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  1. The last time I had repetitive problems with databases transering I got the firmware on the 510 updated to the most current Rev. and since then I have had many months of trouble free transfers.
  2. It’s a setting in the configuration menu which is normally set up by a dealer. You can get in there yourself by holding the home button in when you boot up. You can screw things up if you don’t know what you are doing in there though so beware. There is a switch between Terrain Proximity and Terrain Alerting. If you have another device like a G500 TXi that provides the Terrain Alerts you set the GTN to Terrain Proximity so you don’t get double alerts. if you don’t have another device that gives the terrain alerts you set the GTN to Terrain Alert. In the config menu it is:
  3. A couple of months ago I sold my perfectly working KFC 150 complete system to @Alan Fox. Might want to see if he has the trim servo still.
  4. I use what the POH says for my M20J, and if I am over 2740 lbs I use what the 2900 lb Gross Weight AFM supplement instructs: Normal X wind: 15° flaps crosswind greater than 12 kts. Above 2,740 lbs: 15° flaps crosswind less than 10 kts. 0° flaps for crosswinds greater than 10 kts. Add 10 kts to the approach speed.
  5. It was a bit if a loose fit so I put a little bit of adhesive on it to hold it on the stem.
  6. https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Electroswitch/SW53AA2?qs=5muX3C0yOnj5E%2FJxlK6wTg%3D%3D Before: After:
  7. Some people flare a plane for landing with trim??? Ugh. I’m a proponent of always keeping the plane in trim, but you never “fly” with trim. Fly with the yoke and then trim off the pressure. I do trim for approach but once set if there was ever a time to “just fly the plane” it’s wizzing past the ground trying to squeak the wheels onto concrete especially with variable wind/gusts.
  8. I’ve never in my 5 years using it ever had an issue with the flight plan transfer. I have had the occasional issues with the database update.
  9. Steve: In real IFR flying, you can hit the APR button after you have loaded an approach in the 650 and you have been cleared for the approach. It will not be active however until you are established inbound and the glidepath or glideslope comes alive. Prior to that you will see "GP" or "GS" annunciated in white as the armed mode as opposed to the green active mode. You can see this in my video I had a VS descent active with ATLS armed when I hit the APR button. When I did that the ALTS and GP were both in white armed in my annunciation. As I descended, the ATLS became active as I approac
  10. Yes. I figured a video would be easier than typing...
  11. This is correct. @201Steve the APR button is on the side of the lateral navigation, but it does both lateral and vertical so it could be put on either side, but it had to go somewhere and the left side had the space for it. The attached screenshot is the 27 sec mark of the video. The only thing I can see is the compass deviation card taped to the left side of my compass.
  12. Are you referring to my compass deviation card on the left side of my compass? That’s the normal compass deviation card that every airplane would have. Where is your magnetometer installed on your aircraft? Sounds like it is in a location with some electromagnetic interference to be off that much. You don’t want it in your tail for sure. I have two independent magnetometers installed in the wing, 1 for my G500 TXi and 1 for my GI 275. They are both accurate and are within 1-2° of each other. What are you comparing your magnetometer to know it is that far off?
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