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  1. I've been using OPTX so long that my first order was for 1.25's - now I'm using 2.50. After all of these years I still swear by them.
  2. That was until the bean counters got involved.
  3. It's hasn't been formally announced yet, but Boeing is going to cease production of the 747. It's been a fantastic run, the first commercial flight taking place in January, 1970. What other airliner has had a 50+ year production run? She will always be the queen of the skies and definitely be missed.
  4. Not sure if you've heard Jose, nobody rides the train. Especially in Florida.
  5. Total cost for labor and materials, $3.75. Cost for liability insurance, $20.00
  6. Where does a radar scope feed like this come from? Are there sites which have real time broadcasts?
  7. Maybe I could take over your estimate. Here is what he replied with "The GI275 will be $7689.00 installed"
  8. Thanks for the reply, I just sent Tom a message.
  9. Meanwhile, I have sent out several inquires to shops within my state requesting an estimate for a G 275 install and didn't receive any replies, not even from Sarasota. Either they aren't back to work yet (doubtful) or they don't want the business. Sigh.
  10. Damn, you beat me to it. The winglets are the telltale sign.
  11. You know what they say, if it floats, fks or flies, it's cheaper to rent.
  12. Have had the Red Cube for many years now. It must be mounted away from the engine since it's highly prone to failure due to vibration (learned that after 2 replacements in four years). The accuracy can't be beat. Each time I fuel up to the same point in the neck, the gallons used displayed on the JPI is within ounces of what I refilled with.
  13. I never knew any of this. Was it was done in the field after delivery in 1983 as a kit? Most interesting.