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  1. Newly Overhauled Engine, No Existing Logs?

    Interesting that the official manufactures break-in instructions says to reduce power after takeoff per POH and to lean the mixture, also per the POH. My engine shop included instructions to fly wide open and mixture full rich.
  2. Since setting a fix doesn't do me any good on such an approach, I've set it to VTF but the unit displays the "LOW ALT" warning and doesn't engage.
  3. How close in to the runway can this new function be used? In the past while flying a regular pattern I've tried setting up an RNAV approach after turning base to final while 1 - 2 miles out and the system won't allow it.
  4. Oil pressure gauge weirdness

    Teardown found a stuck exhaust value so it all burned up. There was absolutely no indication on the panel that something was amiss, oil temperature was in the normal range and she was running very smoothly even until shutdown.
  5. Oil pressure gauge weirdness

    Mine did the identical thing, except it swung ever so slightly more to the left, into the top of the yellow. At first I figured it was a grounding problem since we had issues only a few months before and it was the same symptoms. When I landed I checked the oil, only to find none. The tear down and ensuing overhaul were not a pleasant nor cheap experience. I would have thought that the needle would have been pegged to the left, but this is what we can expect with 35+ year old machines.
  6. 85 Mooney Missile ...Damaged left wing- $50,000

    And now approaching the seventh month, I am tired of waiting, although I am told the work should be completed within three weeks.
  7. 85 Mooney Missile ...Damaged left wing- $50,000

    Hey, if my J can be fixed, any wing can be fixed.
  8. Prop Strike

    That's just it, we are insured for $115 and when I thought it was a total loss I started looking around for a comparable J and discovered it would cost at least $135k equipped just as mine is (GTN 750, KAP 150 & 25 hours on the overhaul). Not sure where you are seeing J's in that price range.
  9. Prop Strike

    This is a lesson that only has to be learned once. When our J model ran off the end of the runway back in September I feared the insurance company would call it a complete loss, but lucky for my partners and I they agreed to repair it. It wasn't until this episode that we realized just how under-insured we were. Once we get her back we will have 30 days in which to increase the value, a value which will more than pay for an equivalent replacement. Lesson learned.
  10. Crazy annual (paranoia)

    I'd be interested in knowing what their break-in procedure is if you don't mind.
  11. IFR training

    Not so sure about that approach since the DPE will need to go over all of the sections that were missed. Couple that with the basic oral portion and that makes for a really sweaty three to four hours of sit down time with the man (or woman). My DPE looked at the score and immediately moved on to the oral, which took a little over two hours.
  12. IFR training

    I did my IR in my mid-50's, which made it that more difficult for the flying and written. For the written I used the King online videos as well as the Gleim book. A studied for at least 6 months, resetting the videos when I got to the last one and going through them again at least three times, and when I finished the Gleim book I read it again cover to cover. I found many online sites where I could take sample tests, I also bought a used Sporty's E6B calculator and by the time I took the actual test my fingers were dancing along the keypad . In the end I got two questions wrong (both on icing) on the actual exam. Also, I read so many test questions that I saw a pattern develop, one of them is that one question could be eliminated immediately, they usually contain the words "always" and "every time". Since there are usually exceptions to everything, the questions with those words typically can be eliminated. Study, study study.
  13. IFR training

    One thing not mentioned here is flying through updrafts where the A/P should be disengaged. That is the worst condition for flying IMC, extreme bumpiness and hand flying. Down here in FLA I get that more often than you may think.
  14. Best Mooney shop in Fla.

    Yup, you sent me to Phil. And no, she's still not ready. Looks like another 3-4 weeks, without paint.