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  1. FAR 91.213 is your guide. The answer is, as is often the case, “it depends.” An example: In the FIKI Ovation both alternators are required for flight into icing conditions. That requirement is not in a MEL or Kinds of Equipment list. It is found in the AFM supplement for the TKS system as part of the STC. Similar type question: Must the PIC sit in the left seat? Probably not for most Part 91 operations. But wait — the 2000 Ovation with a KFC225 autopilot has a requirement buried in the AFM autopilot supplement that the PIC must be in the left front seat.
  2. Not much, given the dew point spread. If there is, it will be too cold to cycle the boots, however: Boot operations are limited to warmer than -30C.
  3. They are not building diversity transponders (yet). The location of the tailbeacon means its antenna can “see” the sky and can reply to Aieron satellite interrogations.
  4. Interesting. Please post a picture of the G500 annunciation of KFC225 status. I’m curious why my G500/GAD43e/KFC225 does not show the autopilot mode except on the autopilot panel. Here’s a shot of mine, KFC225 in AP HDG VSI mode:
  5. The Garmin G500 does not display KFC225 autopilot status.
  6. I prefer to teach no power reduction until at least 1,000 AGL -- Concentration should be on power, pitch, positive rate and a stabilized departure. The MAPA PPP "IFR by the Numbers" chart recommends the Ovation initial climb at 110 KIAS with gear up and flaps up, MP full and RPM full (2500). Transition to cruise climb calls for no change in power settings, speed increased to 130 KIAS for cooling.
  7. CFII in Baltimore/DC area. I have instructed in M20C/E/F/J/K/M/R and owned C, E and R model Mooneys. 1,600 hours in Mooneys. Jerryh47@gmail.
  8. Employers are so unreasonable. They expect you to show up, like, every day.
  9. I plan to go, so long as the weather is warm. I will fly to Bartow, most likely. I’ve already had the two doses of Pfizer vaccine. I’ll be wearing a mask. Hope also to be wearing shorts and flip-flops.
  10. And on DromedarySpace we will endlessly extol the virtues of one hump and denigrate the fools who ride two-humpers.
  11. The coast guard rescue teams much prefer we wear the bright orange survival suits. Why? It makes finding our bodies a lot easier.
  12. Discussed this in 2015 before crossing Lake Michigan to OSH. Even in July the water temperature is in the low 60F range. If you can not get out of the water and into a raft then the statistics aren’t good.
  13. Ah—Fun topic: Outdated and poor aviation designs semi-supported at high prices. I had a propeller heat control module fail. The replacement was $3500 as I recall. I took apart the old module (hey, I’m a retired engineer & can’t restrain myself at times). Inside I found a single-sided PCB with a 555 timer, a couple of diodes, one connector and three relays. That’s it. The Bendix connector is admittedly expensive, as are good relays, which these were not. A generous estimate for the component bill of materials is $250. Or in China a contract manufacturer might pay $3
  14. I have been to SnF a couple of times. I go to Bartow, park the plane on the pavement there, and rent a car from the lobby desks.
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