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  1. Anybody know the oranges of attorney's using the title "esquire"?
  2. Nikko keeps his Cirrus a few doors down from me and we've talked a few times. Let me convey that he's a nice guy.
  3. I've been going to Island Fish for years and never knew they had a shuttle and always pay a small fortune for a taxi. Is it always available or just weekends?
  4. Yup, I would know that approach anywhere. One of my favorite places to fly for lunch.
  5. My BK trim switch failed a few years ago, resulting in runaway trim towards the terrafirma. I had written about it at the time, but I didn't know what was going on and nearly lost the ship. It was not obvious as it was happening, I will say that.
  6. I have a thread out there now about pretty much the same thing, but both of my inner doors have been chewed up and damaged. As a result I had them removed during the annual last month and a lot of responses that I I got here on the subject was to keep them off.
  7. Here is the current schedule for the Florida Luncheon. If you can make one of them I'm sure you could easily convince someone to take you up. April 13, Flagler (FIN) May 11, Sebring (SEF) June 8, Vero Beach (VRB) July 13, New Smyrna Beach (EVB)
  8. I believe in second chances and think he should be allowed to return from exile.
  9. You may want to bring some bug spray for the beach. When we were there during the summer months, we experienced some sand fleas.
  10. All kidding aside, I believe he had suffered a health setback late last year.
  11. My wife and I stayed at Pineapple Fields and had a fabulous time. Let me correct you on one thing however, it's not a B&B but more like a spacious condo. Tippy's is a great watering hole across the street. If you like a long stretch of deserted, white sand beach, you're headed to the right place.
  12. Here's what mine looked like when it needed to be transported.
  13. I've been writing software for nearly 40 years now and every once in a while after my work has been placed into production I get a nagging feeling about a change that I've made and whether I accounted for everything. A few times it's come back to byte me in the ass, but I'm wondering if any of the people who wrote the MCAS software had the same feelings somewhere along the way. If they didn't I bet they do now.