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  1. Thanks Nick! It has been a ton of fun to renovate over the years. The projects continue to build, which is always fun to manage!
  2. I have had the great fortune of having quite a few memorable trips, so much so that I am struggling to decide which story to tell! I think the one that stands out the most was a trip in late May to see my college best friend up in Boise, Idaho. The 201 was certainly up for the three-hour flight from Novato, CA (DVO) to Caldwell, ID (KEUL). It was great to catch up with Dylan and he fired up his Traeger almost immediately upon my arrival, always a welcome treat. I did quite a bit of research both on MS and the Idaho Backcountry website to see if/where we could fly for some light backcountry. Ga
  3. Kyle Koukol


    I am fortunate to have a few professional photographer friends, these are some of their air-to-air images.
  4. Hank, great point. I decided to go with the tint. I also tinted my dark grey Subaru with the ceramic tint, and it must keep the temperature in the car down at least 25 degrees in this hot Sacramento summer- so I totally relate to your experience. Thanks for the input.
  5. @gsxrpilot@tmo @Skates97 That tint looks excellent, great blog post too. That is the first I have come across that. I did decide to go with windows all the way around, as these windows have been in the airplane for a long time, it's going back to the paint shop for touch-ups, etc. However, I think I will use this technique to go darker with the rear windows, it really looks amazing. Thanks for the heads up, guys.
  6. Good to know, thanks Tom. Will advise if I decide to go with them.
  7. Tom, I am seriously considering it. Did you do the .25"? Also do you notice it being significantly cooler than the non-tint? My side windows are currently in decent shape, but the tint would be nice to have all around. It looks great on your airplane! Kyle
  8. Hi all! Just a few pictures from some recent flying with friends in the Bay Area. CT has been busy with trips to Idaho, Montana, up and down California (even Truckee, where she performed like a champion). She is in her annual inspection right now getting a few more upgrades. New windshield being the primary one (.25" UV Grey), I am excited to see it with some fresh glass. Finally, Golden Retriever puppy Charlie came along in March... maybe she needs a brother, Tango??
  9. Yep, just had this same experience yesterday. It's too bad, they really do look nice. Oh well, we are moving forward with our original plan of installing the Whelen LED lights instead.
  10. I also forgot to mention in my original post that we added the Precise Flight Speed Brakes to the airplane during the upgrade. I know speed brakes are a hot topic on this forum, I typically only use them for assisting in descents when left high (typically IFR). They have been a great addition.
  11. Oh yes sir I would love to see that! I am bringing 7CT down on 3/7 (tentatively) to SMX. I'll reach out before heading down... that cowling is gorgeous!
  12. @LANCECASPER, @gsxrpilot, @carusoam, you guys are bad (read: great) influences... I am talking with the US distributor again tomorrow about ordering the AVEO winglets. Emailed the paint shop about having the airplane come in for the winglets to be integrated into the paint scheme. Will keep everyone updated as to the progress. Please keep the suggestions coming... we want to see what we can build a 1979 J model into without totally changing what the airplane was originally designed for: going fast- with minimum fuel consumption.
  13. @ZuluZulu if a trip down to SMO occurs in the future, I'll be sure to let you know. I sincerely appreciate the kind words and look forward to sharing this airplane with our fellow Mooniacs!
  14. Brad, The switches are Tyco. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/pbcircuitbrkr2.php The avionics are not split into separate busses, however Airborne installed two independent switches for the Avionics, leading to the same bus. It is essentially to prevent a complete avionics failure due to a faulty CB/ switch. I typically fly with only the left switch ON, that way I know if there is a failure, I can resort to the right hand switch and have the airplane back in the shop ASAP. In addition, there is a GROUND COMM switch on the far right side of the panel, installed in
  15. Thanks @gsxrpilot, I figured they were good for at least 10 knots and 2,000 fpm climb rate! Does anyone with a J currently have these winglets installed and have some information on how to purchase?
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