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  1. Couple of things you may want to do: Get a copy of the IPC (Illustrated Parts Manual) for your model. If you are doing the work, it's nice to know what part you need to tell the person on the other end of the phone other than just describing what it looks like and where it goes. And some parts vary by serial number of the plane. Get a copy of the Service Manual. There are many things you can do to the plane within the regs, but they all require having a service manual. Plus, it calls out what freaky lubricant/oil/grease is required for every specific thing which should move.
  2. The 252 two hangars down from me got a factory new engine for his plane in 2017. It is going into annual this month and has 1650 hours on the engine and is burning about a quart every 10-12 hours. As he says, he flies it the way Bob Kromer wrote on how to fly it, and he has no problem with it. The previous engine in the plane when he bought it had a top O/H at 1400 hours, but went to 2650 before the latest one was installed.
  3. I am in the same boat, and the easy answer for me was the heavy one in the back came out. Added ~12 lbs. UL.
  4. The guy in the hangar next to mine recently sold his Columbia. Said he enjoyed it, but missed his Mooney (previously had an Acclaim) so he bought a 2019 Acclaim Ultra.
  5. For the amount of money spent on the two items in question versus the amount of money at risk, I cannot imagine NOT spending the (likely) 1-2% of the acquisition cost to make sure I am buying what I think I am buying. Ask my neighbor who just bought 10 acres of land from a "friend" without a title search or title insurance. He had the joy of telling his wife the new house he promised her was not happening, and they might be out the money on the land purchase without spending even more. Yeah, he's not happy. Don't be that guy.
  6. They will typically let you "renew" by adding onto your existing subscription and get the discount then. Of course you now have about 20 months of subscription...
  7. Likely required for the altitude pre-select.
  8. I have been following the "progress" of the AeroCruze 230 for a while, waiting, like Skip, for it to be approved to replace my KAP 150. So out of frustration, I started doing some digging and came across some confusing information. In the AeroCruze 230 AML it lists the Make, Model, and Pre-Requisite STC for the autopilot it is replacing and not the model of the autopilot. For my J model, STC SA1561CE-D covers the installation of the KAP 100, KAP 150, and the KFC 150 and is identified as the required pre-requisite STC for a Mooney J model in order for the AeroCruze 230 to be installed. In my p
  9. Thanks! The potential unit is coming out of a 252, so the main takeaway from your comment for me is validating the voltage. I already have the 297B with the KAP, and the shop that would do the work is a repair station, so my assumption is they have the necessary harness. Now to check on the STC paperwork and see if I am covered. If it looks like I am, I will talk with the shop to see if they agree and go from there. Thanks again.
  10. I will see you there! And probably a few times before as well.
  11. The big thing I have heard (since I have not attended OSH) is the ability to actually talk with the vendors as the lines are short to non-existent the first 2-3 days of SnF. And with shorter lines, it is easier to get into in-depth conversations at the booth with the person who can actually answer your question. The compact area makes it easy to go back and forth between vendors when you either come up with a new question or forget to ask an important one! And with the beach and the Mouse House (Disney) within about an hour from Lakeland, there is something for those in the family not avi
  12. Another Mooney pilot is pulling his KFC 150 to replace it with a GFC 500 and has offered it to me. I currently have a KAP 150 tied into my Aspen. I also have the KAS 297B and KEA 136 similar to what many KFC 150 installations have. I told him I did not think it was as simple as a swap out and add a few wires, but I actually have no idea. Can someone explain the differences in the installation to a non-electrical engineering mind? I do not want to pass up something like this if it is feasible to do with relatively a small effort, but also don't want to rip my panel apart to add a FD to th
  13. @Parker_WoodruffI checked back with my person and it was an age/Basic Med issue.
  14. @Parker_WoodruffI just had an insurance person tell me Avemco is not insuring pilots with Basic Med. Any truth to that or just vicious hearsay?
  15. I think the key to the confusion can be solved by looking at the date the manual was issued on an earlier post in the thread. 1-96 Since he said his plane had a new interior installed by the factory in 2007, it likely has this newer mechanism. We older mid bodies have the quick on-and-off seat backs. The only difficulty is when someone forgets to undo the velcro at the bottom of the seat back.
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