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Fluctuating Oil Pressure

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My JPI oil pressure indicator has been jumping around the last couple months. The analog gauge (also in the video) is where it usually sits when the engine is warm, it is approx 10psi higher when cold. I don't remember what phase of flight I was in but my oil temp is normally 10 degrees higher than what you see in the video and holds steady (unless in a long climb).

I head in to annual in a couple weeks, interested your opinions. I have 1600 hours on the engine in case that's relevant.




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I had similar issues with both the MP and Oil pressure in a G1000 system... If there is a connector (especially in the engine compartment) just disconnect it, spray the contacts with cleaner and insert and remove a couple of times to wipe the contacts clean. 

Wildly jumping values like that are connection or failing sensor issues. 

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