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  1. Jerry 5TJ

    Ki 209 glide slope warning flag

    If you can hear the ILS Morse identifier on the nav receiver audio the ground station is transmitting valid localizer and glide slope signals. The presence of those dits and dahs was the 1940s version of RAIM. That’s why our instructor told us always to monitor the audio during an ILS approach, yes?
  2. Jerry 5TJ

    GDL-82 Install Time

    The UAT box can cause the local transponder to reply by sending a low power interrogation. A mode 3 interrogation is at its simplest just two 1030 MHz RF pulses: The P2 SLS pulse may be omitted. In a GDL82-like device the pulses can be coupled into the coaxial cable at very low RF power. There is no technical reason a UAT could not know the squawk code of a co-located operating transponder.
  3. Yes, they are impressive in their simplicity & accuracy: Add a solid autopilot and it’s almost like machine gunning fish in a barrel.
  4. Jerry 5TJ

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    No stones thrown, and I am in the field.
  5. Jerry 5TJ

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    ADS-B Performance Test A reminder that the FAA provides a free test of your installed ADS-B OUT performance. FAA ADS-B Performance Check I went through a (long diatribe deleted here) software upgrade to 6.50 & used the FAA site to make sure it all still works.
  6. Jerry 5TJ

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    I find it “interesting” that over 10% of the installations are incorrect. It is not that hard to hook up a box and configure it. Apparently it is hard for some minority of installers. As my local avionics shop manager said, “even the bad shops are busy now.” Next fall isn’t going to be pretty on the ADS-B scene. After all, to be compliant as of 1/1/2020 you not only must have equipment installed, it has to work properly.
  7. Jerry 5TJ

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    ADS-B EQUIPPAGE As of the third quarter of 2018 the FAA estimates “that 28 to 45 percent of all GA aircraft are equipped, and 42 to 53 percent of US air carriers are equipped.” About 6,500 of the 55,000 installations “fail to meet 14 CFR 91.277 equipment performance requirements.” Source Avionics News Oct 2018 page 15
  8. Cancel? 60s on 6 is broadcast all year round.
  9. Several times I’ve stayed a week at a wintry airport & asked the FBO to pull my plane into a heated hangar starting the day before I leave.
  10. Jerry 5TJ

    IO-360-A3B6 Jet-A Contamination 1.86%

    PT6A-35 permits up to 150 hours of operation on 100LL. The IO-360 is not as happy on 100% JetA, however. Chevron had a 100LL contamination issue in N California about 24 years ago. The end result was a lot of new engines installed at Chevron expense. Including the one in my C.
  11. Jerry 5TJ

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    Well, Mooneyspace does have flamers.
  12. Jerry 5TJ

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    What does a T&G teach us? How to jump the shark that suddenly appears on the runway? I’d rather train for the usual operations using the usual standard flows. I practice taking off, landings, go-arounds. Not T&Gs.
  13. I’d consider a C versus an E because when 100LL is no longer available the C is more likely to be able to use the replacement fuel or mogas.
  14. Jerry 5TJ

    Holding procedure for IFR currency

    “View limiting device...” how about if I lower the seat and just don’t look outside before the DA? The panel in the Ovation is fairly tall & limits the view pretty well.
  15. Jerry 5TJ

    WTB: Garmin GTX 335

    A Garmin engineer suggested to me that the GTX330ES is nearing the end of production. The 335 and 345 will enjoy full support many years longer.