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  1. It was originally mounted somewhere attached to the engine block where it was subject to a lot of vibration.
  2. Here's a picture when the overhaul was installed (by the red arrow.)
  3. When the factory transducer died, maybe seven years ago, we had a Red Cube installed in the original location. That unit lasted about a year. The replacement unit also lasted about a year. When that one died I contacted the manufacturer, who said it needs to be installed away from serious vibration and heat. It was at that time that we had it installed on the firewall. The third unit has been functioning flawlessly ever since.
  4. When my KAP 150 was in for repairs a few years ago at Autopilot Central I inquired about this and the response was that the lens was over a grand. They also wanted $750 to replace the "wheat" bulbs because they have become dim after all these decades.
  5. A good friend gave me a wooden model of an M20J for a Christmas gift this year. Although it does have my registration number painted on it, the paint scheme is stock. Does anybody know where I can send it out to be redone in my colors?
  6. I wonder if Pussy Galore is still flying hers.
  7. Just saw it on NBC Nightly News, the tail was clearly visible from the aerial footage.
  8. Temperature and weight had a lot to do with it.
  9. I don't know if this is practical or even doable, but I read somewhere that while the prop is off to place another belt on the engine and secure it in place using safety wire. This way if the alternator belt needs to be replaced the prop doesn't have to be removed.
  10. Wiggling them vigorously did get them up on my J, but one time they didn't retract when I had to execute a last minute go-around when a Cessna decided to cross the active as I was about to touchdown at an uncontrolled airport. That was one of three times in my flying career when I got an adrenaline rush because she just didn't want to climb with them fully down.
  11. If you have a Red Cube FT-60, the same as maurauder posted, the K-factor is 68,000. When I had the FT-60 installed years ago I programmed the JPI-700 with that value and never touched it again. To this day the fuel used display is accurate to within a few ounces.
  12. Informing us of his passing was the right thing to do. The last time I saw him was January 2018, I took him out to dinner to his favorite steakhouse as a thank you for going to bat for my partners and myself with the insurance company when we suffered major damage to the wing. The insurer was about to consider it a constructive loss and when Bennett was finished with them, they agreed to fix it. He guided us every step of the way through the process and didn't accept a penny. Bennett was quite a renaissance man, he was knowledgeable in so many areas and loved to talk about his flying experiences throughout the Caribbean and his many cross country treks. I was surprised to hear that he came from a family of Rabbis and that his dad emigrated from Poland in the 1920's and was very active in the New York and San Francisco Yiddish communites. Like a few here, I was privileged to see his baby up close (LIFR cancelled our flight plans), a fully restored like new 1983 J model. His serial number was 11 ahead of mine but decades apart. He didn't say how much it ultimately cost, but he did mention that it was worth every penny he spent on it since he couldn't take it with him. He was also an avid sailor and the last time I spoke to him he mentioned that while he was having his all wood sailboat repaired in Oakland, it had sunk due to negligence of the repair facility. He was so heartbroken and I felt so sad for him. Looking back at my very last message from him, dated October 2018, he closed with this after he mentioned that he sold the Mooney due to health issues: "I guess my flying days are over. No regrets – been a wonderful experience." Bennett Rest well my friend.
  13. I found this to be a very interesting article. One of the takeaways is that Boeing felt pressured by competition from Airbus and Bombardier to get their current offerings to market quickly, which led to shoddy work. No mention was made of how competition made Boeing a better company when faced up against Douglas (DC-8, DC-9 & DC-10), General Dynamics (Convair 880) and Lockheed (L-1011). Their only failure in the face of competition was their attempt at an SST when competing against the Concorde. And as of today, the Boeing CEO is out of a job (but not before being paid tens of millions as a parting gift).
  14. As opposed to previous NASA administrators, who were typically scientists, test pilots and astronauts who worked their way up the NASA ranks, Bridenstine is a political hack with no experience other than running an Air & Space museum in Tulsa after leaving the Navy, eventually becoming a congressman who aligns perfectly with the current administrations agenda.