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  1. A GTX33ES will slide into the existing transponder rack. You will have to add a few wires between the GTX33 and your WAAS navigator — that is a WAAS 480 you have in your panel, correct? A used GTX33ES would be about the same cost as a tailbeacon & you have a long-term solution. The trick may be finding a shop to install it this year.
  2. The GTN750 screen controlling a GDL88 providing UAT ADS-B Out has provision for the VHF anonymous mode. There is no equivalent privacy mode for Mode S ES transponders used to implement ADS-B out. The crowd-sourced systems like FlightAware receive your ADS-B transmissions directly from your plane into a wide-spread receiver network. Since that data stream is independent of the FAA that means blocking your N number with the FAA will not hide your flights.
  3. Scan the POH, the required supplements and avionics manuals and carry them in a tablet.
  4. I have several degrees in EE myself. But spout on, we’re enjoying the display.
  5. Wow, another Robert Oppenheimer for sure! I got a FCC General Radiotelephone License w/ radar endorsement, too, back around 1988. Read the book the day before, took a 60 minute multiple guess exam & received the most useless License imaginable, entirely suitable for framing. The frame is worth something.
  6. Sad to see such a bent Bravo. Chandler Air replaced the mixture cable in my C when it broke off in my hand on approach to KCHD in 2015. This repair will take longer than 2 days I needed.
  7. Ditto. Around 1990 I went through the W&B entries for my E all the way back to its 1964 Kerrville origin & found numerous errors from pre-spreadsheet days. The plane also had “numerous” equipment changes not in the W&B history. I know folks who advise never weigh your plane. But I ask: Why trust 40+ years of vague entries and errors when you can get a clean start with a good weight & balance? If you don’t want to know about the real figures why bother to do a W&B calculation for a flight at all? Me, I’d rather know the true W&B and perhaps deliberately overload the plane rather than use suspect data.
  8. To add to the “me too” commentary—I have flown in and out of Freeway Airport in C, E, J and R models. The airport is home to a long-serving MSC. The one runway has some challenges including no excess of length, obstructions at both ends and complex over-lying airspace. Otherwise it’s like any other 2400’ paved strip near sea level.
  9. Departing W00 Route 50 is the only real landing option at low altitudes--and N202JB didn't get high enough to start a FlightAware track.
  10. Yesterday morning in Missoula we decided we were done with this vacation and ready to go home. So, we flew home. The winds were favorable: Back in Baltimore by 8 pm.
  11. Seems like only yesterday.... M20C Generator Service
  12. Or to bet your life on your heart that’s been working nonstop for seven decades....