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  1. Identical thing happened to me a couple of years ago. Phil fixed it for nothing.
  2. That was most probably Phil McCandless, the owner of Halo and a fellow Mooney diver who appears here on MS as pmccand
  3. Same thing with the silicone plugs. I prefer them to the foam, but the seal is so tight that I have to relieve the pressure on descent (and not from the FL's).
  4. flyboy0681

    lawsuit in Philly

    And the name of the head of HR is "Sue S Nomore"
  5. flyboy0681

    Wife’s pic

    You must have super peepers. A lot of the time it's right there on the screen and I still can't see it.
  6. flyboy0681

    King KT74

    We replaced our KT76A with a cheap, yellow tagged KT76C. It slid right in and lighted right up.
  7. Several years ago I was cruising along and experienced what we (me and A&P) believed to be a clogged injector. The plane shook really bad for about 30 seconds and smoothed out as I made a 180 back to the nearest airport, which was Tallahassee. It was a pretty hair raising situation.
  8. I visited the Museum of Flight last Saturday and thought I arrived in Mecca. Since I was 10 years old in 1970 I have followed "Ship 1", the first 747 and I finally got to see it up close, sans the upper deck. I thought I died and went to heaven. The cabin hasn't changed since 1968 except for some more modern testing equipment and is like a time capsule. Also on display is the first 727 and 737, the original Air Force One 707, the Concorde and the 787 test plane.
  9. flyboy0681

    Basic med problem

    Thank you Obama (wink wink)
  10. flyboy0681

    Basic med problem

    An article I just read in the January 3, 2017 edition of US News & World Reports states that applications are up and the competition to get into medical schools is stiff. In fact, 2015 saw a 6% increase in applications, which was year four of Obamacare. Additionally, woman now outnumber men in admissions.
  11. flyboy0681

    Basic med problem

    You would have a very difficult time convincing me that. Medicine and dentistry are two entirely different disciplines and a person who worked their entire academic life towards medical school is not going to say "hey, this Obamacare thing is crap, and instead of clearing arteries I'm going to clean teeth". That's akin to a flight instructor working towards building his time and saying "hey, I don't like having to deal with TSA at the airport, instead of working my way towards flying 787's, I'm going to set my sights on flying freight in a Cessna Caravan as my life's goal".
  12. flyboy0681

    Basic med problem

    Last time I paid $90 for a 3rd class was during the late 20th century, you are getting off cheap. That $90 pays for seven days of my hangar.
  13. flyboy0681

    CFII Recommendations in Fl

    My partner is a CFI with 50 years Mooney experience. PM me if you'd like more information.
  14. flyboy0681

    Basic med problem

    I have a Basic Med certificate and would gladly go back to my AME for a 3rd class IF the FAA would make some rule changes for those over 50, such as a minimum of three years between physicals (four would be better). I think a genuine 3rd class eliminates a lot of the ambiguities that surround the Basic Med.
  15. flyboy0681

    ILS Approach

    IFR Magazine talked about this maybe a year or two ago. The one takeaway that I got from it is was that while the controller may not necessarily know which one you are flying (ILS or GPS), you will certainly be called on the carpet should you execute a missed approach since the ILS and GPS missed approach procedures are more than likely different. Can you say Brasher?