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  1. I actually find overlaying the chart on the map during an approach makes for a very busy display and I usually have it turned off. I much better prefer the iPad for that function.
  2. Unlocking the unit to use Jepps costs something like two grand if I recall. Did you pay for that? The unit displays the standard charts issued by the government at no extra cost. The cheapest Garmin subscription includes them and they can be superimposed on the display. Here is the page from the installation document on enabling either feature. To get into the configuration menu, press the HOME button while the unit starts up.
  3. I wouldn't permanently mount either. Chances are good that both units will be discontinued sometime in the near future and you'll have to replace the mount for a unit that is in-vogue at that time, which may still work out.
  4. When I lost (most of) my oil in flight the first thing I noticed was the factory oil pressure gauge swinging from side to side (I've been told that it was sucking air). I kept checking the oil temperature and it went down about 5 degrees (since it's a mechanical gauge I could only estimate). We've all been taught during our primary training that if you lose oil, the temp will rise, which is what I was looking for. What I learned after the fact is that it depends where on the engine the sensor is placed. Since this episode we had the oil pressure feature added to our JPI 700.
  5. There was talk prior to Oshkosh that Garmin would be introducing an analog interface between the G5 AI and the King autopilots. Did that happen?
  6. Quite a transformation. Interesting that you opted for a black panel. I'm looking to do away with my black, simulated cowhide panel in favor of either gray or the tan that you threw away.
  7. If you can't see oil from a leak, you may be trailing some smoke. That happened to me, ran out of oil yet there wasn't a drop to be found anywhere.
  8. Depends on the equipment they installed I guess. We had the GDL 88 installed in 2015 and it cost a hair under $4k. But I would be remiss if I didn't say that early adopters always pay more. How much did they pay for an LCD TV or "got to have" iPhone? Heck, I still have a receipt from 1987 from when I paid $3,100k for a PC with an Intel 386 chip.
  9. Sorry Bob, I should have acknowledged you as well. You did mention it before I received the Garmin response. I just needed confirmation from them that reformatting wouldn't remove the Base map, which it doesn't because it's resident in the system.
  10. Wiki has this: On 27 May 2010, the FAA published its final rule mandating that by 2020 all aircraft owners will be required to have ADS-B Out capabilities when operating in any airspace that currently requires a transponder (A, B, and C, and airspace class E at certain altitudes). This wasn't all that long ago and I remember reading here on Mooneyspace comments about how it's not going to work as described, it would cost $20,000 per airplane to equip and that the compliance date will be moved out five to ten years further into the future to at least 2025.
  11. Here's the epilogue to this posting. Garmin suggested that I reformat the SD card and reinstall the current software, low and behold that worked. I am now completely up to date. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
  12. I always felt that his sitting beside me was acting as a crutch. No longer was there somebody yelling at me to watch my altitude or that the HSI was two dots to the left.
  13. It's quite an accomplishment, but your first venture into hard IMC without your instructor by your side may be a little scary. Just keep your wits about you and you'll do fine. Congrats.
  14. Been too lazy and too cheap. It's not worth flying the plane over to an authorized dealer to get the upgrade done, and no dealer in my area will do it for free. The average that they are asking is $200, which is outrageous since all that's required is placing the SD Card in the unit and waiting for it to update. I'll have it done the next time the plane is in for other avionics work.