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  1. ^^^^This is a good spot to start. Make sure your rigging is right, then maybe make sure your tach is correct and your airspeed indicator is good. Are you calculating the 146 TAS or getting it off of something like an Aspen or Garmin GPS? And the gear doors are easy to check at annual when it is up on jacks.
  2. Leave. My insurance will cover relocating the plane ($500 or so), and I will take it back up here to Alabama. Where in SE FL? That description can cover a bunch of airports but traffic on the ground can be limiting.
  3. Unless I have to do a top overhaul in the next year or so (my engine has developed a slight drinking problem), I am looking at the same choices in about 4 years, and I am leaning towards the IO-360-A3B6 and putting the electronic mag on it to retain a little more power/efficiency at altitude. From what I have read and can recall, the benefit you get from the 390 fades after a specified amount of time as you have to pull back on the RPM (someone correct me, please, if I am wrong - this is recalled memory). Fortunately, there have been others before us who have done the A3B6D/A3B6 swap to document most of the problems you incur when doing it. My ideal-money-is-not-a-problem swap? Find a NIB turbo normalizer for the A3B6 and strap it on the engine. But I figure a 252 would be about the same cost...
  4. Thanks. It has just about everything a Mooney owner could want - RNAV for both runways, decent price for fuel, former Mooney MSC mechanic, avionics shop, and about 8 other Mooneys on the field. I wasn't sure if your plane was a transient or if it was here for an annual or maintenance. Let me know if you get down this way again. I would be glad to show you some of the other local sights and restaurants.
  5. That must have been your plane I saw there this past weekend! Full cover on it and tied down out in front of the FBO?
  6. What did you replace them with, if I may ask?
  7. I'll remember this and shoot you a PM as we get closer to heading up there. We try to go around her birthday (8/27) when we head north as we have had just about all of the Alabama summer we can stand. Plus, it is fun to hear people complaining about how hot the 82dF days are!
  8. That looks like a great time! Last year, took my wife, who has been all over the world but never to Canada, and went to Halifax and then drove to PEI for our 20th. It is still as beautiful as it was when I worked there 20+ years ago. In keeping with our tradition of alternating vacation locations, in 2020 we are heading to Quebec City after Belize this year. Looking forward to retirement so we can fly ourselves and take more than an couple of weeks doing this.
  9. Afraid the GW increase starts at SN 24-1686.
  10. Surprisingly, in Bob Kromer's presentation at one of the Mooney Summits, he said your 3/4" is good for the J model. According to him, in their flight testing, if the cowl flaps were closed too tightly, the air being pushed into the cowl would reverse and flow back out the front increasing the temps and reducing speed. My J has about the same opening as yours, when they are closed, and I typically run >360dF for my hottest CHT.
  11. Welcome aboard! I am about 45 Mooney minutes to the west of you in Pell City, AL (KPLR). You did not say whether or not you were 2020 ADS-B compliant, so if not, I would recommend the 375 rather than the 175. Kill a couple birds with one box.
  12. Sounds like the current outcome is the best anyone can hope to have - no bent metal and everyone went home upright. No need for pig wrestling.
  13. Not sure where you are based, but living down here where it freezes a couple time a winter, I use the Reiff heating system for my oil sump. If I lived a bit further north, I would add the Reiff cylinder heating bands. I have it set up in my hangar with a timer when I need to turn it on, and being as I only live 5 minutes from the airport, I set it up manually the night before I want to fly. I use XC 20/50 with Camguard and have had good results for the past 6 years I have owned my J. All oil analyses come back fine and I am hopeful I can get another 400+ hours out of my 1650 hour engine.
  14. I had a Penn Yan Lycoming O-360-A4M in my C172 and it ran wonderfully with no problems for the 8 years I had it. Probably put 500+ hours on it. The new owner has it past TBO and is still running it, last I heard.