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  1. I saw the pics of them on your plane and called them. Damien had a pair ready to ship, so I jumped on it. They look fantastic but unfortunately they won't work. My wife and I were wondering how they would fit once we looked at them and we were right, they didn't. I guess we got the wider hanger for nothing! Ha!
  2. Just a quick heads up on these wingtips. I was able to purchase a set but once I got them, I realized that they will not work for an M20J without an existing composite wingtip. I have the 1978 model without wingtips. Unfortunately I had to send them back. I am so bummed because they look fantastic. Hopefully they will make that more clear in the future and perhaps have a design in the works to support aircraft without wingtips.
  3. The weather here has been unusually rainy with T-storms and lightning last night. We don't normally see this kind of weather, that's more for the peeps in the middle of the country and summer afternoons in Colorado! If you are still planning to come down, you can text me at eight oh five, eight-seven-eight, 4425. If not tomorrow, then anytime. Your upgrades are fantastic. I really do like the speed brakes. I have to do a slip to achieve the same effect and only when it's not IMC. That would make my internal gyros go crazy and my wife doesn't like it either, even in VMC!
  4. I'm in Santa Maria and since we are all helping you spend your money, I can show you what the LoPresti cowling looks like on a 1978 Mooney! Might as well add that with the new wingtips, which BTW, is making me think about spending too! Gotta love aviation, if we aren't flying, we are dreaming and scheming but I love them both!
  5. Those wingtips are awesome! I am going to have to do some research!
  6. That is a beautiful upgrade! Art-Craft did a fantastic job on the paint job. I love the avionics layout and the interior looks better than most sports cars. I hope you and your passengers enjoy this plane for many years to come.
  7. I think the details to your questions are within this thread but I will try to summarize. First, if you are even thinking about it, please submit a non-binding PO to help the group get to the magic number of 15 so that they can start the process. In the process of submitting, your shop will give you an estimate based upon the options you want and the labor required. That can vary depending on how you want your panel laid out and all the variables that go into that. The advantage of submitting the early PO is that your servos would be under warranty, no matter how old. If they are not working, they would be replaced for no cost (Barry can confirm this). Now that I've pleaded for your help to submit the PO, the truth is that the cost is going to be about 10 amu higher than you were hoping. If you don't do the electric trim, that can knock 5 amu's off and if your panel has space with little to no effort, your labor costs may be less. I would budget 25 amu for the process. That being said, if you decide that is too much, once they get through the STC process and ask for a deposit, you can politely say no. I hope that hits the highlights.
  8. My PO was submitted this morning, hopefully that makes it two or less!
  9. I think it all depends on what your objective is. I like to let my family know when I'm traveling and when I expect to get places. Most of the time the cell phone and text messaging work well. If you are in the air, then FlightAware (as creepy as it is) can provide real time updates. If something unexpected or unfortunate happens, then hopefully I will be conscious enough to use my InReach. I've never thought of trying it in the air but can do so the next time I fly. Sometimes I do a longer bicycle ride and am out of cell phone coverage so I am able to send one of the three "pre-configured" messages for free. I figure if there was a real life emergency, then I can use the SOS feature. If it's not life threatening but I need to pass on more details, then I can pay the 50 cents per text to get my point across. It's a great backup and I would definitely recommend every pilot have something like that or Spot to provide emergency communication. As far as real time tracking in the air or even sending location updates, I will have to experiment further.
  10. I love the amount of information that's available and I'm definitely a tech geek. What a cool setup. My biggest challenge is knowing what to ignore!
  11. Very nice looking J! I like the paint scheme as well, it looks very modern and sleek. You bought a really practical, fast and efficient aircraft and I hope you and your family enjoy it for years to come! Congratulations!!!
  12. Yea, my wife and I really love our M20J, we've owned it for 20 years and have done a lot of upgrades to it. The LoPresti cowling and paint job make it look very modern. Every time we think about upgrading to another aircraft, we just can't justify it based on the type of flying we do and how often we go. I like the insurance rates, the O&M costs and the overall utility of the J. I agree that you should fly your bird a little more and see if you really want to sell it. We had a few years where we didn't fly ours that much but we did not sell it because we knew we would probably not get back into it. We are flying much more now and visiting our grown son who only lives 1.5 hours away by Mooney! Good luck in whatever direction you decide to take!
  13. You may already know this but just in case, there are two really nice ones for sale in the Aviation Classified section of MooneySpace.
  14. Very nice and well equipped. I hope you find it a good home. Good luck!
  15. I agree that this is a great way to get into the Mooney world and upgrade when you desire. I hope this plane finds a good home. This is going to make a great plane for the right person.