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  1. Yep, just had this same experience yesterday. It's too bad, they really do look nice. Oh well, we are moving forward with our original plan of installing the Whelen LED lights instead.
  2. I also forgot to mention in my original post that we added the Precise Flight Speed Brakes to the airplane during the upgrade. I know speed brakes are a hot topic on this forum, I typically only use them for assisting in descents when left high (typically IFR). They have been a great addition.
  3. Oh yes sir I would love to see that! I am bringing 7CT down on 3/7 (tentatively) to SMX. I'll reach out before heading down... that cowling is gorgeous!
  4. @LANCECASPER, @gsxrpilot, @carusoam, you guys are bad (read: great) influences... I am talking with the US distributor again tomorrow about ordering the AVEO winglets. Emailed the paint shop about having the airplane come in for the winglets to be integrated into the paint scheme. Will keep everyone updated as to the progress. Please keep the suggestions coming... we want to see what we can build a 1979 J model into without totally changing what the airplane was originally designed for: going fast- with minimum fuel consumption.
  5. @ZuluZulu if a trip down to SMO occurs in the future, I'll be sure to let you know. I sincerely appreciate the kind words and look forward to sharing this airplane with our fellow Mooniacs!
  6. Brad, The switches are Tyco. The avionics are not split into separate busses, however Airborne installed two independent switches for the Avionics, leading to the same bus. It is essentially to prevent a complete avionics failure due to a faulty CB/ switch. I typically fly with only the left switch ON, that way I know if there is a failure, I can resort to the right hand switch and have the airplane back in the shop ASAP. In addition, there is a GROUND COMM switch on the far right side of the panel, installed in the circuit breaker panel. This switch is primarily used for receiving clearances before starting the engine, programming the flight plan while waiting on pax, etc. Should the alternator fail though, this switch allows us to only turn the Garmin 750 on in order to maintain radio contact, situational awareness (location), and preserve battery life until we decide it is practical to provide the remaining electrical power to the rest of the panel. FWIW, the only thing I feel that we missed on this panel install is a push-to-talk (PTT) installed somewhere on the panel itself. Ideally I would like to put one in the empty space on the left side.
  7. Thanks @gsxrpilot, I figured they were good for at least 10 knots and 2,000 fpm climb rate! Does anyone with a J currently have these winglets installed and have some information on how to purchase?
  8. Thank you! I am glad the switches are well received. I was somewhat apprehensive to see how the fellow Mooniacs would receive moving away from the classic rocker switches. The panel is a very light grey. I was concerned when I first saw it that it would produce quite a bit of glare, but it has not been a problem in the slightest.
  9. Brad, we used the original seat frames but had a local shop in Auburn recover them.
  10. Lance, I love the winglets, your timing could not have been more perfect. I just took delivery of the Whelen lights, and am dropping the airplane off at the mechanic on Monday to have those installed as well as digital fuel senders. Might be returning the Whelens if these winglets are indeed available.
  11. @LANCECASPER, there's no sneaking past your attention to detail! You are exactly right, a few of those pictures were from early in the build out process, so the misspelling was caught and corrected. The annunciator panel was actually one of the more challenging aspects of the panel, we had no clue where to put it when we had laid the whole design out. Randy and Rich at Airborne are the ones to credit for that ingenious mounting method. Finally, great question regarding Bruce. I am not sure to be honest, I will email him and try to get an answer for you!
  12. Thank you very much! We have sure loved the airplane thus far, I hope that will continue!
  13. Thank you! It has actually been out of the shop for a little bit now, so I have had some time to get all of the systems up to speed. The squawks were very minor for the magnitude of the project: Comm 1 (GTN 750) was scratchy. Airborne took the airplane in and put the 750 on the bench, verified squelch and reinstalled- problem fixed. Rudder trim was slightly left of center. I couldn't believe how well everything came together in the end. It even survived the flight to and from Oshkosh this year!
  14. Art, they are a CB/ switch combo. I really did not like the original rocker switches, so I am super happy with the new switches, I highly recommend that modification. And we actually never had the conversation about removing the RAM air. Finally, the gear down switch does look much better than the original off white it was, that was a cheap upgrade!
  15. It sure was. I picked is up from KESN when we purchased it.