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  1. I think they wanted to get to one of the instruments (fuel pressure gauge). May be possible to repair as stated and I will do that if it can not be sourced. I think the hardest part of doing that will be disconnecting the trim switch and others, looks like a lot of connections on the trim switch and some type of clear silicone? or something on the pins.........
  2. Yeah i saw that and they must have every part ever made listed and if they cant get it easy they dont waste their time. Here is a email response from one of these so-called suppliers: "no current stock, price or leadtime, no quote. Thanks for the inquiry."
  3. Shop did it on annual, i think they removed plastic piece under windshield (Glare Shield?) over instruments etc (not sure what its called) and must have cracked it, also scratched windshield inside as well.
  4. I think what broken on mine is item#5 looks like part number 00-2959-00 hard to make out when i downloaded image is grainy can u confirm? Called Switch Cap Assembly
  5. I should have all the parts, wonder who could do it or how to find them? I have people looking like LASAR they are trying to find out from Mooney.
  6. I have called several people including LASAR, Cole Aviation in GA, My shop etc. Looks like the same part used on Ovations as well, cant believe so hard to find, i think you are right probably a avionics shop known part. thanks
  7. Looking for the housing that sits atop yoke on left side Holds buttons: Speedbrakes, CWS, Autopilot Disconnect, Manual Electric Trim (buttons are fully functional and do not need buttons, ONLY HOUSING) 1992 M20J Been looking and no luck so far, is it a bendix king part? Gotta be a optional part, why so hard to id???