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  1. Good candidate for owner-manufactured. Gives you the chance to replace the multiple spacers on each side of the heim joint with a single spacer on each side. Note: I am envisioning this is the same as on my J and the E I have also been under.
  2. Reminds me of the California 3-strikes law. They always talked about a case where he was sentenced to 25-life foe stealing a slice of pizza. What they left out was that he already had 5 felony convictions, and he stole the pizza from children. The final reason was just the final mechanism after a pattern of unchanging behavior, and questionable explanations.
  3. But those prices, and factory prices, are the only published lists I know to give a sense of scale when evaluating other shops.
  4. For referencing cost of the overhaul itself, check https://www.jewellaviation.com/overhauls.htm for a price list. @gsxrpilot can confirm if this is the right link. There is Jewell Aviation and John Jewell Aircraft, and I forget which is the one who just did his engine. Where West Coast are you? Which model Mooney? I know an A&P/IA at KWHP who has done a few engine swaps in Mooney's (including conversion from dual mags to single mags if that applies to you) and aside from being experienced, probably competitive on the labor cost you were quoted. -dan
  5. I have a friend with one of the air frames in process when Cessna took over. It is a mix of Columbia and Cessna labels. I think he prefers saying Columbia because that says a lot more about what to expect than saying Cessna. It was a really nice flying plane, too. I could live with the side stick, no problem.
  6. Brainstorming idea...are these pumps using ball bearings with phenolic cages? If the bearing seal is leaking fuel through the bearing, could it break down the phenolic back into fibers?
  7. I think tire choice can affect this as well. The Goodyears have stiffer sidewalls than some of the cheaper options. Provides a little more support when flat.
  8. It seems the LADD program prevents the FAA from sharing data with private companies, but that will not prevent ADS-B "listening sites" from collecting your data and feeding it to The Collective. I think that is where a lot of posted data is coming from. You would need to pair this with the dotcom flight names.
  9. It is great that to see that you have kept this piece of history airworthy, and I hope it continues with the next owner.
  10. Your tail number shows as a Georgia LLC. Are you sure they do not just base their business in Montana and register you in your home state? This LLC traces back to Briar Patch Lane.
  11. The US has more affordable and less regulated living. We DO while they spot.
  12. I lived in the Valley for over a decade, during which time the Shuttle was still flying. I cannot recall how many times the Shuttle was diverted to Edwards, and we would hear the double boom as it flew over us. Could not see the Shuttle, but even within the office, we could definitely hear it.
  13. There are numbers. I added the notes in red by looking at the scales on the chart and drawing lines. You are welcome. On this chart, Lycoming provides values for delta-T for EGT and CHT and then values for %-power. BSFC is the only thing without units. As noted this is for relative performance, but you can still begin drawing conclusions on where the highest thermal efficiency is, and what your power compromise would be. You do not need fuel flow, delta-T is just as useful to find your place on this chart. You can estimate FF from the 15xGPH estimate if you like. Regardless, this
  14. This shows some relationships of power-mixture-BSFC (from Lycoming)
  15. I have never seen anyone else on this board lose multiple probes on the same cylinder in a short time. Random idea 1) I would wonder if the diagnosis is correct? Maybe the failure is on the other side of the connector? Maybe a bad connection that gets closed again with each repair, then vibrates open. Was the probe swapped to another cylinder to verify it was bad? Random idea 2) I cannot imagine that the thermocouple is not rated for ample margin over the predictable range of exhaust temperature. But the temperature capability may just be the tip. It may be that it is getting h
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