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  1. ICAO Flight Plan using FlyQ

    To close the loop,.......Finally received this response from FlyQ Support to my 7/20 inquiry: "We corrected this issue a few days ago, once we realized that Lockheed/Leidos changed something without telling us." I've since tested the app and the ICAO plan goes through without any errors. Disappointed that they took a week and 3 emails from me to finally respond. In the past their Support has emailed me within hours.,
  2. ICAO Flight Plan using FlyQ

    I specify 8000 when starting the planning function in FlyQ. The program inserts this into the flight plan, I don't. It initially shows "08" in the ICAO Level field, which generated the "F080" error. I tried revision the input to "080" and also "A080", but still received the error.
  3. I tried to file 2 IFR plans for a dog rescue flight tomorrow. This is my first time using FlyQ since the switched to ICAO format. I couldn't get beyond " Error: Level ICAO): "F080" is invalid" ". BTW the software initially showed the flight level as 08. I also tried without success changing it to 080. It never appeared as F080, which is quoted in the error I received. I ended up filing via 800-wxbrief, the first time I called a plan into a briefer in years. So far FlyQ customer support hasn't responded. Any FlyQ users have any idea how to get beyond this error?
  4. Intro Ride ?

    In April several Mooneys from W TN flew up to Kentucky Dam State Park. See the thread below. Some of us might fly up on 8/21, Eclipse day. I might be able to take you up for a short flight that morning in exchange for transportation (only) to/from Patti's before the eclipse. You can PM me.
  5. Help, engine issue, grounded out of town

    While this is often true, it isn't always the case. I fought a similar issue with the IO360A1A for about 2 years. It was intermittent, and after various attempts to eliminate the issue (including mag rebuilds, and about 6 months later bench check and service to fuel injection controller) I totaled my Mooney in an off field landing. It seems a piece of a torn o-ring in the fuel controller might have been floating around for some time. The problem would only manifest itself occasionally, and most of the time the fuel servo would perform well and even pass bench testing. It was not discovered when the fuel system was serviced, and eventually resulted in an off-field forced landing many months later. S"tuff" happens.
  6. Rough Running M20C. Fouling?

    Or one of the new Champion plugs on the left mag is bad
  7. If you do install that other Interav, inspect the drive pulley to confirm it is correct for you engine. Alternators with the same PN can come with either a standard or wide deck pully. doubt you need it, but I have the Interav troubleshooting guide if you don't.
  8. M20 C Engine Start problems

    My start procedure has me turning the electric pump off only after the engine starts. That's the way I read the procedure on page 16 in the 1965 M20C Owner Manual.
  9. August 2017 total eclipse

    Also plan to fly, land, and observe from the ground. Somehow I just can't see wearing those special glasses, watching the eclipse before/after totality, while acting as PIC. Pun intended.
  10. IFR Hold for Release Question

    Years ago, as I approached Destin and talking to Eglin, I relayed a code for an aircraft on the ground and waiting to depart who was also unable to communicate with Destin. While the phone call is probably better, maybe you could consider an ground-to-air relay attempt.
  11. Flying the east coast

    I flew the corridor back in 2014. Departed KCWD, started at the north narrows, and did a 180- past Verrazano. IIRC when I turned back north, I asked KEWR approach for the East River transition. Don't recall if I requested a turn over the park or not. I was prepared to head back up the Hudson if the transition wasn't approved. Anyway, at some point just past the construction site of the Freedom Tower, I was handed off to Laguardia approach. Very easy flight, and the turn toward Central Park was the highlight for my passengers. This was pre-Trump, so no TFR concerns.
  12. Flying the east coast

    When you fly the East River, just request the Central Park transition. Then turn west and punch out back over the Hudson river.
  13. Movie with a Mooney 201 in it

    Flighaware shows this as a BE58, so it's likely that the Mooney is no more. Lost on the beach?
  14. Mooney Summit V Registration is now open

    You mean you wouldn't drive the whole 3 hours if WX cancelled your flight?
  15. Oil driping from panel

    Do you have a mechanical oil pressure gauge? I had a leak in that area once on my 64E. Turns out the tubing connector behind the oil pressure gauge was left loose after an avionics tech worked on my transponder.