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  1. "Supposedly sealed 3 yrs. ago"?? Either they were or they weren't. Who did the re-seal?
  2. You do have the option of telling him to sign off your annual with discrepancies. Then you would be free to have another A&P endorse the ferry permit. I had bladders installed in my 64E back in 2001, and was happy with them for 11 years until my insurance company bought the E. However, if your current fuel system is safe to allow the ferry flight, you do have an option.
  3. He used rubbing alcohol, which is isopropanol with 9% water content. I would have liked to see the same test using 99%+ IPA.
  4. Somehow I don't think AL will be ready for a timely birthday present, unless this is 2018's present. IIRC your 2017 birthday coincides with our Presidential Inauguration. So Happy Birthday. When you take AL up for the first few flights, stay out of heavy rain. The paint may still be curing for some time, and you don't want to damage your leading edge paint. I speak from experience.
  5. Actually, 18,000 IFR or VFR
  6. It didn't "pass" today. Effective 5/1/17
  7. So is the Cirrus recoverable? Heli lift?
  8. If you do attempt a land, be sure to move your aircraft a bit if it will sit awhile. Otherwise your tires maybe sufficiently warm to slightly melt the ice under them and then re-freeze to the surface. This could possibly delaying your departure until spring. Don't ask me how I know this.
  9. Easy non-stop back home
  10. Actually, a MSer with the name N17AC, from back in 2014, owned her in Atlanta. What she looked like before the recent re-paint. Should only need 1 fuel stop to get back from Charleston SC, unless winds are really fierce.
  11. I've intentionally run tanks empty in both my C and former E to check fuel indication or stretch range (not intending to start a debate on if that's a good idea or not). My experience is that the injected engine will generally stop with no warning, while the C typically sputters and also displays more warning in the form of a fuel pressure drop prior to stopping.
  12. No specifics, but IIRC if engine does stop you need to retard throttle before you restart. Same action is required before you restart if you happen to run a tank dry. If you don't, you can potentially cause a backfire and blow apart your muffler.
  13. We see similar high pressure readings at low power, sometimes even when on the mechanical pump only. Engine operation is smooth, and runs at the mid-to-upper green in cruise.
  14. It's best to have the weight off the tires (i.e. on jacks) when greasing the gear.
  15. Bladders installed in my 64E by DMax in 2001, Kept in hangar and no issues until N1310W was totaled in 2012.