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  1. I appreciate the insite guys, I will check that when I get back next week and let you know. -Chase
  2. Mechanical pump was replaced at the service center last week that is why it is now reading 30 psi they told me is was a sb by lycoming and that is the pump that should be on there. I know I’ve read on here about the new pumps being higher pressure but they assured me it was the way it should be. Anyway the video is after the replacement on the way home, before the replacement it was 25 psi steady dropping to around 18.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I do have a service manual circa 1980 that I think is the last rendition for my plane but IMO it is lacking in the fuel system area. I went through my airframe log book again and they did service the fuel strainer after the dukes pump at annual however nothing was said about the gascolator. I went out and ran the plane up then changed the oil, while under there I pulled the panel and removed the fuel strainer after the dukes pump and it was clean as a whistle. I installed a new oring and put it back together, the anodized fitting on the exit of the strainer had been relatively loose not hand tight but close so I hoped this was the issue. Once checking for fuel leaks, running up the engine and checking for oil leaks, then putting the cowlings back on I went for a flight in the pattern and thought I had it licked because it did not act up once in the 30 minutes I was up there. I landed checked everything over again then went up and flew for an hour and fuel issue came back. It happened twice while I was up there pretty much identical to what the video shows with the new pump installed. After flight I get an area on the floor about the size of a quarter where the fuel drips out of the sniffle valve nothing else leaks externally. I'm going to have my A&P look at it when he can I'm still thinking of having him go through the gascolator but is there anything else easy I could check before that? I always assumed the original fuel pressure gauge I have was mechanical but I did not look under the dash today to make sure and I can't find anything about it in the manual is it electric? If so where is the traducer located so I could check the wire? Is there a chance it could be in the fuel servo even though there is no noticeable change in engine performance? A JPI 900 is on the list but I have been getting some of these other issues sorted while trying to save up for it BTW sorry for the book.
  4. The boost pump brings it back up to normal pressure. I have not ever checked the fuel screen however the last annual was very extensive it was not a service center but done by an IA with Mooney experience however I don’t know that they specifically checked that screen. I am mechanically inclined and am going up tomorrow to change the oil how difficult is it to check the screen and is it considered preventive maintenance?
  5. Good afternoon guys, I have been having a fuel pressure fluctuation for a bit now and was looking for some insite. A little background on my plane it is a 65 E with the a1a engine and 2180 hrs on the rebuild and fuel system. A few months ago I noticed a fluctuation in the fuel pressure that happens at all altitudes, any fuel level, any power level, on either tank. Seems about every twenty minutes or so the pressure would drop from 25 psi to 18 and fluctuate then return to 25 and be steady. The fuel pressure would leak down after shut down to zero in about fifteen minutes and I did have a bit of a fuel drip out of one of the tubes coming from the bottom of the cowling although from what I’ve read that is normal? The engine does not stumble or lose power when this happens there are no other indications other then the gauge. Since the mechanical fuel pump had not been changed since the rebuild I had a service centre change it and was very pleased with my experience there however this problem still exists. There are no other leaks that have been found elsewhere in the fuel system so I was thinking of having the fuel selector gone through what do you think? -Chase IMG_0424.MOV
  6. Gently used Stratus 3 with everything in picture included $500 shipped.
  7. I agree with what Anthony has said I have had my sensorcon for a year and see 0 in cruise with full heat. We have been real cold lately 10-20 below, the detector will rise to 2-5 while on the ground taxing and warming things up. -Chase