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  1. We replaced the harness wires, problem solved. After he took the originals off, he load tested them all, they still tested fine. Then he tested ohms and found both R and L wires going to the #1 cylinder was not grounding properly. He could move the end around and get intermittent ground, un-ground. That is why when I got a mag taken on or off temporarily the problem went away. On the L mag, the radio is now 100% crystal clear. On the R mag, the radio receives strong transmissions (within 20 miles) crystal clear. Weaker transmissions I can still hear a tiny bit of rpm static about 10% of what I had. It is completely tolerable and I might not have even thought much about it if I want hyper sensitive to it now. If it never changes beyond what I have now I am satisfied. Any body know would could make it show up faintly receiving a weaker transmission on just the R mag only?
  2. They are closed in cruise descent and landing. Opening them are in the after landing checklist or the go-around check list. It's not critical to immediately get them on a T&G or a go-around, but you do want to get them. The go-around check list which I memorize: "Throttle, flaps, gear, flaps, flaps." The last flaps being cowl flaps.
  3. If your screwing up a landing so bad that you are bouncing multiple times and risking a prop strike, that is the time you want to do a touch and go... full throttle, flaps, gear, flaps, flaps... I'm flying a J with an electric flap switch so maybe it's easier? I just raise one notch, check trim, and go full throttle for a T&G. Hit the cowl flap switch to open and it's no different than any other takeoff. i don't see any difference between a T&G or taxiing back and then go assuming enough runway...
  4. If you are near PA, we can do it for you. If you are not near us, it's good to find a shop that's done them. Just because you have a WAAS equipped G1000 doesn't necessarily mean you can get the GTX 345R that doesn't have the GPS. Non GPS GTX 345 install is above 6 AMUs, GPS version over 7. The GTX 3X5R with internal GPS is required if your G1000 with software version is below GIA 63W version 7.00 and GDU 1XXX v13.00. So you want to check that. Also, to show traffic on the G1000 you need GDU 1XXX software is v7.10 and the minimum GIA 63X software is v5.31. To show weather you need GDU 1XXX software is v12.00 and the minimum GIA 63X software is v6.20.
  5. @Marauder Huh??? Disclaimer doc? For what? 1st I've heard. There's no way they can fee ya for approaches. They probably wanted to know who was scaring all their jet traffic away
  6. If you are going to the restaurant there is no landing fee, or if your visiting the friendly folks at SureFlight
  7. Good logical guess I see planes show up on TIS-B over there almost every time I fly. What's your N#? You airborne or just stalking?
  8. For what it's worth, these guys: http://www.aircraftmagnetoservice.net/ Feel the TCM/Bendix wires are best.
  9. We ran separate grounding straps from the mag to the airframe and the engine to the airframe. Made no difference. We just put a brand new mag on the right side. And for the first time when I did a mag check the right mag was dead silent only the left one had the noise. After I flew it for the first time the ticking noise came back even in the right side and stayed. Another very strange thing that happens is if I taxi to the middle of our airport the ticking goes away. But at both ends of the airport or in-flight the ticking is there. I did read a Beechtalk Post from a guy who had noises like this and he did not change his mag harness because it tested fine. After he changed it anyway his noise went away. My mag harness tests tests good but I'm thinking about changing this out now too. Is there coneses who makes the best spark plug wires? I have TCM/Bendix wires.
  10. Go to Home, Downloads, Garmin Pilot Downloads, US VFR Sectionals, CONUS, select from the map which ones you want to download. Go to Home, Downloads, Garmin Pilot Downloads, IFR Enroute Low Charts, U.S. IFR Enroute Low Charts, CONUS, select from the map which ones you want to download.
  11. P1D put a featurette in his new video about my Mooney. I demonstrate many of the bells and whistles of the avionics suite. Jump ahead to 37:12 to watch.
  12. I asked one of our upholsterers what machine would be cheap but still good. He said probably a Consew.
  13. http://www.mooneypilots.com/mapalog/M20J_Inspection.htm
  14. Well we swapped out the 2007 capacitor with a 2017 capacitor. Unlike the first time we replaced the capacitor, this time it had no effect at all. He's thinking you may be on to something with the coil.
  15. Happy to report that Norm @Little Dipper is scheduled with SureFlight his new panel upgrade. He's getting some nice equipment installed, but not to steal his thunder, I'll let him share all the exciting details.