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  1. It was sent to me by a friend via email but I'm wasn't able to quickly find it. I'll attempt again tomorrow.
  2. As I learned from a somewhat similar experience not so long ago, Lycoming has a Service Bulletin out there where they highly recommend a tear down when oil pressure drops below 55psi, regardless of quantity remaining.
  3. My wife practically burned hers when we got the new frame. She hated it with a passion, either it was always slipping or it made her sweat.
  4. The panel itself looks great, but painting the sheet metal black makes it look dated. One of my next projects is to have my panel powder coated a light color.
  5. I was "lucky" enough to snag two early last year, after searching for nearly five years. I kept one and sold the other for $2k, which is the going price when one can be located. The adjustable seat frame is probably the most sought after part for the Mooney line of aircraft. My wife thinks it's worth every penny.
  6. The FAA reported that they are investigating 12 TFR violations. If these people did in fact fly into the area, they deserve everything they get. There is simply no excuse for something like this.
  7. I appealed to Dave as well. He's a great asset here and I'm hoping he listens to our pleas. If any of my posts offended anyone here, please accept my sincerest apologies. I can assure you it won't happen again. I promised myself that I won't take any bait nor post anything that can be construed as political and will keep my comments to the subject matter. Mike
  8. I believe Fred Flintsone had one of those.
  9. Well, after last nights incident down here, I'm willing to bet that this plan will be scrapped. Some flying turkey appears to have violated the TFR and jets were scrambled.
  10. Very interesting explanation. Who would think that if you were doing everything so right, that you could get it so wrong? You are approaching the FAF, nicely intercepting the GS, you have everything setup so nicely when suddenly - you blew it. It appears that what others have said here apparently is true, look to push the APR button at least 30 seconds out, if not more. All this begs the question. Say you flew through the FAF, is there a way to salvage things so that the GS would engage, and if so, what are the tolerances?
  11. Very welcome news for Lantana as well as my home base, which would be outside of the ring. Our weekly TFR starts here today at 2:30 and runs through Monday. Oh joy.
  12. Ditto
  13. The last time I used the AP to fly an approach, which was last September, it all worked just fine. No changes occurred with the GTN in that time, but like I said, the AP was repaired when a capacitor exploded. I appreciate your input.
  14. Now this is bothering me. I was within the "tight limitation", and it did not flash - as expected. However, it did not capture the GS. I'm heading out on a trip next week and will be sure to press the APR button prior to reaching the FAF just to see what happens.
  15. I did that just today and didn't think twice about it. Keep in mind that the Everglades is extremely shallow, so if you did go down, you wouldn't sink - although I can't guarantee that you wouldn't be somebody's meal that day.