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  1. 63 M20C getting really difficult to start

    So what did the A&P say about installing Facet 476087E (part #05-10832) in a certified aircraft?
  2. The way it's written, I think $400/week at each of "about half-dozen brothels". So that would be maybe $125k/yr?
  3. Cost of ownership "budget"

    Actually, when I fly Mooney I can typically save 1-2 days of food and lodging over a comparable drive. Not to mention a time saver. My time used to be worth something, until I retired. So I figure I can save a few hundred per trip by spending 1-2AMU going Mooney.
  4. Electronic Fuel/boost Pump

    Obviously if the pump makes a noise when switched on the wires at the panel are unlikely to be disconnected. Once, when I had my 64E, my boost pump failed to run with the same symptoms. It turned out it was a combination of a cold day and a less-than-ideal battery. Probably not your problem, but are you confident your voltage isn't dropping when you try to run your pump? My pump continued to work fine for the following few years, until I disposed of the E.
  5. Cost of ownership "budget"

    Assuming cheap ($3/gal) gas, and 10 gal/hr fuel burn it seems that you are only flying 20 hour/year. If that's the case, then your out of pocket flying is costing about $340/hr. Maybe you need to fly more or get a partner? In 2016 87Q was flow 160 hours. Maintenance included a cylinder, AP elevator servo, nose truss replacement and ADS-B install. Our costs were as follows:
  6. 63 M20C getting really difficult to start

    Can't find a fuel punp on Aircraft Spruce listed under 476087. They do list a Facet 476087E, their part #05-10832. However, in their Q&A section they indicate "Are these pumps FAA/PMA approved? No, these pumps are intended for experimental aircraft use only.". Is this the pump you purchased?
  7. Insurance valuation

    Does that mean that your insurance quote is based on an inventory of your avionics, aircraft TT and SMOH, paint and interior condition, etc? I don't think that my broker has asked me for that information.
  8. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    We also would likely have Jewell do our O/H when the time comes. But there are some MSers who would argue that since their O/H rates are so reasonable they must be cutting corners and don't deliver a quality product.
  9. Nose gear shimmy

    Maybe this has already been mentioned. Is there an easy way to elevate your nose gear off the ground and hand rotating your wheel to check for a balanced rotation? Could the tire & wheel be the source of the shimmy?
  10. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    I understand your skepticism, but it's not necessarily true that the fixed price annual is based on shop rate. While I can't say, and certainly doubt, that Jewell's shop spends 45 hours on a squawk free annual, I do know that the time spent is in excess of 20 shop hours (well over 20 man-hours). As I said earlier, all but one of my Mooney annuals has been done at their shop since 1995. In 2001, I took my M20E that had gone thru 6 annuals at Jewell to a well respected MSC for annual, since I was having a one-piece windshield & bladders installed. The MSC annual did not find any squawks that were in any way attributable to a deficiency in my 6 prior Jewell annuals. However, the MSC did sign off my annual with my front seats installed incorrectly.
  11. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    For subsequent annuals, they hand us a printed AD review but the cost is included in the fixed rate. BTW as you might have guessed Rwsavory is my partner in N5687Q.
  12. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    Our August annual was $725. We supplied oil and oil filter.
  13. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation
  14. Mooneys at Jewell Aviation

    As some of you know, since 1995 I've had all but one of my Mooney annuals done at Jewell. Obviously, no complaints. When we were in for our last annual this summer, they were doing an engine O/H on a 231 that they had bought and planned to re-sell. That might have been one of the Mooneys that Tom saw there.