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  1. Wanted to share a little build on a part that I did on my M20K. About a week or two ago, while manipulating the pilot side visor, the lens broke. I looked around and found the lenses at LASAR for about $175 - $250 for a single lens. Not knowing the exact part number I decided to try to make my own. I think the stock ones are made of acrylic as they tend to fracture pretty easy after playing with the stock broken lens. I decided to purchase some stock Lexan, Dark Tint from eBay. Using a grease pencil, I outlined the broken piece taped back together. From there, I used a multi-tool with a Half-Moon Blade blade to slowly etch the shape close to the final shape and used a small belt sander to finalize the shape. I then used a step drill bit to make holes for the bracket and done! I have a nice lens like new for under $30.
  2. Bryan

    Sheepskin opinions

    I ordered a set. I got Platinum. I will PIREP, too.
  3. Bryan

    Add GPSS / Roll Steering Converter???

    I would agree with the above - best bang-for-the-buck hands down I have done on my plane.
  4. Bryan

    Sheepskin opinions

    What color are these? I am thinking about ordering some.
  5. Whelen Orion 650E Nav/Strobes
  6. Bryan

    Flying a J at 2,900 lbs

    Agree. My buddies 172 that has the 180hp is near 850lbs.
  7. My avionics shop has regular seminars for software upgrades, new products, and are trained on new features and configurations. I have the 750 and 345 but not had the issue described. Once the 6.5 package was installed, I watched them go thru 2 pages of config changes using a Garmin produced checklist. Saying shops learn how these things off forums is untrue. My shop gets their direction from Garmin. My shop is ready for the impeding fix and has already said they will contact me when it becomes official.
  8. Yes, back in July. (or maybe June)
  9. Bryan

    Mooney Summit VII

    Can’t wait!
  10. Bryan

    HSI DG/ Compass alignment

    I doubt the issue is with the KMT 112 slaving unit. I, too, has the same issue but I found my King KG 102A Directional Remote Gyro was the culprit for my HSI. Bob Bramble - Aerolab, rebuilds these remote gyros. I purchased one from someone on here that has been freshly rebuilt I would make a deal with you on if you figure out that is the issue. That spare is listed on eBay, currently. I think the overhaul is $1200 but I would sell mine for almost half that to a MS'er.
  11. I spoke with AVEO engineering at the Summit this weekend and they are working on a replacement for the Recog lights in our birds. They will have a sync wire to connect two (or more) of them and will Pulse in different patters like wig-wag. The only question I had was "when," and could not get them to give me a date. I, too, am interested in a replacement - really more to wig-wag them and not melt the tips.
  12. Bryan

    Mooney Summit VI

    Here is a quick video from the air:
  13. Bryan

    Flying to the Summit

    Here is another from the backseat of my plane.
  14. Bryan

    Fuel Cap Rain Cover I have not used these but they look like they could work?