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  1. Without confirming, it is my understanding this is a full replacement for the KI 256, so no upgrades needed. I will confirm with the rep that sent me the message. Attached is the brochure he sent me. KI 300_Bro_FF LR.pdf
  2. The altitude is way off, too - gotta be different.
  3. I had reached out to Honeywell/Bendix King on this last week. They just responded: Hi Bryan,The KI 300 will be available early January of 2018 and retail for $5995.00 MSRP. I've attached the PDF brochure for your records.I've added you to the list to receive product availability information on the KI 300 come January.If you have any other questions please reply to this email. Regards, -BendixKing Inside Sales Again, new dates, new wait. We'll see.
  4. Yoke upgrade

    They do great work.
  5. New Mooney owner with battery question

    Let’s hookup sometime. I was just at FSM this past week at Northwest Ark Avionics, or now ABS Avionics. I have family that lives there. i am at CXW
  6. New Mooney owner with battery question

    Where in NE Arkansas? I am in central AR.
  7. Yes, with a GAD29B adapter, it can replace your KFC200 HSI to give you GPSS (steering) today. You cannot use the 2nd G5 (ATI) to replace your Flight Director (KI256).
  8. Great PIREP. I have a KFC 200 and been looking at this upgrade. My KI 256 (ADI) has to be kept because of my legacy AP. My understanding was that I could not move my old ADI and replace with a G5 ADI (position) according to the STC. I am calling today about the G5 HSI and GAD 29B. Might as well ask about the ADI, too.
  9. Today's flight for 2017

    Taking my commercial written next week. I just checked all the boxes for the flying portion so will start those maneuvers next. congrats!
  10. For me, the G5 HSI is of value because I don't have GPS Roll steering. I have to turn the indicator at each course change - it wont' follow the magenta line. Instead of installing a DAC for Roll Steering, it makes more sense for me to install a G5 HSI with the GAD-29B to talk to the autopilot. It is my understanding that a G5 AI cannot take over and send the Flight Director signals to the King autopilots.
  11. The problem I am having is that, like @MooneyBob, the KFC 200 (autopilot) in mine requires the roll steering from the AI. I will probably upgrade to a single G5 HSI to replace my steam HSI and then wait for a G5 AI to be able to talk to the vintage autopilots or install a GFC500. I think I can install a second G5 AI to replace the turn corrdinator but I have to keep my AI for the autopilot. The Aspen can be installed replacing both the AI and the HSI if you purchase the EA100 - another $2500 on top of whatever Aspen you get installed - so yes, at least twice the cost.
  12. From retro to basic

    I agree with the FlightStream, but the FS 510 is only compatible with the GTN series. The FS 210 will also give you a back up AHRS. I just upgraded to the FS510 for my 750 and the interfacing is awesome. I file within ForeFlight, sometimes I get back and expected route via FF and then can push that to the panel upon verifying with Clearance Delivery in the plane without keying every point into the 750.
  13. Today's flight for 2017

    Pretty cool day at my home base today (KCXW) and thru this weekend. EAA's B-17G is in town! Not very often can you park next to such history.
  14. I use the VCalc utility on my GTN 750 for long descents. I even put a user config field on the main screen / map which is Top Of Decent (time). Once configured for airport pattern altitude, or waypoint intercept altitude, or airport elevation, I get a countdown timer to my TOD. I use this nearly every X-country flight. The Visual Approach guideance is a nice feature to look forward to, especially on unusually narrow, upslope or other other visually deceptive foreign runways without PAPI or VASI.