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  1. Also I believe Old Bridge has a very capable Mooney shop, which is always nice if the unexpected issue crops up.
  2. Bankrupt again?
  3. I'm interested as well. I have a 65C, and haven't been to Patti's in a decade. Depending on the date, we may be able to line up an E, F and C at M34.
  4. It maybe model dependent but in early C/Es the cig lighter has an inline fusible link set at 8amp. Should not be a problem for a USB adapter.
  5. M20G, O-360 based on OP's MS info
  6. Recent re-branding to Phillips 66 has KAWM at $3.37 SS. Full service is discounted $0.20 off of $4.49.
  7. I owned a 64E from 1989 to 2012, and my current 65C since 2012. With about 2200 hours in the E & C my experience is that the C's performance is not that different from the E. Carb heat is not that big a deal in the C, and I personally prefer the simplicity of a carb over fuel injection. I would shop for both models, and pick one based on condition, equipment and price.
  8. When I parked at KSDL last November, I found that I could self-serve fuel near Ross for at least $3/gal less than their full service rate, and then park at Ross and avoid their ramp fee. Just showed them the self-serve receipt. Scottsdale ended up being much cheaper than the alternative airports, and way more convenient for me.
  9. I replaced the factory EGT with a Aerospace EGT in both of my Mooneys. Fits in you EGT hole to provide 4-channel EGT function. While not a full-fledged monitor, having full EGT coverage gives you a lot of troubleshooting capability at a fraction of the cost.
  10. After I retired the first time in 2015, I did some consulting as a chemical facility auditor. As an example, for the last audit the Mooney allowed me to shave 1-2 days off of what would otherwise been a 5 day 3-facility assignment. There were no practical commercial air options. My client saved money. I billed out-of-pocket for Mooney expenses, 2 rental cars for a total of 3 days. If I had driven, the auto mileage and additional 2 days hotel and meals would have exceeded those expenses. They also saved, and I lost, since I billed them for 12 hours less time. But I did get to fly. Until you gain experience and an IR, it's still only marginally practical. i may resume auditing after I re-retire in a week.
  11. Not relevant in this case, since they were equipped with only basic NAV/COM, no GPS or DME. While probably not relevant in tis case, this F had not installed shoulder belts WHICH SHULD BE THE FIRST UPGRADE FOR ANY VINTAGE MOONEY.
  12. Simple matter of googling N243CW NTSB. Here's the salient finding: "The oil suction screen was removed and found to be contaminated with metal fragments. The accessory case housing was removed, and the No. 5 main bearing was found to be partially extruded out through the crankshaft gear. Holes were also noted in internal portions of the crankcase halves, and the No. 6 connecting rod was observed to be broken. The engine was subsequently disassembled, and the crankshaft was found to be fractured between the No. 5 and No. 6 cheeks. The camshaft was also broken in the vicinity of the crankshaft fracture, and the interior of the case halves were gouged rotationally, consistent with the damage having occurred awhile the engine was still operating."
  13. Well if the fluid is only 3-4 years old, and the flush included the lines through the calipers, then your fluid should not be causing any issues.
  14. Any idea when, if ever, the hydraulic fluid was flushed? Old brake fluid, especially near the brake caliper, can become very viscous with time. I cured weak brakes on my 64E with new fluid and bleeding, and no mechanical work done to the calipers or master cylinder. This concurs with rgpilot's suggestion
  15. Owned a 64 M20E 1989-2012 (about 2000 hours), and experienced "flooding issues, rough idle, surging, hard hot starts, engine cranks, (no start), hesitation, sputtering". Fought a fuel injection issue for several years, ended up having my fuel system rebuilt. A couple of years later totaled the E due to an off-field landing, NTSB determined a piece of a torn O-ring in the fuel servo had blocked fuel flow to all injectors. Have owned a 65C since 2012, and so far we have not experienced any of the symptoms that you attribute to a carburetor. Other than an increased fuel consumption of about 0.5 gal due to a carb, it's been great.