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  1. Oldguy

    Speaking of ILS

    There was a picture from the top of one of the buildings years ago in the newspaper when the clouds/fog covered the entire city without any breaks. Literally looked like a floating city.
  2. Not saying this is gospel, but Southeast Aerospace has this document on their website. Page 2 of 2.
  3. Oldguy

    Adding a JPI 900 on the cheap

    Okay, I have a couple of questions for you. Is this your "forever plane" or the first plane to be replaced by another somewhere in the near (<5 years) future? What will you use your IR for - getting up or down through a layer to fly somewhere or flying through the clag for a couple of hours and shooting an approach to minimums? Like you, I hate paying for things twice, but I will do it when the cost to do it all at once is too far out of line with my budget. If this is your forever plane, when you have them open up the panel to do the work you indicated above, set things up like you want them to be - new panel, aligning radio stack, etc. - and put in any wiring you will need for the next upgrade you think will happen - WAAS GPS, new A/P, or the like. If you think about doing things in phases, think about what you want done in each one. For instance, if you move the audio panel and have to rewire it, would you upgrade it to one with a built-in intercom and possibly blue tooth? I hate to use the old cliche, but start with the end in mind. If you and 441WS are just "dating", only upgrade those items you want to add and are willing to throw away money to get. As for the level of IR usage, determine what equipment you want to match up with your appetite for instrument flying. Too many options to discuss here, and they can get pricey in a heartbeat, so give it some thought. Also, don't be afraid to look in the used market for some of the items you want. It can save significant $$$$ you can use for something else, like flying the plane and paying for fuel. You can check with @Alan Fox and @acpartswhse for some of the items. And get a CO monitor. Sensorcon and Guardian both have discounts for us posted somewhere on the forum by @Danb I believe.
  4. Oldguy

    New Owner, First Plane, 1974c

    The Mooney Safety Foundation at https://www.mooneysafety.com/ is where to go to register for an upcoming training program. They currently have these on the schedule:
  5. Oldguy

    Intro and Hello

    @Hank is correct. It is a religion from Kerrville....
  6. Oldguy

    New Owner, First Plane, 1974c

    Chris, Congratulations on your new baby! If you have access to it, a quick check in the Mooney parts manual for your plane might give you some of the answers you are trying to get. Also, @Hank has a bunch of experience which may help as well. The biggest problem folks have with buying a used cover is the antenna holes/covers do not usually match due to the differences in avionics on different planes. Ditto on what @Jim Peace wrote on CO monitor and 406 ELT. Relatively cheap upgrades for the value they provide. Welcome aboard.
  7. Oldguy

    Intro and Hello

    Welcome to the herd! If you want to get a bit more in-depth training in your Mooney, you might consider the MAPA Safety Foundation Pilot Proficiency Program (PPP) they are holding in Lakeland, FL Feb. 1-3 next year. They will cover everything from systems to speeds and feeds for specific phases of a flight. In addition you can leave with a current flight review, IPC (if instrument rated), and a bunch of faces to put with names in the Mooney universe. You can find more about the program at https://www.mooneysafety.com/
  8. Oldguy

    New M20K Panel

    The E5 got its STC on 12/11/2018. https://aspenavionics.com/news/aspens-evolution-e5-electronic-flight-instrument-efi-receives-stc
  9. Oldguy

    SpaceX restricted airspace

    And if you recall the Challenger disaster, the SRBs continued flight for a short time after the external tank exploded before the self-destruct occurred. If you have a failure far enough into the flight, the airspace contaminated with debris could cover a significant area and continue to fall for a while.
  10. Oldguy

    Anyone have any 3" rudder pedal extensions...

    And if you search the Downloads section for "extensions" and you should find a drawing for the 3" extensions and how they attach to the pedals. You can use this drawing to make an owner supplied part.
  11. Oldguy

    Wedding news

    @Piloto Jose, while I can appreciate your proficiency in technical matters, please do me a favor and delete your two earlier comments. They seem to be aimed at denigrating two of my very good friends in a public and personal manner. While you have every right to your beliefs and feelings, you also have the right to bypass commenting on something with which you do not agree. I believe this is the time for you to exercise that right. Thank you.
  12. Oldguy


    Except for being so close to budget, it sounds like my avionics upgrade. Congratulations on getting it done!
  13. Oldguy

    KFC 200 Altitude Pre-Select

    So sorry to hear about the damage you have at the house as I know it can be a drain on everything from cash to sanity. Hang in there.
  14. Oldguy

    KFC 200 Altitude Pre-Select

    Ditto, with the addition of my MX-20.