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  1. Did you try the contact info I emailed you last week?
  2. While this is very often true, in some cases it isn't. Sometimes the lower price points to a father and son operation with low overhead, and you can still expect to receive personalized quality service. BTW, there are 2 unrelated shops in the greater Memphis, with similar names, that can each deliver a quality O/H. I've used Sam & David Jewell since 1995, including 22 Mooney annuals, and can endorse them without reservation. However, there's also John Jewell at Holly Springs MS. He's done some cylinder work for me in the past, and also delivers quality work. I mention John's shop since, although there's not relationship between the two, I can see where someone might get confused when referring to "Jewell" aviation in the Memphis area.
  3. As to mag replacement, I would discuss this with Sam or David Jewell. TCM M-0 Appendix C-2, as referenced above, may not apply to your Lycoming engine. When I read Lycoming service bulletin 240W, it says replace mag drive bearings and drive cushions (engine accessory case parts) but doesn't seem to specify mag replacement. Parts Replacement at Overhaul and During Repair or Maintenance.pdf Never mind, I had assumed you had the standard IO-360 Sam or Dave may also be able to make suggestions regarding shipping details.
  4. seems like this would be cruel to the owl
  5. Back in the 90s I landed on Provo several times, and once on Grand Turk. The flights were from KFXE and KFPR, and were done in an E. No issues, except for the one flight when I was detained for inspection by the USCG on the Provo ramp.
  6. I'm considering paying an aircraft owner an hourly rate to use their aircraft. The details aren't yet worked out, but I'm reasonably certain that the owner only carries liability coverage. What type of insurance would I shop to cover the aircraft and my personal liability when I'm operating their aircraft? Is this renters insurance? Up until know, I've either flown in a club aircraft or in a Mooney that I've (co)owned, so this is a new area of coverage for me to consider.
  7. True, but if you want to go for beer then skip Oktoberfest and go to the Mooney Summit. Then make plans for next year's strong beer festival. The locals will tell you that this is indeed the best beer fest in Munich, in part because there are way fewer Americans and Brits. In the past I was a frequent visitor to Munich, even flying there in a Mooney. I can say without reservation that the best beer is available in March-April.......
  8. All but one of the A&P's I've used over the years have had 2 eyes.
  9. I once experienced a loose mag a few flight hours after an annual done by a highly respected MSC. Anytime a mag is loosened new star washers should be used. There’s a good chance that wasn’t done. Were new washers used at JKA?
  10. or simply buy a commercially assembled Stratux. I've been using the Merlin, acquired for $199 during their Black Friday intro. It lists for $250..... While I know that a few have had issues with this unit, it's works flawlessly for me. I strongly favor XM weather over ADSB, but that's another issue.
  11. My money is also on ice crystals from the water IN SOLUTION in your fuel.
  12. I didn't see this on the checklist Alex linked, and I assume this doesn't apply to most here. Be aware that unless things have recently changed BasicMed does not substitute for a FAA medical certification in Canada.
  13. News report: The pilot of the T-28 did not sustain any injuries in the incident, the Sheriff's Department said.
  14. In an earlier life I’ve been to that facility, which was near a plant run by my previous employer. I recall toluene, xylene, naptha and pyrolysis gasoline but not “ethalyn” or ethylene . They stored various components used in gasoline blending, primarily to boost octane.
  15. Don’s Auto upholstery on Union Ave in Memphis.