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  1. Best carburetor

    Have you contacted Don Maxwell?
  2. I once ordered #2 fuel oil and got gasoline. The driver swore it was fuel oil, and the BOL was for fuel oil, but fuel oil is UN1202 and the tanker was placarded UN1203. Stuff happens.
  3. Do I need to repeat my last post
  4. Did they receive and off load an entire auto gasoline tanker? I ask because that's possible, and is quite different from mixing the two fuels. That can result if a driver hooks to the wrong tanker, and disregards the tank # on his bill of lading. I worked in the petrochemical industry for decades and have seen this happen a few times with other commodities. Quite different from contamination due to mixing. That can happen even with a dedicated 100LL fleet.
  5. I assume that, as you say, you "know" that this sometimes occurs. I'm surprised by this. I had thought that in North America 100LL has to have it's own dedicated equipment, which is one of the factors in it's high cost. The tetraethyl lead is quite persistent in pipelines, tanks, and hoses/lines, which will cause contamination of other fuels.
  6. Mooney M20K down in Switzerland

    Owner of D-EPPW was Peter Drewes, who was piloting at the time of the accident.
  7. Mooney Summit Silent Auction

    I revised the above post to add an additional auction item. L3 has donated a ride with the AeroShell Acrobatic Team!
  8. Mooney M20K down in Switzerland

    Since the victims were German, it's unlikely that the Mooney was Swiss registered. IIRC that may have been Flemming & Angela Pederesen in HoneyMooney, HB-DVN. Their's is an M20E, whereas a M20K crashed.
  9. Hurricane Irma

    To add to the confusion, per definition a runway displacement is included in the published runway length. Since 5GA2 lands to the east, and runway 9 is 1800' with a 600 ft displacement, the usable length for landing is only 1200' if the Airnav (FAA) data is actually correct. Maybe someone will call the airport manager and find out if landing on runway 9 is 3000', 1800' or only 1200'. Never mind; landing is on RW27! So the only question is 1800' vs 3000'.
  10. Hurricane Irma

    Landing a Mooney, possibly at max gross weight (i.e. 3 on board) on a 1800' runway can result in an overrun even if it was paved. Obviously don't know the pilot's short field experience, but that would push my limit. The no wind landing distance in the M20J POH I have, at 70F, shows a normal landing distance over a 50' obstacle of about 2100' on dry pavement. I'm also surprised the damage did not require an NTSB report; no report on their web site so far.
  11. Hurricane Irma

    $110k plus any recovery cost, less deductible. If you did not increase declared value for the improvements, they are not covered.
  12. Mooney Summit Silent Auction

    Ressurecting this old thread in anticipation of Mooney Summit V, so long as Irma cooperates. Mooney Summit V participants will have the opportunity to bid on the following silent auction items during the event: Lightspeed Zulu 3 headset Set of 12 Tempest fine wire spark plugs Jeppesen G1000 PilotPak, Full USA coverage (1-year subscription) MSC annual at Oasis Aero, Inc. (KBDH) MSC annual at Daytona Aircraft (KDAB or 7FL6) MSC annual at AGL Aviation (KMRN) Ride with the AeroShell Acrobatic Team, during OSH or SNF practice All of the above items are in addition to the raffle that has become a Mooney Summit tradition. I will post updates if auction specifics should change. Bidding opens on September 28, just a little over two weeks from today. Please see the following Silent Auction fact sheet for further information. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Mooney Summit V, assuming Irma cooperates. Summit V silent auction fact sheet v2.docx
  13. Antenna ID

    If you carry a backup handheld com, consider running the spare com to a panel or under-panel mounted jack to use as an external antennae
  14. Is it an OWT, or can this possibly shorten the life of your vacuum pump?
  15. When you do your next preflight's run up, a bad annunciator bulb isn't likely a no go event. No so with a bad mag. Much rather catch some things at shutdown.