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  1. I'll take you word for that, but.....
  2. 1994, due to a mechanic's error, both rocker arm bolts on cyl #2 were left finger tight on my 64E. About 3 operating hours later they came loose, the push rod left a big dent in the valve cover, and the IO-360-A1A suddenly went from normal performance to high vibration and little power. I made a successful forced landing, ended up installing a rebuild cylinder, and the engine performed fine thru 2012.
  3. Spare for what? Aren’t the L & R mags different?
  4. Yes, but sometimes you can still be caught unaware. On my first angel flight back in the mid-90s the passenger boarded my E without hesitation. However, she was unable to deplane on arrival at the destination. I called the lineman over to assist. She then removed her prosthetic right leg, handed it to the lineman, and deftly scooted out and onto the wing. I don’t know who was more surprised, me or the lineman. That detail wasn’t mentioned in the mission write up.
  5. Yes, but did you check each mag at the high RMP setting?
  6. When you did the ground run up with the power pushed in, did you cycle thru both mags? I know it's basic, but a bad mag/wire/plug on L or R can look fine at idle. One reason why I would do a full power mag check enroute.
  7. Actually it's a cascade system. Often someone who doesn't know what their doing will operate this incorrectly, either equalize the cylinders or starting a fill from the highest pressure cylinder. Sort of defeats the purpose.
  8. About a month after he put his E up for sale, I contacted him and told him I was interested. At the time he said he had 2 buyers in the wings so I left it at that. Have no idea if the sale went thru. Becky & I send Nancy & the girls our condolences. Seeing Bob each year was one of the highlights of each Summit. Neil
  9. Water in non-aviation O2 is an OWT. I believe the recommended maximum allowable moisture concentration in medical O2 is 67 parts per million by volume. (-45 °C dew point). While it's a bit higher than aviator O2 at -65C, it's extremely unlikely to freeze & block flow at M20E altitude.
  10. Imflammable is rarely used, even by engineers. I call a material (liquid or solid) that is not flammable but will still readily burn "combustible". These terms have technical definitions that I won't go into here. Jet fuel or diesel fuel, for example, will not easily vaporize so they are classified as combustible, NOT flammable.
  11. While an EEng might think this is correct, this ChemE knows better. Inflammable=flammable, since the origin of the word inflammable is "inflamed". Just another example of the imperfection of the English language. Also, nitrogen is NOT less flammable than oxygen. Neither is flammable. Oxygen is an oxidizer that allows a flammable material (i.e. fuel) to burn.
  12. Do you consider age above 60 yo as an underlying condition?
  13. Don’t forget to have your mechanic or another A&P sign off on the replacement. Also a new filter maybe a good idea.