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  1. neilpilot

    I swear I'm cursed.

    In my case I had that checked before the o/h; was not an issue. The NTSB arranged a bench test and tear down of my fuel system after the accident and a small piece of a torn o-ring was causing intermittent fuel flow. It was likely the issue before the o/h. Shop that did the work said they “weren’t into that section “.
  2. neilpilot

    I swear I'm cursed.

    Not sure who & what your asking. I had my fuel servo overhauled about a year after my problems started. It failed about a year and 80 hours after the O/H.
  3. neilpilot

    I swear I'm cursed.

    Yes, except when there's an internal fault like the one I experienced. In my case, a torn rubber "floater" caused intermittent issues, possibly over a few years. The problems were few and far between, and then one day sudden stoppage.
  4. I'm assuming that they attached a tow bar to your nose gear. I'm of the opinion that if the FBO uses a cradle that the tire rests on, one that lifts the entire front end, damage to the steering strut isn't an issue. Can a more knowledgeable MSer please confirm if this is indeed the case. Stephen - Consider a lock or locking cable thru the nose gear tow bar barrel as a more positive prevention of damage. For the line crew that hasn't yet learned how to read...
  5. neilpilot

    Likelihood of engine failure

    I had intermittent issues for 3 years prior to the final event, usually months apart, maybe 2-3 incidents (typically unexplained rough engine operation) each year). In all cases, while I found some minor issues (fouled plug, speck of dirt in an injector), I never really solved the problem. That's why I had my servo R&R. I was averaging 80-100 hr/yr and 100-hr/annuals and pre-flight checks didn't reveal the problem. Even during the post-accident servo bench test arranged by NTSB , fuel flow was initially in spec before intermittent flows were observed. That led to an internal inspection and discovery of the blockage. I'm convinced, but have no proof, that that floating piece of o-ring is what caused very intermittent issues for years before I finally got unlucky. In July 2012 the piece of rubber, which was likely floating around for years, moved into a position to essentially shut down fuel flow.
  6. neilpilot

    Likelihood of engine failure

    The exact same comments would apply to N1310W, the 64E that was totaled in 2012. The NTBS found a small piece of torn o-ring had blocked flow in my fuel servo. The event occurred 130 flight hours and 25 months after the fuel servo R&R.
  7. Dan, consider flushing the top of the speed brake with copious water and then determine if the dripping remains as fuel. Hopefully as other's have speculated it's draining the speed brake only and does not involve your tank.
  8. neilpilot

    M18 sighted in JAN on 6/29

    Did you see that Mite at KJAN, or KHKS? Back in 2006, when I was making regular flights into Jackson's Hawkins Field (KHKS), I visited with a M18 owner names Bill Joseph. His Mite, N4102, was in a hangar at KHKS. It seems his last medical was back in 2006, and N4102 now comes up as a C340. Edit: Just looked Bill up, and he died when his C310 crashed in January 2007. I wonder if the M18 still resides in Jackson.....
  9. neilpilot

    Retirement location

    I used to fly gliders out of a 2400' turf runway at VA85, New Castle International Airport.
  10. neilpilot

    Retirement location

    We are planning a short visit to visit a cousin who lives in Wilmington NC in late July, and will take a look. However, I question that Wilmington has a "large major airport" within 2 hours drive. What am I missing?
  11. neilpilot

    ADS-B / FlightAware question

    What's even more scary is when Foreflight shows flights on the west coast that you never made. My C made a stop in Catalina on 6/10 while it was in it's hangar in AR. I've tried to track down the aircraft that's using my ADS-B out code, with moderate success TBD.
  12. neilpilot

    King KT74

    Our KT74 isn’t connected to a lighting bus. Also the light sensor works fine. The purpose of my post isn’t to rehash our dim display; we’ve given up on that issue. It was to let you know about the function failure we experienced,
  13. neilpilot

    King KT74

    It's great that you are happy with your KT-74. Our's is in the copilot's location, and the difficult to read display is not just in the pilot's seat but for the copilot who sits right in front of the unit. I suspect there's some aircraft wiring issue, not related to the position, since all 4 KT-74 displays have been equally dim. However, our KT-74 failure last October was not related to install position or display. We were suddenly not able to enter a code; a push of any number entry button would return random numbers. Bendix customer service said they had never seen anything like our failure, so maybe we're just unlucky.
  14. neilpilot

    Oxygen leak

    Are you absolutely sure your pressure gauge is correct, and that you are really getting a fill?
  15. neilpilot

    Puff of smoke, electrical smell

    Since you say smoke and smell appear to be coming from behind breaker panel, inspect wiring and breaker connections carefully to determine if intermittent grounding may have occurred. If this occurs on one side of the breaker, then you could have a short without tripping a breaker. I once had a puff of smoke when I overloaded my cigar lighter, and it was the fusible link. However, if you had opened a fusible link you would have a single occurrence that would not repeat.