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  1. We upgraded to a diversity Mode S transponder several years ago by swapping out the remote GTX33ES for a GTX33DES and adding a second antenna on top of the fuselage. We did so for the same reason, Nav Canada requirements, which were subsequently delayed. The only wiring change was the addition of the coaxial cable to the upper antenna. An additional benefit is the ability of the Aerion satellite network to locate your plane precisely should it disappear. Much more reliable than an ELT, in my opinion, for search and rescue.
  2. Ask him what it’s worth when rime ice is accumulating briskly on unprotected surfaces.
  3. These are temporary NOTAMs and are shown on ForeFlight charts with the NOTAM layer active “Notice To Airman or NOTAM UOAs are required only of certain commercial flights and only those that are required to submit a NOTAM can submit a NOTAM UOA. Generally these operators are Police, Fire, EMS and Search and Rescue. If you are a Part 107 licensed pilot the NOTAM system is not required nor is it allowed to be used for flight notification. A NOTAM UOA is used fulfill COA requirements and to inform Aircraft Pilots of any UAV operations that are occurring along their flight path in Flight Service flight briefing.” source ref: uasidekick.com
  4. I'm 6'2", fit and trim, and my C model cruises at 180 KTAS on 7 GPH.
  5. Suggest you try to get insurance quoted before closing on an Evolution.
  6. If the various pushrods or couplings or the Johnson bar fail there’s no backup method to lock the gear down.
  7. San Rafael CA35 is 30’ wide and 2100’ long. I was based there for a year. Going around after landing on runway 22 is unlikely but you can merge onto 101 northbound.
  8. I think he was saying my knowledge is classic. But, I prefer the term “seasoned professional” rather than “old fart.”
  9. The pitch of the Morse from the DME ident is higher, not the rate at which the letters are sent. The ident for the DME is transmitted on the DME frequency and you need to hear that audio from the DME receiver and not the separate audio ident from the VOR receiver. As 47U notes, the audio output from the DME receiver in the KNS80 must be connected to the audio panel if you are to hear the DME identifier letters. So — On your audio panel select DME, not NAV 1 or 2, and listen patiently. DME ident are sent out only once every 30 seconds. My hunch is that the RBG site had a problem with its DME transponder equipment and shut itself down. Another possibility is that the site was rate-limited: The ground-based DME transponder can only work with a limited number of aircraft at once. If too many aircraft attempt to interrogate the DME site simultaneously the ground equipment will ignore some of the planes’ interrogations. DME use may be in decline in GA but many larger aircraft use DME/DME area navigation so they are equipped with multiple DME interrogators.
  10. I’m sure you can find a 20-something CFI with a negative net worth willing to instruct you under your policy’s open pilot clause.
  11. It is a Nose-Dragger. See their web page at Dragger. As for the model, well, it’s a bit of a hybrid. It started out as a stock nose dragger. Then… 1. The handle was extended to better fit under the Ovation’s nose and spinner. 2. That shifted the CG so the battery was moved aft for operator comfort. 3. The original puny gel-cell was replaced with a Concorde 24V aircraft battery removed from a Cirrus at 85% capacity. 4. The tug seemed a tad slow so a motor drive gear with a few more teeth was installed. 5. Originally it was a single speed - on or off. A PWM motor speed controller was added so the tug’s speed can go from a slow oozing to a moderate walk 6. A 24 volt solar trickle charger takes care of topping off the battery in the hangar which had no 120V Electrical service. All of the STC and 337 forms are available. Will deliver for fuel costs.
  12. A myth I’ve encountered frequently in transition training: That the Mooney stall behavior is unpredictable and that an abrupt spin entry follows each approach to stall.
  13. SOLD. Nose dragger electric tug. Set up for Mooney or similar, easily pulled my Ovation in and out of the hangar. 24 volt system, variable speed control. Solar trickle charger included. Located Baltimore MD. $850. SOLD, thanks.
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