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  1. Aircraft Carburetor & Injection Services of Texas, LLC 9808 Clark Airfield Dr. Justin, TX 76247 United States 940-648-2277 Talk to David he is a hoot, they open at 7 mountain time.
  2. I just had my RSA gone through by Aircraft Carburetor and Injection Services in Justin Texas and I could not be happier with the finished product. I had a few indicators that it was time to overhaul the last being a fuel pressure fluctuation from 29 psi to 18 psi or so as well as an accompanying egt drop of around 100 degrees. I returned to my home base safely and long story short the a&p and I decided it was time to overhaul the servo so it was removed and I contacted David at ACIS the next day. David is very knowledgeable on these units and has been in the business for a long time, I
  3. Where is the air escaping during the compression check on number three? How did the cam and lifters look when the mechanic had the number one cylinder off?
  4. Im located in Montana and a low pass on most of our little fields is for safety. Many of the fields do not have a game fence so in the winter when the runways are the only open area deer, antelope, and bird congregate on them. Upon arrival I announce a low pass to check for game and sock conditions then after ascend and enter into the pattern.
  5. Just a PP but how I understand it the annual has been completed and the list of discrepancies has been provided to the owner/operator of a part 91 aircraft. The compressions are not required to be logged in the entry however it is nice to have them there for trend data. It is the pilots responsibility to ensure the aircraft is airworthy so he or she takes the discrepancy list to an A/P of their choice to have the issues repaired. If the unairworthy items are because of an IA’s subjective opinion then they need to be inspected and signed off if the new IA is of a different mindset. It’s good
  6. Ok since we are slightly side stepping the no politics rule in this thread I will only post one. What is the difference between a chick pea and a garbanzo bean? Trump has never had a garbanzo bean on his face.
  7. They have quite a few good restaurants, something for every taste. My favorites have been Jagz for steak and Wasabi in Whitefish for sushi. Jagz is kinda out on it's own but it is a great steakhouse. Wasabi is in the heart of Whitefish next to a bunch of watering holes, had a friend out there a week ago and the restaurants are packed so make time to stand in line or make a reservation at Jagz, Wasabi does not take them. I would reserve a car right away the last few times I have been over there it has been hit or miss if they have rentals available. Have fun it's a beautiful area and a fun
  8. I have too many headsets so I'm selling my lowest use pair. These have approximately 6 flights on them and are like new, everything works well from the noise attenuation to the bluetooth I'm asking $700 for them shipped. They come with the bag and manual PM me if interested. -Chase
  9. The borescope I have is the Vividia VA-400 hooked up to my laptop I will get some better pictures when annual is done and I have some time. I did find a shop that has done the rope trick several times with success close by and will be flying down there likely in September to have him look at it. Thanks for the help guys. @cliffy
  10. When I was running lop it was approximately 30-35 degrees lop on the single egt. I would lean until rough then richen slightly. I was trying it out wot at 8,500 then 9,500 ft both flights were about 90 minutes each. Typically I do not get any oil on the belly while flying however during these flights I ended up with a good amount on the gear doors that steamed down the belly a bit. It was not real large amount but when your used to nothing it was enough to be concerned about. I am curious how it could pressurize the crank case enough to blow oil out but I resigned myself to the fact that this
  11. Paul, thanks for the heads up they were the ones that put my GNX-375 and g-5 in last year I was pleased with the work but did not realize they had a Mooney specialist. I like the suggestions I’m thinking of running it another 25-50 hrs and bore scoping again. Rich is right this engine does not own me anything and I’m happy it is running as well as it is however I do have the scope so might as well use it. I have really been struggling trying to decide if I want to go the replace on condition route and try to get over 3000 hours out of it or whether I should just bite the bullet and get the fu
  12. Thanks for the reply Anthony, she is studying to become a nurse practitioner she is starting to enter the clinical stage. Don’t know on the plugs as the bottom plugs were still installed and I was just trying to scope and head out they are tempest fine wires installed 115 hrs ago. I have tried lean of peak and the engine seems to run well there and defiantly cooler on the cht’s but when I land I find there is oil splattered on the bottom of the plane coming from the large breather, picture of breather attached. When I run rop I have no oil exiting the breather the engine typically burns 1qt
  13. They are saved as BMP files I may have to try to convert them to jpeg. I converted them to jpeg should work now.
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