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  1. In the process of upgrading my panel and interior, I would like to move my speed brake actuator button from the panel to my yoke. I have seen several setups where the button is mounted on the pilot's left yoke horn under the autopilot/trim switch of the King A/P. I contacted Precise Flight to find out how to get the switch and was told they do not have it and have no record of having it. So I am reaching out to the collective memory of MS to see if anyone knows how I can obtain one of them. I have seen them mostly on the K models, but do not think it is model specific. Anybody have any suggestions? TIA Edited to add picture. What I am looking for is the piece approximately 1/2" thick under the trim switch. The one in this picture has lost most of its color, but shows location and size. Red actuator button is on the left side.
  2. ...as normal. You are a pilot! And I will just omit anything about being an engineer.
  3. What if none of your friends are normal???
  4. Oldguy

    Ft Lauderdale trip

    I believe there is a MS member based at KHWO. I have flown into there twice, and it is a great way to avoid all of the traffic and costs at the larger airports. And if Trump heads down to Florida, it is just outside of the TFR. I have used Uber back and forth from there when I go, and I parked at The Fuel Depot @ Bobby's Landing. 100LL is about $4.75, if I recall , but it would do you well to call and make sure they have parking available as it can get crowded at times. And since all the runways are less than 3,400', it is good to be on your approach speed when landing.
  5. Oldguy

    IO-550 Question

    And although it sounds silly, make sure you look at the top of the cylinders with the borescope (as in the portion of the cylinders on the top of the engine and not the half closest to the valves and plugs). My mechanic just finished a top overhaul on a Continental engine where the purchaser had a PPI with a borescope review of each cylinder. Even had pictures. When the owner showed them to the mechanic, he kept insisting there could not be rust in the cylinders since the pics showed nothing. His face fell when the mechanic pointed out they each picture showed the bottom half of each cylinder. The owner finally realized the effect gravity has on oil, and the top of every cylinder showed rust and pitting. Painful, but now the engine is humming like a well tuned machine.
  6. Oldguy

    Introduction / Request

    I have been with the right one 20 years as of this past month. She not only supported me in all of my crazy stuff, she encouraged me to do things I had set aside because of the wrong one. She's the reason I renewed my PADI diving instructor certificate, got my PPL and IR, got another motorcycle, and bought the Mooney. It's much easier to embrace life and living when the person you are with comes with you rather than attempting to hold you back.
  7. Went from a KMA 24 to the 450B about 3 months ago and am so glad I did. Dual BT allows me to get ForeFlight notifications as well as use my iPhone when I need to call for my clearance. Currently looking at the MiraCheck app to see if it will fit into my processes. Have not used the USB-C for charging anything yet, but nice to have it available. @Marauder is correct about the simplicity for regularly used selections, and for the other rarely used settings, I find they seldom change from my initial setup, although it took a couple of times running through different options to finally settle on where they are now. As for which unit to get, I definitely will use the BT2, and the marker beacon is always nice to have on approaches where it is available.
  8. Oldguy

    Welcome Home, N1157L!

    +1 on plugging in an Avidyne IFD 540 into the 530W slot. And is that an engine monitor on the far left side above the ignition switch? If not, a good recording monitor will help the engine let you know there are problems before they become too costly. Congrats on reviving a great example of a Mooney!
  9. Oldguy

    Stratus ESG Install

    Labor seems high, from what I have seen. Are those figures from a shop or just your rough estimates? And the Stratus ESG package should include an antenna. Those numbers look to be more in the GTX 345 range from what I have been reading. Even last year, the GTX 345 was reportedly being installed for around $6,500. What is your current transponder/panel setup? Any WAAS GPS in the mix?
  10. As much as I would love to, we are trying to downsize, and I don't think 547+ acres qualifies.
  11. Horses - aka 1200 lb. two year old. Can't kennel them, have to be fed at fairly regular times, and can find interesting and unique ways to injure themselves. And if taken care of, can live over 30 years. Currently have two mares - 28 and 30 years old - so when we want to go out of town, we have to have a "horse" sitter take care of them. The last dog lived to 18, the kids have both been gone for 6+ years, and the cats are so low maintenance as to hardly be noticed. Once we are through with these last two horses, there are no more coming as we are moving to Lakeland when I retire in about 2 years. And if they are still around at that point, they go to the equine rescue where my wife sits on the board and will be funded by us for the remainder of their lives. Our animals and kids have all been a big part of our lives, but I sometimes envy those folks who truly have empty nests. I bet they can sleep later than 5:30 on weekends, if they want.
  12. Oldguy

    Flying into AVL, Asheville NC

    Both of these statements are very true. Asheville has some great breweries, excellent restaurants, and neat festivals and fairs. My wife and I view it as somewhat of a "San Francisco of the East" and have considered spending summers there as we have relatives about 30 minutes south.
  13. Oldguy

    Lowering Ovation instrument panel

    One thing to consider is the distance the seat is from the panel. One notch closer and you have a little bit more down angle on your view over the cowl. I know flying my J, and I am 6'5", the sight picture changes slightly with the seat in the rear-most position versus the next one forward. Fully articulating seats will give the most adjust-ability, but I understand the concern with head clearance in the planes. I am considering the Clarity Aloft headsets based on some of the summer weather we have around here and the associated turbulence. I also recommend flying the plane and seeing just how much the sight picture changes on approach. One final note. When you get the plane and someone of shorter stature sits in the right seat, have them lower it before the exit the plane. Watching my 6'8" son climb into the seat where his 5'5" step-mother last sat is entertaining for me and painful for him even with the seat in the rear-most position!
  14. Oldguy

    Flying into AVL, Asheville NC

    KAVL is not a difficult airport, especially when not winter, but paying attention to the winds even over the Appalachian's is a necessity. I have found more than one mountain wave at various times, but if you familiarize yourself with the instrument approaches and see how they handle the terrain, you should not have a problem.