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  1. Cabanaboy

    Folding Bike - Jupiter Bike 2.0

    I have 2 folding Citizen bikes (Toyko) and can only get one in baggage area and that's not easy. They are good a affordable $219, bike Friday very very pricey. Looks like they have a new model Rome may be smaller and lighter. Looks like Jupiter Bike would easily fit at least 2 in the baggage area. Says will go 10 miles, Thats not very far and they are pricey. Liking the size.
  2. Jupiter Bikes 2.0 Has anyone seen these folding electric bikes? looks like it folds up quite small size.....
  3. Cabanaboy

    Icing event.

  4. My switchbox from Phil died and will not function at all. I can call in and it will turn on and than right back off, does not do anything for texts. He was no help trying to get it going again. Many calls and emails and only answered emails sporadically. So I bought one of the GSM Smart Socket for $38 and set up, its working at home and will take to hanger soon. PIREP Later When you set the thing up you must change the password by text following the instructions. Then send the owner phone number then it worked!!!!
  5. Cabanaboy

    Blue Wire going into cylinder?

    thanks for the tips !
  6. Cabanaboy

    Blue Wire going into cylinder?

    Original engine preheater Heater installed 1994 Tanis System 110-03 Tanis Says I need part# TTP2628-115/50 Threaded Heat Element - 3/8-24 CHT (TAS100) w/pin connector - $65 TCS2598 Socket Connector Kit - 2 Contact (Plug Body DT06-2S) -- $4.50 (Legacy CHT Element)
  7. Cabanaboy

    Blue Wire going into cylinder?

    thats what i thought it lead to, is zip tied other wires of engine preheater but guy doing annual is not sure. I have a Tanis system
  8. Does anyone know what wire this is going into cylinder? M20J Lycoming IO360-A3B6D Is it Cylinder head CHT? or engine preheater wire?
  9. Cabanaboy

    B-17 Bomber Takeoff Training Film

    i just pasted the link into the body and it appeared
  10. Cabanaboy

    How to Start a B17
  11. Cabanaboy

    201er's Caribbean Adventure #2

    What i mean is appears to be happening there for long extended period of time, incredible. Hope you guys feel better soon.