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  1. I'm joining this thread now because I have 10 hours on my overhauled A3B6. The engine was run in a test cell at Western Skyways. I have the data. What surprised me was how short the runs were. With all the information out there about running hard for over an hour during break in, these short runs are counter intuitive. I also found, like others, that there are many variations on how to do this break. Much of it vague. Considering the consequences of screwing it up, I would think, by now there could be a set of hard fast rules to follow for the poor soul who has limited mechanical knowledg
  2. The total price for my rebuilt IO 360 A3B engine with rebuilt Lyc cylinders purchased from Western Skyways was $26,220. I received the full core charge and a $1500 credit because I received only one mag. They're an honest company and I would purchase from them again. I have no financial interest here only posting as an FYI.
  3. Thanks for that information. Good to know.
  4. True. But the Mitchell is. https://www.chiefaircraft.com/sl-44005-13-n00.html
  5. My present tach is original with the airplane, built in 1980, and shows total airframe time. I'm a bit of purest, I'm afraid. I like the original gauges and would not want to go to an engine monitor. And for the same reason I have rejected the Horizon. I find Mitchell has a drop in replacement for the original tach that can be set at purchase to total hours and custom marked for the correct range markings. It's available through Aircraft Spruce for $332 including customization. My question know is how long is the tach cable? I would like to replace it as well.
  6. I just got off the phone with Surefly. They have the adapter available. They are calling it a Tach2. Price $162. Thanks for the tip.
  7. I was told by Airtech in Auburn, WA that my Stewart Warner tach, pn 829875, is not repairable due to parts availability. Besides Horizon can anyone recommend another stand alone tach that could be used as a replacement? The SW is a 3 1/8 in face in my 20J, 24-1033. Mitchell makes a mechanical one but it comes without range markings.
  8. And this bit of information from another forum: Kevin Holbrook, May 4, 2020 #6
  9. This quote from the Horizon manual: Recording tachometer, such as the P-1000, are considered by the FAA to record engine hours, not airframe hours. Thus, the tachometer should be ordered with zero hours if being installed with a zero time engine. Allowing the tachometer to run past engine changes in hopes to accumulate total “Time In Service” is not proper, as the engine operates long before the aircraft leaves the ground, see FAR 1.0. This statement doesn't seem to make sense. If the engine is changed then the engine hours are zeroed in the logbook but the tach continues to record total
  10. I have a Surefly and a Slick. Any idea if the Horizon is compatible?
  11. Does this instrustrument have the capability fo accepting the total time on the airframe. My old tach is getting wobbly and one of the hour counter digits will not turn over. I would like to replace it but I would like to be able to enter the total airframe time when I install it. Is that possible on this tach?
  12. Skip I answered this a few days ago but don't see my reply. That's a mystery. We are saying the same thing, I believe. The only difference is that I have a ram air light which stays on with the gear light when I pull the annunciator CB. Everything else goes dark. This tells me that ram air is on a separate breaker from the annunciator. When my annunciator test light fails in flight it looks exactly as if I pulled the CG And once I get to home base, I will check the voltage at the CB and the annunciator connector if I can get it to fail on the ground. There's nothing worse th
  13. I called Avionics international with my annunciator problem. Spoke with Kenneth. Learned the the power supply wire is on the far right side of the 15 wire connector. I can probe that with a multimeter for 14v while the unit is failed and again when the unit comes back to life. If it is not the power supply then they can rebuild the unit. $650.
  14. A bit of troubleshooting today gave me a few clews. The annunciator test function worked prior to the flight but failed sometime during the hour and was inop prior to landing. I hangared the airplane and it worked again in about 15 min So heat may be the culprit. The second thing is that I can duplicate the problem by pulling the annunciator circuit breaker. When power is applied to the airplane the gear light is on and the vac hi/lo light is on. Ram air is on if the knob is pulled. If the annunciator circuit breaker is pulled the only light that goes out is the vac hi/low. The other two
  15. Any chance this could be related to the engine swap? Like wiring from the engine sensors to the annunciator? It started on the initial flight after the swap
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