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  1. Hi all, here is my article for AOPA Opinion Leaders this month... did anyone else get a rating/cert during the pandemic? I hope you enjoy the read and that it is helpful to you.
  2. If anyone is going for the Commercial, I do have a good de-brief written up. If you would like a copy just PM me with your email address. If you are getting ready for any sort of check ride, here is the article I wrote for Flying Magazine:
  3. Thanks Don. It was a challenging day due to some high winds. In the end I just told myself that I had come this far, I just needed to seal the deal.
  4. For sure if it is a passenger I always close it for them. My kids and CFIs all got it. I think for the DPE it was a challenge he wanted to tackle. LOL. Otherwise I am pretty picky about who closes it.
  5. Yeah I did it several times. Gave him a lesson. It was so hot 84 degrees that we sure needed it open. He finally got it. There was no slamming thank goodness. It is an acquired skill, like the Johnson bar.
  6. Hi Mike Yes it is on the horizon for sure. Just for now, I am staring the multi commercial in a few weeks [instead of going to Oshkosh]. I will be training out of Orange County KSNA so that will be sporty. I do have a few corporate opportunities presently so I am weighing my options. Thanks for the congrats. Long time coming on the instrument and commercial for me from this little airport kid.
  7. Thank you. For me, I want to get the multi commercial first because I have some opportunities flying corporate. I don't ever see myself in ATP. More the flexibility to be able to take assignments as they come and to give myself options.
  8. Hip Hip Horray. I am NOW a Commercial pilot. What can I say; my parents would be so proud, I am proud and my kids are too! It was a lot of work, but so worth it. Big thank you to my flight instructors [Christopher, Mike ] and my awesome DPE David Koebel. A big thank you to King Schools for the awesome prep. My examiner complimented me on my ground/oral which was fun to plan. He also loves how stable and fast the Mooney is. I had to teach him how to close the door six times, but other than that! I went back to my old stomping grounds in the Pacific Northwest, Hood River Oregon. I learned to fly there many moons ago. Paired the check ride with a family vacation. On to my multi-engine commercial. PS: Does my flight track look like a T-Rex dinosaur or what??? #MooneyZoom #ProPilot
  9. Boots on the Ground: the Men & Women who made Mooney was an all-volunteer project of the Mooney Ambassadors. If anyone would like to purchase a copy just send an email to .$50 includes US shipping, we just shipped to Germany [we just charge actual shipping to Europe]. Quantities are limited and includes a commemorative T-shirt. Thanks for your support. I can say, it is a fun Mooney copyright to own!
  10. Don't just a book by its cover, you might miss out on a fabulous story. Inspire the love of aviation to old and young alike. Here is my Opinion Leaders piece for AOPA:
  11. We had nearly 300 online watching. It was so much fun to spend time with these ladies. The video should be on YouTube later today or tomorrow for those who missed it.
  12. Hi there, If is not working Just go to Click on Check out these webinars Then click on the May 5th event Then click on the pink REGISTER/JOIN button and that should do the trick. Has a rolling registration so once you register for this webinar you will be automatically informed of the next ones. Thank you! Jolie
  13. Just got done with the dress rehearsal for Social Flight Live with Martha King, Pia Bergqvist, Julie Clark and Me! Tomorrow 5 PDT/8EDT Register: space limited. Thank you Lightspeed for sponsoring.