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  1. Bob - maybe you should email the flight school asking for a copy of their insurance should they damage your plane in the future. Not that you need a copy, but just to make a point.
  2. While oil pressure in the yellow at idle sounds normal to me, I’m a bit surprised that you’re able to read oil pressure on the fuel pressure gauge. My older E and C had different oil and fuel pressure gauges. How are the J gauges arranged?
  3. Camguard isn’t equivalent to the Lyc additive. Here’s some recommend reading....
  4. Bad displays are replaced, not repaired. The OEM gas discharge display is no longer available. However, BK does sell an upgraded led display.
  5. Also can’t an A&P issue an altered W&B? It doesn’t require an IA.
  6. Since compliance due to mounting configuration is so simple, it’s unfortunate that the FAA didn’t allow for owner certification as they do with the 100 hr ignition switch AD.
  7. Summit airport day does not require registration
  8. Mike, how are you liking that Tesla X?
  9. I'm not sure what was worse, departing before dawn with my luggage door open. Or starting a very cold engine in Buffalo, getting taxi clearance, and then realizing the chocks were not only in place but frozen to the nose tire. But when I was based in Portsmouth VA (KPVG) in the early 90s I was spending time at the maintenance hangar when a Cessna landed and taxied in. Pilot wanted to have his brakes checked, since they wouldn't release when he tried to taxi from his tie down as KSFQ. When we walked over, we noticed the tail tie down rope was still attached, along with a large eye-bolt and a small amount of concrete. His brakes were fine, but it apparently took a bit of power before he was able to break loose from his tie down spot.
  10. So you didn't try switching to a single mag? Too bad, since that test might have revealed if it was actually a plug, and which one (it's usually, but not always, the lower plug). However, my money is on a fouled injector.
  11. While this isn't likely your problem, we noticed noise in our C a few years ago that somewhat matched your description. We replaced the noise reduction capacitor on the firewall and the noise went away.
  12. A plastic bucket on the ground isn’t grounded since it isn’t conducive. Also, technically you don’t need grounding, you need bonding to the aircraft structure.