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  1. You are correct on #6. I took sample tests for four months before taking the plunge. I definitely noticed patterns in how the questions were phrased and I could almost always count on one answer instantly being incorrect, which allowed me to concentrate on which of the remaining two were the correct answer. Regarding #8, I scored a 98 and it felt damned good.
  2. I used King and found it to cover everything I needed to know. The only problem was seeing Martha in her 1980's orange jumpsuit and a perm. That was too much to take at times.
  3. Let's ask Little Timmy for his opinion.
  4. I agree, but that "something wrong" could have been forgetting to turn off the interior light.
  5. flyboy0681

    100 low lead prices

    Under $4.00
  6. flyboy0681

    ILS vs LPV

    I'm wondering if he's doing all of this on purpose just to pull your chains.
  7. flyboy0681

    JPI 700 data cable

    I got one of these gadgets too and it changed my life. While not cheap, it's money well spent and I no longer have to take blood pressure medication now that downloading the data is a frustration free experience.
  8. flyboy0681

    ILS vs LPV

    I think there's a lot of truth to that. When I do practice approaches at airports out of my area, I fly them very well, but when heading home and I hit the IAF for my base, I fly that entire approach with incredible precision because I know every inch of it, including obstacles between the FAF and threshold.
  9. flyboy0681

    Ground Stoppage going to Florida after Xmas

    At my home drome at Boca Raton, the ramp is filled with jets wingtip to wingtip from December 20th through the end of February. And in response to BradP, the presidential TFR was cancelled two days before his scheduled trip down here.
  10. flyboy0681

    PERSISTENT Electrical System Pulsing

    Did the AMMETER look like this? If so, it's the master switch terminals, at least it was for me. Ammeter.mp4
  11. flyboy0681

    ILS vs LPV

    Our assumption on this whole argument was that he did not see anything at DA and that he proceeded in hopes of eventually seeing something. I guess if you go low enough you will eventually see something.
  12. flyboy0681

    ILS vs LPV

    Sounds like the whole thing is a judgement call.
  13. flyboy0681

    ILS vs LPV

    Most interesting. During our training the text says "must" when reaching the DA or DH and the environment is not in sight, but I guess if there isn't an FAA rep sitting beside you, anything goes.
  14. flyboy0681

    ILS vs LPV

    So what I'm hearing is that flagrantly busting the minimums is an unenforceable action since the pilot could always claim that he had all of the required elements in sight.