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  1. mooneygirl

    Oshkosh Schedule for MooneyGirls, MooneyMAX etc

    Today is the day for Exiting the Hold: Reaching your aviation goals at #OSH18. I will be presenting at AOPA at 11:00. Come enjoy learning the six principles for getting unstuck in life AND a chance to win an IFR course from King Schools. Mooney International is having an event tonight for the Night Air Show. We are in Hangar D, aisle D, down at the end of the row. Last day for us, come say howdy.
  2. mooneygirl

    Oshkosh Schedule for MooneyGirls, MooneyMAX etc

    We are in need of folks to help in the Mooney Girls/Ambassadors booth on Friday and Saturday at OSH. If you can help please let me know. On the job training provided! #MooneyZoom
  3. mooneygirl

    MooneyTuesday at OSH

    Mooney Owners Forum is this morning at 10:00. MooneyTuesday Happy Hour will be at Hangar D, aisle D, space 4004 at 1:00 p.m. today. Come to the booth and you will be directed to the super secret location. See you there
  4. mooneygirl

    1967 M20E parting out

    I will when I am back to my plane on Sunday. The fuel selector plastic, the plastic around the flap/floor area off the top of my head.
  5. mooneygirl

    1967 M20E parting out

    I am interested in interior plastics. around fuel selector, interior pilot door, baggage compartment and the corner under the flap handle. Is there a Mooney Girls Discount price>> LOL
  6. mooneygirl

    Oshkosh Schedule for MooneyGirls, MooneyMAX etc

    Well since it is a shared Mooney Ambassador/Mooney Girls booth you would still qualify
  7. mooneygirl

    Oshkosh Schedule for MooneyGirls, MooneyMAX etc

    Hello to those heading to OSH, if you can help in the Mooney Girls/ Mooney Ambassadors booth please let me know. Happy to provide swag and training. Here are the particular times I need filled: Tuesday morning 9:30-11 -media interview Wednesday 12-2:30- media interview Thursday 9-12:30 Lightspeed Saturday 10-1 AOPA We are Hangar D, space 4004. Thank you!
  8. Personally I think I did pretty darn good as a #3 last year! LOL.
  9. mooneygirl

    Oshkosh Schedule for MooneyGirls, MooneyMAX etc

    The Monday night dinner is open to Caravan participants ONLY. Each Caravan participant would register with their lead, I believe. I know that reservation spots are getting tight.
  10. mooneygirl

    Oshkosh Schedule for MooneyGirls, MooneyMAX etc

    Update: I found an announcer and a photographer for the Mooney Caravan arrival. But I will need help in the booth on TH/FR/Sat Thanks is my email
  11. mooneygirl

    I swear I'm cursed.

    So glad you are okay! That is the most important part.
  12. Can't believe that I am already organizing and packing for my annual trip to OSH. I put together a schedule and thought it might be helpful to post. A couple of requests: 1) If you are going to be at OSH on Saturday morning and you would be willing to announce as the Mooney Caravan arrives [approx noon] please let me know. I can get you up on the announcer's stand and you will have a bird's eye view of the over 60 Mooneys landing in formation. 2) If you or your plus one, or your totally awesome teenagers are able to help in the Mooney Ambassadors/Girls booth in Hangar D please let me know. OTJ training provided and you will get some cool swag for the help. We will be in hangar D, which is the big hangar across from Mooney International.
  13. mooneygirl

    Back to #MooneyZoom for this girl

    Mooney is a mini-Golden retriever. When he was a baby I used the Mutt Muffs. But then as he got older I just stopped using them. It isn't that loud in the cockpit and he doesn't seem to be fazed by any of it. I put him on the wing walk, tell him to get in his seat and off he goes. He has about 400 hours with me in the plane.
  14. mooneygirl

    Back to #MooneyZoom for this girl

    One of my friends said I hit the wall on turn three! LOL. It was bumpy and a lot of turning!
  15. Had a great test flight today after overhaul. The engine just sounded so beefy. It didn't miss, or cough or anything. Thirty minutes of 147 kts [75% power] around Santa Maria Airport. It has been a long process but it was great to be back in the air. Of course Mooney Lucas Aviation Puppy was bouncing along with me in the turbulent skies. Here are a few photos. Gonna fly it quite a bit before my 7/18 departure for #OSH18