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  1. my thoughts... I went with the GNC 255A to provide minimum Garmin IFR backup at the lowest cost. If for some reason my GTN 750 went down during an IFR flight the GNC 255A gives you NAV for VOR/ILS and COMMs. When I did this, the The GNC 355 did not exist, and is an interesting thought at $2,300 MSRP above the GNC 255A gives you GPS/COMM instead of NAV/COMM in the same footprint. As N205J is flown predominantly VFR, I’d make the same choice, but might be swayed by the GNC 355 now. Since I already have the GNC 255 I am not looking to change For an aircraft that is going to pr
  2. Wow my post is not up even an hour and Alan Fox is on the scene.
  3. Paint shop owner here... Most manuals do not specify a specific paint. There are exceptions such as Cirrus as Byron pointed out. @Glen Davis not sure what part of the country you are but if you are near KMQS, drop by and we can put our camera on your aircraft and generate a pint of touch up for you using Axalta aviation paint. If you are just touching up leading edge nicks you can use an artist's brush. Its not a perfect finish but it does the job for nicks...
  4. His Tailwheel 101 DVD is really great primer on the subject too. Worth watching in advance. Available at most Internet pilot shops. My brother got his endorsement from Damien, and I got my endorsement from my brother.
  5. It does not have to be placed close to the throttle. It just has to be within easy reach of the hand that normally operates the throttle. The install manual states: Installation of the GFC 500 Autopilot also requires a Go Around switch. See Section 3.2 for switch part number. The installation of the Go Around switch must meet the following criteria;• Must be within easy reach of the hand that normally operates the throttle• Must be easily located by the pilot without visual reference• Must be located so that any action to operate switch will not cause an unintended inputto the aircr
  6. I was thinking about doing that if/when I do a GFC500 upgrade. Were you able to re-label the switch or just leave it as is?
  7. My Mooney has a KFC 150 CWS, I hardly ever use it. One of the things I don’t like is that it is tiny and impales my thumb tip. Are they all like that?
  8. Don’t need the factory for this. I pretty much did this with my J between Henry Weber MSE and SureFlight. Engine, paint, interior, Garmin glass. Still buckets of cash though...
  9. I asked our Avionics manager and his opinion was that you can technically do that but not legally. The STC allows two G5’s one in ADI config and one in HSI config as primary instruments in the pilot panel. The HSI has reversionary capability and can control a GFC 500. The G5 in Norm’s co-pilot position is not integrated with anything and is not a primary or backup instrument.
  10. Both planes we have in house are getting GFC 500’s. This makes a half a dozen already this year. I think we will like do 10 of them this year. Everyone loves them. I think I’m being persuaded for N205J...
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