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  1. Looks very similar design to my panel from a re-design this past spring, hold the G3X to the TXi.
  2. Logbooks and time on the engine in the past 5 years.
  3. Mooney tails everywhere. Enjoyed the summit; PROTE was very neat. See you next year!
  4. This scheme actually matches the Cessna TTX scheme.
  5. Here is an example from the Mena, AR shop: Rose Aircraft. I did not ask the price but I am sure it was high. I picked this up from paint a month ago for the owner. This 1999 C172 not only got a new paint job but a Factory New engine, new leather interior, and everything Garmin (touch-screen) avionics you can install in a single-engine piston minus the GFC500 autopilot.
  6. They have two avaiable: Mooney Part number (crazy expensive) and their own model (like $49/pair). I had one come off after post flight tire change that was too damaged to replace. I called LASAR and got a new pair that were primed and ready to install.
  7. O2D2 for me, too. LIke others (above), the electronic monitor of O2 flow is nice.
  8. I was able to remove my Ki256 with oversight from my local A&P. The glareshield will most likely need to be removed. The input and output of the vacuum will need to be removed and the electrical vacuum switch will need to be removed. Also, my Ki256 had a backing plate that will fall if you were able to disconnect everything and remove the insturment.
  9. I would be money that your vacuum (circled) has failed. Your local A&P will have extensive knowledge in finding/replacing and appears to be easy to get to. Past the pump, inside the cabin (generally), there is a suction regulator that can dial the exact pressure. The fact that your vacuum gauge is zero, I would bet money this is the source of your problem.
  10. Yes, dimmer controls on the dash are getting power and varrying power correctly on dimming.
  11. I have the same problem. I think it is the light controller in the avionics bay. Mine still not fixed. Sometimes they flicker.
  12. My DPE said last week he names planes based on its manufacturing year and the First Lady of the current administration at that time. His was Eleanor. If mine followed that logic, it would be Hillary. Nope.