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  1. Blue Wire going into cylinder?

    thanks for the tips !
  2. Blue Wire going into cylinder?

    Original engine preheater Heater installed 1994 Tanis System 110-03 Tanis Says I need part# TTP2628-115/50 Threaded Heat Element - 3/8-24 CHT (TAS100) w/pin connector - $65 TCS2598 Socket Connector Kit - 2 Contact (Plug Body DT06-2S) -- $4.50 (Legacy CHT Element)
  3. Blue Wire going into cylinder?

    thats what i thought it lead to, is zip tied other wires of engine preheater but guy doing annual is not sure. I have a Tanis system
  4. Does anyone know what wire this is going into cylinder? M20J Lycoming IO360-A3B6D Is it Cylinder head CHT? or engine preheater wire?
  5. B-17 Bomber Takeoff Training Film

    i just pasted the link into the body and it appeared
  6. How to Start a B17
  7. 201er's Caribbean Adventure #2

    What i mean is appears to be happening there for long extended period of time, incredible. Hope you guys feel better soon.
  8. 201er's Caribbean Adventure #2

    You're not going to believe this but i read a trip advisor review from Mar 2014 saying same happened to them.....
  9. 201er's Caribbean Adventure #2

    Mooney Venturi 1.0
  10. Weather tool for 48hrs ahead ????

    Low Level SIGWX Charts HOURS: 12, 24, see these in right margin: 30, 36, 48
  11. pretty hard impact,,,,,,,
  12. House Republicans have shelved the controversial re-authorization bill that would have, among other things, created a privatized air traffic control system. The Hill was reporting late Thursday that instead of pursuing the full re-authorization bill, the House will instead concentrate on passing a short-term extension of the current authorization, which expires on March 31. House Transportation Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-PA), who championed the privatization move, said in a statement the idea is still alive. "This is an ongoing process, and we will continue working to educate members and address questions they have about the bill," he said in the statement. "The need for an extension was not a surprise, and details about the short-term measure are still being discussed." If the House didn't back off on the bill, the Senate was apparently ready to do it for them, however. According to Politico, the Senate was getting impatient with the protracted debate over something it clearly saw as a non-starter and was preparing its own reauthorization bill without the privatization element. "We're not going to wait that much longer," Chairman John Thune said Thursday "So we'll probably look at marking something up in the next couple of weeks and try to get it on the floor in April." Aviation group opposition to the privatization bid was a key factor in the House move. The work ahead will likely result in a much different approach to the issue. The biggest concern among opponents was the heavy influence of major airlines (four of 11 votes) on the board of directors that would have resulted from the structure that was envisioned. A few other things of interest to GA were lost with the shelving of the bill. A pure form of the driver's license medical (no medicals at all for most private pilots), the guarantee that no user fees would result from the new ATC corporation and the unfettered ability to build homebuilt aircraft in hangars at airports were also included in the bill.