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  1. June 6th-8th: MooneyMAX will be in da house! Save the dates and come join us in Longview TX for the only convention featuring Mooney Guru Don Maxwell and legendary [not afraid to talk about Lean of Peak] Savvy mechanic Mike Busch. Jan and I will be teaching Right Seat Ready! companion seminar. There will also be great vendors and #MooneyZoom Speed Trials. Registration will be open soon. GATHER, EDUCATE, ELEVATE.
  2. Hey All, It would be so cool to have a ton of Mooneys come for Feb 21st seminar in San Luis Obispo, CA. King Schools is sending a crew to film me and we might make this into an online course. I need a great audience. Plus someone is going home with some pretty awesome door prizes. Please register today so we have enough chairs. Thank you for the support. Details below. Exiting the Hold: Reaching your Life Goals Thursday, February 21st 6:00-9:00 p.m. ACI Jet Center, KSBP, San Luis Obispo, CA, 
Free Admission with RSVP: ExitingtheHold.EventBrite.Com Much like flying an actual hold, there comes a time in every pilot’s career where an honest assessment of skill, safety, performance, desire, and goals needs to be made. Are you one of the many pilots that are stuck in the hold, unable to complete your aviation goals? Psychotherapist, educator, writer, and instrument pilot, Jolie Lucas, discusses the six keys to exiting the holding pattern and reaching your goals. This fast paced, multi-media presentation explores human factors, brain science, and personality in decision-making, motivation, and follow-through. The seminar is sure to inspire you to exit the holding pattern and move forward in your aviation goals. Refreshments. WINGS credit. Fly-In Fuel discount. Door prizes generously donated by: ACI Jet: Tarmac Teddy and ACI Fuel gift card [$100] King Schools: Gift Certificate for any King Schools Course [$600 value] Lightspeed: Lightspeed Zulu 3 Aviation Headset [$1300 value]
  3. Christmas is Coming... Order now The Mooney Girls Holiday Shopping guide is here. For any one else thinking of an awesome Christmas gift for the Mooney Girl in your life. Our goal is to inspire and support women in aviation. Hooded Jackets Hats Ladies V-Neck Tees Mini-Mooney Girls Tees Snuggly Socks We are a non-profit educational foundation committed to inspiringand educating girls and women. Order at or email us at: Thank you for your support. Jan and Jolie
  4. We are getting set up for the Welcome Reception [6-7:30 p.m.] tonight at MooneyMAX Hilton Garden Inn. If there is anyone that would like to register for the event do so right away! $250 for full conference including banquet. $150 gives you full access on TH [seminars and lunch] or Friday Right Seat Ready! or MooneyMAX maintenance. We have 20 vendors, awesome door prizes from Lightspeed, King Schools, Concorde Battery and more. Come and join the fun. Oh yes, the new Mooney Girl's embroidered jackets are available for special order too! #MooneyZoom
  5. Please join me this weekend for the California Capital Airshow at Mather. Friday evening is the night airshow. Saturday and Sunday are the US Air Force Thunderbirds and more. Static displays, vendors, kid zone and of course educational forums. My part in the fun will be Sunday morning for Exiting the Hold: Reaching your Aviation Goals [10:40 a.m. Education Forums]. My seminars tend to be lively, faced-paced and interactive. Thank you to King Schools for the door prize of an IFR course worth $279.00 Watch the NOTAMS for air space closure but come on! Tickets available: Mooney driver Bob Achtel is the Fly-In Manager. He would love to see a whole bunch of Mooneys come enjoy the weekend. And who wouldn't want to learn how to perfect landings by Don Kaye! FORUMS SATURDAY 10 AM Nick Leonard, "Quick building your own airplane" 10:40 AM Harry Wander,MD, Senior AME, Col. US Army(RET) " Drugs & the PIC" 11:20 AM Don Kaye, Master CFII, "The Perfect Landing" SUNDAY 10 AM Renee Robinson, (FAA Administrator) "ADS-B Simplified" 10:40 Am Jolie Lucas, AOPA Editorial Board, "Exiting the Hold" 11:20 AM Wm. Shea, Former FAA Administrator, "California Aviation, Past,Present,Future".
  6. If you would like to experience the magic of DMax in person, please register for MooneyMAX at Longview TX October 10-14. We will have a huge variety of speakers, all day maintenance seminars, all day Right Seat Ready! companion safety seminar, door prizes, great food, vendors and more. The MooneyMAX Round-up Conference and Workshops will take place October 10-14, 2018 at East Texas Regional Airport, Longview, Texas. This event is an educational event for the enthusiastic Mooney community and dedicated to enhancing safety, maintaining aircraft, and love of flying. The newly built Hilton Garden Hotel and Conference Center will be the host hotel of the Round-up Conference and Workshop with over 8,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting and pre-function space. Exhibitors will be in the large 1,500 sq. ft. pre-function area, immediately outside all meeting rooms, and will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Oct 11th and 12th. To start off the conference you are cordially invited to the Opening Cocktail Party, Wednesday evening, October 10th. A full schedule of new exciting speakers with new educational topics is being lined up for Thursday, Oct. 11th and Friday, Oct. 12th. Buffet luncheon provided in the pre-function area for all participants. Workshops will be all day Friday, Oct. 12th and Saturday, Oct 13th: MooneyMAX Maintenance, Right Seat Ready©, and Mooney Caravan. Saturday will be a day of more aviation seminars, a tour of Mid America Flight Museum (all aircraft are currently flying aircraft). Saturday evening reception and dinner: Beautiful private Lake Cherokee, Cherokee Country Club. All workshops and seminars are included with registration: $250 per person. Special Saturday evening Keynote Speaker: Mr. Kenneth Bowersox, U.S. Naval Aviator (Ret.), Former NASA Astronaut and Shuttle Pilot Kenneth Bowersox served as the Interim Chair of the NASA Advisory Council from June 2016 to January 2017. He is a retired U.S. Naval Aviator, with over 19 years of experience at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Selected to the astronaut corps in 1987, he has flown five times on NASA’s Space Shuttle, serving as pilot, commander and mission specialist, and once on a Russian Soyuz, where he served as the flight engineer during descent. During his five orbital missions, Bowersox has logged over 211 days in space, including five and a half months aboard the International Space Station (ISS), where he was the mission commander of the 6th expedition. He was also a crew member for the first two Hubble Space Telescope repair flights and two United States Microgravity Laboratory flights. Subsequent to his mission aboard the ISS, Bowersox served as the director of the Johnson Space Center’s Flight Crew Operations Directorate, retiring from NASA and the U.S. Navy in December, 2006. After retirement, he remained involved with the U.S. space exploration program as a member of the standing review boards for ISS, Space Shuttle, and the Constellation Program. From 2009-2011, Bowersox was the Vice President of Astronaut Safety and Mission Assurance at SpaceX. Currently, Ken works as an independent technical consultant, advising clients on spacecraft design, proposal development, and providing independent assessment of technical programs. He joined the NASA Advisory Council in November 2013, and served as Chair of the Human Exploration and Operations Committee. HOST HOTEL 
Hilton Garden Inn and Event Center
 905 East Hawkins Parkway – Longview, TX 75605 Room Rate: $119.00 (includes cooked to order breakfast for two guests each day) For Online Reservations: Hilton Online Reservations For additional information related to the Hilton Garden Inn in Longview, TX: 903-212-3000 Register here, space is limited:
  7. Today is the day for Exiting the Hold: Reaching your aviation goals at #OSH18. I will be presenting at AOPA at 11:00. Come enjoy learning the six principles for getting unstuck in life AND a chance to win an IFR course from King Schools. Mooney International is having an event tonight for the Night Air Show. We are in Hangar D, aisle D, down at the end of the row. Last day for us, come say howdy.
  8. We are in need of folks to help in the Mooney Girls/Ambassadors booth on Friday and Saturday at OSH. If you can help please let me know. On the job training provided! #MooneyZoom
  9. Mooney Owners Forum is this morning at 10:00. MooneyTuesday Happy Hour will be at Hangar D, aisle D, space 4004 at 1:00 p.m. today. Come to the booth and you will be directed to the super secret location. See you there
  10. I will when I am back to my plane on Sunday. The fuel selector plastic, the plastic around the flap/floor area off the top of my head.
  11. I am interested in interior plastics. around fuel selector, interior pilot door, baggage compartment and the corner under the flap handle. Is there a Mooney Girls Discount price>> LOL
  12. Well since it is a shared Mooney Ambassador/Mooney Girls booth you would still qualify
  13. Hello to those heading to OSH, if you can help in the Mooney Girls/ Mooney Ambassadors booth please let me know. Happy to provide swag and training. Here are the particular times I need filled: Tuesday morning 9:30-11 -media interview Wednesday 12-2:30- media interview Thursday 9-12:30 Lightspeed Saturday 10-1 AOPA We are Hangar D, space 4004. Thank you!
  14. Personally I think I did pretty darn good as a #3 last year! LOL.
  15. The Monday night dinner is open to Caravan participants ONLY. Each Caravan participant would register with their lead, I believe. I know that reservation spots are getting tight.