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  1. Bryan

    M20K Fuel Selector Valve

    Wish I had some insight but unsure. For such a critical component, I might be inclined to purchase new. I’d much rather if fail at 15k’ vs. 300ft AGL. I try to fly as high as I can for thinner air, generally smoother, and cooler. Plus, isn’t that why we have a K model?
  2. I also read the low SMOH engines produce more metal than seasoned engines. Sounds like enough not to worry about. I would do an oil analysis if you are really worried.
  3. Bryan

    P-Lead Length

    Keyword “supposed” (italics). Even with the P-lead shutdown check doesn’t guarantee it is unloaded.
  4. I don’t think they are continuing the Mini form factor.; my favorite. I have a Mini 4 64gb that I exclusively use for flying and it is great. I am waiting for a small form factor with pen (pencil) support with fast charging like my phone - game changer. I can get 80% charge in 20min with the new tech, now just want the iPad version.
  5. Bryan

    P-Lead Length

    I always do this but put the keys on the dash. That way ppl outside the plane can see the the “gun” is supposed to be unloaded, every flight.
  6. Bryan

    Oil Leak at Prop Hub

    I do it twice, once to watch the oil pressure drop and the second to observe the rise in MAP. I don’t do it deep cycle either (or to a specified RPM drop) as once thought to cycle the ‘cold’ oil in the prop. I, too, learned that the hub cycles very little oil. I think my POH states runup to 1700 or 1800 RPM.
  7. Bryan

    Oil Leak at Prop Hub

    McCauley or Hartzell? Is it grease or oil? Color? I had an M20F with a Hartzell that had a slight leak like this. I contacted my local prop shop and said the seals would need to be replaced to stop this but it was not a big deal with the streaking like you have. I asked when is too much and the answer i got was “you’ll know” or when you are tired of cleaning it off the cowl and windscreen. I think the seals have a calendar expiration and an hour lifetime; if yours was 9m and 75h ago neither would be close.
  8. Bryan

    Accelerated commercial courses?

    Correct, now, you can do your CPL in a non-complex aircraft. I own a Mooney 252 Encore but am doing my maneuvers in a friend’s Cessna 172H (O-300). I don’t like the quick power changes in my turbo aircraft. I have passed my written, met the hour requirements, and learned most of the maneuvers but just not polished everything enough to take my checkride yet. I thought about finishing up at GATTS or similar but think I should just finish with my CFI. The problem is, he is a new FO at a regional and is gone for like 7 days and then back for 2.
  9. Bryan

    Wife’s pic

    This is my best in the last few months.
  10. Bryan

    MooneyMax Conference and Clinics

    Sounds good!
  11. Bryan

    Oh, the pattern entry!

    How does an approach controller have "control" at an uncontrolled airport, especially in VMC? Priority seems like a control word.
  12. Bryan

    Oh, the pattern entry!

    Or he could have been a jet pilot that doesn't have time for the piston and used the "priority" bully his way in. Sounds like if he had a true priority, he would have announced something more when questioned instead of being snarky. Being courteous goes a long way on both sides. My home base is full of corporate fast-movers but they communicate well and give way to whoever is closer (or lower).
  13. Bryan

    Propeller Shop Info

    @Cody Stallings sorry to hear about the storm. Was your shop affected? I thought I saw your plane was Let me know if you need anything, I am just up the road in Conway.
  14. Bryan

    self-service O2

    I am in a similar situation as you. I have a 252 with onboard O2. Another M20 owner at my field has the setup and it looks like this: Two (large) O2 bottles, swapped out at our local welding supply store: Welsco, Inc for about $20/swap a transfill system for the two-bottle system: Aerox FBO-1 Filler (~350$) Aerox Scott Portable Filling Adaptor (~65$) So you are at about $400 without the bottles which you can either rent or purchase/swap. I have been looking at Craigslist, eBay, Facebook for welders getting rid of their bottles. Ultimate I would like to have a single bottle with a Haskel Air Amplifier which takes a single bottle and "pumps" it into your onboard tank using a pneumatic mechanism instead of equalization techniques above - but those are super expensive.