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  1. Oldguy

    Low RPM Misfire M20F

    And then upload it to Savvyanalysis.com if you want, and get a good look at how things correlate and what is actually going on in the engine.
  2. Oldguy

    Remove carpet glue?

    Last year @Sven detailed how he stripped his wing walk with something called "Citristrip". He brushed it on, covered with Saran Wrap overnight and then used a plastic scraper to take it off. I wonder if it would work the same on the glue? Given the choice between a smell of MEK, methylene chloride or oranges, I'll go with citrus every time.
  3. Figure out what your monthly budget for flying will be. As some have noted above, hangar, insurance, fuel, etc. are outside of your initial purchase cost. Then there are reserve funds for annuals, engine maintenance, avionics subscriptions, and other items (prop, biscuits,...) which need replacing/repair over time. There is nothing I can imagine to be more painful than to have a plane you own sitting on the ground because you do not have the funds to fly it on a regular basis. And the funds you have for purchase do include a PPI from a Mooney-knowledgeable mechanic, right?
  4. Oldguy

    WTB - Left aileron for 252

    So far, two have been located - Mooney can get one in about 4 weeks and Paul Loewen has one and will call Monday to discuss getting it here.
  5. Oldguy

    WTB - Left aileron for 252

    I think he's married to the offender.....
  6. Oldguy

    Help me spend some money

    Looks like you have the KT 76 which can have a slide-in replacement of the KT 74 which has ADSB-Out but not in. The only caveat is it requires a WAAS GPS source, which you do not have at this point. Even with the KT 74 (or Trig TT31/Avidyne AXP 340 - all same unit rebadged) you would likely need some work done behind the unit.
  7. One of the guys out at my airport (Pell City, AL - KPLR) had a small incursion yesterday when someone backed into his plane, and he is now in need of a left aileron for his 252. Part number would be 230015-505 LH. He puts about 500 hours per year on his plane as he uses it in his business. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Oldguy

    Help me spend some money

    I kept my responses in the order you presented with my opinion on priorities indicated: #2 Yes on tire #1 (with good tube) and hold on tire #2 (unless it shows dry rot we can't see). #4 If your tanks are not leaking yet, learn to land very smoothly and softly with the pucks you have or plan on fixing tank leaks. Cost for resealing one tank will eat up any savings you have on not doing pucks relatively soon. #3 Get a good headset either through the ANR upgrade Clarence suggested or something. #5 Paint can wait, but protect the new metal and old with some wax of some type. Added benefit for waxing leading edge to chord line on both sides of the wing is a small increase in speed, according to Mooney folks. #1 Fix the door seal. Dan had no problem with CO leaking and build up on one flight and the next time he almost died. I have met no one with the luck he has. #6 It would be great to have a beautiful interior, but it is not required to start flying your bird. Keep a look out for the interior parts and pieces you need, and buy from Plane Plastics at Sun-n-Fun or Oshkosh if possible. Lower prices and deals on shipping can be had at those times. #6 (Same time if you do a gut and rewire) Think about how you want your panel to end up. @gsxrpilot collected avionics over time at bargain prices. There are used avionics from folks like @Alan Fox and @Aerodon often has deals on engine monitors. For a quick ADSB-In capability, the Stratux @DonMuncy recommended is a very quick and cost effective solution to display information on a tablet device. The only change in panel priority would be the engine monitor, and that might be up in the 3-4 range. You don't say when you are due an annual. If it is coming up soon, some of the items might shift a bit, but everything costs multiple AMUs. Best of luck, and thanks for putting another one back into the sky!
  9. Oldguy

    A&P payment

    I pay my mechanic and avionics guy as soon as I get the amount due or invoice from them, but they are both at my airport. While the mechanic does not take credit cards, the avionics guy will, but charges 3% like someone above mentioned. As a result of the way we work together, I can usually get small jobs done in a day as they both know they will be paid immediately upon completion. And they also get a bag of Colombian coffee from me at Christmas - sucking up never hurts. If this is the first time working with this mechanic, there probably should have been a discussion before starting the work on payment timing and method. If there was a written quote (there was one, wasn't there?), it would normally include payment terms. Whatever the outcome of your interaction with him, you will hopefully have gained some valuable insight for the next time you have him or any other mechanic do work for you.
  10. Oldguy

    KX 165 is failing

    Found at least 1 on Barnstormers for $1995.
  11. Oldguy

    Dreaming of 900 UL...

    Wow! I would have to leave a couple of tires off of the original plane to get that UL. Just the base plane from the factory only had 904 before additions.
  12. Oldguy

    Dreaming of 900 UL...

    Anthony, I have looked for a two blade MT, but it appears there is not one approved, and I am one of the two blade people when it comes to 4 cylinder engines. I will keep looking for intelligent options to reduce my weight (LED position/strobe lights?), but I feel I am approaching the area where things I want will likely add a pound or two (paint, interior, etc.). I think there is still a few pounds of wire to be removed, but rather than have the shop keep the plane for another week or so, I had them button it back up and get it to me. Since this will be my forever-plane, I am willing to take the long view on getting things done. Take care.
  13. Oldguy

    Dreaming of 900 UL...

    Well, it seems I am closer to my UL than it originally seemed. When the avionics shop wrote up the new W&B at the end of the process, they inventoried everything they had removed and added, netted them out, and updated the W & B doc for the POH. Unfortunately, they missed the standby vacuum pump I got from the tech early in the job and sent to @NJMac, so it looks like I gained another 12.04 lbs of UL. That will take my UL up to ~897, so I am going to stop whining about a 900 UL. And if I look at what @Hank posted above, I probably have lost a couple pounds of paint from rain buffing off paint on various places on the plane during IMC flying. Co-pilot and I are working on gaining back about 25 lbs. of UL ourselves, and I am still pursuing some of the weight saving updates mentioned above, which I want to thank everyone for suggesting.
  14. Oldguy

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    Not many of us on MS would pass up a free ride in a Rocket.