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  1. I think the intent of the (rumored) new G5 would to add interface to the VOR, ILS, and glideslopes as a true backup tied to those legacy connected insturments... without GPS.
  2. If you have an Allegro, Encore, or later you can rid your entire vacuum and still have (electric) speedbrakes. I gained 40+ lbs of useful load going glass and removing the Vacuum, backup, and old heavy insturments.
  3. I heard rumors back 6 months ago they were developing a new G5 with similar form-factor but with faster processor/resoultion that could me a true multi-function instrument. With a few clicks of the button, it could be reconfigured for: ATI HSI DG CDI Turn Coordinator (traditional turn and slip) EIS G-Meter RSI Radio Altimeter ADF (why) Everything below the first two would be a new feature, or a configuration the instrument could do if interfaced. I could see a value in this for older planes, typically trainers, wanting to get rid of mechanical insturments and overhauls. Who knows, at least they are still improving their products and actually bringing them to market.
  5. Any more details of the crash or victims? I own a M20K just 10 minutes from where this guy lived but did not know him. I found out today that he was on our hanger list to store the plane at our local airport. UPDATE: I just realized this was @JJV7109 in which reached out to me via PM about my plane and Mooney transition training when he was looking for a plane earlier this year. Mine was in avionics at the time as I was going to take him up. He said he was ‘finishing up his commerical’ in March of this year. We spoke over PM a few more time but never met face-to-face. Prayers to his family.
  6. So, a KFC 150 can be replaced (now) with an AeroCruze 230 that can be driven with a G500 TXi via a GAD 43e? Is it a slide-in replacement or tons of wiring? I have the perfect Mooney for this 'upgrade' case-study.
  7. No, Cirrus didn't develop the auto land, Garmin did. The demonstration video showed the autoland feature on a Piper M600 turboprop. Yes, the SF50 (Cirrus Jet) is also another airframe expected to be certified for its release as well.
  8. Every phase of flight, including starting, were 10x better with FineWire plugs. I have a factory Encore (1998) and took this path to a clean & cool running LOP machine: upgraded the engine monitor (from factory EDM 700, to an EDM 830 - so I can see %HP) Tempest FineWire plugs GAMI injectors + a day of tuning them with JonPaul in Ada, OK CiES senders to measure super-accurate fuel levels Upgraded the EDM 830 to an EDM 930 (pulling out all old/heavy analog gauges) The problem with purchasing a new plane from the factory is that they made their "vintage" M20's so well that you can buy a really good airframe and make it new yourself. Mine has new 3rd generation avionics (that was upgradeable without Mooney), new (latest) engine management, new paint, really nice interior, and a mid-time engine for about $250k investment. The only thing left to do to make my factory Encore (with 1100# UL) "new" is a digital GFC autopilot. Currently it is hard to justify ripping out the KFC 150 with alt-preselect, yaw damp, and vacuum-less commanding the system via the Garmin GAD 43e to put in the GFC system. It is on my list and will be done at one hint of a hiccup with the KFC system.
  9. I think the takeoff and landing distances between the A36 and the M20J were stated (double) is inaccurate. I own a M20K (a turbo J) and operate an A36 for a biz partner. The A36 takeoff roll and landing (at gross) are very close to my M20K. In fact the A36 is much more forgiving on landing. I will admit the barn doors in the back are the so much better than anything I have ever experienced in GA aircraft. How many adirondack chairs can you fit in an A36? two! Now, for the pilot, it is way more comfortable in the M20 with your legs stretched forward. Like everyone states, it depends on your mission!!! A M20 for me and another passenger or an A36 for more than two adults.
  10. My factory M20K Encore (1998) has three of them on every surface; 15 total. None of mine are loose enough to unscrew, I do check them at each oil change but not on every flight.
  11. I did this exact thing today, called them up on the phone and discussed the situation with them. Turns out, they have could have a Letter of Agreement (LOA) with these airspace’s and some can clear you and some cannot; most of the time the approach controller does not have the authority to clear you thru the D without “coordination” with them. Now, asking, most of the time they are willing to call the tower on your behalf and get the clearance but not guaranteed. You are still responsible unless they “clear you” explicitly. The ownership is on the PIC to get a clearance. Thanks for the responses. Again, I always go around them, VFR, as I know it is not in violation. Now I know how to go thru them if I want, VFR.
  12. I have a regulatory question I have been pondering recently. I fly a lot of IFR so these questions not really pertain unless I am VFR only. Northwest Arkansas is a good example of the situation I am asking about. Scenario: I am flying into Bentonville airport from the East VFR. Bentonville (VBT) is an uncontrolled non-towered airport under a Class C shelf in which the C is controlled by [Razorback Approach]. Incoming to this area, I call up Razorback Approach and state my intentions to land at VBT and get a response with a discreet squawk. Because I have a working Mode C and in communication, I can enter the Class C; great! Now to complicate the process, and related to my question; there are two Class D airspaces very near this area. Can I enter those airspace’s without contacting “their” towers or am I covered from Razorback Approach control? I am not talking about entering those spaces near the runway but in order to make my VFR decent to landing at VBT, I will need to clip their airspace. Today I just VFR around them as I know it is the safest but want to know if I can go thru them according to the regulations?
  13. Cool another Brian flying an Encore!! i am @Bryan Encore driver.
  14. Looks very similar design to my panel from a re-design this past spring, hold the G3X to the TXi.