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  1. My friend flies a Barron with Continental IO-470L. That engine has a rear alternator mount. He recently found that one of his alternator belts had "reversed", and the smooth outside surface was running on the pulley with the belt's teeth out. My questions: Has anyone heard of this? How can this happen? At least he doesn't have to remove his prop to replace a belt.
  2. Got my renewal insurance quote today...

    Premiums from most underwriters took a sharp increase a few weeks ago, after years of soft market rates. When I asked AOPAIA about that at SnF last week, they mentioned that Global was the only major underwriter that hadn't yet ramped up rates. That may be part of the story.
  3. TAX DAY-$$$

    My step-son has been with the Utah Jazz for 11 years, and until this season would travel with the team to about half the away games. IIRC he has had to complete 6-8 state tax returns each year.
  4. Sun n Fun 2018

    Sun-N-Fun is not an EAA event. "SUN ‘n FUN makes more than $430,000 of scholarship funds available annually to students in Polk County entering an Aerospace Industry career to cover the cost of flight lessons and/or college tuition for 4 years."
  5. If want to buy a plane and need to reduce your cost of flying, consider a partner. Either way, you need to realize that your costs only begin with the purchase.
  6. Ovation down north of San Antonio

    Overshoot was at T94, a 2225' runway.
  7. Ovation down north of San Antonio

    That's Bill Pearson's M20R
  8. Prop strike to a dog....

    The 64E was totaled in July 2012, and the replacement 65C was purchased in Nov 2012. Not only did I disclose the prior accident/claim on my application, but the insurance carrier I renewed with was the same carrier that covered my 64E, AIG. I've worked thru the AOPAIA since before they were AOPA. I had a previous claim in 1992 that involved a nose gear, prop and engine tear-down on that same 64E. Off hand I don't recall who the underwriter was, but I do recall that in that case my premium did increase the following year, but by only $50.
  9. Prop strike to a dog....

    Maybe you are very unlucky. I totaled my 64E ($44 claim) but it didn't seem to effect the premiums on my replacement 65E 3 months later.
  10. Caribbean Flightseeing trip

    I don't think afternoon heat is too much of an issue, especially in Jan-Mar. Just avoid any high altitude runways. Since my Caribbean experience is all prior to 2001, I'll let others offer more timely advice. Obviously check your insurance coverage before you go. Back in the 90s I always carried a few sheets of carbon paper for those multiple copy forms.
  11. Baggage Door Arm / Hinge

    Try tweeting Shane @FlyingSchmidt
  12. Fuel drain leaking UPDATED 4.14.18

    In the thread I linked to above....the PDF referenced by N6758N shows P/N P/N F391-18. This P/N was also confirmed by DXB.
  13. Fuel drain leaking UPDATED 4.14.18

    Maybe there's no O-ring, since you have bladders. This was just discussed in .
  14. Mooney down in Petaluma CA

    Look carefully. Flightaware is reporting landing based on the filed flight plan times, but the flight log shows no data. Seems he may have had a departure clearance but was never activated.
  15. Mooney down in Petaluma CA

    Seems N9133Z did file for a 5pm departure O69 to L18, so this is the aircraft