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  1. Airmen registry has him down as a multi-engine and instrument rated only in SEL . He was also an A&P.
  2. Well, I've always said that I wanted to die in bed at 90 by the hands of a jealous husband. I need to speak to your broker, all of my policies have a clause excluding coverage as a private pilot.
  3. Unless it's the $5k policy available through AOPA, it will state in very large bold letters that benefits won't be paid out for private pilots who die while behind the controls.
  4. I tend to agree. If your heart isn't into it and you aren't fully committed, don't attempt it.
  5. We are a very small family and each loss of a Mooney hits home. Sometimes we know the victims, most of the time not, but it still hurts when we lose a ship.
  6. Would have thought that Phil Jimenez (JP) would be your man.
  7. More likely this..
  8. You raised a very valid point. I thought staying current and proficient was going to be the easy part once I got my ticket, but it has turned out to be anything but. Unless you are going to fly regularly in IMC and shoot approaches at the same time, you'll need to go up with a friend or instructor to fulfill the requirements. My partner and I typically go up once a month so that we both stay current, but it doesn't always work out that way.
  9. Then there are the times when you break out and there in front of you is a long stretch of concrete. That's what makes all of the training and frustration worth it.
  10. No I haven't, but my remark was made about the serenity that IMC brings when then ride is smooth and everything is coming up roses.
  11. I must admit, flying in smooth IMC, at least to me, is pure fun.
  12. AL has been down for a while and I imagine you haven't been flying since. Our recent overhaul kept the Mooney out of commission for a full three months and in that time I hadn't flown at all, until last weekend. When they say rust builds up quickly they aren't kidding. If you have the ability to rent or go up in a friends plane, I would highly suggest you do in order to stay current. Can I assume that when you pick her up that you will be taking an instructor with you?
  13. She is really shaping up. I like the idea of painting the landing gear white, I'm not crazy about schemes in which the gear is the same as the contrasting color.
  14. I echo what most have said here. Just like Paul said, I use my IR for dispatch reliability and stay away from the real heavy stuff. It's also important to me to know where the VFR is along my route, just in case. And like midlifeflyer said, it makes getting into and around some Class Bravo a whole lot easier.
  15. Sorry guys, I don't buy it for one second. How much effort does it take to place ones finger on the ID button on the transponder unit, even it was in the far reaches of the right panel? Further to my point, how often are we asked to ID in the first place? Seems to me switching frequencies will get you into more trouble during your scan than pressing a simple little button.