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  1. Bryan

    Aspen with GFC 500?

    ^ this. I am there.
  2. Bryan

    Paid my deposit for paint today

    My mistake, so a little cheaper.
  3. Bryan

    Paid my deposit for paint today

    Roughly $1700 for your M20J
  4. Bryan

    Paid my deposit for paint today

    Super accurate digital fuel senders. Mine are bing upgraded to CiES in three weeks.
  5. Bryan

    Spark Plugs -- Massive or Fine Wire

    I had the same concerns. At each annual they borescope the engine and had already done that when this was found (annual last month) but after seeing this they went in and looked further using the scope: nothing could be found nor ill effects apparent with the second scope. Checked filter and borescoped the turbo and no sign. JD at SWTA spent a lot of time trying to determine cause and effect. I don’t know what is worse: finding something or not. We sent it in for further analysis to Tempest. Awaiting those results. Maybe it burned up. Also reviewing engine log data to see if we could determine a date it happened. JD told me that he he seen this maybe once before but not often by any stretch. He works on a lot of Mooney engines being a Texas Mooney Service Center.
  6. Bryan

    Spark Plugs -- Massive or Fine Wire

    Mine lost a center electrode recently but Tempest promptly sent me a new one.
  7. Bryan

    Spark Plugs -- Massive or Fine Wire

    I went Tempest finewire this past year and every aspect of my engine improved: starting, idling, cruise, and LOP operations. M20K 252
  8. Bryan

    Aspen with GFC 500?

    MAX is not out until July
  9. Bryan

    Aspen with GFC 500?

    Also, a TXi + a G5
  10. Bryan

    How many hides

    I am not totally sure. I think they are just really good at photoshop’ing their logo on others products. How long have we been waiting on the Ki300 and Aerocruise?
  11. Bryan

    How do you use your Speed Brakes?

    Agree. In testing with plenty of runway, I have taken off with my speedbrakes to know that I could if the situation arises. Test and know your airplane, with an Mooney instructor.
  12. Bryan

    How do you use your Speed Brakes?

    When ATC keeps me high or forgets to give me lower, pop them out for an extra 500 FPM decent with the same power setting. Or to slow down while entering the pattern to get to gear speed (140 IAS in my plane)
  13. Now several places are reporting the same rumor. Here is the most recent:
  14. Bryan

    Boneheaded mistake

    I do the same with as the other guys but ,also, I normally wipe down the leading edges on storage (you know, fresh bugs are easier to get off- juicy) and during that process I seem to always look at the tail and can tell if it was not reset. T/O testing with all sorts on configs are good to know so you can react quicker when you are caught off guard. I have done the trim testing but also Speed Brakes UP/deployed testing. The plane will climb with them up, not as well with them stowed but at least I can recognize that.
  15. Latest rumor says Apple will releases the new Mini iPad on March 29th along with new AirPods. (Wireless headphones) Preorder on March 22nd, with Apple expected to hold a press conference for the new devices earlier that week. ...again, all still rumor until confirmed by Apple.