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Emergency gear extension cover and trim chain cover - M20K

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I just finished some "owner produced parts" for my 252/305 Rocket (designed on solidworks and printed on an Ender7 3D printer). I thought I'd check to see if there was any interest before I move on to my next project. These are obviously not PMA. You'd need your mechanic to sign them off as owner produced parts.

Please PM me if you're interested...



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Ed, please send me a PM and we'll get one headed your way.

I've had several folks asking about price. I'm not looking to get rich off of these or run some sort of side-business. The model I'm looking at: I'll send you the piece, you verify it fits, and send whatever it was worth to you (hopefully covering my time and expenses). If it doesn't fit or you don't like the piece for whatever reason, send it back and no money exchanged hands. Kind of an honor system designed to help fellow Mooney folks.

For those interested in different aesthetics, I created another version that doesn't have the regular horizontal lines.  This textured is available for all of the aforementioned pieces. If you want one, please just me know what part and if you'd like regular smooth 3d print (ie: horizontal lines, left object in picture) or textured print (right object in the picture). 20211210_154035.thumb.jpg.e4618c5f7881747c88a152b4fa7416f7.jpg


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The trim chain cover on my M20K is broken and beyond repair. The pictures of your "printed" replacement look great, better than the original. Are you still willing to print covers. As another easier option, if you are willing to share the file I can print it at the local maker space. Let me know how much you want for your ingenuity and trouble.


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21 minutes ago, Eastern mooney 201 said:

Hello. I am interested for the trim cover and the emergency extension gear. Are you able to make those pieces and what wil be the cost.

I own a 1981 M20J. I saw that you live in Florida. Are you far from Jupiter.


Try this


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