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  1. This whole situation has driven me to drink. I'm now up to four Quarantini's a day.
  2. If I came across the codes for the original paint, I'd burn them instantly.
  3. SCS. It's all part of the kit.
  4. Not cheap, but man did it go a long way to clean up the look of the lower half.
  5. Where's Ed Norton when we need him?
  6. Not sure you should use a boilerplate in this case. There's a lot riding on a partnership, mostly your financial future, and if the boilerplate doesn't contain specific language, you could regret it later on. This could be a classic case of I don't know enough to know what I don't know. My suggestion, use an aviation attorney. It could be money well spent.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, which I may very well be, but there isn't the ability to fly a heading by use of a heading bug, is there?
  8. I'm tired and think I will put on the news and see what's happen in the world of sport.
  9. Not to be morbid, but I just came across this Instagram written a few days ago by a celebrity chef who succombed to COVID today.
  10. Any idea why in the UK you go to hospital and here in the US we go to THE hospital? Same goes for higher learning, you go to university while we go to the university. Not sure about the baby thing, most people I know are too depressed to do anything, let alone frolic around.
  11. I dropped her off with - two tires and two tubes loaded in the back.
  12. I dropped mine off for its annual last Saturday morning. It was a beautiful, 86 degree day with nice puffy white clouds.
  13. Conspicuously missing from your assumption is that while flu does kill 40,000 Americans per year, if left to spread on its own we could see well over a million Americans dead in the first year with COVID, not 40,000. Also add to the mix what we are seeing going in Italian and Spanish hospitals. We may very well see that even if the curve is flattened, and Americans will be horrified. You may very well find your scenario play out very soon as the president is starting to backpedal on the scientists approach, suggesting that we should come out of hibernation in a week. And reports are that Fauci is on the outs with the administration because he won't clamp down on leveling with the American people and constantly correcting the president.
  14. The friend of a friend died in a Lancair crash in September 2018 and I'm still waiting for the report. Seems these days they can take 2+ years.