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  1. Well, not good reading.

    A useful load in that range today comes only with a PC12-sized airplane. If you mean gross, the current Mooney wing appears maxed out at 3368 pounds due to certification stall speed limits. Mooney probably needs a new wing design to carry any more weight.
  2. Ex SR-71 pilot said, "You've never been lost until you've been lost at Mach 3."
  3. GNS430W 28 Volt 5500.00

    No. You'd have to buy a 12V to 28V converter to use this version 430W. Like this
  4. I moved into single engine turboprop. My insurance quote required initial training (5 days) then 25 hours TT in type before carrying passengers. Of that 12 hours accrued in training. After surviving 1st year insurance was 30% lower.
  5. 'Annual in lieu of Pre-Buy' - ?

    Your house is more expensive than your aircraft?!?!? Misguided priorities IMO.
  6. 'Annual in lieu of Pre-Buy' - ?

    Theory aside, I'm headed for an actual pre-buy next week on a plane I'm buying. I'm paying for the inspection. It's a fixed flat rate, two days, including a report including retail estimate to fix items found. My purchase agreement says I present the list of "airworthy & significant" items to seller. He pays or he flies his plane home. Will I include everything found? Certainly not. Will I include SBs that I and manufacturer deem important even if not "airworthy" per some? Probably. Seller pays to get the plane to inspection--about 5 flight hours in this case. I pay for inspection. We each have $ invested in making this transaction successful.
  7. I hear Air Traffic Controllers have a saying -- Mooneys show up as two primary radar returns: One for the airframe, the second for the pilot about 5 miles in trail.
  8. Thinking about a fs210

    If you want an independent AHRS get a 210. If you get the 510 your iPad and/or 796 will still display a reference AI gyro, BUT the source is from your other AHRS if you have one, such as in your G500. You can get both.....
  9. 'Annual in lieu of Pre-Buy' - ?

    Except for buyers and sellers aircraft sales transactions generally go smoothly.
  10. Thinking about a fs210

    I installed FS210 in my G500/GTN750/650/796 panel and it is a GREAT upgrade for only 1 AMU. The iPad now integrates with the panel, flight plan loading is far easier and faster, the 796 communicates with the GTNs, and an independent AHRS, too.
  11. Ground Power Unit

    Third (smaller) pin is + I bought a used DIN rail 28V 20 amp power supply off eBay for ~ $30. Then I got 20' of 8 gauge flexible wire and the standard plug from Aircraft Spruce to mate with the airplane. Works ok to run G500 GTN750 etc to upgrade firmware.
  12. The Concorde test specification is in fact 85%. Ref: Concorde Battery Documentation See page 101.
  13. If you suspect a "phantom load" is draining the battery why not test it? Turn master switch off. disconnect one terminal of #1 battery (either one). connect a milliampere meter between that terminal and its lead. if there's current flow of more than a few milliamperes then look for the cause.
  14. 1983 M20K 231 ROCKET 305 for sale

    Get one with a PT6A-34 and it will probably make its TBO of 4000 hours. No, not real fast, but 240-250 knots cruise at FL250.
  15. Why ADS-B?

    Another reason for "why ADS-B?" might be of some interest to those turbocharged Mooney drivers: The FAA is considering easing RVSM requirements and has put out a NPRM seeking comments. Want to fly above FL280? With ADS-B Out and two compliant altimeters you may be able to do so. NPRM 2017-16197-1.pdf