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  1. If the Garmin guy didn't misspeak, he has different info than is on the website, since the website says no upgrade for the C prior to 65, not 64. Although if he says the whole situation will sort itself out in time, I guess we'll see. They made a lot of Cs prior to 65 and I'll bet their owners are as anxious as the later C guys for A/P upgrades. Not as though there are many options... Thanks Greg for contacting Garmin.
  2. I was looking on Garmin's web site regarding when an A/P might be available for the C and noticed that only 1965 and forward will be getting the nod. Anybody know why the 64 ands before may be different than the subsequent Cs and therefore unable to be fitted with the Garmin A/P?
  3. Re: zinc chromate to epoxy switch time frame, attached article from MAPA circa 2000 states that M20J's after 1986 switched to epoxy, although there was some caveat stated. If its off-white its likely epoxy, if its green to yellow, its zinc chromate. M20J_Inspection PPE.htm
  4. I was flying my Grumman Cheetah back from Loreto, Baja, at 8500 feet when suddenly the only sound I heard was silent whoosh of air going over my canopy. It was that sudden. The dents from my passenger gripping the arm rest so hard are probably still there. I switched the tanks and turned on the fuel pump and the engine came back immediately. No hesitation.
  5. I am also considering the 201 windshield on my 64 M20C. Can anyone tell me the current price of the windshield and install cost? G
  6. Will Garmin continue to support, ie make updates for, the GNS series?
  7. RE: landing fee at RM, was there last week, and the airport still has a $25 landing fee but fees are waved if you are working with LASAR.
  8. Alan:

    Carusoam suggested I contact you re: my post looking for a passengers ceiling courtesy light lens (clear glass) for my 64C.  Broken in half.

    Any luck with the right wing tip rib?

    I'm kind of needy.  New Mooney owner...

    Any help would be appreciated.


  9. I found the thread regarding the old rotary switch for the dome light. Now I know, kind of, what to do to fix t hat. Now I need the glass lens which was broken. Any ideas? Thanks for your help. G
  10. What part/drawing info did you need? I should have it. G
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