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  1. Lycoming Ad received last week

    I am being told that Lycoming is paying... I will report back if this is not the case.
  2. Lycoming Ad received last week

    Here is a shot of the test tool on the rear connecting rod. All my bushings passed. Going back together again...
  3. Lycoming Ad received last week

    A&P on the field got the AD. He knew I got an IRAN last year. I had a parts listing of all the parts installed during my IRAN. Looked at the parts list and the bushing part number was there.
  4. Lycoming Ad received last week

    I got caught by this AD, my plane is grounded. I had an IRAN last year and the bushings are the AD part numbers. This week my cylinders get pulled and bushings tested. If they pass, cylinders go back on. If they fail, the connecting rods get removed and sent out to get re-bushed. Engine shop says Lycoming is footing the bill.
  5. New pannel

    @Little Dipper That was a very cool video. Definitely put a smile on my face. A lot of guys at SureFlight are motor heads I'm definitely sharing this one! It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday and playing in the Mooney
  6. I recently got a planecover, it fits perfect.
  7. New pannel

    Here's a few more shots of a big box of wires he gutted, your new radio trays sitting on top of your new Christmas boxes and your old trays, and the panel currently.
  8. New pannel

    I peeked over his shoulder today...
  9. New Paint Hawk Aircraft Painting

    That's actually a very good price. Plane looks very nice in your pic!
  10. KFC-200 won't command flight controls

    Done that before. Quick stop at another airport where I shut down, quickly went through the startup procedure and took off. Didn't try the autopilot but the electric trim wasn't working. Had to spin the wheel to trim after gear and flaps were up. I'm thinking, "great now my electric trim broke". Then I looked at the little "Trim" switch...
  11. Why a Mooney?

    I posted a little write up on the difference in the beginning of this thread. I bought a 205 and then turned it into as close to new as you can get with a 1987 airframe. I'm absolutely loving the airplane. You sit low in it like a sports car. If you don't have anyone in the back, in cruise you can slide the seat back and dully extend your legs straight like sitting on a beach chair. Very comfortable.
  12. Just bought a new http://www.planecover.com cover from Jim Cancil. Got a pretty close match to the blue... fits and looks nice.
  13. I agree. Even for VFR flight being able to pick up a destination METAR long before you are there for ceilings. I had a recent flight where there was some scattered clouds reported at the destination before I took off and the TAF forecasted few to scattered Enroute at 10,500 I see the METAR reports 5,000 ft overcast. I start picking airports along my route checking METARs to see where the cloud layer starts and I was able to descend and get below the layer before I got to the destination.
  14. Chopping Static in my Radios

    We replaced the harness wires, problem solved. After he took the originals off, he load tested them all, they still tested fine. Then he tested ohms and found both R and L wires going to the #1 cylinder was not grounding properly. He could move the end around and get intermittent ground, un-ground. That is why when I got a mag taken on or off temporarily the problem went away. On the L mag, the radio is now 100% crystal clear. On the R mag, the radio receives strong transmissions (within 20 miles) crystal clear. Weaker transmissions I can still hear a tiny bit of rpm static about 10% of what I had. It is completely tolerable and I might not have even thought much about it if I want hyper sensitive to it now. If it never changes beyond what I have now I am satisfied. Any body know would could make it show up faintly receiving a weaker transmission on just the R mag only?
  15. Flaps on touch and go

    They are closed in cruise descent and landing. Opening them are in the after landing checklist or the go-around check list. It's not critical to immediately get them on a T&G or a go-around, but you do want to get them. The go-around check list which I memorize: "Throttle, flaps, gear, flaps, flaps." The last flaps being cowl flaps.