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  1. Which Jewel did you talk to? There are 2 engine shops in the greater Memphis area....John Jewel in MS and Sam & David Jewel in Kennett MO. I've used both shops. Both are good engine rebuilders, but price may be somewhat different.
  2. I really don't know about the checklist, but here are some leads: I think the video was posted by Blake Moore. Have you tried contacting Blake via this web site? OTOH the aircraft may be N7458V, owned by Sean Walsh.... Actually, it's Mooney N9058V, owned by Blake's dad Gary Moore in Littleton CO
  3. Funny that I just had a fellow MSer over for dinner last night and mentioned that I've used the light bulb in the past with good results. The light bulb is actually less likely to cause condensation in the engine than the pan heater. If you do use a bulb be sure it's the old fashioned incandescent type, and consider using a Thermocube to save a bit of electricity and extend the bulb's life.
  4. I’ll leave the plumbing details to others, except to say that a closed loop would be an order of magnitude more efficient. However you say you plan to use kitty litter, which I don’t think will work nearly as well as a proper desiccant.
  5. Actually, all standard O2 cylinders are now designated Mx....I own an M22 (old designation was JD). Cylinder weight can vary, but the gross weight of a full cylinder is not substantially greater than an empty cylinder. Only cylinders containing liquefied gas will exhibit a significant increase in filled weight.
  6. Actually, you can effectively check the pitot heat in the cockpit. Just switch on the heat an look for an almost immediate and distinct compass deflection. If the pitot tube deflects the compass, there's literally no way the heating element isn't functional.
  7. One option (not an endorsement):
  8. A while back an aircraft on the west coast was squawking my ADS-B. After several flights I was able to determine their base. I called several Avionics shops in the general area and finally talked to one who suspected a recent installation. Turns out after we returned a loaner KT74 to BK they sent it to another customer without wiping my code. Of course the shop that installed the unit failed to setup the unit as well. During my attempt to track down the culprit I did call the FAA. A wasted call.
  9. In the 30 years I've carried a handheld in my Mooney I've had to use it 3 times, including once during an instrument approach. In addition to a headset adapter, I strongly recommend you consider an external antennae jack. It's a relatively cheap and easy installation.
  10. I also would us welding O2, but I'd like to know why you would use it if you think that "that stuff is crap". I know first hand that the one major industrial gas supplier that distributed O2 fills medical and welding cylinders from the same storage tank, on the same production line. The only difference in a welding O2 cylinder, other than the CGA type cylinder valve, is if any residual contamination remains in the cylinder. The fill method makes contamination unlikely. Other than that it's exactly the same O2.
  11. While Yuri has passed on, his home page still lives on the internet....including exterior and panel photos of N5774Q, which IIRC he named BUM (Butt Ugly Mooney)
  12. Maybe for some cars, but in my observation it's a very different system. The emergency brake typically is activated via a cable that locks the brake friction element (disk pad or brake shoe) to the disk or drum via a cable. My newer Mercedes uses an electrical latch to replace the cable. None of the emergency brake mechanisms rely on the hydraulic fluid circuit used by the driving brakes.
  13. I have a copy of a draft that Yury sent me for review in 2001/2. The last I heard his sister had asked that copies not be distributed. I haven't heard anything had changed in that regard.
  14. I was taught that you should not leave the brakes set on if the aircraft will remain in position for an extended period in warm weather. The hydraulic fluid trapped in the line to the wheel cylinder can expand in the heat, resulting in a very high pressure due to hydraulic expansion that can compromise the brake cylinder seal.
  15. I’ve landed an E there a couple of times but usually have gone to BPK or FLP. Gaston’s provided a complementary shuttle from each field. 3M0 is usually well maintained but avoid landing there soon after wet weather. There was a Mooney fly in there a couple decades ago, and half of the dozen or so Mooney’s did grass while the rest used BPK.