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  1. Bravo Rear Seats Folded

    I had an ‘82, 231 with the folding seats. Huge advantages.
  2. M20E Fuel Starvation Accident

    Question: for the standard two tank design (75 total) in a M20K are there 4 CEIS senders? Two per tank? I had Monroy Long Range tanks in my last 231 with only the factory mechanical senders to analog gauges but had a fuel totalizer.
  3. My 252

    K models not listed. M20B-J
  4. My 252

    I hope you are secretly getting them certified for a 252’s.
  5. What upgrades are you looking for?

    Engine Monitors: JPI, Insight, Ei
  6. M20K 231 in Texas

    Yes, that was not an issue for my lender assuming the upgrades you do are worth the overall value against what you are borrowing against (finalized airframe and equipment). I used a down-payment for the avionics purchase to ensure the seller I was serious. He basically sold me the plane (airframe) + (cost of upgrades) and we were both happy. I think my lender required a current picture of the panel (old avionics) and then a new one after but it was nothing and would do again in the future.
  7. M20K 231 in Texas

    Jimmy has a great avionics installer right across the way. If you find a buyer that wants GTX this and GTN that add that into the price to make the sale. But, make the buyer pay for the avionics up-front. This is what I did a year ago in buying my 231, from Jimmy.
  8. It was unclear, I wondered that after I got off the phone. I was happy for the replacement. The email states: "A20,BT,EL,GA,FLEX PWR" Maybe it is just the down cord because I think that would work, too, but we'll see.
  9. UPDATE: I just called Bose about my A20 headsets with the twin GA plugs. I have come to realize they have a short in the cable after testing a new pair from my partner. I thought the airplane jack had the short but turns out (deductive logic) that it appears to be in my Bose plug. I called Bose this morning with my issue. Without questioning, they are sending me a replacement to be delivered in three business days. When I receive the replacement, they sent me a label to return the old ones - all free of charge. Nice! Thanks Bose for outstanding customer support.
  10. How long was the turn-around?
  11. I think I might have an issue with my A20s inside one of the GA plug posts. I was just thinking about sending off to Bose for repair - thanks for the PIREP.
  12. I agree. Here is a thread on Beechtalk with where @TrekLawler is talking about a software issue/update they are working on. I had a GTN750 + GTX345 + FS510 all using ForeFlight. I think the issue lies with the GTX software which appears to be in-progress.
  13. Ditto, I might be in Longview, TX next week and want to look at a plane in Saratoga, CA. PM me if you need someone.
  14. 94 Mooney M20M: TKS, GTN750. This Week Only

    Is AAA just brokering it for you or are they selling it themselves? I might be interested in moving up from a 231.
  15. Advice on turbo Mooney

    Yes, that one does not look correct... at all. I hardly ever run at 75% at any altitude and never tested that one; the 65% numbers are almost perfect. My guess is that is a mis-print based on the other altitudes for that setting. I suspect that number should be more like 163 - 165kts TAS @ 6000. I run mostly at 55-65% above 10,000. For me the high-teens are the best. I don't have enough experience yet in the Flight Levels and am super cautious up that high single-pilot without going thru an altitude chamber to understand my own physiology. I regularly fly from 15000 - FL190.