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  1. Sure you want to do that and then get back in the plane?
  2. Just follow your nose. Those that have been there know exactly what I mean.
  3. This American Airlines 707 training flight immediately came to mind. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Airlines_Flight_514
  4. Well, with all due respect, he was practicing an emergency procedure. The insurance company should praise him for his training efforts and give him discount.
  5. Speaking of the GI275, our ADI is being installed as I speak. I asked the shop whether the unit can display wind and direction with the optional OAT probe installed and he said no, that to gain that functionality would require two units be installed. Is this true?
  6. Which reminds me, it's stone crab season down here. Time to head to the Keys.
  7. While my panel gets upgraded with a GI-275, I'm finally getting ride of the black simulated cowhide all around. The shop will be fabricating new panels and I've decided on gray, but is there a standard "fancy gray"?
  8. I'm reconstituting this very old discussion. Along with the GI-275 install that I'm doing, I'm also having a new panel fabricated and the smaller panels painted in the same color. The color will be light gray, but the shop wants to know exactly what color. Is there a standard gray that is typically used?
  9. I wonder why Mooney never had a space reserved on the annunciator panel for a flashing "LUG DOOR". All it would have required was a microswitch on the latch.
  10. Based on what I've read here, it's more complicated than simply adding the control unit and firing it up. Thanks for the input guys.
  11. Sounds like those upgrading to a GI-275 who already have a KAS-297 will need to go through these steps, no?
  12. Are you referring to the section of the -297 manual "KEA 130A/KAS 297 ALIGNMENT"?
  13. Your point is well taken, however, used KAS-297 units are dirt cheap now and can be had for less than $500. GFC-500's cost 10x that without installation. If a -297 could be installed then it would seem like a no brainer. The operative word being "if".
  14. The only material that I can find on the subject states that the preselect only works with the Garmin GFC units.
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