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  1. Yes. The Denali has been in the works for a few years. Looks good in mock-up. The engine promises 20% improvement in fuel burn compared to PT6A series. Closer in size to a Pilatus PC12. Denali
  2. I helped install a GFC500 in a C182 this year, and it probably took us 40 hours to do the servos. Maybe more. Harness routing, installation of the brackets, doublers, the servos, then the connections to the control cables plus calibration and paint touch-up. Great autopilot system now that it is in and working, though.
  3. The FAA plans to retain an operational VOR network for enroute navigation and for approaches at MON (minimum operational network) airports. FAA VOR MON The 589 VOR stations planned for retention under MON beyond 2030 are VOR Locations.
  4. Yes. And no. Yes you have coverage under their policy. But in the event of a claim the insurer may come back to you to recover some of the money. One reason I have my own CFI insurance policy is to protect me from claims by the flight school or the school’s insurer. Loss of hull value or loss of use claims are possible. CFI liability insurance for single engine piston is not very expensive for modest coverage. It’s so cheap I guess (repeat, I guess) there must not be many successful claims against CFI for educational malpractice. The main worry that I hear stated around th
  5. My first flight in a light airplane was in a TriPacer. I thought it was wonderful. But, I was 9 at the time and the ride was a birthday present for me. Aside: I recall that my dad and I showed up at the little airport in N central Indiana, he talked briefly with the people there and off we went. No checkout. He was an active duty Marine pilot at the time but I doubt he had ever flown a TriPacer before. He was flying the F8U out of El Toro in those days and perhaps that seemed similar enough. Or perhaps the young CFI were afraid of him.
  6. Yes, there seem to be more flight school candidates in this time of CoVid than before. Some of my “learners” are not so busy at work so they’re going for training while they have the time.
  7. TBM is ~ twice the op-ex of the JetProp for ‘not much more’ speed or UL. PC-12 is about like TBM in op-ex, similar to the JetProp in speed and will haul it all.
  8. JetProp PT6A conversions of PA46 Malibu or Mirage have 1,300 to 1,400 pounds of useful load. The tanks will hold up to 1,000 pounds of JetA. Yes, the PA46 is larger and weighs 1,000 pounds more than the heaviest long body Mooney. The P210 Silver Eagle conversions use the smaller RR250 engine. It too is larger and heavier than any Mooney airframe. P210SE have about the same useful load as JetProps but as full fuel is around 750 pounds they will legally carry more people and baggage. If you want to carry lots of fuel and fill the seats you need either smaller people or a bigger a
  9. Early Mooneys had a tent-shaped water deflector above the center radio stack. It was the same material as the interior plastic panels.
  10. Each 406 MHz ELT transmits a unique identifier but it is not the ICAO code assigned to the aircraft. The ELT’s manufacturer sets the unique identifier and it is not alterable in the field. The NOAA registration database links the ELT identifier to the specific aircraft and to the contact information to call first if the ELT transmits a distress signal. If you don’t register the ELT first responders won’t know who to call. The NOAA registration is required to be updated every 2 years to keep the contact information current. The aircraft’s ICAO hex code is entered into the Mode
  11. You are correct, thanks. 91.501 defines applicability.
  12. CFR § 91.509 describes the required survival gear for overwater flight.
  13. I had noticed that in recent years ATC seemed to become much more receptive to VFR flight following requests. In decades past it was common to be dropped rather than handed off but I haven’t experienced that in years. When I lived in Northern California I flew in and out of John Wayne hundreds of times. Never, not even once, VFR. I found it easier, more predictable and lower stress to go IFR.
  14. Garberville, California O16 isn’t too challenging but...it is interesting. On the downwind for 36 at pattern altitude the runway is not visible. It’s behind a ridge. You turn base, and if you are in the correct valley, the runway comes into view. 2W2 in Maryland is short and nestled among tall trees: Probably the most challenging place I’ve taken a Mooney.
  15. ... I think you mean a three-quarters of a million dollar airplane. Not only would it cost $750K if new today, it is a 30 year old $750K airframe. Expect to spend some serious $ to keep it in prime condition. That piper being paid, a good Bravo can provide fine travel.
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