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  1. CNX 80

    One of the Mooneys at our airport has a GMX 200 to the right of his GNS 530, but that is the only variant I have seen with the MX-20/GMX 200 and a GPS.
  2. Update on Avidyne DFC 90?

    With a demo in the booth at Sun-n-Fun?
  3. We were planning on a trip to Asheville, NC tomorrow, but we currently have 4+ inches of snow on the back porch with more forecast overnight. Tomorrow MAY be clearer here by afternoon, but KAVL is forecast to have snow through noon. Oh well, staycations are not bad.
  4. Looking For a Mooney Eagle

    If you are interested in it at all, give Ralph a call. I am sure he would answer pretty much any question you would have. His number is on the Mooneypilots.com listing.
  5. They left out the part about it being a black hole...
  6. Congratulations on the F, and welcome aboard!
  7. Got ramp checked

    FAA must be getting bored. We had one come out to look over a helicopter used by the police department, and she decided to visit every mechanic on the field and ask for calibration certs, license docs, and everything she could think of. My mechanic had to effectively shut down for two hours while she scoured his shop and paperwork only to grudgingly say everything was in order.
  8. Cabin Heat Cooking Avionics

    It is the same in my J. And changing tanks after the heater has been on can be painful if you are not careful and fast. The first time I swapped tanks after running the heater, the lever almost left a blister on my fingers.
  9. I saw a posting from The Mooney Flyer about a Mooney missing on a flight from Penticton to Edmonton on Saturday. Did I miss it being posted here?
  10. New paint job...what do you think?

    I had to use the "like" emoji since there is not a "green with envy" one.... That is beautiful.
  11. Higher with Headwind?

    Absolutely true. Because however improbable it may be, it seems I am able to find a headwind at any altitude in both directions!
  12. Glide, most likely.
  13. Family pressures?

    Three out of four of our parents have passed, and the one remaining - my mother - no longer wants to fly GA as her mobility, vision and hearing are not that great, but has no qualms about our doing so. I rode in a friends plane with my father, so I believe he would have been okay with it as well. Late mother and father-in-law flew in their friends Mooney C so I cannot believe they would have minded. All the rest of our siblings enjoy flying. Children, nieces and nephews as well, with my Greenville police-niece wanting to get some time behind the yoke to see if she like it enough to pursue a license. Both sides of our family have never shied away from flying, driving, SCUBA diving, or riding (motorcycles, horses, etc.). I was brought up being taught it is about risk mitigation, planning, and following your plan. As a parent I think about the things I did earlier in life and, looking back, realize God does protect fools and children - even foolish children - and start to worry my kids will do the same (stupid) things. I think it is only natural to have those worries and only in hindsight. I think we worry about things we have experienced or know about, and everything else seems somewhat benign. That has probably been the way of the world forever, and from hearing the OP's in-laws have flying in their background, it may well hold true.