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  1. Jerry 5TJ

    Strange Stratux Phenomenon

    In my professional opinion — It seems like the Stratux is interfering with the transponder.... I doubt the transponder is replying at full rate even though the reply light appears illuminated all the time. All transponders incorporate reply rate limiting for several reasons, not the least being to prevent the transponder transmitter from blowing itself up. Also if your transponder were to be asynchronously triggered at maximum reply rate ATC radar would see those replies as FRUIT. Mode S ES does produce intentional FRUIT at a measured rate but a mode A/C transponder doing so should be flagged by the ground interrogator and ATC would eventually tell you to turn it off until it is repaired. If you were not talking to ATC then obviously they said nothing. The reply light in some transponders is triggered by a detector circuit that samples the transmitter RF output. It is possible that sampling circuit is seeing WiFi or Bluetooth signals either radiated or conducted into the transponder. That is, the circuit threshold detection is triggered and the reply light is on BUT the transponder transmitter is operating normally. Or the Stratux cigar lighter power supply is noisy. Try it on internal battery only. Or a more arcane theory could be cooked up based on an assumption that the transponder sidelobe suppression circuitry is getting confused by stray signals from the Stratux. That would mean the transponder would reply to valid interrogations but outside the desired angle off boresight. And that would keep the reply light on. By now I’m assuming you’re sorry you asked, Chris. At least the solution is in hand—don’t use that Stratux in the plane.
  2. Jerry 5TJ

    Attitude Indicator Question

    The first ESI500 I installed is doing great. It’s well out of the OP’s price range, of course. I plan to install a second ESI500 to replace the copilot side “standard six” and save 20 pounds. (I can’t use a G5 as that unit is not approved for pressurized airplanes.)
  3. Jerry 5TJ

    Attitude Indicator Question

    In your price range: The RCA 2600-3 is becoming available used in the under $1000 range. It is a solid-state non-tumbling backup option for your mechanical AI. It has a very readable display. I’d suggest if you have room in your panel you add a 2600-3 and retain your existing AI. Two AI are better than one. RCA 2600 Here are two recent sales from eBay:
  4. Jerry 5TJ

    Mode C Died

    The wiring between the encoder and transponder has 12 conductors. That wiring and the two connectors are possible trouble spots when you have intermittent mode C reports from ATC.
  5. Jerry 5TJ

    Spray on Passive Deice Boots

    Agree fully as I was suggesting it only as an alternative to flight testing in actual icing. A Bill Murray type standing in the back of a speeding pickup truck closely pursued by a Mooney while pumping a garden sprayer — a fine video that’ll make. And the NTSB write-up will be interesting.
  6. Jerry 5TJ

    Spray on Passive Deice Boots

    Didn’t the Star Trek’s Enterprise just use force fields for de-ice? And that keeps bugs off the plane, too. You never saw Mr. Chekov peering ahead through a bug-spattered windshield, right? I’m going to get me some diLithium crystals off eBay.
  7. Jerry 5TJ

    Spray on Passive Deice Boots

    So get some and try it out. Maybe the researcher needs a test vehicle. Perhaps best to try taxi tests first before tackling SLDs. Zip along a runway at below freezing temperatures while spraying water mist from a vehicle in front of the plane.
  8. (At your request, Anthony)—My Rocket (Engineering P46T) will barely make it nonstop into light head winds. Just under 4 hours, about 120 gallons used. Close to half of the flight is over the ocean, too. But the cabin is around 7,000’ so probably no mask for the OP. That fuel calculation is assuming you can get a climb direct to FL250 out of NY center. Which happens about as often as the Red Sox win the series.
  9. Jerry 5TJ

    Century 31 no altitude hold

    Altitude hold is derived from a barometric sensor coupled to the static system. If your Century 31 operates correctly in pitch mode but won’t engage or hold altitude mode check the static connection and static system. Have a look at the maintenance section of the Operating Manual for suggestions: Century 31 Operation Manual
  10. Jerry 5TJ

    Flying on Instruments with No PC

    I flew my 1964 E for 7 years with no PC and no autopilot. (E models before serial number 400 did not have the PC system installed.) IMC flight in any turbulence was busy. I couldn’t look away from the AI for more than a few seconds to fold a chart (Historical note: IFR charts used to be printed on big sheets of paper) or tune the radios. In glassy smooth air it would stay on heading well for several minutes. An occasional nudge to the yoke was needed to keep on assigned altitude.
  11. Jerry 5TJ

    Ownership costs

    My experience with two vintage Mooney airplanes suggests that Marauder’s careful figures (he has collected data for over two decades) are sound. I figure at least $25K per year for ~100 hours of flight, with some owner-assisted maintenance and modest upgrades is about average. In a few of those years a single invoice will be that much, however. Be wary: Black Swans can bite.
  12. Jerry 5TJ

    O2 altitudes with little kids

    One reason my aviation partner and I bought a PA46 is his young kids won’t wear masks or cannula. The PA46 will maintain a 5,000’ cabin at ~ 20,000’. The cabin climb/descent rate can be set lower than the plane’s true rate to aid in ear and sinus equalization. I know, this is a Mooney forum, but a number of us have moved to PA46 from our Mooneys & pressurization is one of the reasons.
  13. I should have used the green font. And it shows 250 true, BTW.
  14. This was in my C model, I think. WOT and about 6 GPH. It took a while to climb up there but the tailwind was nice. Or maybe it was in my Ovation. I dunno: Memory, it’s the second thing to go.
  15. Jerry 5TJ

    ILS vs LPV