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  1. Cost of ownership "budget"

    From my experience it doesn't always work that way. My wife and I have a very close friend whose son wrote a software development kit (SDK) in 2007 for the newly introduced iPhone which permitted people to join a network and play games in real-time with others. Three years later he sold his company for $105m, at 27 years old and no partners. He's a very regular guy, married his college sweetheart and lives in an ordinary San Francisco neighborhood. He only indulges his parents with a family vacation once a year. We all had dinner in the Bay Area last August and he was telling me about a recent flight he took on Virgin America with his wife from Ft Lauderdale to San Francisco where the window seat was not occupied and that he and his wife could spread out in the entire rowand how great it was. To me, that spoke volumes.
  2. Cost of ownership "budget"

    Mine is finishing up his graduate work in April. I just hope that light that you speak of isn't a PhD freight train.
  3. Insurance

    In France recently the GPS told me to "bear right", which to me means get into the right lane. In a Peugeot it means take the exit.
  4. Uber’s Pipedream

    I've been writing software for a living since the early 80's and am all too familiar with who's behind the code (including especially myself). Even a HAL 9000 made a mistake.
  5. Uber’s Pipedream

    Although meant as a defense mechanism, reflexes get people killed. Look no further than a person who swerves to miss hitting a cat and wraps the car around a tree.
  6. Uber’s Pipedream

    Not sure where I read it, but a study concluded that if all cars on the road were self-driving, fatalities would be cut by over 96%. On the surface that sounds outrageous, but if you think about it, nearly all accidents are caused by a bad human judgement. Take away those judgement calls and you remove most of the accidents, whether driving under the influence, slamming on the brakes on a very slick road or plowing into the car in front of you. I think there's something to it.
  7. Uber’s Pipedream

    I agree with most of what you said, but technology does have a way of advancing to the point where we eat our words. I wonder what was said when Whittle was working on the jet engine in the 30's. But one thing I do remember from a little over 40 years ago was when Airbus introduced the A-300 and mentioned extended over water flights in it, Boeing put out a full page ad in a major paper stating that the flying public would never fly over open water in a twin jet. That I remember vividly. However, I still can't see this Uber enterprise working as described.
  8. Uber’s Pipedream

    Exactly what I said about Uber's plans earlier in the year, even using the word "pipe dream".
  9. Video Camera Inside Cowling

    True, but if one or two of the fins on the radiator are bent, the temp doesn't go through the roof.
  10. Propeller Question - What would you want?

    Is the MT available as a two blade solution?
  11. Video Camera Inside Cowling

    My one takeaway after reading through these threads is that of incredulous. I find it incredible that a simple piece of rubber is so critical to the operation of our engines and that the precise installation and placement of that rubber dictates its efficiency, let alone someone leaning on it while the cowl is off resulting in a rise of CHT by 20 degrees. Truly a design from a bygone era.
  12. The HSI is a great tool for flying the perfect parallel downwind, but when flying into an unfamiliar airport I rely on the GTN's extended centerline feature as well.
  13. I understand what you are saying, but what is the value if you are flying a typical VFR pattern and turn base to final two miles from the numbers? And doesn't the glide slope need a minimum distance from the threshold to be captured?
  14. I was going to mention that, I don't see much use for it unless at a controlled field and the tower puts you on an extended final. Not much use if you have to be outside of five miles to activate it, unless as you said, you are the only one in the pattern, and then, coming in on a straight-in.
  15. Using such monikers is nothing new, and even I use them in my business. My competitors are healthcare giants McKesson and Optum. When I refer to them to prospective clients I use Brand "M" and Brand "O".