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  1. For those that don't mind flying a little further out of town, there's Hickory (HKY) and Morgantown (MRN). On my last trip there I took a restaurant walking tour and loved it.
  2. Asheville is a great flying destination, especially for foodies and brewskies like yourself. And just several miles north in the mountains is Little Switzerland, which is owned by fellow Mooney driver Gary Jensen.
  3. From what I have read, Mar-a-lago has closed for the season and he took his golfing business to New Jersey. Singer Island is a pretty nice, laid back spot. The closest GA airport is probably F45, but I believe Signature is the only FBO on the field so buyer beware. There are other fields within reach, including Lantana (LNA) and Stuart (SUA).
  4. Which brings up an interesting question. Many FBO's now use tugs which lifts the nose gear up off the ground. Are those any safer on the linkage? I remember the very first time I saw one of those tugs, I was standing at a window at SFO and saw one lift the nose gear of a 747 and pull it along. Amazing.
  5. I'd rather be treated like crap in exchange for reasonable gas prices and fees.
  6. Now you did it. You are going to catch heck for something you just wrote.. 25/25!
  7. I had a reminder set for today to check if a report on this incident had been published. While not final, a preliminary report has been issued.. Here's the video once again
  8. Anytime you are dealing with software, there are going to be bugs. It's a different world now, a KX-155 was dedicated to transmitting and receiving radio signals and was built as such, all hard wired for the task. A modern navigator has to act as a two way radio, satellite receiver and personal computer. As such, it's all built using software controlling the hardware, which is no easy task. For crying out loud, my six month old Sony TV has bugs in it which causes it to momentarily blank out the screen twice an hour. Wish me luck in trying to get that resolved.
  9. Not sure I would have tried cycling it more than once. I would be concerned about starting a fire with resetting the breaker more than once, and second, what if it eventually went up but didn't come down. Just my 2ยข.
  10. What a bunch of amateurs and wusses. I didn't acquire my first pair of headphones (DC 13.4's) until the mid 90's, a full 15 years after I started flying. But for me, the Halo's are the perfect solution, comfy and quiet. Phil McCandless is a fellow Mooney driver and is here on MS as pmccand.
  11. I just got back from my six month checkup visit with my primary care physician and he no problem signing off on the form that I presented to him. Since he checked everything that was on the list anyway, (except for #9, he made a note to refer to my last colonoscopy, which took place two weeks ago), he gladly signed it. I'm all set until 2022.
  12. I agree. From my experience people looking to get into a partnership don't come along every day.
  13. That about sums it up.
  14. I think you answered it. My medical expires in February, so to me that means I have to go to my primary care before then and have him signoff on the new form, at which time I'll be good until (gulp) 2022.
  15. Now that the regulation is in place, how does it actually work? For those whose current third class medical expires (for example) in July, do they have to go to their doc in July which starts the four year window, or do they see their doc four years from July?