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  1. At this point I think that would be throwing good money after bad. While the used equipment may be had for a song, the cost for installation will still be a factor and at the end of the day, the old equipment will eventually fail.
  2. During the initial days of this posting I was a Doubting Thomas, not aware that a 500 foot aural warning was available for a non-TAWS GTN. As I read the thread I came to realize that the OP was speaking of a relatively new feature of the base terrain awareness software. I decided to check it out by going into the configuration menu and sure enough the terrain awareness alert was there but not activated. After turning it on and firing up the system I did get the "Terrian system test OK" and at 500 feet on the first approach she came through the headset loud and clear. Thanks to the original pos
  3. The handwriting is on the wall that the 525A HSI is on its way out. In slaved made (is there a politically correct word I could use instead?) the heading drifts ten to twelve degrees, but while unslaved it keeps the heading very well, with the exception of normal precession. My partners and I had a -275 ADI installed earlier this year and love it, so the natural progression is to follow up with a -275 HSI. My question is, what are people paying out there for just the HSI install with the A/P interface to a KAP 150? Naturally all prices are local, but what I'm looking for is to average it
  4. 1 quart in 40 hours? What was the highest enroute altitude?
  5. Another area of confusion for me is the expired database message that keeps flashing on the main screen of the ADI. I extinguish it by going to the messages page, but what database(s) are required for the -275 to operate if it's simply being used as an Attitude Indicator?
  6. The guide is a disaster in my opinion because it doesn't separate the different installation configurations and conflates all features in the same place. For example, I have the ADI and would appreciate a dedicated manual just for that, but Garmin placed the ADI and HSI features all within the same pages, making it difficult to determine which features belong with which configuration.
  7. We let the free ten hours run out. There is nothing compelling about it to justify the activation cost.
  8. I'm 5'4" and sit comfortably, albeit with the height cranked all the way up. During cruise I'm even able to move the seat back a few notches.
  9. First time the Chinese attempted to copy an American design.
  10. So many differing opinions here. One said that 50 amps was too much.
  11. All good ideas here, but let me ask this. For a 12 volt system, what are the maximum amps that can be used for running it off GPU for an hour?
  12. This I have got to see. All that and "Carbon Free"? I suppose it's going to use electric motors. I'll file this one next to the Uber Flying Taxi, which should have been in service by now.
  13. Not so sure about your information. I sent my unit in for a calibration in January of 2020 and about a month ago it started flashing EOL.
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