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  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i use the Garmin inReach mini and you can send and receive texts through your phone. You can share your track for people on the ground as well and SOS. I have the lowest cost plan like $14/month, limited free text but per text cost not expensive if you go over.
  2. Anyone have or will have KS 179 Bendix/King Trim Servo part 065-0052-14 - Looking KAP 150 AP - 28V Thanks for any suggestions as well !
  3. I have two of these and can get one in baggage area of a J. You can cover a lot of ground on this one and the Tokyo is their smallest model. Cant find the photo with it in the plane. $289 http://www.citizenbike.com/catalog.asp?product_category_id=1&product_id=10
  4. I'll check in in dark conditions, i was wondering that.
  5. When I turned on Nav Lights rocker switch taxiing on ground the Gear down annunciator light goes off ! M20J 1992 What in the world could be causing that?
  6. thanks, is this the cable below? Where did you ground it in your plane?
  7. Do you connect the cable directly to the battery?
  8. I think they wanted to get to one of the instruments (fuel pressure gauge). May be possible to repair as stated and I will do that if it can not be sourced. I think the hardest part of doing that will be disconnecting the trim switch and others, looks like a lot of connections on the trim switch and some type of clear silicone? or something on the pins.........
  9. Yeah i saw that and they must have every part ever made listed and if they cant get it easy they dont waste their time. Here is a email response from one of these so-called suppliers: "no current stock, price or leadtime, no quote. Thanks for the inquiry."
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