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  1. I think they wanted to get to one of the instruments (fuel pressure gauge). May be possible to repair as stated and I will do that if it can not be sourced. I think the hardest part of doing that will be disconnecting the trim switch and others, looks like a lot of connections on the trim switch and some type of clear silicone? or something on the pins.........
  2. Yeah i saw that and they must have every part ever made listed and if they cant get it easy they dont waste their time. Here is a email response from one of these so-called suppliers: "no current stock, price or leadtime, no quote. Thanks for the inquiry."
  3. Found this on another mooneyspace post. Says not avail on their web site, posted for info if anyone has same problem. 088-01091-0004
  4. Shop did it on annual, i think they removed plastic piece under windshield (Glare Shield?) over instruments etc (not sure what its called) and must have cracked it, also scratched windshield inside as well.
  5. I think what broken on mine is item#5 looks like part number 00-2959-00 hard to make out when i downloaded image is grainy can u confirm? Called Switch Cap Assembly
  6. I should have all the parts, wonder who could do it or how to find them? I have people looking like LASAR they are trying to find out from Mooney.
  7. I have called several people including LASAR, Cole Aviation in GA, My shop etc. Looks like the same part used on Ovations as well, cant believe so hard to find, i think you are right probably a avionics shop known part. thanks
  8. Looking for the housing that sits atop yoke on left side Holds buttons: Speedbrakes, CWS, Autopilot Disconnect, Manual Electric Trim (buttons are fully functional and do not need buttons, ONLY HOUSING) 1992 M20J Been looking and no luck so far, is it a bendix king part? Gotta be a optional part, why so hard to id???