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  1. No, but that light sounds useful.
  2. Ok, here’s a real negative— one of my colleagues at the flight school died a couple of days ago. Collapsed in the office. Age 33. Wife and 2 young kids. A bad day.
  3. As a guideline it is best to have different HW and SW on the backup: I have an L-3 ESI500 as backup to my Garmin G500.
  4. I was unable to get a higher smooth limit than $1M in my piston aircraft. On the Ovation I was offered a $1M umbrella as secondary to a $1M smooth policy. Cost of the umbrella was about the same as the main policy.
  5. They are “sealed” as there is no removable cap to add electrolyte. Battery capacity is lower in the FL because the temperature is lowered. The temperature of the two batteries in the un-heated tail is about equal to the OAT. At -20 C the capacity is about 1/2 what it is at +20 C. Reference: Sandia Labs SLA Article That makes me think if your cold-soaked battery at FL250 suddenly Is the only source of electricity there may not be sufficient charge to descend to the nearest airport.
  6. In my vintage Mooney birds other than the registration and airworthiness cards the required documents— POH, W&B, POH supplements — fit snugly into a slim envelope. The Ovation with its glass panel and more complex systems had a box of documents in several binders and spiral-bound books. Probably 10 pounds of paper. The P46T has at least 20 pounds of required documents to lug around. Is it legal and acceptable to scan all the documents and carry them in electronic form? I’m thinking of using a retired iPad for that purpose. For that matter, why not just carry the scanned originals in my iPad mini or iPhone? Do I have to have paper copies of anything? Or just the A and R?
  7. The King KMA24 is an audio switching panel with a marker beacon receiver. It doesn’t have a 4 place intercom capability. Does your plane have an intercom Installed?
  8. I've used the Mooney experts at Freeway for work on my C, E and R models over a 30+ year span. They have been consistently good. Yes, the runway is a bit short but acceptable if you're current.
  9. The best investment for safety may be in training. As for radar altimeter—ForeFlight has a vivid display pop up at 500 AGL that would probably be as useful a reminder and much simpler, lighter & cheaper than a RA.
  10. Gabriele Kerner aka Nena is still singing, and is a grandmother of teenagers now. The zenith of her professional career was the release of 99 Luftballons which, in slangy lyrics refer to the NATO vs Warsaw Pact nuclear standoff. Ancient history now. When 99 Luftballons aired, my first Mooney was already 20 years old. It’s still flying around.
  11. Nena 99 Luftballon From way back when there were two Berlins.
  12. Since #2 radio is good I wouldn't mess with it, not even for troubleshooting purposes. It is possible there are coax and/or coax connector issues with the 530. The antenna connectors for the Garmin 530 antennas are type BNC female. There are four of them. Make sure that the com and nav and glideslope (g/s) connectors have not been swapped. If someone has confused them that could ruin the comm performance. If that's not it, then carefully measure the comm antenna coaxial cable performance.