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  1. And door frame....not door
  2. neilpilot

    Mooney Lunch Roundup in Alabama

    @WaynePierce and I are still planning to fly down.
  3. neilpilot

    Crossing the USA in a Mooney M20J

    Almost.....Westbound to come later....
  4. neilpilot

    Crossing the USA in a Mooney M20J

    When you have a GPS, you really don't need to know E from W
  5. neilpilot

    Crossing the USA in a Mooney M20J

    Eastbound? OK
  6. neilpilot

    Prepurchase inspection in New England

    Where do you read that in my post. My post doesn't say I want to fly an unsafe aircraft. It says that as pilot I want your input so I can make that decision. I'm telling you that I want to hear your findings, but not have you hold my aircraft hostage or log any discrepancy beyond what I've asked you to do. As the aircraft owner, it's my responsibility to keep my aircraft airworthy and decide on maintenance, not the A&P's. As an example, I'm aware of an A&P that claimed a friend's Mooney was not airworthy based on non-compliance with an AD. The A&P wasn't unscrupulous, but he was still wrong. I know another shop that wanted to hold a Mooney hostage due to a fuel leak that was not an airworthiness issue, but that A&P thought it was.
  7. neilpilot

    Prepurchase inspection in New England

    I certainly expect my A&P to tell me about problems, and to offer repair options. However if the issue is observed during repair or service activity and not during an inspection, I also expect that the A&P will NOT log the discrepancy. The A&P has no authority to hold my aircraft for ransom. Even an IA cannot go beyond completing my inspection with discrepancies if I chose for whatever reason to not have the discrepancies corrected. Granted I can't fly without an aircraft signed off as airworthy, but that sign-off during routine maintenance is limited only to the system(s) being serviced, and does not include unrelated problems that the A&P observes.
  8. There are many other online groups for non-aviation related discussions. They don't belong here.
  9. Also, as I understand it the front seat dimensions of the E and C will be essentially the same as an F. So if your simply looking to try on an F than a C or E owner can also accommodate your needs.
  10. neilpilot

    Cordless, lightweight, preheater?

    Gasoline is flammable, not combustible. Diesel is combustible, not flammable. For liquids, the criteria for each category isn't arbitrary, but defined by the DOT and based on flash point. BTW remember when there were newspapers? They were also combustible, but not flammable.
  11. neilpilot

    Medical during Shutdown

    If you only need a 3rd class medical, maybe it's the time to consider BasicMed?
  12. neilpilot

    Mooney Lunch Roundup in Alabama

    I'll plan to fly down on 1/26, along with @WaynePierce
  13. neilpilot

    ADSB... uAvionix

    colored LEDs
  14. neilpilot

    Cordless, lightweight, preheater?

    If you restrict the exit air flow, the heater's fan may not be able to deliver much flow and heat transfer will be seriously restricted.
  15. neilpilot

    Mooney Lunch Roundup in Alabama

    I'm also waiting on decision on location and date. My schedule is currently open for either date, but only if KCMD.