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  1. neilpilot


    ...but no mater the source, does ATC provide lightening data??
  2. neilpilot


    In general, I agree that ATC's weather avoidance assist has improved greatly. But remember that they are working with radar and ride reports, but unless I'm mistaken they do not have lightening data. I fly with XM and a stormscope. While I welcome ATC input I find that the stormscope input gives me a supplement that sometimes trumps what ATC supplies.
  3. neilpilot

    remove gps (old) and com2

    Agree you should keep your #2 com. As noted many times previously, a splitter hookup to one of your existing com antennae will greatly extend the range of your ICOM.
  4. neilpilot

    KX-155 Self Test?

    First try to confirm that the GS isn't out of service. Check the NOTAMS, ask another pilot to confirm operation or call the airport manager. At my base the ILS was without an operating GS for months, and it didn't appear in the NOTAMS for the first few days. Alternatively, is there another ILS nearby that you can fly?
  5. neilpilot

    Fire extinguishers

    Many of my years in the chemical industry were spent manufacturing chlorofluorocarbons, not Halon but similar compounds.
  6. neilpilot

    Fire extinguishers

    A common misconception.....Halon does not "displace the O2 ", but actually works by chemically reacting with the fire triangle to extinguish the fire.
  7. neilpilot

    KLGA. LaGuardia arrival question

    I found the East River transition northbound, with a westbound turn for a low level pass of Central Park the highlight of my Hudson River tour.
  8. neilpilot

    Mooney in the water in Palo Alto

    Mr. Spencer was flying 2 passengers as a volunteer pilot for Angel Flight West.....
  9. neilpilot

    KLGA. LaGuardia arrival question

    If you must GA to NYC area, there are many alternatives that MSers have discussed in the past. When I've GAed up for business in Manhattan, I've used KTEB. That's busy enough for me.
  10. neilpilot

    KLGA. LaGuardia arrival question

    There's a different "reservation" required for VFR. "VFR RESERVATION INFO AVBL ON ATIS"
  11. neilpilot

    KLGA. LaGuardia arrival question

    Actually parking is only $55 for each 8 hr period.
  12. We are also doing our mag inspections this annual, at about 475 hours. I'd like to think I'm a "serious IFR pilot", but my backup for a vacuum pump failure is a Precise Flight standby vacuum system and a sTec60-2 autopilot that will maintain steady flight and coordinated decent without a vacuum source.
  13. Agree. We are currently in for annual and will have the vacuum pump, which was placed in service in 2007, replaced. It's been in service for 1135 hours, so maybe it's on borrowed time?
  14. neilpilot

    Mooney down at KHEG (north FL)

    This Mooney was bought by Brent Pressley as salvage after the 2016 incident, then sold to a third party, but now it's owned by Brent based on FAA registration data.
  15. neilpilot

    New Orleans recommendations?

    ....and Messina's restaurant in that old terminal is very good.