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  1. I have bought my last two Mooney airframes from AAA and used Fisher on his field. He is independent and a couple of the things that were found were pointed out to Jimmy and were corrected by the seller before the sale. I can vouch for him as an independent but JD (SWTA) will be doing my annual this year and Maxwell has worked on my plane these past 9 months thru some odds and ends.
  2. Bryan

    Changing Tires based on age

    I'd rather have the cheaper tires vs. the tubes than the other way around. Michellen AirStops (only) for me, about $72/tube.
  3. Bryan

    When should I change the oil?

    I would easily pay that - even more if he was on my field. Currently, there is no A&P that does regular work based at my field.
  4. Bryan

    When should I change the oil?

    Would agree with @DonMuncy. I like doing to myself, also, to know my plane. Spend most of this past Saturday replacing all three tubes and tires.
  5. Bryan

    SWA slides off runway at KBUR

    They are installing EMAS "Engineered Material Arresting System" at our airport. Looks like it worked today at Burbank.
  6. Bryan


    I would recommend as well. I am in Conway with a 252.
  7. Bryan

    High Performance Endorsement

    My comment was directed at “what am I going to learn different by getting training in a 210/230 HP Mooney vs. a 200hp Mooney” My response was the turbo... because all of them are 200+ but as @kortopates points out, it’s really heat management. I agree. Even the NA birds are is more need of Heat Management. You are right, according to the regs, the endorsement doesn’t specify what type is required.
  8. Bryan

    High Performance Endorsement

    Turbo management.
  9. Bryan

    TruTrak Fly-in Factory Tour

    I am in - 30 min flight for me. AR weather = if you don't like it, wait 24 hours. We can have all seasons in the same week. KCXW
  10. Bryan

    Cowl Flap Push Rod - M20J

    Lasar has them in-stock, or did. I had mine break complely off in-flight and ordered a replacement overnight and had it the next day. Mine was for a M20K but looked idential. I got my parter number from the Mooney IPC.
  11. +another for Chris McClung. He works on my Mooney, too!
  12. It’s the same thing that I do. Why is your go-to decent rate? Is is different if you are in the FLs than let’s say at 12,000?
  13. I, too, have the Yaesu FTA-550 but don't use the nav. The nav feature on my phone & ipad (ForeFlight) works much better. I have had the backup radio for a couple of years but got real use out of it late this summer. I had a belt-driven alternator fail at OSH this year and on my way to DMax's to get it fixed my clutch gear failed on my engine-drive one, too. I realized just after takeoff and powered everything down (pulled the battery breaker) and continued the flight into severe VFR weather. I plugged my headset into the Yaesu (via the headset connectors) and was able to monitor local traffic. Upon arriving at GGG (longview), just before entering the TRSA, I powered everything back up in the plane and got my clearance to land at their Tower'd field. I am glad to have it as a backup but don't want to use it much longer than I have to. -Bryan
  14. Bryan

    Done with being a Private Pilot

    @Lance Keve, congrats. I am in the same boat, passed my CPL test a month or two ago. Also looking for a twin Mooney for the ...Multi add-on.
  15. That is correct. The Software updates are only distributed by authorized dealers.