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  1. When is next time? I'm based in Bay Minette at 1R8. Wish I had caught wind of this sooner. :-)
  2. Had to drop 63V for a IFR Recert. Took a couple "family" pics while waiting on rental car ;-_
  3. Yep! Probably time to update my avatar. The oldest is 1 month away from her 6th birthday, and the youngest just turned 1 last week. They both love aviation and hanging around the airport. Blessed to have kids whi love my hobby. Thanks for the pic rotation. No clue why it imported 90 degrees off.
  4. Figured I'd post these here before I listed on E-Bay. I have a set of Shaw Aero 431-9 Caps that came out during the my bladder install. Asking $150/ea or $275 for the pair.
  5. I have the exhaust that was pulled from my 1975 M20C when my Powerflow was installed early last month. It’s the standard ribbed factory exhaust - part number 630060 . There was a MVP50 installed, so all stacks are drilled for probes. Was working great and no signs of leaks, cracks, or damage when removed. It had approximately 240 hours on it since it was last overhauled by Dawley in 2010. Not sure what the real market value is, but PM me a reasonable offer for it plus shipping if you need one, and let’s see if what we can work out. Thanks, Abe
  6. Along with an extensive (loooooong) annual - I broke down permanently fixed the dreaded fuel smell in the cabin and blue stains under the wings. Huge shout out to Charlie (the Mad Scientist), Griggs Refinishing and LASAR! They were amazing support partners and vendors for my mechanic and I through the entire process. They nailed turn around for part orders and overhauls. They gave the best phone and email support you could imagine and always served with a smile. Their expertise is second to none, they even helped identify a prior incorrect W&B assessment that gained 18lbs of useful load back. My crew is loving the new odorless cabin, and I’m loving the peace of mind. This annual also left me with a power flow exhaust, so I’m getting used to the new sound and different performance/fuel burn rate... And if that wasn’t enough, we also picked up a new family member for 63V - welcome 1218X to the hangar. She’ll have a little mending to get before flying, but it looks like we may have saved her from a death by stagnation. She’s only got 1700 total hours on the airframe and engine. She should be a great fall/winter restoration. Fun times, more excitement, parts orders, and more updates ahead! Pics included for visual enjoyment. ~Abe
  7. Hey Jimmy, I may have one in the next week. Give me a call if you still need it. Abe H.
  8. Yesterday I noticed that my recently overhauled AI and Aspen both show that my wings are not level when sitting on the ground. I taxied around the ramp a little just making sure I wasn't sitting in a weird place. So I got my tape measure out, and at the wing tips, there's a 1" difference (higher on left wing) when sitting on the ground. Tires are at same pressure, gear discs measure the same height. At the cabin, the heights are measuring 1/2 - 3/4" difference. Is this normal and I'm just noticing after 9 years of ownership? I've got a call in to my IA, but figured I'd soundboard it here before I got too excited about it. Thoughts or advice? Warmest Regards, Abe
  9. I'm based at 1R8 (Bay Minette). We do have a freshly resurface and grooved runway, food for visitors, and probably some of the lowest AV Gas prices around. Be aware that our only runway is east-west though, so during windy seasons, you'll usually be battling a crosswind, as prevailing winds are typically north-south at the airport. Lots of military Helio, T5, and V22 Traffic on nice days there, and we're uncontrolled, so expect a communication from about 10 miles out. Let me know if you happen to stop through the area and need anything. My cell is 251-605-5351. All the information in this thread is true and accurate. KJKA is a bit further south of us, but closer to the Beach as it's locate in Gulf Shores. Their courtesy/rental cars are limited, but the staff is awesome and will work every way to assist. Destin (KDTS) is only 20 mins further out from 1R8. The Donut Hole and AJ's are a couple of my favorites there. Don't know if you'd want to stop an hour further west, but KNEW is one of my personal favorites. Great customer service, as well as an on field restaurant next to the FBO and an "Almost always" availability of crew car. Hope this helps! Abe
  10. Thanks! I thought about that and was a little concerned about any potential liability.
  11. That's a pretty cool idea! I'm combing ebay now for a case and prop. I definitely could see something like that in my office or home.
  12. So I have 4 cylinders and pistons that were removed during 7463V's annual in 2015. The engine was topped because I got a killer deal on 4 brand new jugs from AirPower. They were all above 68/80, but the engine was right at 1500hrs, and I figured it would be better to go ahead and spend a little money having the internals inspected and the top replaced while at it. I took the removed cylinders to Continental for inspection and discussing overhaul as a "just in case" for future use, but I found out that they wanted more to overhaul than I paid AirPower for new. That being said, the old cylinders are all sitting in my hangar in boxes, and I'm not quite sure what to do with them. My questions: Is there any market for resale, recycle, or reuse? Are there other channels for overhaul beyond Continental? Or do I just throw them away? Just don't want to be a bad steward of good materials if there's something that can be done with them other than tossing them in a big blue bin. The valves were removed by continental for inspection, but they're all packaged away in the boxes too. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I've some oldies but goodies that I'm needing out of my closet, so I'm listing them here as well as on Ebay. I know almost everyone uses iPads now, but I'm sure there is still a AnyWhere Map Fan or two lurking around. I'll end the bids on EBay there if someone here makes me a reasonable offer. The Baron Mobile and XM will work with ForeFlight from what I've read as well. Message me directly if you're interested. Will break up, but would prefer to sell as a package.