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  1. From what I understand 600 hp. Plans at 95kts GS, 30 gallons per hour. It will be a lot of fun. Day VFR only. We both will have ipad and Sentry too.
  2. Breaking News: For the first time in a decade I will not be arriving to Oshkosh in a Mooney. I will be flying right seat with Dr. Brent Blue [MD/AME] in his beautiful 1942 Noorduyn Norseman. The Norseman is a Canadian single-engine bush aircraft, produced by Noorduyn Aircraft from 1935 to 1959. The aircraft was used for both civil and military purposes. In Norway the Norseman was especially important as an air ambulance and light transport aircraft along the coast, in the years after WWII. We have some fun stops along the way... Casper, WY, Mason City IA for the Third Thursday Fly-In, hoping for Rock the Ramp in Middleton, WI and then on into #OSH21. I hope to get to OSH in front of the Caravan to announce their arrival. Look for updates and photos along the way. I have never flown a radial engine and only have 20 minutes of tail-wheel time, but what they hey--- say yes to adventure and opportunity. While I may surely miss my #MooneyZoom it will be fun to see my aviation family along the way and at Oshkosh.
  3. IDK it has been awhile but I cannot upload any photos no matter how hard I try. Then when I want to submit a post it doesn't do anything.
  4. We have Mooney Girls, tank-tops, v-neck t shirts and jackets. I believe we have XS in the jackets. I know we have small in tanks and tees. If you would like just shoot me an email: JolieLucas@charter.net
  5. Before you yell, "Clear Prop" check out the latest installment of AOPA Opinion Leaders: Into the Alligator's Mouth, installment 2, the journey into the mindset needed for the functional implementation of personal minimums. https://blog.aopa.org/aopa/2021/03/10/into-the-alligators-mouth-installment-2/
  6. Hello all, here is my latest installment for AOPA Opinion Leaders. Installment #1 of Into the Alligator's Mouth. For the next few months this series will center on the psychology of personal minimums. Like most relationships, we will focus why we create them, why we commit them to paper [or not], when we fudge on them, what we learn from them, and what we hope never to again experience. https://blog.aopa.org/aopa/2021/02/04/into-the-alligators-mouth-installment-1/
  7. Update: Found a cool tug from a cool Mooney owner. Life is good!
  8. Hey Larry, I am going to be living part time in CA and part time in Oregon. So best of both worlds I suppose!
  9. Into the Alligator's Mouth.. #1 of a 4-part series for AOPA: your freedom to fly Opinion Leaders. Join me and a dozen of my pilot mates for a candid discussion of our relationships with personal minimums. Hidden gems and Pucker Factors await! https://blog.aopa.org/aopa/2020/12/31/into-the-alligators-mouth/
  10. As I get ready for my move to new hangar at 4S2 Ken Jernstedt Airfield Hood River airport, I have a good news, bad news situation. Good news: I have a Mt. Adams view with a "water feature" pond/ditch in front of my hangar. Bad news, not as much room as I am used to to turn Maggie around to get in hangar and therefore I am in need of a tow tug. If you or someone you know has a good, used tug at a reasonable price, please send me an email: mooneyambassadors@charter.net or a PM here. Happy Moo Year!
  11. Hello Mooney Family Here is my latest for AOPA Opinion Leaders... this month is on mental health. Check out my checklist for keeping your head in the right place during these trying times. Next month I am exploring our personal minimums, if you have any input please send me a PM or email: JolieLucas@charter.net When I was flying back from Camarillo last weekend the weather went down a bit earlier than forecast [who would of thought] and I ended up shooting the ILS to about 40 feet above minimums. As I flew home I thought about how my minimums had changed in the past three years since I got my IR. So hit me up if you have thoughts about how you apply your mins... if you have them... etc. Bouncing Back Psychotherapist's Guide for Pilots
  12. California Pilots Association Zooms in to View. Here is my latest @AOPA Opinion Leaders. It was a pleasure to take part the virtual conference w/our keynote speakers: John and Martha King https://blog.aopa.org/aopa/2020/09/19/california-pilots-association-zooms-into-view/ There are hot links to our CalPilots YouTube channel with the video presentations. And CONGRATS to Michael Rodgers and Brian Lee for winning cool door prizes donated by Flying Eyes and Lightspeed.
  13. After a recommendation from Dan Lubell, I used Kevin Schiff in WHP. I believe that Michael Rodgers used him as well as Denise Jennings. He is honest, knows Mooneys and does very good work. (818) 834-3818 is the number on the web, I have his cell
  14. Nice to finally be able to see the result of lots of hard work by a consortium of Mooney owners including our own Jan Maxwell and Soeedo wearing DMax. Expect great things. It is nice to finally be able to share the great news. https://www.flyingmag.com/story/aircraft/mooney-reveals-new-ownership/
  15. Hello all: Here is my latest AOPA Opinion Leaders piece. This month I consider the differences between achieving and using the instrument rating and commercial certificate. I hope you enjoy it. https://blog.aopa.org/aopa/2020/08/25/outward-looking-mastery-vs-inward-looking-precision/
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