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  1. Hello. I can order the emergency plastic with Plane plastic but they do not have the trim one. Tks
  2. Hello. I am interested for the trim cover and the emergency extension gear. Are you able to make those pieces and what wil be the cost. I own a 1981 M20J. I saw that you live in Florida. Are you far from Jupiter. tks.
  3. Thanks for your advice Carusoam. It was nice to meet you at the Summit.
  4. I have a 1981 M20J, Is it possible to change the bench seat to the two buckets seat that we can fold down. It will be very usefull when it’s time to bring golf club or bikes. If someone can help me with that. tks
  5. Hello Steve. I will try to meet you at the Mooney Summit. I am from Sherbrooke Qc, and just finish my IFR rating. The video of you with flight chop’s help me a lot.


    Mario Lanoie

    1. ohdub


      Hi Mario, I'm glad to hear it!

      Congratulations on finishing your IFR rating, I think it's the most useful rating to get!

      I look forward to seeing you at the Summit, I'm usually the only Canadian there, it'll be nice to have another there.

      I've been into YSC many times, it's a nice airport.

    2. Eastern mooney 201

      Eastern mooney 201

      Hello again. Tks for the answer. Sorry for my english. I am very happy for my IFR. I work very hard and it was not easy to obtain mainly at 55. So yes it will be nice to meet you there. If you come to ysc let me know. 

    3. Eastern mooney 201

      Eastern mooney 201

      Hello Steve. When do you plan to leave for the Summit?

      Tks Mario

  6. Hello. It have an Apollo GX65 that i remove l’as-tu winter. tks
  7. Hello.where did you buy your carpet. It was done localy or does it come from another supplier. Is nylon or featherweight. tks
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