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  1. The Mooney Summit is something that we have participated in for three years. It is a wonderful venue and such a value to our community. However, all the speakers do so at their own expense. Donating a one hour seminar is very different than donating an entire day of teaching plus airfare from CA and TX. The structure of the Summit does not allow for us to be paid for our services. Again, I adore the Summit and am so happy to have participated. But RSR is a nationally known seminar, that toured the country with AOPA last year. We just cannot donate that level of services to an organization. Hope this makes sense.
  2. Unfortunately not. We are working on an East Coast offering though.
  3. Yup, but I wanted Right Seat Ready! posted in the title. Thanks
  4. All Mooney People! Mark your calendars! MooneyMax Conference and Clinics When: October 10 - 14. 2018 Where: Longview, Texas (KGGG) New Hilton Garden Inn and Event Center, 905 East Hawkins Parkway, Longview, TX 75605 Events: MooneyMax Maintenance Seminar Don & Paul Maxwell and our staff Right Seat Ready with Jan Maxwell & Jolie Lucas Mooney Caravan Formation Clinic A fresh new list of seminar Speakers & Vendors Tour of Mid America Aviation Museum tour Saturday Night Banquet at The Lake Cherokee Country Club Banquet Speakers The REAL Space Cowboys that are Mooney owners Web Site and online registration should be open this weekend. I wanted to call it the Mooney Roundup but SHE [Jan] said "No!" My contact is Ph. 903-643-9902 Please call with any questions. Thank you, Don Maxwell
  5. This annual event is a hoot. Airplane-only campground. Our Moo camp usually has 5-7 enjoying the fun. Campground has power and hot showers. Our Ambassador display has the world-famous Moo Pool and one or two Mooneys on display. This back country airport in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas is just so wonderful. If you can come join us, that is great. I know that I will need volunteers to help set up, man the booth and tear down. There is a burger fry on Friday night, tri-tip dinner on Saturday, and of course all the great airport day events on Saturday and Sunday. It is a short walk in to town. Columbia is a national park which has a great pedestrian zone which is as it was in the 1840s during the gold rush. This weekend is totally kid-friendly. Let's get together and celebrate friendship and our airplanes.
  6. Oceano Airport Celebration starts one week from today with our Burger Fry and Dance Friday, May 11th from 5:30-10 $10 Dance to Leo and the Boyz. Saturday May 12th is our airport day and salute to veterans. We are collecting items for military care packages. Our breakfast and lunch support charitable groups. Veterans/Active duty/First responder eat for free on Saturday. AWOS is up 118.375. Webcams are up at Free admission Saturday, family friendly, lodging discount thanks to Pacific Plaza Resort, fuel discount thanks to Oceano Fuel. We have awesome raffle prizes. Live music, aircraft displays, camping on our field. What more can you ask for? I need a dance partner for Friday night---just sayin'. See you Friday May 11th.
  7. mooneygirl

    Sun n Fun 2018

    So thrilled to have been asked to be on the PreFlight Show on LiveAirShowTV at #SNF18 I will be on Saturday the 14th at 9:30 a.m. ET. Here is the link in case you would like to check it out.
  8. mooneygirl

    Sun n Fun 2018

  9. mooneygirl

    Sun n Fun 2018

    I am getting ready for Sun n Fun 2018. I am especially excited to be presenting Exiting the Hold: Reaching your Aviation Goals for SNF and for AOPA. With generous support from King Schools, there is an IFR course door prize at all three workshops.
  10. mooneygirl

    AOPA Opinion Leaders Blog

    Hey all Here is my latest AOPA Opinion Leaders.... I hope you enjoy it. #SmileOn
  11. mooneygirl

    IO-360 A1A

    500.8 since new. Removed in 1978 sitting in hangar, bought at a core. Crankshaft recondition, nitrated Aircraft Speciality services in Tulsa, cam recondition, cam follower. Cylinders repaired, guides, brand new mags, fuel servo. Taken out of Lake amphibian. 1200 series mags, needs switch mags. $20K USD. Canadian log books, all ADs etc
  12. mooneygirl

    IO-360 A1A

    I called to ask the price.
  13. mooneygirl

    Icing event.

    I am glad to read this initial post. I have to say that as a new IFR pilot in an E model, icing is probably my biggest fear. The DPE I tested with said 10C/-10C is his rule and that I should plan on being 4000 feet below the freezing level. That would mean I would not really be able to take off in some instances. I am wondering what the best resource is for icing information/forecast. I use Foreflight and NOAA. It was interesting to learn about the tail icing. Thanks for all comments that are nice! XXOO
  14. mooneygirl

    AOPA Opinion Leaders Blog

    Here is my latest installment for AOPA Opinion Leaders on Amy Helm, a cool, fierce, and determined airport manager in Glenwood Springs Colorado. I am hoping to stop there on my way to OSH18 if the weather-Gods allow.
  15. mooneygirl

    Sun n Fun 2018

    Come see me at #SNF18. I will be presenting on Saturday April 14th @ 3:00 p.m. at the AOPA Pavilion. "Exiting the Hold: Reaching Your Aviation Goals" This will be a great chance for you to learn about what might be holding you back. Plus it is always fun to see friendly faces in the audience. Mooney Girls/Mooney Ambassadors will be on display at the Mooney International area. Sun n Fun is a blast. Can't wait to see you there. Who is coming??