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  1. One more update - I saw the bug again today even though I was on iOS 11.2.5, so I no longer think iOS was the issue. I didn't follow my own procedure though, and connected via Bluetooth before a position was achieved by the GTN650. Same as before - GPS position jumping all over. Worse, I was trying to use the GTX345 attitude indicator in some backup instrument practice. The AHRS didn't work at all. Anyway, in the air I killed foreflight, disconnected BT, turned BT off, then on, and then reconnected and re-started foreflight. Issue went away and AHRS was working. Need to file a bug with Garmin.
  2. This is definitely confusing - I emailed Avidyne directly in September 2017 and got this response from their sales engineer Dale Ferrer indicating they are not fully compatible: The transponder you are describing sounds a lot like the NGT-9000, the GTX is similarly priced. Ultimately the answer is yes the GTX345 will integrate but doesn’t have full functionality. If you want all of the benefits of GTX345 to display on the 440 it won't happen, the NGT-9000 will do all of those things. The Skytrax only displays on the IFDs, it will also display on the IFD100 app but won't do the rest. As fa
  3. That's a good step if true - but last year it couldn't then send this info onto Foreflight, which their website still seems to confirm: https://support.foreflight.com/hc/en-us/articles/218282278-What-capabilities-does-the-Avidyne-440-or-540-system-provide-ForeFlight- One other thing - in an old forum post someone said you can integrate with GTX but not at same time as a glass replacement like Aspen (it's either or) - do you know if that's true?
  4. I had to make exactly the same decision a few months ago for our M20J panel. We previously had a 430 (non-waas) GPS. I ended up going with a GTN650 + GTX345 for ADS-B. Super happy with them both. I researched this to death and attached the full note to my partners below with the details (about 4 months old). Baseline, the Avidyne and GTX are "compatible" - but don't fully talk to each other and also Foreflight (iOS) + Garmin Pilot (android). After talking to 5 avionics shops, no one had done this combo or really knew how to get weather + traffic on IFD and also tablets. Further, I really wante
  5. Ok - here's an update. Today I updated my iPad Air OS to version 11.2.5. Also, Foreflight recommended *not* turning the iPad on to connect bluetooth until after the GTN/GTX is fully booted and obtained a position. They said sometimes connecting via Bluetooth before it obtains a GPS fix can cause issues. Not sure which of these changes had the impact - but I did not see any issues today during a flight and GPS position seemed to work fine with no lags/jumps that I noticed. FWIW, the SW version of the GTN is 6.41 and GPS Version is 5.2. I don't know the FW version of the GTX though.
  6. Are you connecting to the GTX 345 directly or do you have a Flightstream 510?
  7. Good data point. What ipad and ios version? Any idea the software version in your GTX 345?
  8. Does this mean that the problem would also appear on Garmin Pilot when used on the iPad (vs. Android)?
  9. I did ask Foreflight and just got a somewhat generic BT error response. I haven't been able to try any of this yet, but frustrating that to get position you might need a magic BT startup incantation. Thanks for your email. I would like to pass on to you some steps which you may find beneficial as a "workaround" for the issue you are having with your GTX 345 and its connectivity to ForeFlight. I encourage you to give these a try and please report back to us if you see improved performance and/or resolution of the issue. 1. When starting up your avionics console (which includes
  10. Yeah - I tried that and a few other combos. Unfortunately doesn't seem to make any difference.
  11. Recently did a panel upgrade on my M20J. Thanks to this forum, ended up going with a GTX345 for ADS-B and a GTN650 for WAAS. I've been using Foreflight for years with a Stratus with no issue. However, with the new panel I am having a annoying GPS position issue when I connect to my new Garmin GTX-345+GTN650 using Bluetooth. The GPS position that I see on my Foreflight map is very 'jumpy' and seems to lag my position. As I'm flying, my position seems stuck for a few seconds - then will very quickly move/jump to a new location, or then jump back. Often it's moving/jumping ove
  12. In receiving quotes from a few avionics shops for a GPS+ADS-B upgrade, I've noticed some shops say I need a separate altitude encoder, specifically the GAE-12 to work with the proposed Garmin GTX345. Other shops say I should get the ACK A.30 encoder. Some shops say I don't need either with the GTX but I can install if I want to. Can someone shed some light on whether I need a separate encoder or not, and which one is appropriate? (and why?). Assume a GTX345+GTN650 setup. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I've been looking at getting the Garmin GTX-345 for ADS-B. I see that it connects via Bluetooth - does that mean it can only pair with one tablet at a time? One benefit of my Stratus2S is that it's Wifi - and talks to multiple devices simultaneously. I'm not sure if that can be done with the GTX345 since it's Bluetooth. For those in the know, does the GTX work over classic Bluetooth where you pair outside the app? Or does it work over Bluetooth LE (4.0) protocol that can be connected through the app automatically with no extra steps? Thx!
  14. I own a Mooney M20J (1985) with a few partners and we're looking to do ADS-B and upgrade our GPS. We currently have a non-waas Garmin 430 and have been considering an update to a GTN650 or an Avidyne IFD440. We like the interface and hybrid (buttons+touch) of the IFD440 - but we can't figure out if it will talk to a Garmin GTX 345 transponder. I talked with several avionics shops and I got conflicting answers: A) no somewhat, you can only feed waas to the GTX from IFD C) yes, GTX can get waas from IFD, and IFD can get traffic + weather from GTX An Avidyne sales support en
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