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  1. G-OBAL refit

    I just picked up another 540 , just back from Avidyne... Andrew, Alan isn't too far from NYC. If you can make a deal that includes delivery to me at JFK Terminal 1 this Tuesday afternoon, you can have that 540 before the end of the month.
  2. Stopped by the Mooney factory today.

    I can't speak for the organizers of the Mooney Summit, but as currently structured the event will likely always be held in Panama City Beach, Florida. I think organizers of both events have tried to avoid a direct schedule conflict. This effort failed in 2017. As I understand it, MAPA had set a tentative date for the 2017 Homecoming, and then the Mooney Summit organizers schedule Mooney Summit V accordingly. Later, MAPA changed the dates to the same weekend due to a facility issue in Kerrville. The dates for the Mooney Summit VI are posted in MS;
  3. FAA ADS-B Rebate - almost done, and GDL-82?

    If you'd rather not DIY your own build, just buy one for the same price. I build a stratux a few years ago (no AHRS and GPS) several years ago for $100, and just bought this Merlin last December when they had a markdown to $200. It's a 2 Channel ADS-B + GPS + AHRS + Battery.
  4. Bulb removal

    When I posted above, I should have pointed out that the lamp I changed indicated the POSITION of my landing gear.
  5. Bulb removal

    Interesting, since when I acquired my 65C the "Gear Up" light was red, not amber. Coincidentally the red lens fell out and was never found, and I replaced that fixture with an amber light. Now I'm no longer concerned that I'm the only C with an amber Gear Up light.
  6. Tips and Tricks

    Look for your compass to deflect as you apply power to pitot heat. This allows you to confirm that the heating element is functional from inside the cockpit.
  7. Lost Intercom

    Before you take it to the shop, consider sliding it out, spraying with a bit of contact cleaner, and then reseating the unit.
  8. Raptor

    Look in the ORDERING section: All deposits are securely held with
  9. Raptor

    Actually in theory you only risk the $65 escrow fee plus whatever interest your deposit is worth. If I wasn't within 5-10 years of hanging up my headset, I'd consider taking a position.
  10. Sun n Fun 2018

    As a new member of Silverwings, I expect I'll be at the Silverwings Cabin as well. Might be around for the entire week, if they don;t get tired of me sooner.
  11. Pilot maintenance signoff.

    Actually, no you cannot sign off on owner/operator maintenance as an owner, unless you are a certificated pilot or A&P
  12. You need to understand that RobertGary is a bladder hater, and there's no arguing with him that bladders are a reasonable choice. His new math makes 45 lb loss of useful load equal to an hour of fuel weight. All I know is that my old 64E had bladders, and I loved that final solution to wet wing leaks. I lost no fuel capacity, and the slight decrease in useful load never was an issue. Maybe best of all, when my main gear punctured the underside of the right wing after my off field landing, the bladders held a full load of fuel with no leak, and no fire.
  13. When the InterAv on my last Mooney failed years ago, I sent it back to InterAv for an exchange alternator. When the A&P installed that exchange, he found that the belt would not mount onto the alternator correctly. I called InterAv, and they said "You have a M20E, and so you need the wide deck pulley". They sent that pulley, my A&P swapped pullies, and then the belt mounted fine. That was on a 64E, and IIRC that pulley was over $100 about 15 years ago! I think that I may still have the standard pulley that it came with in my hangar. I can't speak to the belt dimensions. I was told by InterAv that the difference between the narrow deck and wide deck is the bracket that is bolted to the crankcase halves, and that my M20E alternator requires a special extended pulley and belt. InterAv is out of business, but you might contact Quality Aircraft Accessories in Tulsa, OK and ask about the correct belt. I've attached a drawing (sorry for the very poor resolution) that lists both pulleys, and may have belt information if you can read it. Also a paragraph that mentions the two deck options for that alternator installation. As I mentioned in my original post, this probably isn't related to Deander's problem. InterAv drawing.pdf InterAv wide deck.pdf
  14. This probably isn't you problem, but the InterAv unit come with either the standard or wide deck pully. If you happen to have the wrong pulley for your engine you will have the problem you describe. I think your E requires the wide deck pully.
  15. Mooniacs meeting