely limiting, but you should know your personal limits, pick good days and get mounta
  7. Garmin GAD 13 (FAA-PMA) added to the CAN-bus and a Davtron OAT probe. About $240 plus install. More $ if you want the Garmin OAT probe. I have the Davtron probe and it works fine.
  8. https://www.abqjournal.com/1250791/small-plane-crashes-near-santa-fe-airport.html Anyone have any information?
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