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  1. @Alan Fox or @acpartswhse might be a place to start.
  2. Check around here on MS and see if there is someone (or several) owners who will either take you up in their plane or let you at least sit in one to see how you like it. The seating position in a Mooney is unlike those you have flown previously, so make sure it is okay with you before committing to one. Decide how much you are willing to spend, as it may help you decide on a model. Willing to spend $125K? Any of your choices will fit. Want to stay under $75K? Different group of planes (probably not a J for that price). Look at getting a plane to stay with for a few years. Swapping planes every few years can be done, but it tends to rack up the costs pretty quickly. Make a list of items you must have, want to have, would like to have, and would be nice to have in a plane you purchase. @gsxrpilot and others have put together some templates around this for looking at things such as avionics (ABS-B Out capable?), leaking/resealed tanks, autopilot, shoulder harnesses, etc. and you might be able to use something like that as a starting point for what fits into those categories for you. Like @ilovecornfields, my life insurance covers me for the same hobbies but cost a little more for some of the more "unique" places I traveled at the time I bought it. My airplane insurance started off at one price and has dropped for 4 years as I built hours, got my IR, and went to the MAPA PPP recurrent training classes they hold around the country. Good luck in your quest, and welcome back to flying!
  3. Have you thought about looking for what you want on the used market through someone like @Alan Fox or @acpartswhse? If you have a part number for LASAR to check, it should also work with either of these folks. Just a thought.
  4. Yeah, with the space you have below, it should not be a problem. The only pain is the trays in a Mooney are riveted into the stack, so a little more labor, but you should be good to go. Gonna be a nice panel when you are done!
  5. What else are you taking out of the center so you can fit the 750? The MX 20 is 5" tall while the GTN 750 is 6". The only thing to use the same space as the MX is the Avidyne 540/550 or the GNS 530.
  6. I will have to see if I can find out. It was not me, but sure was a hot topic.
  7. None of the above. ATC gave several IFR flights the choice of cancelling IFR or diverting as they would not let them start an approach.
  8. Discussion at the airport today. Is it legal to shoot an approach when there is either no ceiling on the AWOS or it is NOTAM’ed out? Somewhat of a hot discussion.
  9. But TWY A, where they typically land them, is also closed. Since they are reworking A2 / A3 and A4 / A5 are being removed, it should be a lovely mess.
  10. The attached memo describes work being done at KLAL starting December 2, 2019 on the main (9/27) runway. The planned length of the work is 133 days with a stand-down for Sun-n-Fun. I don't know about anyone else on MS, but I have never seen a runway project perfectly adhere to a schedule, so anyone planning on flying into SNF might want to take this into account. And if you are flying into Lakeland any other time outside of SNF, I would definitely think about it. 2019-11-21 Runway 9-27 Closure.pdf
  11. One additional thing to try: practice at a field with a longer runway until you can consistently get it how you like it for your home field. Until you have the comfort you need to plant it how you want on your field, there will be a bit of pucker factor. Not necessarily a bad thing, but could lead to some less than optimal decision-making.
  12. I think this is what he is referring to as a problem.
  13. That's correct. It was taken out some years before I bought the plane in 2013. It will get properly patched and repaired when I get it painted in a couple of years. BTW, the antenna cable was still there when I pulled down the ceiling panels for painting...
  14. Or you could bite the bullet and call Precise Flight. I will make the assumption if they are selling the kits, they likely have the parts. May not be the lowest price, but on-hand beats back-ordered.