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  1. Through work, I won tickets to the Chiefs' Game on this past Thursday. After I committed to going and using the tickets, I checked the weather and discovered that the forecast was Low IFR for all of Thursday and Friday. The forecast for Downtown Wheeler Airport had a 700 foot ceiling. I thought about changing my personal minimums down to 1,000 feet and "going for it!" But a cooler portion of my brain persevered and I decided to go on Delta's 0600 flight instead. It was solid IMC from takeoff to over 10,000 feet and then between layers the rest of the way to KC. When we land
  2. So am I late to the dance? Apparently they did away with the additional 6 months to complete recency experience for IFR, hence needing an IPC check after 6 months?
  3. My son is the best copilot. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lg7w5b9ztlhkr7u/IMG_8482.MP4?dl=0
  4. Hey All... PilotSafety.org is saving my bacon, maybe literally, with their Master Course on the Garmin 430/530. If you are in need of online training courses for Avidyne, Garmin, IFR, Foreflight, please check out their website. Anyone using code: JOLIE gets a 20% discount. bit.ly/PSJolie
  5. Hello to our Canadian friends. I have to meet some work friends at Niagara on the Lake this weekend. I'll fly into CYSN from Erie (KERI). I have done the towered Billy Bishop (CYTZ) many times, but this will be my first trip to a non-towered Canadian airport. I will file IFR, I have CANPASS, and will do the eAPIS stuff. My Questions: 1) When I land, do I have to call and close my IFR flight plan? Do this with FSS? 2) Can I close in the air? Do I still have to call and report landing? 3) On departure, what is the best way to pick up my clearance? London rdo
  6. As an older pilot working towards my IFR rating and doing it as cheaply as possible I've been wondering; how do I get the best possible reception of ATC clearances and other information over the radio? I've got older King radios and David Clark headsets that I bought from ebay. I don't want to spent the maximum dollar possible but I'm wondering if there are some more modern equipment purchases that have yielded big increases in the quality of the voices you hear over the radio in the air. Mine is currently OK but I doubt that it's great.
  7. As a PPL student earlier this year, I spent many, many hours trolling these forums as well as other sites, trying to glean the benefits of others' experience. My goal was to acquire a plane that I could fly to/from client sites all over the east and midwest. I want to share some of my recent thoughts/decisions in case someone else comes along who is looking for similar info. I bought Parker's Encore-converted 252 in July, about the same week as I got my PPL. I thought really hard about whether I needed TKS at the time, but it was a big jump price-wise to find something already equipped.
  8. I have a KLN 89B for sale with a current database (expires 12/7/16). Removed in working condition this week. Asking $800.
  9. Hello all, While prepping for an upcoming trip to Lincolnton NC (KIPJ) I was looking at the ILS charts. I noticed a different set of minimums for the localizer approach based on the GATEQ fix. These minimums allow a lower MDA, but it's not clear to me exactly how to use them. The chart is below. Any ideas? What am I missing?
  10. Hey guys and gals, Due to a growing family I've decided to put my J up for sale. I love the old girl and never thought we would part ways but all good things must come to an end. It's a great machine and well maintained with several annuals and visits to D Maxwell in the logs. 201PX has flown on average about 150 hours per year with a max one year of around 220 hours and a TT of around 1100 hours since I purchased her October of 08' . The engine was overhauled by Mena Aircraft Engines in December 2010 and has proven a solid performer in the 690 hours I've put on her since. It's a b
  11. I am in search for one or two other instruments rated pilots that may be interested in sharing the flying and ownership of a very well equipped M20J. If interested please PM me for details, and provide a phone number and email address where I can follow-up and contact you. Hank
  12. Starting to sell off stuff from my recent panel install. First to go is a package of the following: GPS: Garmin GNC300XL IFR Approach GPS/ Comm with tray. Annunciation control unit for above: Garmin MD41-444. CDI with GPS input: Collins IND350A GPS/VOR/LOC. GPS antenna. I can throw in the comm antenna too if you want it. No connectors or cables included. A serviceable tagged GNC300XL alone can run >$3000. All this stuff was installed in my plane in 2009, well before my purchase of it last year, and was working when removed a couple of mont
  13. New GTN 750 in my M20M Bravo. Anyone interested in acting as safety pilot with knowledge of the GTN that would like to do some approaches, fly out for breakfast or lunch somewhere, please get in touch. Thanks!
  14. My M20C just entered the avionics shop to get a major panel update. I am then planning on using this plane for all my instrument training and hopefully well beyond for real world instrument flying. My center stack will include new PMA audio panel, GTN650, KT74 transponder, and a serviceable SL40 com2. About the only decent existing piece of avionics that I have is the KN53 Nav2 radio, and I'm too much of a CB to throw it out in favor of a new low profile Nav/com. However, all this may not quite fit into the diminutive center stack of the M20C. If not, which item should I move to the right?
  15. I own a 1966 M20 E and when I bought the plane five years ago it came IFR certified with pretty much the original panel. Since then, I have added an EI MVP-50 to it, removing most of the original engine gauges and such along with the DME and ADF. The later two removals were in anticipation of a WAAS GPS system, but that has yet to materialize. The original panel included the ADF, but ADF is fast disappearing from US approaches. As such, I am left with dual VORs, one of which has GS. The original panel came equipped with a marker beacon receiver and an audio panel for switching two radios an
  16. I'm taking the family out to Clovis NM so my son and his fiance can look for a place near Cannon AFB. We will need to stop for fuel and a potty break due to the headwinds. We'll file IFR. Weather between is so-so. Looks like we might be able to pick our way through. Tops are above our practical ceiling of FL220. I usually prefer to swing to the backend/southwest side of systems out here, but all the airportts to the south of this system are predicting LIFR into the evening. Not comfortable with that, with a full plane and nearing sunset. Thinking about picking my way through, north o
  17. So, to continue with supplementing my education in IFR, I have been reading Pilot error: Anatomies of aircraft accidents by the Editors of Flying Magazine, after a suggestion posted here and I have found it riveting. Then yesterday, during the course of conversation on an unrelated topic, one of the people that works for me mentioned something about knowing a pilot that was killed in a crash. He didn't have much data on the accident, but I was able to drill down through the NTSB database and located the incident. What I found was somewhat shocking, but eerily coincident with a question that I
  18. As a new 110 hr pilot who transitioned to the C model 20 hours ago, I feel now decently comfortable getting from point A to point B and planning my descents in a way that is specific to this plane (I plan 4mi/1000 ft, 135-160mph, 500 ft/min, or a bit steeper if ending up high toward the end). 1-3 miles before entering the pattern, I do have to pull throttle way back and level off to get speed to 120 so I can drop the gear. This feels like the most inelegant part of my descent, and I'm not sure how compatible it would be with an instrument approach, since I have no exposure to the latter.
  19. I garnered so much good stuff from my earlier thread "IFR question" that I thought I would open up a new one. I am over halfway through Collins, Taylor and Machado and now have what on it's face may look like a stupid question. That said, keep in mind that the dumbest question is the one that wasn't asked, so here goes: So, you have an instrument rating and you decide you want to fly from KXXX to KYYY and the weather is IFR at KYYY. What if there is no approach at KYYY that you have the equipment for? For example, in my E I have dual VOR CDI's and one of them has a GS. That's it ot
  20. I have been doing a lot of IFR studying on my own and have a question that I hope someone can answer. When you TO into an IFR flight plan, are you in contact with ATC and do they have you on radar via your transponder? In other words, is it just like flight following but under IMC? If you miss a fix or are unable to figure out where you are via VOR, do they just tell you? Do they vector you back where you need to be if you get lost?
  21. This is a Go Pro video from a windshield mounted camera and sped up as we descended through the clouds into Refugio, Texas. If you want to see some pictures of the terrain around the area go to Facebook and search for the El Corazon Ranch, Refugio, Texas. http://youtu.be/IOVJee2mmfA
  22. Well, as some of you may know, I'm trying to finalize my decision on some panel modernization. One thing that I have to come to realize so far in my instrument training: No DME, an Inop ADF and a marginally functional GS is not comforting for me to be hitting the conditions I plan to fly in. The comfort level goes even further down when I think about having my wife and daughter flying with me in those same conditions. For what it's worth, I think I have settled in on the Garmin 650 for my GPS, keeping one of my Mac1700s and the CDI it feeds. I initially planned on putting in a EI MVP50, b
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