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  1. Help needed for a mate

    The one place you may search is the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) to eliminate this as a source of the problem. It covers many different lists used to screen individuals and companies attempting to enter the US. You can use https://sanctionssearch.ofac.treas.gov/ to search for your friends name. As I mentioned above, this will likely just be an elimination of a problem. You might also try using the DHS TRIP process to see if it might provide any success https://www.dhs.gov/dhs-trip but I feel somewhat certain starting with the British Embassy will be the likeliest path to any success.
  2. Or you bought in Austin either a long time ago or way out of town!
  3. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    If I recall correctly, N242PT lives in Chile, South America and goes into and out of airfields which might be a wee bit short for Mooney Acclaims. I believe @mike_elliott worked with them and found there was no real loss of speed, but much better low speed handling with reduced stall speed.
  4. How many hours is too many??

    I bought my J with nearly 5000 hours on it in 2013. It was well maintained, flown regularly, and, at one point, owned by the same group for 17 years. My mechanic calls it one of the better maintained planes he has seen in his 35+ years of working on planes. So I would say a 5k+ hour airplane can be as good or better than a low time one, but everything depends on the care and feeding it received during those hours.
  5. GNS Supported Timeframe

    Close to my thought for my avionics as well. My stack currently has a GNS 430W under the MX 20. The 430W/IFD 440 swap is an easy one. The MX 20 to either the IFD 5XX or GTN 750 would require some additional work. But as someone noted in another thread, the IFD 5XX is about 0.4" shorter, so I would end up removing the MX 20 and have to do something to fill the gap. To put in the 750, I would essentially need to layout the center stack from scratch. To answer Seth's question: when they have a sure fire transition plan to not lose a major portion of their currently installed base. IMHO, ending support for the GNS line at this point with the only Garmin option being the 650/750 line, I believe they would drive more business to Avidyne than they would like. Maybe if they had come out with a discount program to replace the MX 20/GNS 430 setup with a GTN 750 when it first came out, I might have considered it. But now I have choices.
  6. Insurance renewal

    It's because we are both displaced Texans....
  7. Insurance renewal

    So after watching this thread take shape, I was eagerly (?) awaiting my renewal quote as I am increasing my coverage by $20,000 for the avionics I am installing. Last year was $1,031 for $95K hull, $1MM/$100K liability, $5K medical and $-0- deductible in motion/not in motion. Bump the hull by the $20K with everything else the same, and this year is $1,158. Both from Global Aerospace. From what I am reading, I think I am happy. Oh, and Savvy Breakdown Assistance included at no charge.
  8. Control yoke switches for Century IIb

    CWS is Control Wheel Steering and when held down allows you to maneuver the plan in pitch and roll without disconnecting the AP. After you release the switch, the AP resumes control. Think of it as "autopilot interruptus".
  9. Typically, the favorite customer is the one who pays their bill when picking up their plane.
  10. Holding up my avionics work....

    Yes, it is a joy. I had 2 hours solid IMC behind it yesterday with two approaches down to mins. At first I thought it was off course at one point until I saw the Aspen showing a quartering headwind of 32 kts. at 6000'. Can't wait to get mine done.
  11. Holding up my avionics work....

    Holder Aviation in Pell City, AL (KPLR). Our little country airport has him and a Mooney-trained mechanic with 30+ years experience at a former MSC in Atlanta. I won't say I coached him into copying your panel, Paul, but I may have shown him a photo or two.... Unfortunately, I don't have a EDM 900 to go in my panel - yet - so I will still have my original one with a few blanks filling empty holes.
  12. So my local avionics guy has my bird in line to do some work, but it is behind my buddy's 252. His came out today but I need mine next week, so I have to put it off for a month. This is what I was queued up behind. He flies his plane 400-500 hours a year for his business.
  13. Avionics upgrade

    Four on ebay from $1700 to $2295.
  14. Avionics upgrade

    Correct. Here is what PS Engineering shows.
  15. Avionics upgrade

    I can understand your choice of the 7000BT as it is a slide-in replacement, but is the SL15 having problems? If not, save your money on it. The unit was way ahead of others when released. I agree with @StevenL757 as to the 530W, but would suggest the IFD 540/550. Unlike the 750, it will fit within the same space as the MX20. They can be had for reasonable prices depending on where you are located and when you purchase (Sun-n-Fun in a month?). Pull the GX60 and sell it. There are buyers out there. For ADS-B Out/In, the GTX 345 will be fine. An alternative is the L-3 NGT 9000. Like several of the newer avionics, it has capabilities you can activate with a software update at a later date, if you like. Not necessarily less expensive than the 345, but, at this time, more expandable. Or if you want to keep a panel vendor-consistent, the Avidyne AXP 340 would fit the ADS-B Out portion, but would need the Avidyne Skytrax 100 included for the ADS-B In portion. Again, timing and negotiation can significantly affect your cost. Unfortunately, their AMX 240 audio panel would be a rewire.