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  1. First he tried to sell it but found no buyer for a 9,000 hour P210. Then he sold it to a parts salvage operation. Collins Scraps His P210
  2. As backup for those pesky GPS outages —
  3. I saved a spot for the GI 275 when I did a copilot side clean-up last year:
  4. That was my expectation as well, until I set up my iPhone with ForeFlight to display an Attitude Indicator (using the AHRS in the FlightStream 210). The 2.5” wide display (iPhone X) has similar resolution to the GI 275 and it shows SV clearly.
  5. All Mooney models have basically the same room in the front seats. As for Truckee — I operated my C (180 hp) out of there occasionally. Day VFR it was ok. The IMC departures require climb rates the C is unable to meet.
  6. .....I just enter the NDB identifier into the GTN750 and it works fine.....
  7. The issue is the magnetic sensor & not the gyro, spinning or solid state. If you want a backup AI that won’t be affected by magnetic issues you don’t need to keep the rotating mechanical gyro. As an example an RCA-2610-3 will work fine at all latitudes. And it won’t tumble.
  8. A magnetic sensor’s heading accuracy is degraded near the magnetic poles. From G500 Pilot’s Guide:
  9. USB power ports do provide 5 volts DC. None are higher voltage. USB ports built to newer standards such as 3.0 will provide higher current than the early versions. No USB port will provide a lot of power — the maximum 1.5 amps output at 5 volts is (let me get my slide rule) only 7.5 watts.
  10. Perhaps the market prices are driven up by replacement of failed, unrepairable 430s. It is much cheaper to slide in a working used unit than to rewire for a new model. If the Avionics shop gives you a choice — $6K to swap your dead 430 for a used replacement or $20K for a new installation GTN650 — it’s a way to get back aloft quickly.
  11. ✔️ Buy the plane in the best condition, with the best maintenance history and best modern avionics you can find.
  12. FAR 61.51 (d) does seem clearly to define “solo” as meaning no other person in the plane. I suppose the FAA wanted Commercial Pilot candidates to successfully fly a cross country. So, no bringing along a friend to help find the “direct to” button.
  13. $250 when I replaced mine, 10 years ago.
  14. Home from the Holidays Fine winter day ahead of the big storm to the west. Three miles visibility in haze at takeoff, several layers of broken clouds up to about 12,000 and some traces of ice here and there reminds me it’s not summer.