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  1. I was in the Mooney Service Center (SWTA) getting CiES senders installed and asked JD could also take care of the SB. He had parts the next day and installed 2 hours later. My parts were a little different than the 231, however, maybe the cause of the back-order. I think the 231 engine has the rigid (purpose bent) fuel hose where my 252 has the flexible hose. Engine starts exactly the same.
  2. I don't own a Bravo but got my IFR in my M20K a couple years ago. I don't use a "power setting" but I do whatever it takes to remain a stable glide path at 90kts (too) until runway enviornment - good advise.
  3. How tight (or loose) is your oil cap. My TSIO-360 was passing some oil out the breather tube on a 500-600hr engine and realized that it was related to the tabs on my oil cap not holding it tight. No oil was coming out from the cap although one flight I did find the oil cap came completely loose (off) when I know it was secured before the flight. We carefully bent the tabs back to bring the cap snug against the gasket and filler neck and that solved all my breather tub discharge issues.
  4. Sounds like a wastegate issue. Do you have the Merlin?
  5. I plan my maintenance trips when near Austin. Big Mooney (Texas Wing) fly-in caravan/formation training clinic this weekend at San Marcos (HYI).
  6. I agree that the MVP 50 looks like an old DOS screen, however, I wanted the larger screen so I went with the JPI 930. John Miller is installing mine now in the Encore now.
  7. I had an JPI 830 prior to the installation of the TXi and found the data much eaiser to read and disciminate from the factory 700. No, I am not continuly chaning my RPM and MAP during flight. I have a set numbers I go to for 65%, 75%, LOP and ROP operations but because those are based also on FF and OAT, I like having the %HP quick calcualtion on my screen. I asked Trek (Garmin) about the TIT and the %HP for the EIS in multiple private messages when ordering my TXi, and he told me the TIT (number) was planned in a future release but no plans for %HP. That was enough for me to decide against the EIS for now, even though I would love to save the panel space. I decided I was not going to *wait* for future development and decided on the JPI 930 with rebate. I figure I can replace the JPI 930 (head-unit) with the EIS by only cutting a new planel and re-using JPI probes. I think there is one (or two) JPI probles that are not compatible with the EIS. I hope they update it to the level of the JPI.
  8. Like @gsxrpilot said, with the turbo - we can get 100% HP up to the flight levels. With my 252, I fly almost by %HP to know what my engine is doing. By flying %HP, I don’t have to guess (or calculate) where the red box/fin is based on the variables used in the JPI. If I want to be conservative I fly 65% LOP, if I want to fly fast I use 75% ROP. I seriously considered the EIS but it did not give me the data I wanted to see in-flight. The JPI feeds the rest of my Garmin equipment (G500 TXi, and 750) to give me fuel required, time to empty, fuel at destination == basically everything I need in-flight. I don’t need a ring to see how far I can theoretically fly. I have digital fuel senders and reliable JPI 930 for that.
  9. I disagree. My %HP is something I use almost every flight; once verified. JPI uses Fuel Flow, RPM, OAT, MAP, and a pre-defined contstant to calculate %HP. Once the constant is set (a configuration step in the EDM setup) and verified, I find the %HP very useful. I am moving to a G500 TXi system and their EIS (engine information system) for the TXi does not have this capablity, so I decided to install a JPI instead.
  10. My TiT is elevated when running LOP but never dangerously high. I only run LOP at 65% or below. I do run 75% sometimes but only 100F/+ ROP.
  11. Bryan

    JPI 900

    My 252 came into the shop while yours was there. I am having a complete panel upgrade but I wanted SWTA to do the CiES senders install and wiring before delivering to avionics. I just don’t trust others to go into my fuel tanks than I do JD and team.
  12. I have an iPad Mini 4 Wifi (64GB) for sale with box and charger. This device was used only for ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot in the cockpit. $200 shipped. Will ship day of payment.
  13. In the past, I have always gone with the WiFi only iPad and it has worked fine. In a normal enviornment, my panel provides Flight Plan, GPS, and ADS-B info to my iPad. I always thought to myself, why would I need the GPS/Cellular version of the iPad in the cockpit. Then, this past summer my backup alternator broke at Oshkosh... no biggie, it was the backup anyway. I flew it back home and setup a time with my maintenance shop once I got back. On the day I took my plane into maintenance, I noticed on climb-out that my primary Alternator was now annunicating and I was in-fact on battery power. Primary Alternator had failed in the climb. I chose to continue the flight as it was a perfect VFR day and I was already at cruise altitude enroute when I had diagnosed the issue. I pulled the battery breaker to save battery power because I would be flying into a Delta Airspace (towered) airport. I pulled out my portable handheld radio and monitored Center. My WiFi only iPad was of no use for GPS execpt for digital cached maps (dead-reckoning) and Charts - no Location/GPS even though I was tethered to my phone. I pulled out my phone and had full GPS signal but no Cellular... I was at 12,500ft. I was able to power the plane back up on battery before entering the TSRA and Class Delta to get my clearance to land, flaps, and gear with plenty to spare. I used the phone for cross-checking my route but decided to use my early PPL training (VFR maps, compass, and clock) to finish the flight as primary source of navigation. From that moment on, I decided the extra ($130) money was nothing to have another device with a GPS in the cockpit with me at all times. I did, however, wait until the latest (iPad 5 Mini) came out for the full version.
  14. Where are you located? I would reach-out to someone with Turbo Mooney time to do some tranistion training. What plane are coming from? I had a similar 231 and flew it using the 252 power settings. One of the biggest differences is the 231 to keep it from overboosting on T/O. Your POH should have suppliments for powersettings when the plane had the intercooler and wastegate install. Your MAP gauge should be plackarded with the max MAP setting as well. I have a copy of a cruise cheet-sheet that was made for my 231 at that I can send you. PM me your email address. Once you learn the proper techniques, you will love the Turbo. If you don't have an engine monitor, get one today! I will help you understand your engine and what it is telling you.