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  1. I beg to differ, especially since Disney announced price hikes at the parks last week and that a one day admission to The Magic Kingdom will cost $189 on some high demand days. My first trip to Disneyland was back in 1977 and a ticket book, which covered admission to the park itself, cost $8.00. I'd much rather pay a 'la carte than prix fixe.
  2. Finally remembered to take a picture while on the ground. Replacing the dim incandescent with a bright LED has made the task of checking the gear so much easier.
  3. I was 120 miles south and this is what it looked like. I was able to watch it until Mission Control stated that it was 450 miles downrange.
  4. When I sent out inquiries last year to three weighing services, each one replied that their method calls for filling the tanks.
  5. True the LED is very bright, but a quick glimpse will confirm whether it's illuminated or not. Years ago I had an issue with the Gear annunciator light and looking down during daytime didn't help the situation since the floor bulb was so dim. Now there's no doubt, and if it's too bright for night flying, it can be easily covered.
  6. Excellent footage of rare helos, but would have been a great time to hold the phone horizontally.
  7. I have the same 3 degree issue between the same two probes and explanations given here on MS mention that the Garmin probe "may be" calibrated to account for ram rise while cruising. Also, where the two probes are located can have a significant impact on the readings.
  8. Of course the A&P could have been watching this thread and decided to get ahead of the situation in order to avoid some really bad feedback from MSers. But he did do the honorable thing. Just my 2₵
  9. I wish you were available. Finding a good, local shop with the exception of Premier is very difficult down here.
  10. Footage of some airports in the hurricane zone show a lot of aircraft carcasses. Brace yourself for next years insurance renewal.
  11. I'm surprised you have the ground speed displayed on the ADI's miscellaneous field instead of wind direction and speed.
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