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  1. News report: The pilot of the T-28 did not sustain any injuries in the incident, the Sheriff's Department said.
  2. In an earlier life I’ve been to that facility, which was near a plant run by my previous employer. I recall toluene, xylene, naptha and pyrolysis gasoline but not “ethalyn” or ethylene . They stored various components used in gasoline blending, primarily to boost octane.
  3. Don’s Auto upholstery on Union Ave in Memphis.
  4. I was amazed to hear that the Ethiopian FO had 200 TOTAL time. He could have had more time in trainers than in a heavy aircraft! So now I need to wait for United to tell me if my flight from HOU to SJC tomorrow, still showing a 737-9 MAX, will still fly & if there will be sufficient seats for those of us holding cheap seats.
  5. Craig, I the C I used to fly, if you disconnect the 60-2 but the trim is still switched on, the trim switch is still active and the elevator will naturally be stiff. Obviously not the same installation as yours, but I'm wondering if you also need to switch off your trim?
  6. I only glanced at a few, and can't comment on them in general. The one I looked at in detail doesn't give CO concentrations. It alarms at 100ppm, which is a bit higher than I'd like.
  7. Yes, in the same the TWO posts above mine....just saying
  8. Two identical posts in the same thread. They occurred within less than 5 minutes of each other, but I don't think this needs a separate forum.
  9. We did get the rebate during the first round. However, the $500 rebate wasn't $500 after paying income tax on it.
  10. 87Q is actually on it's 4th KT74, all under King's warranty. The 2nd was a failed attempt to improve the dim display. Even a copilot in front of, and level with, any 4 of our KT74s could NOT easily read the dim display. The 3rd was a loaner, after the code input failure, to be able to navigate the NY & DC traffic areas and return home. The 4th and current was to return the loaner to King. Here's an interesting side note: Months after the last KT74 exchange, 87Q appeared on Flightaware in several west coast flights, while 87Q remained in its AWM hangar. After some detective work I was able to trace it to an aircraft that had received a KT74 from King. That aircraft had installed a unit that retained our ICAO code. I assumed it was one of the exchanged KT74s that King hadn't bothered to wipe clean. Neither the aircraft owner or the avionics shop had programmed the KT74 for the new aircraft. I had to track them down and ask them to remove 87Q's code (the FAA was no help in this activity).
  11. Can't comment on GTN650 interface, since my experience was with the GNS430W. However in addition to a very difficult time reading the KT74 display, one of the units we had installed did fail in about a year. The code input suddenly became inoperative.
  12. I think there’s an Enterprise Car Rental office at 303 Hwy 27 Suite in Clewiston
  13. I switched from Foreflight to FlyQ 8-9 years ago. I liked Foreflight back then, but Seattle Avionics was introducing features well in advance of Foreflight. Not to mention the lower price.
  14. Maybe I go further back in time; my first visit to DMax was at 07F. Took my old 64E there for an annual, a 1-piece windshield and bladders. It was there during 9-11.
  15. Understand that's for the complete housing, gasket and filter. The OP is trying to find a replacement filter only.