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  1. Zulee

    Fatal Carbon Monoxide Crash

    You may want to try the coaware code again, I just tried it and the discount applied.
  2. Zulee

    Best Headset?

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. Again, not being an earbud guy...the long stem and manipulation to connect to the tube just seemed incorrect.
  3. Zulee

    Best Headset?

    The yellow earbuds contained in the halo package has a stem that was a bit of a challenge to attach...keeping in mind, I am not an earbud guy so my experience is limited. But does this look right to you?
  4. I guess I wasn't paying "attention" to my post as well...it's too early in the morning
  5. I guess I wasn't paying intention when you said you installed the flightstream with your upgrades. I decided not to install with my upgrade but maybe I need to stroll over to your hangar and let you demo it for me...maybe I will see what I'm missing and reconsider.
  6. They are hard to find used so I finally gave up and purchased a new one...works like a charm. However I did have a problem initially, the angle of the arm would not allow connecting to the nose wheel without hitting the spinner, actually it would not connect and clear the spinner at all. When I called Redline I was told the arm is adjustable, "just loosen the clamp and slide it up or down", he said. I am not an engineer by any stretch of the imagination but when I compared my unit to my hangar neighbor (also a Mooney driver), it appeared the connecting bracket was installed backwards. I called Redline back a second time and provided pictures of the two sidewinders side by side and pointed out what appeared to be the issue. He told me I had a newer model and they had changed the design, hence the difference between the two. I tried to explain my version had a bushing under the bracket and if I adjusted more than 1/2" either way, the bracket would not tighten...the gap was too large. (the bushing itself is bonded and not adjustable) My sidewinder is on the left, note the bushing under the bracket compared to my friends on the right with no bushing and note the brackets are installed opposite of each other. I disassemble the sidewinder, flipped the bracket around and it fit and functioned perfectly.
  7. Zulee

    Best Headset?

    Thanks for the guidance, I just spoke to Phil and he said because of all you aggravating consumers...he will make me a yellow pair for the wifey. Score!!!!
  8. Zulee

    Best Headset?

  9. Zulee

    Best Headset?

    I will try calling and see if the wife won't fly will get me a sympathy pair. ha! Thanks
  10. Zulee

    Best Headset?

    Thanks for the PIREP, greatly appreciated and not unlike other responses I've received. It is just really weird when someone has such a sought after product and buyers, but no product...not a good business model. Oh well, I guess I tell her to deal with the light speeds until Oshkosh 2019...don't seem to have any other alternatives. Thanks again, Rick
  11. Zulee

    Best Headset?

    Hank, you made me laugh with your "acutely painful in 20 minutes" comment. I am just like you when it comes to putting something in my ear, it drives me nuts and makes my ear itch. But the wifey uses earbuds all the time, including when she sleeps at night...so the Halo or Clarity is right up her alley.
  12. Zulee

    Best Headset?

    I had no idea they sold them at Oshkosh but I wasn't looking for them either...live and learn. Thanks for the heads up!!
  13. Zulee

    Best Headset?

    The wife is telling me to go Clarity aloft and while this may sound a bit pompous...this is not about saving money, its about "when momma's happy". So while I know you guys are happy with your Halo's, are you saying it is superior to Clarity Aloft or are you saying, for the money it's just as good?
  14. Zulee

    Best Headset?

    I’ve gone to the halo website daily for two weeks and out of stock is the message. What’s the trick to ordering a set of halo’s?
  15. Zulee

    Out of paint shop

    Was this a new paint scheme and if so, did they design? How many colors were you allowed for the price?