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  1. Bryan

    M20K Power Settings..?

    This chart was from my 231 with a Merlin WG and Intercooler. ROP if I remember right, but you could lower the FF for the 65% and below to get to LOP on my 231. My Encore has a SB engine. A standard 252 that gets converted to an Encore will get that designation. The SB engine changes several things including max MP (39”), max rpm (2600), and higher max FF (26gph)
  2. Bryan

    M20K Power Settings..?

    I started with a 231 and now a 252 Encore from AAA. Can you run LOP - YES, you can, if you can:) I am trying to get there now but my GAMI spread is preventing me at the moment. My 231 before would easily get there. I would say wait until you get your FF installed before you start because you really need to know your FF spread. What type of JPI do you have installed today? My 231 had an Insight G2 with FF and the 252 I have now had a EDM 700 with a Shadin FF. I upgraded it because it was easy and cheap to an EDM 830 (adding JPI FF, MAP, RPM) which gives me all the parameters I need without major surgery for the EDM 900 - I want. Here is a card that my 231 had and I still use it today sometimes when planning. To be honest, I use the JPI 830 (with %HP, FF) along with the other temps for flying today. I set a particular profile I want to run: 75% ROP, 65% LOP. I download the data an upload to I have already realized using this data my ignition system was not as healthy as it should be. I just went to tempest fine-wires and will be installing GAMI's next. Data is powerful.
  3. Bryan

    Tempest oil filters

    I will admit I own one, too! At this point, I have changed nearly ever 30-45 days so it has come in handy, along with the filter tap and drain hose.
  4. Bryan

    Tempest oil filters

    Yes, have one of those, too, for removing the filter but what about torquing it back on?
  5. Bryan

    Tempest oil filters

    +1 for Tempest. I have this socket and it fits perfect every time. I chose this one since it is not very deep. I don't think I will go back to Champion filters or plugs on my bird.
  6. I have a K model, 25-2026, with electric speed brakes. My push-button switch is mounted on the left side of the pilots yoke, horizontally. I can get you a picture, but I don't thing the switch is any special BK part. It appears to be just a standard spring loaded switch.
  7. Bryan

    Medeco/Janco replacement keys

    I used aluminum duct/foil tape to secure mine. Might should have used the pouch but has worked so far. I called DMax to get a spare made and Mooney drop-shipped the key(s) to me.
  8. Bryan

    Great satellite cloud map

    +1 for Windy! aka: or the app with the same name.
  9. Bryan

    Dynon Certified thread

    Correct. The Encore has a Yaw Dampener and you can switch to Auto or Manual mode. Manual mode has a display next to the cowl flap indicator displaying trim setting. I use it on climb out to hold the right rudder all the way up.
  10. Bryan

    305 Rocket Review

    I think it all depends on the mission. Yeah, I can pull back to “economy” mode. Do I? Most of the time, no, I like to go fast, but it does depend on my mission. I do pull it back on missions that I need the MPG and have a great tailwind. Isn’t the best speed mod skipping the fuel stop? Knowing my fuel and my plane is what gets me around. I’d love to own an Acclaim and just throw money at the fuel pump but financially my wallet isn’t thick enough for either.
  11. Bryan

    Sentry or Stratus ADS-B In

    I hear you, something is wrong, but for the headache he has had and the cost difference I’d rather have the Sentry with all the features and a CO monitor; it is also supported by a company that I can call or replace if it is broken or doesn’t work as advertised or supposed to instead of remoting into the device to reinstall firmware.
  12. Agree. Had this happen to me on the GTN 750 with the GTX 345 feeding it recently; it is not just related to the G1000.
  13. Bryan

    Sentry or Stratus ADS-B In

    I have a buddy with the StratuX. He is constantly rebooting it and seems to never lock on the first time and is too “project” to save a $100 or $200 on the better designed Stratus and Sentry all in one units. All accounts show them to work very well but. I am thinking about one as a backup to my GTX 345 which gives me the awesome ADS-B in. I would go with the newer Sentry as the AHRS seems cool to have but just doesn’t justify it for me having used it.
  14. Bryan

    Savvy Analysis ALERT

    My TSIO-360-SB is a rock solid 48-51 in cruise. What bothers me is when I land and idle back on the roll-out and into the taxiway, my OP is 27-28 with low RPMs. I get that the oil is cooling down and the RPMs are very low to pump that oil but I always tend to give it a 100 or so more RPMs to get it a little closer to 30psi and to keep my JPI from "alarming" me. I do, however, bump the rpms up but keeping them at or below 1000 not to heat back up the turbo.