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  1. The Garmin material states that the pre-select only works with their GFC units. I was hoping it would work with my KAP 150, but no dice.
  2. That's just it, the doors weren't closed. The rear airstair was deployed and cargo doors were open, in addition to the bi-fold landing gear doors. This was one "dirty" aircraft.
  3. I remember the story of the World Airway's 727 well, having been 15 at the time. The captain remarked that it was "a flight from hell". When all was said and done, the 727 carried 360 people.
  4. Best part of the -275 is the ability to get wind speed and direction. This feeds into the Navigator to display the crab angle.
  5. Phil Jimenez at Avon Park, about 45 minutes from anywhere in South Florida. 863.873.9999
  6. Had no idea Lexus put such big speakers in the trunk.
  7. Hoskins timer. https://www.texasairsalvage.com/main_view.php?editid1=185559
  8. Your point is well taken, but for the few seconds after the car hit the plane and everything came to rest, there wasn't even movement to open the door. A lot could have happened, the worst case scenario being a fuel leak.
  9. What struck me was that the occupants didn't rush to get out of the plane, assuming the door wasn't jammed. But yes, lucky indeed.
  10. She is really cute. Too bad she wasn't in the front seat.
  11. Another excellent suggestion. The only problem with flying down to the Keys is the inability to have a drink or two.
  12. Great trip today. The air was calm and cool. Marathon General Aviation did have a crew car available and we drove to Keys Fisheries, which is a joint three miles from the airport. It's self serve and has great food. The other recommendation is Island Fish Company, which has table service and is just as good. We went to Fisheries just for a change of pace. Flew down the coast at 500 feet then climbed to 2,500 past South Beach.
  13. I'm heading down to Marathon in a few minutes and will issue a PIREP later today.
  14. I already have my drop off date on the schedule for April. Phil is the man - the Mooney man.
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