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Found 9 results

  1. Woot Just finished my first MAJOR upgrade, well Major to me. First time I've taken a screwdriver to my bird.
  2. This if my first post, was wondering if anyone can lend a good suggestion on replacing my old rotating beacon with an LED Strobe. Thanks,
  3. I see a lot of older certified aircraft specificaly mooneys in other posts on this forum are installing the Sextan System they seem to fit as drop in replacements for the factory position lights. They also provide a strobe option. The documentation i can find http://deltaaviation.comnav%20page/POH/M20C%201966%20Mark%2021.pdf seems to indicate this kit is strictly for experimental aircraft and while it meets FAA requirements is not FAA approved for nor is it meant to be used in a certified aircraft. Can anybody elaborate on why or why not this kit can or cannot be used legally as a replacement for position lights on my 1963 M20C? Also what are the potential legal consequences for installing? Alternately does anyone know of another LED drop in replacment compatible with an M20C and approved for use in a certified aircraft?
  4. I have Whelen A650 strobe/nav lights which appear to be replaced directly with Whelen 71110, anyone done this and is it just as simple as unscrewing the old one off and screwing the new one on? Appears to be from reading. What I can't figure out is what I have for a position light in the tail (67 M20F). It looks like Whelen 71554 replaces it but not positive and unsure what the difference is between horizontal and vertical mounting. It has Cessna for the vertical so assuming I need a horizontal? Appreciate input!
  5. My incandescant landing light stopped working. I wanted to use the Teledyne LED Alphabeam landing, but it's not approved for my Mooney. I would also like to replace the nav lights at some point. What LED landing light do you recommend? Happy Holidays!
  6. LED Landing Light

    From the album M20C

  7. LED Landing Light

    From the album AeroLED Landing Light

    Replaced original bulb with AeroLED landing light
  8. I just replaced my original PAR 46 incandescent light with the AeroLed Sunspot LX. I'm not an electrical engineer so if i use the wrong term and you feel the need to correct me...get over it!! This post is informational only and to share my experience and outcome in making this big investment (assuming you agree $500 for a landing light is a big investment). ...on a side-note For those of you that made it to "Frost Kosh" early enough to join the Mooney Caravan BBQ on Sunday, wow what a great group of folks! The pulled pork, corn on the cob and draft beer (spotted cow...I think) was wonderful. I'm sorry I didn't make the Caravan this year but I assure you I will there in 2014. Dave Martin, thanks for the hospitality, you made us feel very welcome and part of the Mooney family. Ok back to the landing light, as you can see from the attached photo's the light itself is pretty cool looking with the 4 big LED's and 5 small ones. The next picture is simply reminding you it does matter which wire you're using unlike the original bulb that doesn't care which side the ground is connected. The next shot looks like a campsite but I found it easier to spread out some towels so I could manipulate the cowling while removing the light assembly. And lastly the finished job and don't ask why the little LED's are glowing yellow...I'm not a photographer either. Overall the job was very simple, the PAR 46 slid right into place and other than making sure your wires are not crossed...nothing to it. The light is crazy bright, myself along with two pilot buddies walked in front of the plane about 40 feet and you could not look at the light...keep in mind it is noon, clear skies and sun shining bright. Unfortunately i can't tell you in this post how it does down the runway but I am planning a night flight this evening and will give you some feedback. Rick
  9. I have a '79 M20K with Hoskins Nav and Strobe lights. The power supply and the light/base (PN 7839) are both bad on one wing. It appears that I have three options: Replace the bad power supply ($300) and HOPE that I can find a Hoskins PN 7839 light/base. (see attached picture) So far no luck on the light/base. Convert the bad power supply ($300) and light/base ($250) to Whelan which requires a 337 Convert everything including NAV lights to LED of which there are two options, both TSO'd and do not require the 337 Aeroled, Pulsar model (1080-b/c) for $1190 which includes the tail position light AVEO, Ultragalactical model for $1,200 Any recent experience with any of these options?