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  1. Yes, dimmer controls on the dash are getting power and varrying power correctly on dimming.
  2. I have the same problem. I think it is the light controller in the avionics bay. Mine still not fixed. Sometimes they flicker.
  3. My DPE said last week he names planes based on its manufacturing year and the First Lady of the current administration at that time. His was Eleanor. If mine followed that logic, it would be Hillary. Nope.
  4. I have two used UFlyMike Harmony Pro headphone sets that are lightly used. Each set have a pair Bose® QC25 headsets that can be included for an extra $100. Both comes with protective case and Dual GA style plugs. $225/piece + $100 if you want the Bose® QC25 noise canceling headsets = Total (single) package: $325 Both (2) for twice the money and express shipping included.
  5. Yes sir - it is great. I use it for Ground Power Unit (GPU) for updating databases or anytime I need to power on the aircraft bus without the engine running. It also, as I said, manages my battery. It has specific settings for Concorde, Gill, and other types of avaition batteries. Built-in is thermal sensor, as well as polarity and other protections. I use the Anderson SB-50 to Cessna-style aircraft interface. I had bought the Airframe Interface Kit but after talking with their tech support, figured out I did not need it; only the Cessna-style plug listed above. You'd think they would have a function built-in to select 24volt or 12volt but it appears it is made only for the 24v systems
  6. I have the BatteryMINDer® 28252-AA and use the GPU function to close the relay while plugged in using the Cessna style three prong plug to the aircraft. Then, switch to the charge/maintain mode to condition the battery. No issues.
  8. Situational Awareness! Note the runway depected on this RNav 36R approach in the synthetic vision into KPWA. Number 2 to land behind another Mooney on short final.
  9. I used EAPanels. My panel was signifcantly less than $3500, like 3rd less. That included design, proofing, test panels, and final with custom matched powder coating and laser etching.
  10. yes, original post has been updated as stuff sells.
  11. I have a good condition Robotow for sale. It comes with the towbar, two 28v batteries, and a charger. Moved up to a nose-tow'er and don't need this any longer... works as it should. $900 + shipping (can deliver to Oshkosh for free ...or Madison if you are flying with the Mooney Caravan) -Bryan
  12. @gsxrpilot just moved to that area and flies a M20K LOP a lot. I bet he would go up with you to explore LOP operations in your 231. He has a great panel for displaying TAS along with FF and MAP settings. My previous bird (231) did LOP great. Can (somone) say the Mooney is still putting out 200HP at 16000, yes, at full power setting. The critical altitude for this is much higher and you will not be losing MAP at 16000 under normal circumstances. However, pulling the MAP back, RPM back, and FF back, you will be crusing at less than 200HP.