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  1. Thanks! I'll broaden the question to whether anyone has any recommendations for good shops in Southern CA for an annual inspection on an M20J?
  2. Anyone have any recent PIREPs on Mooney maintenance at Coast? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hopefully the carbon cowl for the J can fix the annoying modal (flexural) vibration issue which cracks the paint on the top cowl!
  4. Yes, you can log PIC time in a Mooney without having the complex endorsement, as long as there is someone on-board who can "act as PIC" for the flight - in other words, take responsibility for safety of the flight. You are logging PIC time as sole manipulator of the controls in an aircraft for which you are appropriately rated, and rating does not include endorsements!
  5. Great questions! The antennas in #1 are COMM 1 and COMM 2. Antenna #2 is transponder or DME - they are both small blade antennas like that. #3 is definitely strike finder. If ever in doubt, the length of the antenna is inversely proportional to the frequency - that's why DME is smaller than COMM, for instance!
  6. Anyone have any experience with the latest LED landing lights from Whelen or AeroLEDs? Since we have an M20J with a single PAR46 in the cowl, the AeroLEDs Sunspot 46LX with both landing and taxi optics is attractive. Thoughts? Anyone try the latest Whelen Parmetheus Pro PAR46 light yet?
  7. Ok, I'll pile on - it is a valid point that we should understand the reasons behind recommended operating practices, so that we can adjust as needed with an understanding of the risks, rather than be dogmatic. Having said that, barring unusual circumstances, I do the following: Positive rate, out of usable, gear up Climb stabilized, obstacles cleared (if any), flaps up Safe altitude (usually but not always ~1000 AGL) - pump off, prop 2600 RPM, power as required
  8. I always turn off my ANR pre-landing. Not just for the tires, but in some aircraft, the ANR mutes the gear warning so much you might not recognize it for what it is!
  9. We have also had excellent experience with fine wire plugs. Never had to gap them after installation because they don't erode! We have never had fouling problems and always smooth as silk. I wouldn't use anything else.
  10. Wet grass can increase the drag, especially if the grass is long. I have seen some mountain flying handbooks and other info that recommend no takeoff if the grass is long and wet. Landing roll will obviously be longer as braking effectiveness will diminish on wet grass. I would not call myself an expert backcountry pilot either though I have some experience, enough to know to be careful (especially with an aircraft like the 20J)!
  11. A friend of mine had this in his aircraft. Very subtle vibration that would last for a second or so, and was accompanied by slightly increased EGT on one cylinder during the roughness. Turned out to be oil ring that was broken, and when the gap lined up with the other ring gaps, oil leaked into the cylinder, changing the combustion process (hence the EGT indication).
  12. I've operated my J out of grass strips many times - a well-maintained grass strip can be preferable to pavement! Just watch out when the grass is wet. Even morning dew can substantially increase your takeoff roll and decrease braking effectiveness. Enjoy, and be careful!
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