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  1. I'm late to the party on this post but found it strange that no one mentioned the magnetos... Flying a non-turbo aircraft (IE: one without pressurized mags) in the flight levels can cause arcing in the mags due to the lack of air to insulate the electrodes. This arcing can... will... damage your mags. A magneto doesn't work in a vacuum. Our turbo birds have pressurized mags for a reason. The arguments pro, fly-as-high-as-you-want-because-it-isn't-in-the-limitations-section, seem foolhearted to me. For a "cliffs notes" education, I'd suggest reading the paragraphs half-way down on the fol
  2. That looks identical! Cody, you sir, saved me a pile of time and cash. A beer is owed. Thanks to all who chipped in to solve my problem.
  3. Yes, they were quite helpful. Parts are OEM, not PMA. For folks who don't know the difference, in layman's terms... PMA = the manufacturer can sell it to you, the end user. OEM = the manufacturer ONLY sells it to the (in this case) STC holder, STC holder sells it to you. In any fashion, the lead time on Barry creating the mounts once an order is placed by the STC holder is 120 working days (doesn't include weekends or holidays)(read... 6 months)
  4. The engine mount (metal part) is just now in the final stages of rebuild. The vibration isolators/bushings are just rubber - nothing to rebuild. The ones I have are in good condition. However, I'd like to replace them with new ones while the aircraft is in 50 pieces vs waiting until they need attention and grounding the aircraft again just for bushings.
  5. I did, limited hours/availability. Moreover, I've had word from a source, who won't be named, that part number hasn't been produced in 10 years. So if anyone has that Barry mount on their shelf, it's old. I need to know what people are using instead of the pictured mount above. IE: field approval of Barry mount 94006-01 (or Lord or whatever mount you used)...
  6. Okay, which Lord mounts are they? The originals are Barry, but those aren't available right now. My question is... Besides the original Barry mounts, which rubber engine mount bushings are being used in Rockets?
  7. Thanks, sir. I appreciate the offer for assistance, but my question regards the engine mount bushings between the TSIO520-NB and the mount - usually changed at overhaul.
  8. If there's anyone out there who has completed an engine overhaul on a M20K 252 converted to a 305, I'd love to pick your brain for about 5 minutes. Or, if you know someone who's been down this road and you can put me in contact with that person, please PM me. Thanks! John
  9. Does anyone have a lead on a parts manual for a 305 Rocket? I've tried contacting Rocket Engineering, but it looks like they're out of the office with the virus going around. I have the illustrated parts manual for the regular 252, but I'm having an engine overhaul completed and am in need of the Rocket specific bits - namely the induction tube. Thanks in advance, John
  10. It was just north 32k total - that scan was the final bill. A large part of it (~9k-10k, I'd have to look) was the beta/reverse thrust design and approval process. I think your M20M is an STC, the M20K install is a field approval. I'm hoping for a shorten landing distance, lightened weight/increase useful, and a further aft CG. My engine is in a shop right now for an overhaul. The prop will go on with the fresh engine. So unfortunately, I won't have a real apples to apples performance comparison as I'm changing 2 variables at the same time. Landing distance should still be apples to apple
  11. Resurrecting an old discussion, but it sounds like my new prop ships today! I ordered it on 11 Nov 20, so I'm surprised they wrapped it up so fast during the holidays. According to the folks at MT, it'll be the only one that has a certain feature Erik, et al., have you thought about pulling/pushing the tail to the ground for more clearance when removing the cowling? Would that even help? The 3-bladed prop was difficult and I'm trying to think of a way that the 4-bladed could still be a solo job. John
  12. Not quite... It was 186KTAS @ 12k on 14.5gph, which is 55% power. Those were the REAL numbers he was writing - I was setting in the plane beside him when we did it.
  13. 1. Doesn't have to be pressurized - the m20k already does 24/28k' depending on 231 vs 252. Unless they certify it for RVSM, you're still stuck at FL280 and below. Use your existing O2. 2. Upgraded mount isn't really an excuse. Rocket already did a 9G rated 8 point mount on the Rocket vs the stock 4 point tsio-360 mount. No stretch of the imagination to assume they could mount a smaller turbine engine. 3. Cost being impractical is relative. What other certified 4 seat turbine are you going to find for the same $? A Walter 601D could be had around $35k (last reported price from http:/
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