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  1. I always try not to be too wordy, but this one might be long. Last Wednesday I was on an IFR flight from KISM back to KPLR. I was at 8,000’ in a layer about 4,000’ thick. I had just loaded the RNAV 3 approach and was beginning my descent to the IAF when things went pear shaped. I noticed my 430 was showing a rapid left deviation from course, and when I turned to look at the Aspen to see what it showed, the "AP/AHRS Failure" light lit up. The autopilot disconnect sounded, and I took the yoke. The Aspen did not show a big red “X” anywhere on it, but once there is a failure in an electronic group of instruments, I no longer trust any of them. I saw I was in a steep descending left turn, and I was able to use my Sandia Quattro (thank you @Alan Fox) to get level and back on course after a couple of adjustments. I continued the approach and landed – not my best touchdown – and put the plane in the avionics shop. Since then, the Aspen, EA100, and KAP 150 have all tested out completely fine, of course. As a result, the Aspen and EA100 are being pulled and sent to Aspen for further testing as I will not fly them again until someone identifies and corrects the problem I encountered. Lessons learned: We learn to fly partial panel, and we also practice unusual attitude recovery, but if you do not practice them happening one after the other, it can be a bit disconcerting and take more time than you want to get everything back on track. I was fortunate to have altitude I did not need to use, but doing this closer to the ground may not have had the same outcome. Both of my iPads were up and running ForeFlight – mini with synthetic vision and Pro with the approach plate – but the mini was not in my direct line of sight and not in the best location to shoot the approach relying just on it. It will end up moving to different location in the very near future. The Sandia Quattro 340 with IVSI is amazing, but without heading information included on it, I may have to consider whether it is a long term part of the panel or not. Use the “E” word. I declared an emergency and ATC was nothing but helpful. They did offer me a direct heading to the airport at one point, but being familiar with the airport and surrounding area, I knew I would be coming in over the hills to the east of the runway and ceilings were reported at 800’. Fortunately, I broke out at about 1,300’. In the days since, the FSDO and I have been on the phone a couple of times, and their main concern is what the resolution to the problem with the avionics will be. The biggest bummer at this time is having to take Southwest to Houston this week for a trip I have planned to see my family in Texas. But until this Aspen problem is worked out, I guess I will be racking up frequent rider miles.
  2. Oldguy

    Retirement location

    If you want seclusion, you will have it in bushel baskets there. My daughter went to school there, and loved it, but felt quite isolated. Town doubles in size when the university is in session, and it is not a big school. Having a plane would make going somewhere relatively easy, and it is quite beautiful there. As a note, the McDonald Observatory is in nearby Ft. Davis. With little to no light pollution, the views of the nighttime sky are magnificent.
  3. Oldguy

    MooneySpace Member Map

    No disagreement. I was thinking about pinning this request thread, and completely agree with the prereq of showing your location on your avatar.
  4. Bought my '84 J in 2013 for $91,000 and have had annuals in the $2,000-$2,750 range since. Dropped a bunch of funds in the panel this spring, overhauled the mag a couple years ago, and spend whatever is needed to keep it airworthy, safe, and enjoyable. Currently working on refreshing the interior and plan to have a paint job in the next few years. I could probably look up all the numbers and add them up, but I am fortunate enough not to have to watch every penny since the kids are gone (for a while now) and the retirement is fully funded. Most of the other hobbies have been abandoned or are being done in conjunction with flying the plane. When the plane is sold, I will not care about the price because I will either be dead or no longer capable of competently flying it. Either way, won't matter to me.
  5. Oldguy

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Have we thought about getting this pinned so it does not get lost?
  6. Oldguy

    Engine Swap

    Here is a detailed discussion by @dhc about the conversion. Worth your time to read as he discovered several things easily missed.
  7. I was at A&M in the 70's when it opened, and it was packed from the start. It was great for my roommate and me as we lived around the corner on Church Street behind the (ahem) Dairy Hut. (Former Students know the alias).
  8. Oldguy

    Backseat of an M20J - Not so bad

    When we had both kids in the plane ('84 J) my son and I sat up front and my wife and daughter were in the back. While it was not the most luxurious, it was not uncomfortable for the 2 hour flight. Specifics are: Me - 6'5", Son - 6'8", wife - 5'5", daughter 5'10".
  9. Oldguy

    Mooney M20J owner experiences

    1984 J with 5200+ TTAF. Fuel 8.7 to 9.5 LOP at 7000'-9000' TAS 150. Flight plan 10 GPH. 1 qt. oil/8 hrs. - Engine 1600 SMOH Average over 5 annuals is $2,500. No maintenance deferred until annual.
  10. Oldguy

    D3000 magneto

    How many hours since its last overhaul/IRAN?
  11. The nice thing I have found is AVLAB did the oil analysis on my engine for some of the previous owners, and once I started sending in my sample for analysis, I could see everything going back as far as they had it. The engine was installed in 2003, I bought the plane in 2013, and the oil analysis records go back to 2005. I have been able to see what the engine has been doing over the long run rather than just when I have owned it. While there are some years with owners who did not do analysis (at least not with AVLAB), it is reassuring to watch how the figures change over time.
  12. And Paul has a list of owners who have ended up in this position, and not all of them were C buyers. Not a list to aspire to make.
  13. Oldguy

    Annual Ouch

    I can't either, so I use this one.
  14. Oldguy

    Any Mooney at KPDK ?

    I can tell you from experience you should not have any problem even fitting into a J. Several of us on here are "vertically excessive" with @Yetti taking the crown at 6'9" and flying an F model (another mid-body like the J). I top out at 6'5", but being a bit older than you appear in your avatar, I also weigh in at 215# and fit well. Best of luck on your search!
  15. Oldguy

    Flying a J at 2,900 lbs

    I share your pain....