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  1. @PeteMc @StevenL757 I don't want to get too far off from @OZMOONEYMAN's topic. But is my understanding correct that if @OZMOONEYMAN installs the GI275 as a backup attitude indicator, it could do EVERYTHING I outlined in blue, whereas a G5 could only do the things I pointed to in red?
  2. CFII here. Having instructed on both the 375 and 650/750s, I have a strong preference for the 650/750, if you can swing it. Having VLOC and GPS output from one device is just a much more seamless experience. Switching between two devices (i.e. the GPS over to the NAV radio) for RNAV approaches vs VOR/ILS approaches adds a lot of button pushing and configuration management to approaches. That being said, I was doing all of this with a KAP 140 autopilot. The GFC 500 may handle things much more smoothly. I also second @MIm20c's comment about the G5 vs the 275. I think the G5 is cheaper, and
  3. As I recall, our current quote was ~$4k/yr, which is painful but not a dealbreaker.
  4. Thanks guys, really appreciate you reaching out!
  5. Thanks @RJBrown! We’ve learned to navigate the mountains VFR in naturally aspirated planes, but the turbo certainly would be nicer. Any sense on the cost delta for annuals and overhauls between the J and K? Would be helpful to have more refined numbers in our cost models for those to be more informed when making that trade. And yes, we’ve started researching shelters and availability specifically at KAPA. Preference for a t hangar, but I don’t think covered parking is out of the question presently.
  6. Thanks! Yes, we will be looking for a plane too. We've been watching here, trade-a-plane, controller.com, etc. But until we have 5 people and money in the bank, we haven't reached out to any specific listings. If I get a good response on this post, the next post will hopefully be a wanted ad in the classifieds for that M20J/K *fingers crossed*
  7. Hello all. Myself and 3 partners are looking for a 5th person to join us in buying an M20J or M20K. The plane will be based out of Centennial, CO (KAPA, near Denver). Some details below: Buy In (per person): $27K ---> After legal fees for the partnership doc, an initial maintenance reserve, pre-purchase inspection, sales tax, etc. that results in a buying power of ~$117k Estimated Monthly Fixed Costs (per person): $275 Desired Avionics (buy a plane with them installed, or buy a cheaper plane and put them in): ---> Advanced Engine Monitor (JPI/Garmin/EDM)
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