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  1. And someone who know how to build and execute a marketing plan...
  2. GPS jamming January 16 - 24. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2020/january/14/gps-jamming-expected-in-southeast-during-military-exercise
  3. Lewis is going to love unriveting everything in the stack....
  4. Their web site says "Install only", but is that negotiable if you are another avionics shop, or is it truly "Dealer only install"?
  5. You might check out the install @PJClark has for his K. Don't know if you have as much height as his panel, but you probably should have similar width.
  6. Lots of adapters available to make a 3ATI hole fit a round instrument.
  7. Zephyr Hills (KZPH) had some open a while ago, but I am unsure if they still do. A call probably would not hurt. I have one at KLAL and have been on the list at Bartow for over a year with little to no upward movement.
  8. Actually it is still just temporarily in place. Yet to be riveted.
  9. Okay, so I am redoing the interior of the plane, and pull out the carpet, seats, side walls, etc. and going to replace with new/recovered parts. One of the other Mooney pilots at our airport is helping me, and he asks about the carpet coming out. He does restoration of buildings, and says "You know, that is just standard carpet and will light up like a match if it catches fire." This can't be true, I think. So I go back into my logs to see who put the carpet in and when it was done. Hmm, no log entries. So I take a piece of the carpet, take it out back of the house, and try to light it. Goes up like a match! I know my plane has had exceptional maintenance from the entries in the logs, but I have no idea when the interior was redone. No documentation, no nothing about the carpet or seat covering in the plane I have been flying for the past nearly 7 years. So a word of wisdom to my fellow Mooneyspacers: check the logs if you are not the one who installed the carpet or interior in your plane. If you do not find a record of it being done or the burn certs, take the time to see if what you have will pass. I am thankful I never needed to handle an in-flight fire, but even more so now I know the interior of my plane would not have helped me contain it at all, but rather fed it like kindling.
  10. Between storms, cutting up fallen trees, and trying to get power restored to the house (36 hours later...), I was able to get the front plastic, Airtex leather covered front seats, and new Alpha seat belts installed in the plane. Although it seems to be progressing at a glacial pace, I am please with the results. I have yet to cover the inserts for the side panels with leather, but the plane is flyable at this point. Rear panels are patched and ready to be painted, and they should be finished up in the next couple of weeks, based on the amount of rain and my current schedule. There is another post following this one with a short PSA included.
  11. Quite honestly, I would attend regardless of the location and the distance I had to travel. Yes, the first time might have been because it was only a hour and a half J flight for me, but after being in the middle of everyone who was there, I was hooked. As for the registration fee, well, I have found very little in life worth having is free, and we were certainly getting a bargain for the Summits prior to this one. So I will see you there.
  12. In the South it is: "Never wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty and the pig enjoys it." Applies to so many things on the interwebs, doesn't it?
  13. And how about the folks with a problematic Century A/P? I wonder how much they would be willing to spend on getting it repaired before they bite the bullet for the GFC 500? Especially if they already have 1 or 2 G5s. Another Mooney driver spent well into the high single AMUs to get his Century working correctly before the GFC 500 came out. In talking with him, he would have gladly spent the money on a G5 and GFC 500 had they been available at the time.