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  1. G500 TXi's AHRS connected though the Flightstream 510.
  2. Hi all: Just got the upgrade done. I test flew it for 2 hours yesterday putting it through its paces and fortunately came out squawk free. I will be providing some PIREPs in the future after I get some more time flying behind the new setup. For now I figured I would post some snapshots of the conversion. Garmin G500 and JPI EDM 930 were replaced with the Garmin G500 TXi and the new integrated Engine Information System (EIS). Also had CiES Fuel Senders installed for increased accuracy since one negative of the Garmin EIS on the single 10.6" screen is that it does not show remaining fuel based on the fuel flow transducer, but rather what the fuel senders show in the tanks. So I wanted to have good accurate instrumentation with this setup. The remaining fuel flow based on the fuel flow transducer data is available, but you have to bring up the Engine page on the MFD screen to see it. I had Terry Heim @N6758N install the senders for me since he had did it on his plane and @Marauder's plane. So I figured it would be good to have someone that just did them twice already to do mine! I will say that the CiES integration with the Garmin EIS was pretty seamless and Garmin's interface for calibrating the senders was superb. I took video of that so I will upload at a later date. One nice thing about the Garmin EIS is that every sensor and gauge is setup by the installer, so no need to send it to the OEM to setup for your aircraft. If you had different senders, you just select what they are in the EIS setup page. Original OEM resistive senders, you select that. New Digital senders, you select that, etc. Here are some photos:
  3. What I’m doing is: 1. Replacing fuel senders with CiES 2. Replacing G500 and JPI EDM 930 with Garmin G500 TXi w/ EIS. Keeping the keys
  4. @Marauder the pics didn’t come through. Is there a mechanical problem or are we just talking aesthetics?
  5. Figured I’d put the new video in this thread too...
  6. I’m a year late, but here you go...
  7. Took me a while, but I did a better video of the Visual Approach functions this weekend.
  8. Niko: This is something you will want to get a real quote on from whoever you use in CA. Its not just cut and dry depending on what options you pick and your engine config, etc. Roughly, a G500 TXi without an EIS is around the same cost as a G500 install. That being said, for a basic install, it could be less because the AHRS, Air Data Computer, can be attached to the back of the unit. Although you can only use the attached AHRS and Air Data Computer if you do not have a floating panel. So the savings would come from not having to pull the interior and run wires to LRUs in the tail, etc. But some of the other install cost remains. Cutting a new panel, run a remote mounted magnetometer. If there is any autopilot interfacing like a GAD 43e, that is remote mounted, so you are back to running wires into the tail to a remote box. Lots of times people do GTN 750’s at the same time with remote mounted GTX 345R, new GPS antenna run, etc. We haven't priced out a completely new fresh install of a G500 TXi with EIS yet. With my plane, all the existing LRU's I have installed in my plane for the G500 feed the G500 TXi so for me it is essentially a screen swap and adding the EIS. We just completed a new G600 TXi install in a TBM, but that did not have EIS. And no, you don't need a GTN 750, though its nice!
  9. LOL. Sorry Chris, already have four, don't think I can take on any more at this time...
  10. I was scheduled to have this start this week, but my unit got delayed by Garmin. They apparently have one component of the TXi that is causing some supply issues. We have other customers work booked so I had to push my install out into June. Going to install the CIES senders at the same time. I am planning on doing a video of the features, etc. once its done.
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