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  1. I’m a year late, but here you go...
  2. Took me a while, but I did a better video of the Visual Approach functions this weekend.
  3. Niko: This is something you will want to get a real quote on from whoever you use in CA. Its not just cut and dry depending on what options you pick and your engine config, etc. Roughly, a G500 TXi without an EIS is around the same cost as a G500 install. That being said, for a basic install, it could be less because the AHRS, Air Data Computer, can be attached to the back of the unit. Although you can only use the attached AHRS and Air Data Computer if you do not have a floating panel. So the savings would come from not having to pull the interior and run wires to LRUs in the tail, etc. But some of the other install cost remains. Cutting a new panel, run a remote mounted magnetometer. If there is any autopilot interfacing like a GAD 43e, that is remote mounted, so you are back to running wires into the tail to a remote box. Lots of times people do GTN 750’s at the same time with remote mounted GTX 345R, new GPS antenna run, etc. We haven't priced out a completely new fresh install of a G500 TXi with EIS yet. With my plane, all the existing LRU's I have installed in my plane for the G500 feed the G500 TXi so for me it is essentially a screen swap and adding the EIS. We just completed a new G600 TXi install in a TBM, but that did not have EIS. And no, you don't need a GTN 750, though its nice!
  4. LOL. Sorry Chris, already have four, don't think I can take on any more at this time...
  5. I was scheduled to have this start this week, but my unit got delayed by Garmin. They apparently have one component of the TXi that is causing some supply issues. We have other customers work booked so I had to push my install out into June. Going to install the CIES senders at the same time. I am planning on doing a video of the features, etc. once its done.
  6. White ring around exhaust

    Isn’t a crack problem technically a cocaine problem?
  7. Adding a couple videos I had posted in other threads in this thread for posterity.
  8. G1000 software differences?

    “Selected Altitude Range Arc”
  9. I went with the GTX 345R in my Mooney because I have it integrated with my GTN 750. For my Dad's Cub we put the L-3 unit in because it is stand alone. Even if you are not using an iPad for the traffic, the little touch screen is definitely usable for traffic. It has the black background with the concentric range rings that you prefer. I usually keep it at six miles and if something shows up heading my way I will zoom in and start looking outside. Its a nice unit.
  10. Congrats on the new purchase. I am also just down the road at KMQS.
  11. @eman1200 is correct. The Garmin Pilot app has the exact screen you are asking for. Black background with concentric range circles.
  12. Okay, so now what

    Yes can display on map page
  13. Okay, so now what

    The 345 does not do flight plan transfer. You need a 510 for that. You can use the 510 like a standard SD card, plugging it into the computer instead of using Datbase Concierge. Not sure about the Mac question... I have read some issues about using a Mac on forums for some things, but I did not pay close enough attention as I am a PC user. Someone else will have to chime in on that. Without the 510 you cannot do database transfer or flight plan transfer.
  14. Okay, so now what

    Jim: I found myself in the same situation as you a year ago,when we finished my Garmin panel. I was a ForeFlight user for years before the Garmin panel, so Garmin Pilot was new to me. I purposely decided to give Garmin Pilot a shot. After using both apps for about a year, I find things that I like about both. I would say both ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot generally do the same things. You can plan and build a flight plan, graphically edit, or type in, etc. Some of the things that I like about Garmin Pilot is that it is the same user interface as the GTN navigators, and the new TXi flight decks. I like how Garmin Pilot integrates weight and balance and fuel loads with your flight plan. I also like how Garmin Pilot has quick fuel loads in the Weight and Balance section. If you load up your plane with people, you can quickly select max fuel and it will give you the maximum amount of fuel without going over max weight. ForeFlight makes you figure it out yourself and manually put your fuel loads in. Garmin Pilot has a dedicated traffic page with the black background and concentric range rings, ForeFlight does not. I like how ForeFlight has audible call outs for ATIS or AWOS etc as you approach your destination airport. The runway incursion call outs, etc. I like how you can put N numbers into ForeFlight and get aircraft info. I like ForeFlight’s METAR and TAF layout better than Garmin Pilot. I also like that ForeFlight provides MOS weather forecasts, Garmin Pilot does not. ForeFlight lets you use its vector based aeronautical maps over top of a VFR sectional. Garmin Pilot does not, it’s either or. These are just a couple quick examples of a few things that one does better than the other, certainly not an exhaustive review. For me, I find myself going back to ForeFlight I think in part because of my years of working with it, I am still more comfortable with it. I still give an edge to ForeFlight personally. That being said, if I was forced to give up ForeFlight and only use Garmin Pilot, I could get along fine with that. Both programs will receive traffic and weather, and flight plan transfer, but ONLY Garmin Pilot will do the the WIFI database transfer, so you will at least need to have Garmin Pilot for that. One thing to be aware of: You get a free year subscription for Garmin Pilot when you buy a Flightstream 510. So you have a year to use it and decide for yourself what you think of it. On the other end of the spectrum: My Dad exclusively uses ForeFlight for planning and in cockpit use. He has zero interest to learn another flight app. So he has Garmin Pilot solely for database concierge. He does not even update the Garmin Pilot app data other than to download databases to transfer to the GTN 750. So for him it is just a $75 yearly fee in order to use database concierge. View it as a yearly fee for the convenience of WIFI database transfer. It is much more convenient than pulling SD cards and updating on a PC. Once you use it, going back to pulling cards is just clunky. Dan