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  1. I faced the same decision even with both PFD MFD. I went with the G5
  2. After 3 months of deciding what, where and how much...I picked up my J from Ron Collins Aviation in Henderson, KY and brought her home to KSUS. The transformation was truly amazing and I can't say enough about the avionics shop, their workmanship and dealing with my ongoing questions and changes. The flight home with my friend flying right wing was VFR and I am glad it was...I have a lot to learn about this EFIS stuff Flight home.mov
  3. Actually the "all clear" is related to the recycle issue reported by others flying the Aspen PFD and a recent SB. Appears to be something to do with ADSB interface and software version...and flux capacitor (I think). Anyway, I "assume" Aspen has figured out the issue and waiting on the FAA to sign off on it or whatever makes that world go around. All I can say is, UGH !!
  4. 2019 Goal Pay for my panel upgrade
  5. Junkman, I guess you could be in my situation...money spent, brand new Aspen PFD MFD and waiting on Aspen to provide the shop with a green light...who is waiting on the FAA to provide Aspen a green light. If it's not one thing, it's something else.
  6. Just some related information regarding the recycle issue... My J is in the shop with both PFD and MFD installation complete. The avionics shop hopes to deliver my plane this coming week (Jan 21st) but that is dependent upon receiving a response back from Aspen...who is waiting on a response from the FAA. Because I have little experience with how all this works, I am speculating Aspen has provided a "fix" to the FAA and waiting on their review/approval. You can bet I will be asking a ton of questions around this issue and the fix upon accepting my aircraft from the shop. I will provide a PIREP around what they share.
  7. It's been a little bit since I have provided a panel update, so here we go. I honestly thought I had this all figured out when I delivered my J to Ron Collins Avionics in Henderson, KY in mid November but how little did I know. First of all I want to thank all the folks on MS for providing input on how best to spend my money :-) and thank goodness there were no shortage of passion and opinion...loved it!! So at this phase of the process all decisions have been made and here are some photos of how things are shaping up. Beyond the obvious in these pictures, I am installing GTX345, GMA345, Stratus USB ports and Flightstream 210 I considered the EDM900 but just ran out of money...so that upgrade will be next on the list and probably at the time the Aspens are upgraded to Max.
  8. We have had so much family and stuff going on I just read your message. I will call you tomorrow and we can determine if Mother Nature will cooperate. Thanks a bunch for the offer and I look forward to connecting with you. Rick
  9. We land PHX around 9:45 local tomorrow and then a two hour jaunt to Sedona. May be cutting it a little close to make lunch and I always like to talk Mooney’s. Especially when you consider my bird is in the shop updating the panel very close to what you did, we would definitely have stuff to yak about I should have done a better job getting something posted sooner. Thanks for the offer and if we happen to pick up an interstate tailwind getting to Sedona I will post and see if you are still at Mesa. Best, Rick
  10. Unfortunately we depart PHX Friday night at 7, so the weekend is not going to work. Maybe next time and thanks so much for the offer. And if you are ever in the St. Louis area give me a shout. We can fly the Mississippi and maybe a pass or two past the Arch...it’s a pretty nice view. Hopefully my J will be out of the avionics shop by the end of January.
  11. Absolutely I will buy your lunch and you have no idea how much I appreciate the offer and Laurie may want to come with us if that's ok? Let me know if I need to pack headsets and what day/time is convenient for you. Thanks again, this is going to be incredible. Rick
  12. Probably a long shot, but I will be in Sedona Christmas week visiting family and wondering if anyone is based at KSEZ. I would love to experience flying off the mesa, especially in a Mooney. I would be more than willing to pay for fuel. Thanks all Rick
  13. You crack me up Mr. GSX, I respect a person that just tells it like it is.