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  1. I was asked in a PM whether the active leg of a hold was displayed in the GI 275 while also displaying it on the GNS 530W and if it was flown correctly by the autopilot.My setup is a GI 275 ADAHRS+AP as primary ADI and a GI 275 ADAHRS configured as MFD/Standby ADI. They are connected to the GNS 530W and the ADAHRS+AP unit drives the KFC 150 autopilot. They work perfectly together and will fly a hold and course reversal without any issues.This video shows them in action. Regards, Chris Koppel
  2. I love doing touch and go’s!!! Chris
  3. Bravo is a perfect Mooney for Colorado!! I flew one for several years and went to the West Coast from FL with it a few times. Low South route on the way there and high over Rockies on the way back. Landed in Pueblo for fuel stop one time. Steep descent once over the mountains just West of Pueblo! You will really enjoy it as well as the GI 275’s! Congratulations!
  4. The magenta chevron turned sideways indicates you have VNAV rather than LPV which would instead show a magenta diamond for a glidepath. A green diamond indicates a glideslope on an ILS. They have not really changed anything. See section on Deviation Indicators under Flight Instruments chapter on page 42 in original manual.
  5. My first plane was a 1984 J model, like yours except for a single piece belly and speed mods already installed at the factory. It didn’t have a vernier throttle and I just pushed smoothly not getting “ahead” of the engine. Got a vernier with the first 252 I got and then with a couple of Bravos. Different engines plus have a turbocharger which require a more controlled application of power.
  6. You are welcome Vance. I would actually like to thank you to prompt me into reading more about the counterweights because I just trusted what my A&P told me. Turns out I learned quite a bit with your asking that I explain further. I video quite a few of my flights because I can learn quite a bit from my mistakes and from questions I get about them. It is like an after action debrief for me. Yep, I have developed a set of procedures that work well for me. It is a continuous work in progress and greatly appreciate your putting my feet to the fire. Regards, Chris
  7. Hi Vance, First, please note that I am not an A&P and just a private pilot who tries to handle the plane as best as possible. However, I have been told by my friendly A&P/IA that quickly advancing (or retarding) the throttle can detune the crankshaft counterweights, as noted by FAA AC-20-103 which I have attached. See section 4(d). If they get "detuned" then the crankshaft will eventually end up overstressed since the counterweights will not be able to perform their function of dampening engine/crankshaft vibration. It seems that the counterweights are quite sensitive. The ot
  8. Good question flyboy0681! Yes, I could push it by pressing the knob to release the throttle. However, it would be easy to advance too fast and cause the engine to "surge". Not so good for it. I have not really found much difference in takeoff performance between pushing it at a speed it won't surge vs twisting. I have more "control" by twisting. If I were to go over a bump while pushing it could advance more than intended. I was introduced to "twisting" when I bought a Mooney 252. In case you were to fly formation then you need to keep the button pushed in with some tape so tha
  9. Thank you carusoam! As a friend of mine said, "neat to takeoff and land a Mooney on a sidewalk". Runway is 24 ft wide. Rapid fire ATC is up in NY Center where you live!! Been through it several times. The busiest i have ever heard ATC was on a flight to MIA area (KOPF) on Dec 31st, a couple of months ago!! Kept me kn my toes!!
  10. Hi Milotron, It is a remote annunciator for the 530W. It blinks whenever the 530W has a message, such as change tanks, arriving at waypoint, or turn to heading xxx in yyy seconds. Quite useful to have it closer to the scan than catching it on the 530.
  11. Thanks!! LOL!!! And I thought I was the only one to have brain "f...."
  12. This video shows how the dual Garmin GI-275’s perform superbly in an RNAV approach into KFHB in low IFR conditions getting me down to minimums. The scan is easy and clear. Horizontal and vertical deviation indicators on both the ADI and HSI are clear and easy to fly with. The KFC 150 autopilot is driven perfectly by the top GI-275 (ADAHRS+AP). Just remember to put autopilot in APR mode once the Navigator (in my case a 530W) shows an approach mode such as LPV!!
  13. I actually have an iPad Pro 11 innthe video. Same as you have. The RAM mounts are superb! I use the same arms but a separate mount for my other iPad which is a mini 5 whenever I find it more convenient to use. Uploaded pictures of the mount with a narrow ring mount on the yoke and two short articulating arms for freedom of orientation and positioning Pardon the cables.... Hmmm.... can't get two of the pictures to appear upright.
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