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  1. The best safety video that I have seen and constantly keeps my attention is on Virgin America. Some highlights of demonstrations in the past included one on a PSA flight where the FA said "there may be fifty ways to leave your lover, but there are only four ways off this airplane". And at the conclusion of an American Airlines flight after rattling off all of the connecting gates (which used to be a great annoyance), the FA said "if I didn't mention your city, it no longer exists".
  2. This appears to me to be an animation. Looking at the right side there is a continuous lightning bolt and nothing in the video is moving other than the swirl.
  3. Somehow I don't think they have American flight attendants.
  4. We have yet to meet. All of us BCT/PMP/FXE Mooney's should meet somewhere for lunch.
  5. I have a call out to my shop. My overhaul was completed in January.
  6. I've experienced the same thing twice over the past six months. The only way to get them to retract is to shake the panel vigorously. She goes in for her annual in a few weeks and this is number one on the punch list.
  7. I don't think they would close the beach, but a 20 foot tall blast fence would definitely be constructed in addition to a 50 foot periphery chain link fence with razor wire. This is what has become of our best vantage points since 9/11 (knee-jerk, overreaction if you ask me). One of the best vantage points that I used to visit was at the foot of runway 1R at SFO, where the airport authority had a parking lot for observers. That's long gone. Then there was the rooftop parking of the Pan Am Worldport at JFK (before it was torn down last year). Since 9/11, that prime location was shut down as well.
  8. Welcome to the neighborhood Matt, I just sent you a PM.
  9. I guess everything does come at ya quickly in one of those. The aural altitude reporting didn't seem quite correct.
  10. This is the story of my life living down here. I have yet to take a trip between June and October that is completely smooth and devoid of any deviations, even in the morning.
  11. I have to agree Scott, and I did. When I was at the spot a few years ago I opted to stand way off to the side, knowing just how dangerous it could be.
  12. Yea, I saw that too from another video. It's easy to see how it happened, being blown at over 100mph right into what amounts to a concrete wall.
  13. I am a great fan of the Halo and just can't compress the yellow ones enough to make a comfortable fit, so I use the pediatric ones, which provide excellent attenuation for me. The white silicone's have great noise cancelling properties too, but for some reason they don't allow air pressure to be relieved (at least for me) and I end up having to momentarily take them out when changing altitudes to equalize the pressure. They are very problematic for me when descending.
  14. Based on what a friend and 767 F/O tells me, the tolerance levels are very tight. He mentioned to me last year an incident where the wingtip of his plane crossed ever so slightly over the hold line and that freaked him out enough to file a report with NASA as soon as he was off duty. Since he never mentioned it again, I assume no report was filed by the tower.