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  1. I was also told that an air data computer would be needed. Even if purchased used, these units are not cheap.
  2. Interesting how the same people who embrace the idea of copying Canada's model for ATC run away as fast as they can when their healthcare system is mentioned. Just sayin'
  3. I admit it was one of his better ones.. I'm not going to allow myself to go down another rabbit hole and will post my last word on the subject by saying that ISIS has been way overrated in terms of doing harm here. Just go back and look at the comments on the Little Timmy thread from 2-3 years ago, many respondents honestly thought they were going to land on our beaches and come to kill us in the middle of the night in our beds, to which I and a few others responded: absolute nonsense. I am not diminishing or minimizing terrorism in the least, but one has to be reasonable when looking at the numbers and to the best of my knowledge, ISIS hasn't struck us here even once. Of course some will point to San Bernardino and Orlando, but those were ISIS "inspired" and were not on their payroll (and most had some issues of mental illness). Lastly, the US and Iraqi forces have made great progress in taking back ISIS held territory and they are on the march. We won't be able to eliminate them, but they have been diminished.
  4. That's a variation on what Groucho Marx once said: "It takes me all night to do what I used to do all night".
  5. In Chicago you mean?
  6. I met Bennett in late January and have to report that he looks pretty damned good for 82. He's also a great conversationalist and still has all of his marbles!
  7. But lets be realistic, the chances of anybody being a victim of an attack is infinitesimal - if not less.
  8. I'd venture to guess that in my late 50's that I fall within the average age.
  9. Problem these days with finding the correct doc and hospital are other areas of care that just happen to slip into the system which only afterwards you find out are out-of-network. The biggest culprit are assistant surgeons and anesthesiologists. You can do your research until your blue in the face and think you covered every base, but ultimately when the bills start arriving only then do you find out that something was missed and there's nothing you can do about it.
  10. While we are divulging out spinal frailties, let me add my spinal stenosis.
  11. Come on Andrew, it's not as if he's a brain surgeon.
  12. I haven't, but could use it. I'm replying so that I receive the responses.
  13. The world is littered with "stupid" ideas that in the end turned out to be successful (not that circular runways are one of them). One that come to mind was Fred Smith's idea of overnight package delivery. Another is what we now know as the PC . How about Richard Branson buying an airplane and going up against British Airways? How many laughed at Jeff Bezos idea of selling goods through a computer? And how many said to themselves in 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, "who in their right mind is going to pay $700 for a phone?".
  14. Doesn't sound like much reward when factoring in additional expense and risk into the mix.
  15. It's been my experience that a 30 minute flight vs 1.5 hour drive pretty much comes out in the wash. By the time one gets to the airport, pre-flights, taxis out, takes-off, lands, taxis in, parks and secures everything, there is no time saving. For me this was evidenced when I dropped the plane off at an avionics shop which was about an hour and a half drive away. My wife left at the same time as me so as to pick me and drive me back. When all was said and done, she pulled up about eight minutes after I checked the plane in with the shop.