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  1. A couple heretical thoughts. If the Aspen is already purchased and you need a GPS to install it, find a GNS 430W to go with it. They play well with the Aspen and can be pulled out in the future to slip in the IFD 440. Yes, there may be some throw-away money, but you can choose when to do the IFD upgrade in a year or two or even more. Reach out to @Jeev for the EDM 900. If there is anyone who can beat his price and service, I have yet to find them. And believe me, I looked before I bought. You are on your way to having an even more awesome plane!
  2. David, May I ask why you felt the need to respond to -a- in the manner you did on his response to Craig after Craig replied to -a- on his post about his experience with a similar failure due to a radio antenna blocking his GPS signal? I do not see where he addressed his comment to you, and, like you, he was sharing a failure mode he experienced in flight. From my perspective, I did not see -a- devaluing your contribution in the least but rather sharing his different experience, which is something many of us have. It left me confused as to the reason behind your response. Looking at your signature line, it is apparent you likely have had experience and situations many of us here will never encounter. I believe many of us are interested to hear how those of you flying for a living handled them in the hope we can learn from you. I hope you continue to share them with us. Regards, John
  3. Any additional info on the audio panel/intercom set up? As noted above, some panels have this capability and others do not. I know my 450B will allow both front seats to use different radios at the same time, but they will not hear each other until they go back to a single radio for both. There is also the possibility the I/C, if separate, may have this capability. Hence the request for more specifics.
  4. I think I remember it may have been @DonMuncy who wrapped his yokes in blue painters tape and then cut it off with a razor blade to create patterns. Cut where you want to do the sewing, and the pieces should match up well. Or I might not remember it correctly at all! But I am sure someone used this as their way to create their leather yoke pattern.
  5. Okay, didn't want to spoil anyone's corn flakes, but was thinking the same thing. Sorry you missed out on it @SteveC, but there are and will be others.
  6. Have you looked at any of the yoke mounts that have fans? I think @Danb mentioned he has one. Might help enough to keep it from cooking off.
  7. We were flying back from Kentucky in the 172 when she said it was taking too long to get home, and why didn't we look at selling it and buying a Mooney! She never complains about the money spent on it, and is always ready to hop in it and go whether it is just a quick 30 minute sightseeing jaunt or a cross country to Texas, Florida, or where ever. I do have to calm her down in turbulence, though; she like to raise her arms up and yell "Wheee!!".
  8. A couple of shots of tri-flow is what I have seen mentioned by some of the A&Ps on the site. (We won't mention that a good polishing of the yoke shaft also helps...)
  9. Upgrades for just about anything from a GNS4xx/5xx.
  10. And all that is spelled out in the purchase agreement before doing anything.
  11. And @Seth mentioned the magic word - transitioning. Mooneys are as easy to fly and land as any plane, but require adherence to numbers. Get a good Mooney experienced instructor to do the transition training with you, and when you have the plane and are ready, sign up for a Mooney Safety Foundation PPP for the "advanced" course on Mooneys. You get an IPC, FR, and tons of information. Your insurance carrier might also appreciate the certificate showing you had recurrent training.
  12. Not sure which one you need - changed at s/n 378, but on Vantage's web site, the two for a J model are K950131-000 for s/n 1-377 and K560250-001 for s/n 378 and up.
  13. I would be ecstatic if someone would figure out how to get additional GW for a pre-2900 GW J model like Rocket Engineering apparently did for the Missile. While the GW went up 460#, the empty weight only went up 250#! So some way, someone manufactured an extra 210# of UL while apparently doing nothing for the structure of the airframe. Can I get that secret sauce on my J?
  14. You could also just send a message through here to @jgarrison.