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  1. Yep, bought mine in OSH last year with like 10% off and something for free as a show special.
  2. Bryan, Lee, Josh. We will happily donate. Cash at the event preferred? Thanks for organizing.
  3. He probably ejected because he realized the line guy used Aeroshell 15W50 and the he was on apparoch without using flaps. Sad day.
  4. I have a TCM engine, but still the same concerns. Just about every flight that I return to my hanger, I open the oil cap and let the crankcase breathe out the steam while I push-back and clean the plane up. I do not do this when remote. I am unsure it does anything but it cannot hurt as long as I cover it back up before leaving for the day. I also acquiredan "Engine Saver" on the cheap that de-humidifies the engine thru the breather tube. I have used it and it seems to do what it was designed to do: pump low humid air into the engine to "dry" the engine from normal condensation generated from combustion. Again... I figure it cannot hurt.
  5. @Jungle Pilot, PM me your email address.
  6. Now that I own my own plane, after playing all versions of MS Flight Sim and flying the Bravo... I so want to land at Meigs Field in Chicago in real life.
  7. That seems low but I am not a Bravo driver. Savvy recommends 26.2 - 26.7gph FF for full power takeoff in my TSIO-360 (252 Encore) to keep everything cool on the way up.
  8. Passenger seating b/w in a M20K vs. M20M is the same... rear passengers sit on the same wing spar in both locations. Yes, there is more baggage space in the "Long Body" Mooney's.
  9. AngelFlight South Central (AFSC) and AngelFlight Oklahoma (AFOK) both require iFR and I think at least 250 hr TT.
  10. I really like Garmin equipment - I really think they are a level above their current competition but are defintily not the low price leader. When buying Garmin, you are paying for quality IMO. Garmin is similar to Apple - there stuff just works and they really put a lot of though into UX (user experience) and compatiblity with their own products. Yes, sometimes, they don't like to share interfaces with their competition or to the industry standard until necessary but their quality seems to be top-notch.
  11. Thank you for your service as well. I am scheduled to fly my 5th AngelFlight this year this Thursday but weather is not looking promising for the flight down to MD Anderson in Houston.
  12. Added "Or Best Offer" to most of what I have left. Just posted on BT, will post on eBay by the end of the week.
  13. There is pretty good rumor that Garmin will have a box that could be announced around OSH timeframe that could drive ATT based King autopilots, but currently (today) the G5 cannot drive the AP alone. It will provide HDG/GPSS data but not Attitude data.
  14. I went with the GAD29 for my TXi + G5 install instead of using the (b). The (b) is only needed for legacy autopilots when the G5 needs to send HDG/GPSS to. Today, my GAD43e sends that info from the TXi to the KFC 150. I don't have a second GMU11 just for the G5, either.
  15. I am outside the state but will try to make the trip. When were you thinking?