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  1. Yes. But Dawson didn't decide to transport N6XM. Presumably it was a mutual decision by the owner and the insurance adjuster, or just the insurer after it was totaled. Your posting "one of the reasons Dawsons does that, increases the amount of work required to restore the aircraft making it more likely to become salvage" strongly implies that Dawson should have done it differently. That's what I was questioning.
  2. That maybe, but how would you recover a Mooney, assuming it needs to be moved on the road? Would wing removal cost even more in time to disassemble & re-assemble? When they recovered mine, the wings were not even de-fueled.
  3. N6XM was recovered by Dawson Aircraft, and then trucked to their facility in Clinton, AR. N1310W was similarly dismembered when Dawson recovered 10W the day after I put it down in a soybean field in Marked Tree AR in 2012. So far as I can determine, that's how Dawson handles a Mooney so that they can transport it to their site. They remove the rivets from the rear of the cabin structure, so that the cabin/wing can be placed on the flatbed separate from the rear fuselage/empennage. I can't be sure, but I think this is their standard field procedure for Mooney recovery. In my case this was done before the insurance adjuster totaled the aircraft .
  4. I can't quite tell if this is a veiled (or not so veiled) reference to the FAA certificate action against Freeman after the KTEB incident.
  5. Our O-360 was using 1 qt every 15+ hours. Then rebuilt one cylinder (low compression due to a burnt exhaust valve) and oil consumption immediately jumped up to 1 qt every 3-4 hours. After ~15 hours, replaced that rebuilt cylinder with another cylinder and re-ringed piston, and now oil is back down to 1 qt every 10-15 hours.
  6. I'm sure that works fine, but I follow the POH for my 65C. I leave the boost pump on while I pump the throttle and crank. Pump is switched off after the engine start.
  7. Loose belt (assuming you drive it via belt) or, if clutch, slipping clutch.
  8. I used as a flight plan aid in early Dec16 to plan a long VFR trip from KSDL back home to KAWM. Was able to plan optimum altitudes to get home with only a single fuel stop (KDTW).
  9. After our soybean field excursion in 2012, both my wife and I had very pronounced shoulder strap bruising. My only other injury was a cut on my right hand, which I think was impact on my yoke-mounted iPad (not sure what I hit). She banger her knee on the panel, which I think occurred when her seat slid forward.
  10. Yes, but I prefer this for the forecast value (easier to use):,40.451,-101.909,7
  11. I don't know (partner flew up for the exchange), but that's a really good point. I may call the shop Monday.
  12. They said "yes it looks dim", both before and after they installed the exchange unit
  13. I still don't know why my KT74 appears dim (remember this is the 2nd one to appear dim). I can confirm, based on what I'm told, 2 things. First off, there's a single power supply input that's rated for 11-33v. There is not resistor removal, wiring change or setup to change from 12v to 24v operation. Secondly, in discussions with Bendix-King and the shop manager of another authorized installer, I can confirm that the KT74 does not connect to a separate dimmer circuit. The dimming function is entirely internal to the unit, and controlled by the light sensor. My light sensor is properly configured, and does dim (even more) when covered. As previously mentioned, based on both BK and Trig user manuals and several discussions with customer service, the user is not able to configure the display brightness, only the night dimmer function. I do understand that the TRIG version of the KT-74 is internally identical to the KT-74 EXCEPT for the display.
  14. That's barely international. All but Norway are within the EU
  15. I'm familiar with that shop and have had John Jewell do cylinder work for me on 2 occasions, back in the late 90s and 2001. While I haven't used this shop since 2001, they had an excellent reputation. Do not confuse John Jewell (Holly Springs MS) with another Jewell that also does engine work, in Kennett MO. That's a shop that also does engine work, and has done all but one Mooney annual for me since 1995.