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  1. Nav/Com Advice

    Unfortunately, it might also be the least expensive way to go. Opening up the panel multiple times is never the most cost effective method to upgrade. There was a PMA 8000 for about $400 on MS I missed. Would have looked good in my panel. For your "new" #1 radio, I personally like my KX-165 with its ability to show the radial of the VOR on the active frequency in the standby frequency position, but the CDI required for the 165 may be different from your current one as the KX-165 includes the VOR/LOC converter function within the box.
  2. Welcome aboard, Shu. Let me second the motion for the shoulder harness upgrade if it is not already there. For some more education/training, check out the PPP classes held by the Mooney Safety Foundation at http://www.mapasafety.com/. And at the end of next September, take the short hop down to KECP for the Mooney Summit. You can get some ideas about the happenings there by looking in the Mooney Summit section on this site. Finally, enjoy the gift of flight you have with your plane.
  3. You could always have them use the Mooney Annual/100 hour inspection checklist. http://www.mooney.com/en/pdf/100_Hour_Annual2007.pdf
  4. Upgrade from C to K? Should we??

    @gsxrpilot should be able to weigh in on this shortly. Paul went from a C to his 252.
  5. Slowing Her Down...

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner! A Mooney at our field a couple of years ago was able to replace an inner gear door after deploying gear above Vle. Said he did it all the time. At least up until he lost the inner gear door.
  6. Slowing Her Down...

    Ditto on what @201er said about slowing down a J. I use my 430W to plan a 500 fpm descent to get me 3 miles from my destination at an elevation where I can slow and drop to pattern altitude. I would recommend you build up a good maintenance fund if you continue to drop flaps at the speed you currently are.
  7. New Member from Los Angeles

    Ditto what Mike says. And in preparation for a Mooney, make hitting exact speeds the norm in your flying.
  8. JPI EDM Rebates 10/1/17-1/31/18

    <off thread>I like my 165 a lot. For instrument training, the ability to see the VOR radial displayed in the stand-by NAV frequency area is nice. <on thread> Are you thinking you will install it buttons up or down? I am trying to visualize how you would mount it with the minimal amount of cutting and not run into the frame on the left side of the panel.
  9. JPI EDM Rebates 10/1/17-1/31/18

    If the 830 can fit on the left side of your panel, it would be a great location, but I am afraid the width may be a bit too much. Measuring it will give you an answer. I would hesitate to put it in your current #2 NAV/COM spot. A new #2 radio in your center stack will likely need a CDI, and the current #2 spot looks to be the winner for it. You can put the 830 on the right side above your current instruments, and the benefit would be a quick verification if you see something you do not like on either the 830 or your original gauges. But where ever you put it, having the additional instrumentation will give you a good shot at running your engine for a longer time, and that means more time in the air!
  10. JPI EDM Rebates 10/1/17-1/31/18

    Richard, If, in the future, you are thinking to move to a 900, would you consider getting it now and just not removing your current gauges? Even if you do not connect fuel tanks, but have the option for doing so in the future, it might be worth thinking about. I have come to the realization I should have gone with the 900 when I went from the 800 to the 830. In talking with JPI at the time, I was told I would need new probes to go to the 900, so I went to the 830 without giving it much thought. Now, if I move up to the 900, I will either have to do the full replacement including probe replacement or get the 830 to 900 upgrade I see on Aircraft Spruce (something not available when I got my 830). Either way, it would have been less costly in the long run to just bit the bullet on the first upgrade. Just a thought.
  11. Mooney Ovation vs Diamond Da40

    I am 6'5" in a J and have taken the family (4 of us) several times. Me and wife (5'5") up front, daughter and son (5'9" and 6'8") in back. The trips have been under the 3 hour limit, but comfort is not bad. Our range is bathroom-limited rather than fuel limited. Fill in your avatar with some more info. Someone may be close to you so you could see how the fit is in their plane.
  12. BRS coming to a Mooney near you!

    I read some of the comments here, and I see where pilots would change their flying habits/limits if they had a chute and some identifying those critical emergencies it would be great to have. I have to say I have no idea whether I would spring for a chute for my J if it was available, but it might depend on my mission and locale.
  13. Where do you purchase your oil?

    Oil distributor in Birmingham - Dutch Lubricants. Last case of Phillips was $55.53 out the door.
  14. Sounds like that may be the only way to get a GFC500.
  15. The G500 looks like it starts at ~$12K. Lots of opportunities to add features and cost as well.