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  1. flyboy0681

    Sensorcon Calibration at Airventure 2018

    All very good ideas. I was just concerned that the alarm wouldn't be heard above the din. Thanks guys.
  2. flyboy0681

    Sensorcon Calibration at Airventure 2018

    I can't imagine it can be heard, and the vibration certainly can't be felt, so everyone relies on seeing it if it lights up?
  3. flyboy0681

    Plane down on Lopez Island ??

    Very sad. Even more sad when I looked and discovered that the serial number was two more than mine.
  4. flyboy0681

    Sensorcon Calibration at Airventure 2018

    I finally bought one and have a question. What is the consensus on how to use it? Are most placing it on their belt or have it mounted in full view somewhere on the panel?
  5. flyboy0681

    Twitchy oil pressure

    Our 700 has the fuel flow option, which is accurate almost to the ounce, which feeds into the GTN 750 fuel utilities page. We also added the oil temperature probe.
  6. flyboy0681

    Twitchy oil pressure

    After this little incident (which cost > $30k), we had the oil pressure option added to the JPI 700. Imagine that, if we had the $265 sensor installed at the time, it may have saved over thirty grand.
  7. flyboy0681

    Twitchy oil pressure

    Not one bit. As a matter of fact, I was flying that day with a buddy who flies for American and is an A&P and he didn't notice anything until the needle started dancing around.
  8. flyboy0681

    Twitchy oil pressure

    Into the ether. There was no oil in the case, there was no oil underneath and there was no oil within the cowl. The tear down revealed a stuck exhaust value, which means we were trailing smoke for quite a distance.
  9. flyboy0681

    Paint the panel?

    When our plane was down for repairs we had the shop clean the airspeed indicator glass and the difference is like day and night. They charged us $85.00. I would not (and did not) mess with it myself.
  10. flyboy0681

    Twitchy oil pressure

    Which is exactly what happened to me two years ago. The needle was "twitching", but never headed into the red. When I shut down and checked the dipstick it showed - nothing.
  11. flyboy0681

    Factory or speed mod?

    Dave at Lasar took care of me and the U-Channel is on its way. Thanks for all of the useful replies.
  12. flyboy0681

    Ft Lauderdale trip

    The largest and most convenient GA airport in the area is Ft Lauderdale Executive, KFXE. I'm not sure what the tie down fees will be but obtaining a car rental won't be a problem there, assuming you need one. The largest FBO on the field is Banyan. Baynan also has a great pilot shop. Just a few miles north of KFXE is Pompano Beach Airpark, KPMP, but I'm not sure how convenient a car rental would be. Several miles to the west is North Perry Field, KHWO, where you can find cheap(er) gas and parking. Again, not sure about car rental.
  13. flyboy0681

    Articulating seat

    I may get a pair for myself, thanks!
  14. flyboy0681

    Factory or speed mod?

    I knew I came to the right place for an answer. I'll give Lasar a call today, assuming business is back to normal.
  15. flyboy0681

    Factory or speed mod?

    Yesterday I noticed that the right side gap filler between the empennage and fuselage was missing and have no idea how long it's been that way. Was this an aftermarket speed mod or did it come out of the factory with it installed? Also, where can I order it from and what kind of effort is required to install it? The left side clearly still has it attached.