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  1. Jerry 5TJ

    Option that KFC 150 is fried

    I’d vote on your option 1.5 as the combo of GTN750 and GFC500 will be a great step forward in capability.
  2. Jerry 5TJ

    remove gps (old) and com2

    Mike said he doesn’t fly IFR and wants to know about putting a GPS in the center stack. A Garmin 296 is certainly budget friendly. It should be readable given the short distance to the panel in a C.
  3. Jerry 5TJ

    Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    One quiet evening about 25 years ago as I taxied towards the active runway at O69 I saw a Mooney on short final with gear still retracted. I keyed the mike and said, stressing each word, ”Mooney At Petaluma Your Landing Gear Is Up!” He went around. Never said a word about the warning. Embarrassed I guess.
  4. Jerry 5TJ

    Frugal Mooney Owners Rejoice!

    I’m a CB: Look how much I saved by not buying a new M600! (Couldn’t make it into MENSA. But I got a charter membership In DENSA.)
  5. Jerry 5TJ

    A Surprise with the G500 TXi

    My Dell desktop PC has an external keyboard. Doesn’t mean the designers forget to put it inside the PC.
  6. Only $3.95. Per ounce.
  7. “When you start your piston engine your troubles begin. Once you have started your turbine engine your troubles are over.”
  8. The chart is for a smaller lead acid battery and was supposed to illustrate the difference between the 1 hour rating at 1C and the much higher starting current discharge rate. It’s not a linear relationship. If a brand new 12V Gill or Concorde battery will source 35 amps for 60 minutes at or above 10 volts ( the stated capacity test) then will it crank at 200 amps for a total of 6 minutes? That was the question & the answer is, yes, barely. 10 volts x 200 amps is 2000 Watts. That’s nearly 3 horsepower. Not bad for a small box filled with some lead and acid.
  9. Jerry 5TJ

    Cheap IFR GPS

  10. 6 minutes at 200 amps from a 35 amp-hour (measured at 1 hour discharge rate) lead acid battery? That’s 5.7 times higher current than the 1 hour rate and is going to deplete even a brand new, fully charged battery. Note the time scale is logarithmic. The 5.7CA curve reaches 10 volts almost 10 times sooner than the 1 CA curve. Pulling the 6 cell battery below 10 volts is not recommended for battery health. (Of course that’s of academic interest only: I hear IO-360s always start right up. GREEN FONT).
  11. Jerry 5TJ


    At your first post I suspected you might be a novice looking for a cheap plane. Given your experience I (we) are happy you’re considered a rebuild of a wood wing Mooney. I’d be happy to fly one if I or someone I trust had recently rebuilt the wings. I suspect the Mooney wing, tapered so each rib is unique, will be a challenge. At least you have the original wings to use as dimensional guides or jigs. Best luck.
  12. More screens = More better.
  13. Jerry 5TJ

    Insurance woes

    You formed a partnership to reduce costs and risks overall. If the pilot who bent metal is otherwise a good partner then I’d say you should all split the costs evenly and carry on. Like an unexpected maintenance event you could view unintentional damage as a shared risk. Next time it may be your turn.
  14. OK, I’m just another of the dolts who could not always start his IO-360s, either well-used or factory new ones, when they were hot. I find it interesting how many “sure-fire” hot start procedures have been offered for injected Lycomings. By contrast there’s just one start process for the PT6A & it always concludes with the engine running. Same dolt, different engine, different outcome.
  15. Jerry 5TJ

    FAA: Unleaded fuel by 2018

    OP: 5 years have passed. It is 2018 & there’s no 100LL replacement. Since the thread has drifted nicely I will toss in my speculation: I guess that no single drop-in, miscible replacement for 100LL will become available. I foresee 100LL production will continue in the USA until something disrupts the supply of TEL, or until legal risks excessively imperil the refiners. Then I figure many of the 2/3 of the piston GA fleet that can convert to E0 automobile gasoline will do so. For those piston engines that require higher octane I see no fuel. I will be happy to be wrong — I hope that 100LL remains available. (Disclosure: I’ve already converted to a widely-available alternative aviation fuel.)