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  1. In short body Mooney with 120 mph gear limit the tricky time for me was in IMC approaches when ATC didn’t provide any “level off interval” where I could slow down enough. Seems most common on a non-precision approach. Sure, @DXB in a true emergency I’d drop the gear at any speed.
  2. The short body planes I owned have a max gear speed of 120 mph, so if I needed to slow down I was usually going too fast to drop the gear.
  3. I had a stock 64E, too, and it would cruise about 145 knots at 10,000’ running 2400 and WOT.
  4. I flew my E and C all over the west for two decades. Over the mountains they were fine in day VMC. Occasionally I flew them up to 14,000, but normally at or below 10,000.
  5. The CI-122 extends down about 19” from the belly of the airplane. Tight but it will not drag along the tarmac.
  6. I happen to know he has a GMA35 remote audio panel.
  7. New wiring, better connectors, digital interconnections, digital fault diagnostic reporting and NO spinning gyros should all help.
  8. That’s good news. It shows another 20,000 GA airplanes are headed for ADS-B Out. But only around half of us have ADS-B Out installed as of April 2019, and the installation rates are too low for all to make the deadline: No surprise there. ADS-B Installations
  9. I have a G500 and two AI, three of you count the FlightStream’s AHRS. That is so best 3 of 4 wins. (Of course if any one of them fails I can’t launch...91.213 does not treat turbine aircraft as leniently as piston birds)
  10. It is connected to the static port. You should plug the hose to maintain altimeter and transponder encoder calibration.
  11. Agree with Don, there are good components and systems showing up on the used market. After my KFC225 failed last year I got a “guaranteed working” pitch servo from eBay for around $900. It worked perfectly. Then I had the failed servo overhauled at Autopilots Central for $1800: Not cheap but far better than the obscene price from the manufacturer. Yes, under 91.213 you may fly a (non-turbine) airplane with the autopilot disabled and marked. Few CFII would advise single pilot IMC without a good autopilot.
  12. The Mooney factory installed a Rexolyte water shield on top of the radio stack to deflect water leaks away from the radios and onto the pilots’ trouser legs. Perhaps your shield is missing? Laser will have a few.
  13. Her medical was not current at the time of the crash. Nor had she met the annual recurrent training requirements. Her insurance policy was voided for those violations.
  14. I knew this pilot. She won the Silicon Valley lottery with her startups. She had owned a Mooney TLS then several turboprops and was on her third Citation when she crashed. In this game we play for keeps.
  15. I hope uAvionix have about 10,000 of their beacons in flow. By summer time some folks will be forced to use this simple solution regardless of any desire for Mode S ES — even the worst radio shops are booked up for the rest of this year.